RHP & NSK Price List 2012

All prices shown are Manufacturer Recommended Prices, which Acorn will be able to discount. Please contact Acorn for pricing

7006A5TRSUMP4 R 57006A5TRSUMP4 N372.01
7006A5TRSUMP4 RR 57006A5TRSUMP4 R372.01
7006A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57006A5TRV1VSULP3 N469.61
7006A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57006A5TRV1VSUMP3 N483.74
7006A5TYNSUMP4 57006A5TYNSUMP4 N372.01
7006A5TYNSUMP4 YL1X5390.62
7006B 57006B N333.64
7006CSN24TRDULP2 R 52528.73
7006CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57006CSN24TRDULP3 R1806.22
7006CSN24TRDULP4 R 57006CSN24TRDULP4 N1806.22
7006CSN24TRDULP4 RR 57006CSN24TRDULP4 R1806.22
7006CSN24TRDULP4 RR NB5L51896.17
7006CSN24TRSULP3 RR 57006CSN24TRSULP3 R902.93
7006CSN24TRV1VS-01 R MTSX51011.26
7006CTRDBBLP4 RR NB5L51516.92
7006CTRDBBMP4 RR 51488.05
7006CTRDBDLP4 RR 57006CTRDBDLP4 R1083.75
7006CTRDUDMP3 R 57006CTRDUDMP3 N1116.29
7006CTRDUHP3 R 57006CTRDUHP3 N902.93
7006CTRDULP3 R 57006CTRDULP3 N722.48
7006CTRDULP3 R YL2X5758.48
7006CTRDULP3 RR 57006CTRDULP3 R722.48
7006CTRDULP3 RR NB5L5758.48
7006CTRDULP3 RR YL2X5758.48
7006CTRDULP4 R 5722.48
7006CTRDULP4 RR 57006CTRDULP4 R722.48
7006CTRDULP4 RR NB5L5758.48
7006CTRDUMP3 R 57006CTRDUMP3 N744.16
7006CTRDUMP3 R D8SL5781.37
7006CTRDUMP3 RR 57006CTRDUMP3 R744.16
7006CTRDUMP4 R 5744.16
7006CTRDUMP4 RR 57006CTRDUMP4 R744.16
7006CTRP3 R 5372.01
7006CTRSULP3 R 57006CTRSULP3 N361.17
7006CTRSULP3 R MTSX5379.24
7006CTRSULP3 R NB5L5379.24
7006CTRSULP3 RR 57006CTRSULP3 R361.17
7006CTRSULP4 R 5361.17
7006CTRSULP4 R NB5L5379.24
7006CTRSULP4 RR 57006CTRSULP4 R361.17
7006CTRSUMP3 R 57006CTRSUMP3 N372.01
7006CTRSUMP3 RR 57006CTRSUMP3 R372.01
7006CTRSUMP4 R 57006CTRSUMP4 N372.01
7006CTRSUMP4 RR 57006CTRSUMP4 R372.01
7006CTRV1VDUMP3 R MTSX5967.47
7006CTYNDUMP4 5744.16
7006CTYNSULP4 57006CTYNSULP4 N361.17
7007A 57007AM N336.9
7007A5SN24TRDULP3 RR 57007A5SN24TRDULP3 R2048.88
7007A5SN24TRSULP3 RR 57007A5SN24TRSULP3 R1024.21
7007A5TRDBDLP3 RR 51229.08
7007A5TRDBDLP4 RR 57007A5TRDBDLP4 R1229.08
7007A5TRDBDMP4 RR 57007A5TRDBDMP4 R1265.99
7007A5TRDUDLP3 R 57007A5TRDUDLP3 N1229.08
7007A5TRDUDMP3 R 57007A5TRDUDMP3 N1265.99
7007A5TRDULP3 R 57007A5TRDULP3 N819.58
7007A5TRDULP3 RR 57007A5TRDULP3 R819.58
7007A5TRDULP4 R 57007A5TRDULP4 N819.58
7007A5TRDULP4 RR 57007A5TRDULP4 R819.58
7007A5TRDUMP3 R 57007A5TRDUMP3 N844.18
7007A5TRDUMP3 R MTSK5886.15
7007A5TRDUMP3 RR 57007A5TRDUMP3 R844.18
7007A5TRDUMP4 R 57007A5TRDUMP4 N844.18
7007A5TRDUMP4 R MTSX5886.15
7007A5TRDUMP4 RR 57007A5TRDUMP4 R844.18
7007A5TRDUMP4 RR D8SK5886.15
7007A5TRQUMP4 R 57007A5TRQUMP4 N1687.9
7007A5TRQUMP4 RR 57007A5TRQUMP4 R1687.9
7007A5TRSULP3 R 57007A5TRSULP3 N409.7
7007A5TRSULP3 R NB5X5430.18
7007A5TRSULP3 RR 57007A5TRSULP3 R409.7
7007A5TRSULP4 R 57007A5TRSULP4 N409.7
7007A5TRSULP4 RR 57007A5TRSULP4 R409.7
7007A5TRSUMP3 R 57007A5TRSUMP3 N421.99
7007A5TRSUMP3 RR 57007A5TRSUMP3 R421.99
7007A5TRSUMP4 R 57007A5TRSUMP4 N421.99
7007A5TRSUMP4 RR 57007A5TRSUMP4 R421.99
7007A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57007A5TRV1VSULP3 N532.74
7007A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57007A5TRV1VSUMP3 N548.73
7007A5TYNSULP4 57007A5TYNSULP4 N409.7
7007A5TYNSUMP4 57007A5TYNSUMP4 N421.99
7007B 57007B N336.9
7007CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57007CSN24TRDULP3 R2048.88
7007CSN24TRDULP4 R 57007CSN24TRDULP4 N2048.88
7007CSN24TRDULP4 RR 57007CSN24TRDULP4 R2048.88
7007CSN24TRSULP3 RR 57007CSN24TRSULP3 R1024.21
7007CSN24TRV1VS-01 R MTSX51147.1
7007CTRDBLP3 R 57007CTRDBLP3 N819.58
7007CTRDUDLP3 R 51229.08
7007CTRDUDMP3 R 57007CTRDUDMP3 N1265.99
7007CTRDUHP4 RR 51024.21
7007CTRDULP3 R 57007CTRDULP3 N819.58
7007CTRDULP3 R YL2X5860.36
7007CTRDULP3 RR 57007CTRDULP3 R819.58
7007CTRDULP3 RR NB5L5860.36
7007CTRDULP3 RR YL2X5860.36
7007CTRDULP4 R 5819.58
7007CTRDULP4 RR 57007CTRDULP4 R819.58
7007CTRDULP4 RR NB5L5860.36
7007CTRDUMP3 R 57007CTRDUMP3 N844.18
7007CTRDUMP3 R YL2X5886.15
7007CTRDUMP3 RR 57007CTRDUMP3 R844.18
7007CTRDUMP3 RR NB5L5886.15
7007CTRDUMP3 RR YL2X5886.15
7007CTRDUMP4 R 57007CTRDUMP4 N844.18
7007CTRDUMP4 RR 57007CTRDUMP4 R844.18
7007CTRDUMP4 RR YL2K5886.15
7007CTRP3 R 5421.99
7007CTRQULP3 R 57007CTRQULP3 N1638.8
7007CTRQUMP3 R 57007CTRQUMP3 N1687.9
7007CTRQUMP4 RR 57007CTRQUMP4 R1687.9
7007CTRSULP3 R 57007CTRSULP3 N409.7
7007CTRSULP3 RR 57007CTRSULP3 R409.7
7007CTRSULP4 R 57007CTRSULP4 N409.7
7007CTRSULP4 RR 57007CTRSULP4 R409.7
7007CTRSUMP3 R 57007CTRSUMP3 N421.99
7007CTRSUMP3 RR 57007CTRSUMP3 R421.99
7007CTRSUMP4 R 57007CTRSUMP4 N421.99
7007CTRSUMP4 RR 57007CTRSUMP4 R421.99
7007CTSULP4 5409.7
7007CTYNSULP4 5409.7
7008A 57008AM N343.97
7008A5SN24TRDULP3 RR 57008A5SN24TRDULP3 R2546.97
7008A5SN24TRSULP3 RR 57008A5SN24TRSULP3 R1273.52
7008A5SN24TRV1V-01 R MTSX51426.35
7008A5TRDBDLP3 RR 51528.27
7008A5TRDBDLP4 RR 57008A5TRDBDLP4 R1528.27
7008A5TRDBDLP4 RR NB5L51604.63
7008A5TRDUDLP3 R 57008A5TRDUDLP3 N1528.27
7008A5TRDUDLP3 RR 57008A5TRDUDLP3 R1528.27
7008A5TRDUDMP3 R 57008A5TRDUDMP3 N1574.1
7008A5TRDUHP3 R 57008A5TRDUHP3 N1273.57
7008A5TRDUHP4 R 51273.57
7008A5TRDULP3 R 57008A5TRDULP3 N1019.06
7008A5TRDULP3 R MTSK51069.74
7008A5TRDULP3 R TN5L51069.74
7008A5TRDULP3 RR 57008A5TRDULP3 R1019.09
7008A5TRDULP4 R 57008A5TRDULP4 N1019.06
7008A5TRDULP4 RR 57008A5TRDULP4 R1019.06
7008A5TRDULP4 RR NB5L51069.74
7008A5TRDUMP3 R 57008A5TRDUMP3 N1049.67
7008A5TRDUMP3 R NB5L51101.88
7008A5TRDUMP3 RR 57008A5TRDUMP3 R1049.67
7008A5TRDUMP3 RR NB5L51101.88
7008A5TRDUMP4 R 57008A5TRDUMP4 N1049.67
7008A5TRDUMP4 RR 57008A5TRDUMP4 R1049.67
7008A5TRQULP3 R 57008A5TRQULP3 N2037.64
7008A5TRQULP4 R 57008A5TRQULP4 N2037.64
7008A5TRQULP4 RR 57008A5TRQULP4 R2037.64
7008A5TRQUMP3 R 57008A5TRQUMP3 N2098.78
7008A5TRQUMP4 R 57008A5TRQUMP4 N2098.78
7008A5TRSULP3 R 57008A5TRSULP3 N509.42
7008A5TRSULP3 RR 57008A5TRSULP3 R509.42
7008A5TRSULP4 R 57008A5TRSULP4 N509.42
7008A5TRSULP4 RR 57008A5TRSULP4 R509.42
7008A5TRSUMP3 R 57008A5TRSUMP3 N524.67
7008A5TRSUMP3 R NB5L5550.94
7008A5TRSUMP3 RR 57008A5TRSUMP3 R524.67
7008A5TRSUMP4 R 57008A5TRSUMP4 N524.67
7008A5TRSUMP4 RR 57008A5TRSUMP4 R524.67
7008A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57008A5TRV1VSULP3 N662.37
7008A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57008A5TRV1VSUMP3 N682.27
7008A5TYNDUMP4 57008A5TYNDUMP4 N1049.67
7008B 57008B N343.97
7008CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57008CSN24TRDULP3 R2546.97
7008CSN24TRSULP3 RR 57008CSN24TRSULP3 R1273.52
7008CSN24TRV1VD-01 R MTSX57008CSN24TRV1VDULP3 N2716.87
7008CSN24TRV1VS-01 R MTSX51426.35
7008CTRDBDLP3 RR 51528.27
7008CTRDBDLP4 RR 57008CTRDBDLP4 R1528.27
7008CTRDBDMP4 RR 57008CTRDBDMP4 R1574.1
7008CTRDUDLP3 R 57008CTRDUDLP3 N1528.27
7008CTRDUDMP3 R 57008CTRDUDMP3 N1574.1
7008CTRDULP2 RR 51426.34
7008CTRDULP3 R 57008CTRDULP3 N1019.06
7008CTRDULP3 R NB5L51069.74
7008CTRDULP3 RR 57008CTRDULP3 R1019.06
7008CTRDULP3 RR NB5L51069.74
7008CTRDULP4 R 57008CTRDULP4 N1019.06
7008CTRDULP4 RR 57008CTRDULP4 R1019.06
7008CTRDUMP3 R 57008CTRDUMP3 N1049.67
7008CTRDUMP3 RR 57008CTRDUMP3 R1049.67
7008CTRDUMP4 R 57008CTRDUMP4 N1049.67
7008CTRDUMP4 RR 57008CTRDUMP4 R1049.67
7008CTRQULP3 R 57008CTRQULP3 N2037.64
7008CTRQULP3 RR 57008CTRQULP3 R2037.64
7008CTRQUMP2 RR 52938.34
7008CTRQUMP3 R 57008CTRQUMP3 N2098.78
7008CTRQUMP3 RR 57008CTRQUMP3 R2098.78
7008CTRSULP3 R 57008CTRSULP3 N509.42
7008CTRSULP3 RR 57008CTRSULP3 R509.42
7008CTRSULP4 R 57008CTRSULP4 N509.42
7008CTRSULP4 RR 57008CTRSULP4 R509.42
7008CTRSUMP3 R 57008CTRSUMP3 N524.67
7008CTRSUMP3 RR 57008CTRSUMP3 R524.67
7008CTRSUMP4 R 57008CTRSUMP4 N524.67
7008CTRSUMP4 RR 57008CTRSUMP4 R524.67
7008CTRV1VDULP3 R MTSX51324.75
7008CTYNSULP4 R 57008CTYNSULP4 N509.42
7008TRDULP4 RR 51019.06
7009A 57009AM N357.95
7009A5SN24TRDULP3 RR 57009A5SN24TRDULP3 R2782.7
7009A5SN24TRSULP3 RR 57009A5SN24TRSULP3 R1391.33
7009A5SN24TRV1V-01 R MTSX51562.22
7009A5TRDUDLP4 R 57009A5TRDUDLP4 N1673.82
7009A5TRDUDLP4 RR 57009A5TRDUDLP4 R1673.82
7009A5TRDUDMP3 R 57009A5TRDUDMP3 N1723.98
7009A5TRDULP3 R 57009A5TRDULP3 N1116.12
7009A5TRDULP3 RR 57009A5TRDULP3 R1116.12
7009A5TRDULP4 R 57009A5TRDULP4 N1116.12
7009A5TRDULP4 RR 57009A5TRDULP4 R1116.12
7009A5TRDULP4 RR D8SK51171.68
7009A5TRDUMP3 R 57009A5TRDUMP3 N1149.63
7009A5TRDUMP3 R MTSK51207.11
7009A5TRDUMP3 RR 57009A5TRDUMP3 R1149.63
7009A5TRDUMP4 R 57009A5TRDUMP4 N1149.63
7009A5TRDUMP4 RR 57009A5TRDUMP4 R1149.63
7009A5TRQULP3 R 57009A5TRQULP3 N2231.73
7009A5TRQUMP3 R 57009A5TRQUMP3 N2298.67
7009A5TRSUELP3 R 57009A5TRSUELP3 N557.93
7009A5TRSULP3 R 57009A5TRSULP3 N557.93
7009A5TRSULP3 RR 57009A5TRSULP3 R557.93
7009A5TRSULP4 R 57009A5TRSULP4 N557.93
7009A5TRSULP4 RR 57009A5TRSULP4 R557.93
7009A5TRSUMP3 R 57009A5TRSUMP3 N574.7
7009A5TRSUMP3 RR 57009A5TRSUMP3 R574.7
7009A5TRSUMP4 R 57009A5TRSUMP4 N574.7
7009A5TRSUMP4 RR 57009A5TRSUMP4 R574.7
7009A5TRV1VDUMP2 R MTSX57009A5TRV1VDUMP2 N2091.83
7009A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57009A5TRV1VSULP3 N725.51
7009A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57009A5TRV1VSUMP3 N747.29
7009ADB 5718.16
7009ATDBLP4 RR 57009ATDBLP4 R1116.12
7009B 57009B N357.95
7009CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57009CSN24TRDULP3 R2782.7
7009CSN24TRSULP3 RR 57009CSN24TRSULP3 R1391.33
7009CSN24TRV1VS-01 R MTSX51562.22
7009CTRDBLP3 RR 57009CTRDBLP3 R1116.12
7009CTRDUDLP3 R 57009CTRDUDLP3 N1673.82
7009CTRDUDMP3 R 57009CTRDUDMP3 N1723.98
7009CTRDULP3 R 57009CTRDULP3 N1116.12
7009CTRDULP3 R YL2X51171.68
7009CTRDULP3 RR 57009CTRDULP3 R1116.15
7009CTRDULP3 RR NB5L51171.68
7009CTRDULP3 RR YL2X51171.68
7009CTRDUMP3 R 57009CTRDUMP3 N1149.63
7009CTRDUMP3 R TN5X51206.86
7009CTRDUMP3 RR 57009CTRDUMP3 R1149.63
7009CTRDUMP3 RR TN5X51206.86
7009CTRQULP3 RR 57009CTRQULP3 R2231.73
7009CTRQUMP3 R 57009CTRQUMP3 N2298.67
7009CTRQUMP3 RR 57009CTRQUMP3 R2298.67
7009CTRSULP3 R 57009CTRSULP3 N557.93
7009CTRSULP3 RR 57009CTRSULP3 R557.93
7009CTRSULP4 R 57009CTRSULP4 N557.93
7009CTRSULP4 RR 57009CTRSULP4 R557.93
7009CTRSUMP3 R 57009CTRSUMP3 N574.7
7009CTRSUMP3 RR 57009CTRSUMP3 R574.7
7009CTRSUMP4 R 57009CTRSUMP4 N574.7
7009CTRSUMP4 RR 57009CTRSUMP4 R574.7
7009CTYNSULP4 5557.93
7010A 57010AM N381.79
7010A5SN24TRDULP3 RR 57010A5SN24TRDULP3 R2884.06
7010A5SN24TRSULP3 RR 57010A5SN24TRSULP3 R1442
7010A5SN24TRV1V-01 R MTSX51615.11
7010A5TRDBDLP3 RR 51730.4
7010A5TRDBDLP4 RR 57010A5TRDBDLP4 R1730.4
7010A5TRDBDLP4 RR NB5L51816.97
7010A5TRDUDLP3 R 57010A5TRDUDLP3 N1730.4
7010A5TRDUDMP3 R 57010A5TRDUDMP3 N1782.34
7010A5TRDUHP3 R 57010A5TRDUHP3 N1441.99
7010A5TRDUHP3 RR 57010A5TRDUHP3 R1441.99
7010A5TRDULP3 R 57010A5TRDULP3 N1153.77
7010A5TRDULP3 RR 57010A5TRDULP3 R1153.77
7010A5TRDULP4 R 57010A5TRDULP4 N1153.77
7010A5TRDULP4 RR 57010A5TRDULP4 R1153.77
7010A5TRDULP4 RR NB5L51211.32
7010A5TRDUMP3 R 57010A5TRDUMP3 N1188.48
7010A5TRDUMP3 RR 57010A5TRDUMP3 R1188.48
7010A5TRDUMP4 R 57010A5TRDUMP4 N1188.48
7010A5TRDUMP4 RR 57010A5TRDUMP4 R1188.48
7010A5TRP3 RR 57010A5TRP3 R594.14
7010A5TRQUMP3 R 57010A5TRQUMP3 N2376.4
7010A5TRQUMP3 RR 57010A5TRQUMP3 R2376.4
7010A5TRSULP3 R 57010A5TRSULP3 N576.84
7010A5TRSULP3 RR 57010A5TRSULP3 R576.84
7010A5TRSULP4 R 57010A5TRSULP4 N576.84
7010A5TRSULP4 RR 57010A5TRSULP4 R576.84
7010A5TRSUMP3 R 57010A5TRSUMP3 N594.14
7010A5TRSUMP3 RR 57010A5TRSUMP3 R594.14
7010A5TRSUMP4 R 57010A5TRSUMP4 N594.14
7010A5TRSUMP4 RR 57010A5TRSUMP4 R594.14
7010A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57010A5TRV1VSULP3 N750.05
7010A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57010A5TRV1VSUMP3 N772.55
7010A5TYNSUMP4 R G594.14
7010B 57010BM N381.79
7010CSN24TRDUHP3 R 57010CSN24TRDUHP3 N3604.94
7010CSN24TRDULP3 R 57010CSN24TRDULP3 N2884.06
7010CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57010CSN24TRDULP3 R2884.06
7010CSN24TRSULP3 RR 57010CSN24TRSULP3 R1442
7010CSN24TRV1VS-01 R MTSX51615.11
7010CTRDBDLP3 RR 57010CTRDBDLP3 R1730.4
7010CTRDBDLP4 RR 57010CTRDBDLP4 R1730.4
7010CTRDBLP3 R 57010CTRDBLP3 N1153.77
7010CTRDUDLP3 R 57010CTRDUDLP3 N1730.4
7010CTRDUDLP4 RR 57010CTRDUDLP4 R1730.4
7010CTRDUDMP3 R 57010CTRDUDMP3 N1782.34
7010CTRDULP3 R 57010CTRDULP3 N1153.77
7010CTRDULP3 RR 57010CTRDULP3 R1153.77
7010CTRDULP4 R 57010CTRDULP4 N1153.77
7010CTRDULP4 RR 57010CTRDULP4 R1153.77
7010CTRDULP4 RR D8SK51211.32
7010CTRDUMP3 R 57010CTRDUMP3 N1188.48
7010CTRDUMP3 RR 57010CTRDUMP3 R1188.48
7010CTRDUMP4 R 57010CTRDUMP4 N1188.48
7010CTRDUMP4 RR 57010CTRDUMP4 R1188.48
7010CTRQUHP3 R 57010CTRQUHP3 N2883.95
7010CTRQULP3 R 57010CTRQULP3 N2307.59
7010CTRSULP3 R 57010CTRSULP3 N576.84
7010CTRSULP3 RR 57010CTRSULP3 R576.84
7010CTRSULP4 R 57010CTRSULP4 N576.84
7010CTRSULP4 RR 57010CTRSULP4 R576.84
7010CTRSUMP3 R 57010CTRSUMP3 N594.14
7010CTRSUMP3 RR 57010CTRSUMP3 R594.14
7010CTRSUMP4 R 57010CTRSUMP4 N594.14
7010CTRSUMP4 RR 57010CTRSUMP4 R594.14
7011A5SN24TRDULP3 RR 57011A5SN24TRDULP3 R3382.68
7011A5SN24TRSULP3 RR 57011A5SN24TRSULP3 R1691.24
7011A5SN24TRV1V-01 R MTSX51894.25
7011A5TRDUDLP3 R 57011A5TRDUDLP3 N2029.59
7011A5TRDUDLP4 R 57011A5TRDUDLP4 N2029.59
7011A5TRDUDLP4 RR 57011A5TRDUDLP4 R2029.59
7011A5TRDUDMP3 R 57011A5TRDUDMP3 N2090.48
7011A5TRDUDMP4 R 57011A5TRDUDMP4 N2090.48
7011A5TRDUDMP4 RR 57011A5TRDUDMP4 R2090.48
7011A5TRDULP3 R 57011A5TRDULP3 N1353.39
7011A5TRDULP3 R MTSK51420.71
7011A5TRDULP3 RR 57011A5TRDULP3 R1353.39
7011A5TRDULP4 R 57011A5TRDULP4 N1353.39
7011A5TRDULP4 RR 57011A5TRDULP4 R1353.39
7011A5TRDULP4 RR D8SK51420.71
7011A5TRDUMP3 R 57011A5TRDUMP3 N1393.95
7011A5TRDUMP3 RR 57011A5TRDUMP3 R1393.95
7011A5TRDUMP4 R 57011A5TRDUMP4 N1393.95
7011A5TRDUMP4 RR 57011A5TRDUMP4 R1393.95
7011A5TRQUMP3 R 57011A5TRQUMP3 N2787.32
7011A5TRQUMP3 RR 57011A5TRQUMP3 R2787.32
7011A5TRSUHP3 R 5845.68
7011A5TRSULP3 R 57011A5TRSULP3 N676.54
7011A5TRSULP3 RR 57011A5TRSULP3 R676.54
7011A5TRSULP4 R 57011A5TRSULP4 N676.54
7011A5TRSULP4 RR 57011A5TRSULP4 R676.54
7011A5TRSUMP3 R 57011A5TRSUMP3 N696.82
7011A5TRSUMP3 RR 57011A5TRSUMP3 R696.82
7011A5TRSUMP4 R 57011A5TRSUMP4 N696.82
7011A5TRSUMP4 RR 57011A5TRSUMP4 R696.82
7011A5TRV1VDULP2 R MTSX57011A5TRV1VDULP2 N2462.59
7011A5TRV1VDULP3 R MTSX57011A5TRV1VDULP3 N1758.97
7011A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57011A5TRV1VSULP3 N879.66
7011A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57011A5TRV1VSUMP3 N906.13
7011AW 57011AW N152.18
7011B 57011BM N567.51
7011CSN24TRDULP3 R 57011CSN24TRDULP3 N3382.68
7011CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57011CSN24TRDULP3 R3382.68
7011CSN24TRSULP3 RR 57011CSN24TRSULP3 R1691.24
7011CSN24TRV1VS-01 R MTSX51894.25
7011CSN24TRV1VS-02 R MTSX57011CSN24TRV1VSUELP3N1894.25
7011CTRDUDLP3 R 57011CTRDUDLP3 N2029.59
7011CTRDUDMP3 R 57011CTRDUDMP3 N2090.48
7011CTRDUHP3 R 57011CTRDUHP3 N1691.31
7011CTRDULP3 R 57011CTRDULP3 N1353.39
7011CTRDULP3 RR 57011CTRDULP3 R1353.39
7011CTRDULP4 R 57011CTRDULP4 N1353.39
7011CTRDULP4 RR 57011CTRDULP4 R1353.39
7011CTRDULP4 RR NB5L57011CTRDULP4+NB5 R1420.71
7011CTRDUMP3 R 57011CTRDUMP3 N1393.95
7011CTRDUMP3 RR 57011CTRDUMP3 R1393.95
7011CTRDUMP4 R 57011CTRDUMP4 N1393.95
7011CTRDUMP4 RR 57011CTRDUMP4 R1393.95
7011CTRQUMP3 R 57011CTRQUMP3 N2787.32
7011CTRQUMP4 RR 57011CTRQUMP4 R2787.32
7011CTRSULP3 R 57011CTRSULP3 N676.54
7011CTRSULP3 R MTSL5710.4
7011CTRSULP3 RR 57011CTRSULP3 R676.54
7011CTRSULP4 R 57011CTRSULP4 N676.54
7011CTRSULP4 RR 57011CTRSULP4 R676.54
7011CTRSULP4 RR NB5L5710.4
7011CTRSUMP3 R 57011CTRSUMP3 N696.82
7011CTRSUMP3 RR 57011CTRSUMP3 R696.82
7011CTRSUMP4 R 57011CTRSUMP4 N696.82
7011CTRSUMP4 RR 57011CTRSUMP4 R696.82
7011CTYNSULP4 5676.54
7011CTYNSULP4 R 57011CTYNSULP4 N676.54
7012A 57012A N638.37
7012A5SN24TRDULP3 RR 57012A5SN24TRDULP3 R3719.65
7012A5SN24TRSULP3 RR 57012A5SN24TRSULP3 R1859.81
7012A5TRDBBLP4 RR NB5L53124.45
7012A5TRDBDLP3 RR 57012A5TRDBDLP3 R2231.73
7012A5TRDBDLP4 R 57012A5TRDBDLP4 N2231.73
7012A5TRDUDLP3 R 57012A5TRDUDLP3 N2231.73
7012A5TRDUDLP3 RR 57012A5TRDUDLP3 R2231.73
7012A5TRDUDMP3 R 57012A5TRDUDMP3 N2298.67
7012A5TRDULP3 R 57012A5TRDULP3 N1488.19
7012A5TRDULP3 RR 57012A5TRDULP3 R1488.15
7012A5TRDULP4 R 57012A5TRDULP4 N1488.19
7012A5TRDULP4 RR 57012A5TRDULP4 R1488.19
7012A5TRDUMP3 R 57012A5TRDUMP3 N1532.86
7012A5TRDUMP3 RR 57012A5TRDUMP3 R1532.86
7012A5TRDUMP4 R 57012A5TRDUMP4 N1532.86
7012A5TRDUMP4 RR 57012A5TRDUMP4 R1532.86
7012A5TRQULP4 RR 57012A5TRQULP4 R2975.69
7012A5TRQUMP3 R 57012A5TRQUMP3 N3064.92
7012A5TRQUMP3 RR 57012A5TRQUMP3 R3064.92
7012A5TRSULP3 R 57012A5TRSULP3 N743.9
7012A5TRSULP3 RR 57012A5TRSULP3 R743.9
7012A5TRSULP4 R 57012A5TRSULP4 N743.9
7012A5TRSULP4 RR 57012A5TRSULP4 R743.9
7012A5TRSUMP3 R 57012A5TRSUMP3 N766.21
7012A5TRSUMP3 RR 57012A5TRSUMP3 R766.21
7012A5TRSUMP4 R 57012A5TRSUMP4 N766.21
7012A5TRSUMP4 RR 57012A5TRSUMP4 R766.21
7012A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57012A5TRV1VSULP3 N967.31
7012A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57012A5TRV1VSUMP3 N996.33
7012A5TYNSUMP4 R 57012A5TYNSUMP4 N766.21
7012B 57012BM N638.37
7012CSN24TRDULP3 R 57012CSN24TRDULP3 N3719.65
7012CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57012CSN24TRDULP3 R3719.65
7012CSN24TRSULP3 RR 57012CSN24TRSULP3 R1859.81
7012CTRDUDLP3 R 57012CTRDUDLP3 N2231.73
7012CTRDUDMP3 R 57012CTRDUDMP3 N2298.67
7012CTRDUHP4 RR 57012CTRDUHP4 R1859.81
7012CTRDULP3 R 57012CTRDULP3 N1488.19
7012CTRDULP3 RR 57012CTRDULP3 R1488.15
7012CTRDUMP3 R 57012CTRDUMP3 N1532.86
7012CTRDUMP3 RR 57012CTRDUMP3 R1532.86
7012CTRDUMP4 R 57012CTRDUMP4 N1532.86
7012CTRDUMP4 RR 57012CTRDUMP4 R1532.86
7012CTRQULP3 R 57012CTRQULP3 N2975.69
7012CTRQUMP3 R 57012CTRQUMP3 N3064.92
7012CTRSULP3 R 57012CTRSULP3 N743.9
7012CTRSULP3 R MTSL5781.07
7012CTRSULP3 RR 57012CTRSULP3 R743.9
7012CTRSULP4 R 57012CTRSULP4 N743.9
7012CTRSULP4 RR 57012CTRSULP4 R743.9
7012CTRSUMP3 R 57012CTRSUMP3 N766.21
7012CTRSUMP3 RR 57012CTRSUMP3 R766.21
7012CTRSUMP4 R 57012CTRSUMP4 N766.21
7012CTRSUMP4 RR 57012CTRSUMP4 R766.21
7013A 5694.89
7013A5SN24TRDUDLP3 R 57013A5SN24TRDUDLP3 N6084.73
7013A5SN24TRDULP3 RR 57013A5SN24TRDULP3 R4056.51
7013A5SN24TRSULP3 RR 57013A5SN24TRSULP3 R2028.24
7013A5TRDBDLP3 RR 52433.87
7013A5TRDUDLP3 R 57013A5TRDUDLP3 N2433.87
7013A5TRDUDMP3 R 57013A5TRDUDMP3 N2506.91
7013A5TRDULP3 R 57013A5TRDULP3 N1622.91
7013A5TRDULP3 RR 57013A5TRDULP3 R1622.91
7013A5TRDULP4 R 57013A5TRDULP4 N1622.91
7013A5TRDULP4 RR 57013A5TRDULP4 R1622.91
7013A5TRDUMP3 R 57013A5TRDUMP3 N1671.7
7013A5TRDUMP3 RR 57013A5TRDUMP3 R1671.7
7013A5TRDUMP4 R 57013A5TRDUMP4 N1671.7
7013A5TRDUMP4 RR 57013A5TRDUMP4 R1671.7
7013A5TRP3 R 57013A5TRP3 N835.63
7013A5TRP3 RR 57013A5TRP3 R835.63
7013A5TRQULP4 RR 57013A5TRQULP4 R3245.21
7013A5TRQUMP3 R 57013A5TRQUMP3 N3342.58
7013A5TRQUMP3 RR 57013A5TRQUMP3 R3342.58
7013A5TRSULP3 R 57013A5TRSULP3 N811.29
7013A5TRSULP3 RR 57013A5TRSULP3 R811.29
7013A5TRSULP4 R 57013A5TRSULP4 N811.29
7013A5TRSULP4 RR 57013A5TRSULP4 R811.29
7013A5TRSUMP3 R 57013A5TRSUMP3 N835.63
7013A5TRSUMP3 RR 57013A5TRSUMP3 R835.63
7013A5TRSUMP4 R 57013A5TRSUMP4 N835.63
7013A5TRSUMP4 RR 57013A5TRSUMP4 R835.63
7013A5TRV1VDUMP3 R MTEX57013A5TRV1VDUMP3 N2172.66
7013A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57013A5TRV1VSULP3 N1054.95
7013A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57013A5TRV1VSUMP3 N1086.62
7013A5TYNSULP4 R 57013A5TYNSULP4 N811.29
7013B 5694.89
7013CSN24TRDULP3 R 57013CSN24TRDULP3 N4056.51
7013CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57013CSN24TRDULP3 R4056.51
7013CSN24TRSULP3 RR 57013CSN24TRSULP3 R2028.24
7013CSN24TRV1VD-01 R MTSX54543.24
7013CTRDBBLP4 RR 53245.21
7013CTRDUDLP3 R 57013CTRDUDLP3 N2433.87
7013CTRDUDMP3 R 57013CTRDUDMP3 N2506.91
7013CTRDUHP3 R 57013CTRDUHP3 N2028.66
7013CTRDULP3 R 57013CTRDULP3 N1622.91
7013CTRDULP3 RR 57013CTRDULP3 R1622.91
7013CTRDUMP3 R 57013CTRDUMP3 N1671.7
7013CTRDUMP3 RR 57013CTRDUMP3 R1671.7
7013CTRDUMP4 R 57013CTRDUMP4 N1671.7
7013CTRDUMP4 RR 57013CTRDUMP4 R1671.7
7013CTRQUMP3 R 57013CTRQUMP3 N3342.58
7013CTRQUMP3 RR 57013CTRQUMP3 R3342.58
7013CTRSULP3 R 57013CTRSULP3 N811.29
7013CTRSULP3 R MTSL5851.87
7013CTRSULP3 RR 57013CTRSULP3 R811.29
7013CTRSULP4 R 57013CTRSULP4 N811.29
7013CTRSULP4 RR 57013CTRSULP4 R811.29
7013CTRSUMP3 R 57013CTRSUMP3 N835.63
7013CTRSUMP3 RR 57013CTRSUMP3 R835.63
7013CTRSUMP4 R 57013CTRSUMP4 N835.63
7013CTRSUMP4 RR 57013CTRSUMP4 R835.63
7014A 57014AM N750.58
7014A5SN24TRDULP3 RR 57014A5SN24TRDULP3 R4797.71
7014A5SN24TRSUELP3 R 52398.85
7014A5SN24TRSULP3 RR 57014A5SN24TRSULP3 R2398.85
7014A5TRDBBLP4 RR NB5L54030.06
7014A5TRDBDLP3 RR 52878.61
7014A5TRDBDLP4 RR 57014A5TRDBDLP4 R2878.61
7014A5TRDBDLP4 RR NB5L53022.58
7014A5TRDUDLP3 R 57014A5TRDUDLP3 N2878.61
7014A5TRDUDLP3 RR 52878.61
7014A5TRDUDLP4 RR 52878.61
7014A5TRDUDMP3 R 57014A5TRDUDMP3 N2964.97
7014A5TRDULP3 R 57014A5TRDULP3 N1919.51
7014A5TRDULP3 RR 57014A5TRDULP3 R1919.51
7014A5TRDULP4 R 57014A5TRDULP4 N1919.51
7014A5TRDULP4 RR 57014A5TRDULP4 R1919.51
7014A5TRDULP4 RR NB5L52015
7014A5TRDUMP3 R 57014A5TRDUMP3 N1977.06
7014A5TRDUMP3 R YL2X52075.45
7014A5TRDUMP3 RR 57014A5TRDUMP3 R1977.06
7014A5TRDUMP3 RR YL2X52075.45
7014A5TRDUMP4 R 57014A5TRDUMP4 N1977.06
7014A5TRDUMP4 RR 57014A5TRDUMP4 R1977.06
7014A5TRDUMP4 RR NB5L52075.44
7014A5TRQULP3 RR 57014A5TRQULP3 R3839.02
7014A5TRQUMP3 R 57014A5TRQUMP3 N3953.27
7014A5TRQUMP3 RR 57014A5TRQUMP3 R3953.27
7014A5TRSUHP3 R 57014A5TRSUHP3 N1199.42
7014A5TRSULP3 R 57014A5TRSULP3 N959.52
7014A5TRSULP3 RR 57014A5TRSULP3 R959.52
7014A5TRSULP4 R 57014A5TRSULP4 N959.52
7014A5TRSULP4 RR 57014A5TRSULP4 R959.52
7014A5TRSUMP3 R 57014A5TRSUMP3 N988.35
7014A5TRSUMP3 RR 57014A5TRSUMP3 R988.35
7014A5TRSUMP4 R 57014A5TRSUMP4 N988.35
7014A5TRSUMP4 RR 57014A5TRSUMP4 R988.35
7014A5TRV1VDUMP3 R MTSX57014A5TRV1VDUMP3 N2569.66
7014A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57014A5TRV1VSULP3 N1247.65
7014A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57014A5TRV1VSUMP3 N1285.13
7014B 57014BM N750.58
7014CSN24TRDULP3 R 57014CSN24TRDULP3 N4797.71
7014CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57014CSN24TRDULP3 R4797.71
7014CSN24TRSULP3 RR 57014CSN24TRSULP3 R2398.85
7014CSN24TRV1VD-01 R MTSX55373.44
7014CTRDBBLP4 RR 53838.16
7014CTRDBDLP3 RR 57014CTRDBDLP3 R2878.61
7014CTRDBDLP4 RR 57014CTRDBDLP4 R2878.61
7014CTRDBDLP4 RR D8SK53022.58
7014CTRDBLP3 RR 57014CTRDBLP3 R1919.51
7014CTRDBLP4 RR 57014CTRDBLP4 R1919.51
7014CTRDUDLP3 R 57014CTRDUDLP3 N2878.61
7014CTRDUDLP4 R 57014CTRDUDLP4 N2878.61
7014CTRDUDMP3 R 57014CTRDUDMP3 N2964.98
7014CTRDUELP3 R 57014CTRDUELP3 N1919.51
7014CTRDULP3 R 57014CTRDULP3 N1919.51
7014CTRDULP3 RR 57014CTRDULP3 R1919.51
7014CTRDULP4 R 57014CTRDULP4 N1919.51
7014CTRDULP4 RR 57014CTRDULP4 R1919.51
7014CTRDUMP3 R 57014CTRDUMP3 N1977.06
7014CTRDUMP3 RR 57014CTRDUMP3 R1977.06
7014CTRDUMP4 R 57014CTRDUMP4 N1977.06
7014CTRDUMP4 RR 57014CTRDUMP4 R1977.06
7014CTRP3 RR 57014CTRP3 R988.35
7014CTRQULP3 R 57014CTRQULP3 N3838.16
7014CTRQULP3 RR 57014CTRQULP3 R3838.16
7014CTRQUMP3 R 57014CTRQUMP3 N3953.27
7014CTRQUMP3 RR 57014CTRQUMP3 R3953.27
7014CTRSUELP3 R 57014CTRSUELP3 N959.52
7014CTRSULP3 R 57014CTRSULP3 N959.52
7014CTRSULP3 RR 57014CTRSULP3 R959.52
7014CTRSULP4 R 57014CTRSULP4 N959.52
7014CTRSULP4 RR 57014CTRSULP4 R959.52
7014CTRSUMP3 R 57014CTRSUMP3 N988.35
7014CTRSUMP3 RR 57014CTRSUMP3 R988.35
7014CTRSUMP4 R 57014CTRSUMP4 N988.35
7014CTRSUMP4 RR 57014CTRSUMP4 R988.35
7014CTYNSULP4 R 57014CTYNSULP4 N959.52
7014CTYNSUMP4 R 57014CTYNSUMP4 N988.35
7015A5SN24TRDULP3 RR 57015A5SN24TRDULP3 R5053.75
7015A5SN24TRSULP3 RR 57015A5SN24TRSULP3 R2526.92
7015A5TRDBDLP3 RR 57015A5TRDBDLP3 R3032.29
7015A5TRDBDLP4 RR 57015A5TRDBDLP4 R3032.29
7015A5TRDBDMP4 RR 53123.21
7015A5TRDUDLP3 R 57015A5TRDUDLP3 N3032.29
7015A5TRDUDMP3 R 57015A5TRDUDMP3 N3123.21
7015A5TRDUDMP3 RR 57015A5TRDUDMP3 R3123.21
7015A5TRDULP3 R 57015A5TRDULP3 N2021.97
7015A5TRDULP3 RR 57015A5TRDULP3 R2021.97
7015A5TRDULP4 R 57015A5TRDULP4 N2021.97
7015A5TRDULP4 RR 57015A5TRDULP4 R2021.97
7015A5TRDUMP3 R 57015A5TRDUMP3 N2082.63
7015A5TRDUMP3 RR 57015A5TRDUMP3 R2082.63
7015A5TRDUMP4 R 57015A5TRDUMP4 N2082.63
7015A5TRDUMP4 RR 57015A5TRDUMP4 R2082.63
7015A5TRQULP3 R 57015A5TRQULP3 N4042.98
7015A5TRQUMP3 R 57015A5TRQUMP3 N4164.33
7015A5TRQUMP3 RR 57015A5TRQUMP3 R4164.33
7015A5TRSULP3 R 57015A5TRSULP3 N1010.77
7015A5TRSULP3 RR 57015A5TRSULP3 R1010.77
7015A5TRSULP4 R 57015A5TRSULP4 N1010.77
7015A5TRSULP4 RR 57015A5TRSULP4 R1010.77
7015A5TRSUMP3 R 57015A5TRSUMP3 N1041.08
7015A5TRSUMP3 RR 57015A5TRSUMP3 R1041.08
7015A5TRSUMP4 R 57015A5TRSUMP4 N1041.08
7015A5TRSUMP4 RR 57015A5TRSUMP4 R1041.08
7015A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57015A5TRV1VSULP3 N1314.3
7015A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57015A5TRV1VSUMP3 N1353.73
7015CSN24TRDULP3 R 57015CSN24TRDULP3 N5053.75
7015CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57015CSN24TRDULP3 R5053.75
7015CSN24TRSULP3 RR 57015CSN24TRSULP3 R2526.92
7015CTRDBDLP3 RR 57015CTRDBDLP3 R3032.29
7015CTRDBDLP4 RR 57015CTRDBDLP4 R3032.29
7015CTRDTLP4 RR 57015CTRDTLP4 R2021.97
7015CTRDUDLP3 R 57015CTRDUDLP3 N3032.29
7015CTRDUDMP3 R 57015CTRDUDMP3 N3123.21
7015CTRDULP3 R 57015CTRDULP3 N2021.97
7015CTRDULP3 RR 57015CTRDULP3 R2021.97
7015CTRDULP4 R 57015CTRDULP4 N2021.97
7015CTRDULP4 RR 57015CTRDULP4 R2021.97
7015CTRDULP4 RR D8SK52122.55
7015CTRDUMP3 R 57015CTRDUMP3 N2082.63
7015CTRDUMP3 RR 57015CTRDUMP3 R2082.63
7015CTRDUMP4 R 57015CTRDUMP4 N2082.63
7015CTRDUMP4 RR 57015CTRDUMP4 R2082.63
7015CTRQULP3 R 57015CTRQULP3 N4042.98
7015CTRQULP3 RR 57015CTRQULP3 R4042.98
7015CTRQUMP3 R 57015CTRQUMP3 N4289.23
7015CTRQUMP3 RR 57015CTRQUMP3 R4289.23
7015CTRSULP3 R 57015CTRSULP3 N1010.77
7015CTRSULP3 RR 57015CTRSULP3 R1010.77
7015CTRSULP4 R 57015CTRSULP4 N1010.77
7015CTRSULP4 RR 57015CTRSULP4 R1010.77
7015CTRSUMP3 R 57015CTRSUMP3 N1041.08
7015CTRSUMP3 RR 57015CTRSUMP3 R1041.08
7015CTRSUMP4 R 57015CTRSUMP4 N1041.08
7015CTRSUMP4 RR 57015CTRSUMP4 R1041.08
7016A5SN24TRDBBLP3 R 57016A5SN24TRDBBLP3 N10970.06
7016A5SN24TRDUDLP3 R 57016A5SN24TRDUDLP3 N8227.5
7016A5SN24TRDULP3 RR 57016A5SN24TRDULP3 R5485.02
7016A5SN24TRSULP3 RR 57016A5SN24TRSULP3 R2742.54
7016A5TRDBBLP4 RR 57016A5TRDBBLP4 R4388
7016A5TRDBBMP4 RR 57016A5TRDBBMP4 R4519.66
7016A5TRDBDLP4 RR 57016A5TRDBDLP4 R3290.98
7016A5TRDBDMP4 RR 57016A5TRDBDMP4 R3389.73
7016A5TRDUDLP3 R 57016A5TRDUDLP3 N3290.98
7016A5TRDUDLP3 RR 57016A5TRDUDLP3 R3290.98
7016A5TRDUDLP4 RR 53290.98
7016A5TRDUDMP3 R 57016A5TRDUDMP3 N3389.73
7016A5TRDUDMP3 RR 57016A5TRDUDMP3 R3389.73
7016A5TRDUHP4 RR 57016A5TRDUHP4 R2742.54
7016A5TRDULP3 R 57016A5TRDULP3 N2194.47
7016A5TRDULP3 RR 57016A5TRDULP3 R2194.47
7016A5TRDULP4 R 57016A5TRDULP4 N2194.47
7016A5TRDULP4 RR 57016A5TRDULP4 R2194.47
7016A5TRDULP4 RR D8SK52303.73
7016A5TRDUMP3 R 57016A5TRDUMP3 N2260.4
7016A5TRDUMP3 R MTSX52372.81
7016A5TRDUMP3 RR 57016A5TRDUMP3 R2260.4
7016A5TRDUMP4 R 57016A5TRDUMP4 N2260.4
7016A5TRDUMP4 RR 57016A5TRDUMP4 R2260.4
7016A5TRQUMP3 R 57016A5TRQUMP3 N4519.66
7016A5TRQUMP3 RR 57016A5TRQUMP3 R4519.66
7016A5TRSULP3 R 57016A5TRSULP3 N1097.01
7016A5TRSULP3 RR 57016A5TRSULP3 R1097.01
7016A5TRSULP4 R 57016A5TRSULP4 N1097.01
7016A5TRSULP4 RR 57016A5TRSULP4 R1097.01
7016A5TRSUMP3 R 57016A5TRSUMP3 N1129.96
7016A5TRSUMP3 RR 57016A5TRSUMP3 R1129.96
7016A5TRSUMP4 R 57016A5TRSUMP4 N1129.96
7016A5TRSUMP4 RR 57016A5TRSUMP4 R1129.96
7016A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57016A5TRV1VSULP3 N1426.43
7016A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57016A5TRV1VSUMP3 N1469.24
7016A5TYNDBDLP4 YL1K53455.58
7016CSN24TRDUDLP3 R 57016CSN24TRDUDLP3 N8227.5
7016CSN24TRDULP3 R 57016CSN24TRDULP3 N5485.02
7016CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57016CSN24TRDULP3 R5485.02
7016CSN24TRDULP4 R 55485.02
7016CSN24TRDULP4 RR 55485.02
7016CSN24TRSULP3 RR 57016CSN24TRSULP3 R2742.54
7016CTRDBDLP4 RR 57016CTRDBDLP4 R3290.98
7016CTRDBDMP3 RR 53389.73
7016CTRDBDMP4 RR 57016CTRDBDMP4 R3389.73
7016CTRDUDLP3 R 57016CTRDUDLP3 N3290.98
7016CTRDUDLP3 RR 53290.98
7016CTRDUDLP4 RR 53290.98
7016CTRDUDMP3 R 57016CTRDUDMP3 N3389.73
7016CTRDULP3 R 57016CTRDULP3 N2194.47
7016CTRDULP3 RR 57016CTRDULP3 R2194.47
7016CTRDULP4 R 57016CTRDULP4 N2194.47
7016CTRDULP4 RR 57016CTRDULP4 R2194.47
7016CTRDUMP3 R 57016CTRDUMP3 N2260.4
7016CTRDUMP3 RR 57016CTRDUMP3 R2260.4
7016CTRDUMP4 R 57016CTRDUMP4 N2260.4
7016CTRDUMP4 RR 57016CTRDUMP4 R2260.4
7016CTRQUMP3 R 57016CTRQUMP3 N4519.66
7016CTRSULP3 R 57016CTRSULP3 N1097.01
7016CTRSULP3 RR 57016CTRSULP3 R1097.01
7016CTRSULP4 R 57016CTRSULP4 N1097.01
7016CTRSULP4 RR 57016CTRSULP4 R1097.01
7016CTRSUMP3 R 57016CTRSUMP3 N1129.96
7016CTRSUMP3 RR 57016CTRSUMP3 R1129.96
7016CTRSUMP4 R 57016CTRSUMP4 N1129.96
7016CTRSUMP4 RR 57016CTRSUMP4 R1129.96
7016CTYNSULP4 R 57016CTYNSULP4 N1097.01
7017A5SN24TRDULP3 RR 57017A5SN24TRDULP3 R6051.02
7017A5SN24TRSULP3 RR 57017A5SN24TRSULP3 R3025.56
7017A5TR3UHP4 RR 57017A5TR3UHP4 R4538.26
7017A5TRDBBMP4 RR 57017A5TRDBBMP4 R4986.05
7017A5TRDBBMP4 RR NB5L55235.36
7017A5TRDBDLP4 RR 57017A5TRDBDLP4 R3630.62
7017A5TRDBDMP4 RR 57017A5TRDBDMP4 R3739.52
7017A5TRDUDLP3 R 57017A5TRDUDLP3 N3630.62
7017A5TRDUDMP3 R 57017A5TRDUDMP3 N3739.52
7017A5TRDULP3 R 57017A5TRDULP3 N2420.95
7017A5TRDULP3 RR 57017A5TRDULP3 R2420.95
7017A5TRDULP4 R 57017A5TRDULP4 N2420.95
7017A5TRDULP4 RR 57017A5TRDULP4 R2420.95
7017A5TRDUMP3 R 57017A5TRDUMP3 N2493.61
7017A5TRDUMP3 RR 57017A5TRDUMP3 R2493.61
7017A5TRDUMP4 R 57017A5TRDUMP4 N2493.61
7017A5TRDUMP4 RR 57017A5TRDUMP4 R2493.61
7017A5TRQUMP3 R 57017A5TRQUMP3 N4986.05
7017A5TRQUMP3 RR 57017A5TRQUMP3 R4986.05
7017A5TRSULP3 R 57017A5TRSULP3 N1210.23
7017A5TRSULP3 RR 57017A5TRSULP3 R1210.23
7017A5TRSULP4 R 57017A5TRSULP4 N1210.23
7017A5TRSULP4 RR 57017A5TRSULP4 R1210.23
7017A5TRSUMP3 R 57017A5TRSUMP3 N1246.54
7017A5TRSUMP3 RR 57017A5TRSUMP3 R1246.54
7017A5TRSUMP4 R 57017A5TRSUMP4 N1246.54
7017A5TRSUMP4 RR 57017A5TRSUMP4 R1246.54
7017A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57017A5TRV1VSULP3 N1573.69
7017A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57017A5TRV1VSUMP3 N1620.85
7017A5TYNDBDLP3 R MTEX53812.16
7017A5TYNDBDLP3 R YL2K53812.16
7017A5TYNDBDLP4 R YL1K53812.16
7017CSN24TRDULP3 R 57017CSN24TRDULP3 N6051.02
7017CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57017CSN24TRDULP3 R6051.02
7017CSN24TRSULP3 RR 57017CSN24TRSULP3 R3025.56
7017CTR3ULP3 RR 57017CTR3ULP3 R3630.62
7017CTRDBDLP4 RR 57017CTRDBDLP4 R3630.62
7017CTRDBLP3 RR 52420.95
7017CTRDBLP4 RR 52420.95
7017CTRDBMP4 R 52493.61
7017CTRDUDELP3 R 57017CTRDUDELP3 N3630.62
7017CTRDUDLP3 R 57017CTRDUDLP3 N3630.62
7017CTRDUDLP3 RR 57017CTRDUDLP3 R3630.62
7017CTRDULP3 R 57017CTRDULP3 N2420.95
7017CTRDULP3 RR 57017CTRDULP3 R2420.95
7017CTRDULP4 R 57017CTRDULP4 N2420.95
7017CTRDULP4 RR 57017CTRDULP4 R2420.95
7017CTRDUMP3 R 57017CTRDUMP3 N2493.61
7017CTRDUMP3 RR 57017CTRDUMP3 R2493.61
7017CTRDUMP4 R 57017CTRDUMP4 N2493.61
7017CTRDUMP4 RR 57017CTRDUMP4 R2493.61
7017CTRSULP3 R 57017CTRSULP3 N1210.23
7017CTRSULP3 RR 57017CTRSULP3 R1210.23
7017CTRSULP4 R 57017CTRSULP4 N1210.23
7017CTRSULP4 RR 57017CTRSULP4 R1210.23
7017CTRSUMP3 R 57017CTRSUMP3 N1246.54
7017CTRSUMP3 RR 57017CTRSUMP3 R1246.54
7017CTRSUMP4 R 57017CTRSUMP4 N1246.54
7017CTRSUMP4 RR 57017CTRSUMP4 R1246.54
7017CTYNDBLP4 R 57017CTYNDBLP4 N2420.95
7018A5SN24TRDUDLP3 R 57018A5SN24TRDUDLP3 N10754.39
7018A5SN24TRDULP3 RR 57018A5SN24TRDULP3 R7169.62
7018A5SN24TRSULP3 RR 57018A5SN24TRSULP3 R3584.82
7018A5TRDBDLP3 RR 54301.74
7018A5TRDBDLP4 RR 57018A5TRDBDLP4 R4301.74
7018A5TRDBDLP4 RR NB5L54516.86
7018A5TRDBDMP4 RR 57018A5TRDBDMP4 R4430.79
7018A5TRDUDLP3 R 57018A5TRDUDLP3 N4301.74
7018A5TRDUDLP3 RR 57018A5TRDUDLP3 R4301.74
7018A5TRDUDMP3 R 57018A5TRDUDMP3 N4430.79
7018A5TRDUDMP3 RR 54430.79
7018A5TRDULP3 R 57018A5TRDULP3 N2868.44
7018A5TRDULP3 RR 57018A5TRDULP3 R2868.44
7018A5TRDULP4 R 57018A5TRDULP4 N2868.44
7018A5TRDULP4 RR 57018A5TRDULP4 R2868.44
7018A5TRDUMP3 R 57018A5TRDUMP3 N2954.52
7018A5TRDUMP3 RR 57018A5TRDUMP3 R2954.52
7018A5TRDUMP4 R 57018A5TRDUMP4 N2954.52
7018A5TRDUMP4 RR 57018A5TRDUMP4 R2954.52
7018A5TRQUMP3 R 57018A5TRQUMP3 N5907.79
7018A5TRQUMP3 R YL2X56203.18
7018A5TRSULP3 R 57018A5TRSULP3 N1433.89
7018A5TRSULP3 RR 57018A5TRSULP3 R1433.89
7018A5TRSULP4 R 57018A5TRSULP4 N1433.89
7018A5TRSULP4 RR 57018A5TRSULP4 R1433.89
7018A5TRSUMP3 R 57018A5TRSUMP3 N1476.96
7018A5TRSUMP3 RR 57018A5TRSUMP3 R1476.96
7018A5TRSUMP4 R 57018A5TRSUMP4 N1476.96
7018A5TRSUMP4 RR 57018A5TRSUMP4 R1476.96
7018A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57018A5TRV1VSULP3 N1864.53
7018B 5899.43
7018CSN24TRDULP3 R 57018CSN24TRDULP3 N7169.62
7018CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57018CSN24TRDULP3 R7169.62
7018CSN24TRSULP3 RR 57018CSN24TRSULP3 R3584.82
7018CTRDBDLP3 RR 54301.74
7018CTRDBDLP4 RR 57018CTRDBDLP4 R4301.74
7018CTRDBLP4 RR 57018CTRDBLP4 R2868.44
7018CTRDUDELP3 R 57018CTRDUDELP3 N4301.74
7018CTRDUDLP3 R 57018CTRDUDLP3 N4301.74
7018CTRDUDMP3 R 57018CTRDUDMP3 N4430.79
7018CTRDULP3 R 57018CTRDULP3 N2868.44
7018CTRDULP3 RR 57018CTRDULP3 R2868.44
7018CTRDULP4 R 57018CTRDULP4 N2868.44
7018CTRDULP4 RR 57018CTRDULP4 R2868.44
7018CTRDUMP3 R 57018CTRDUMP3 N2954.52
7018CTRDUMP3 RR 57018CTRDUMP3 R2954.52
7018CTRDUMP4 R 57018CTRDUMP4 N2954.52
7018CTRDUMP4 RR 57018CTRDUMP4 R2954.52
7018CTRQUMP3 R 57018CTRQUMP3 N5907.79
7018CTRSULP3 R 57018CTRSULP3 N1433.89
7018CTRSULP3 RR 57018CTRSULP3 R1433.89
7018CTRSULP4 R 57018CTRSULP4 N1433.89
7018CTRSULP4 RR 57018CTRSULP4 R1433.89
7018CTRSUMP3 R 57018CTRSUMP3 N1476.96
7018CTRSUMP3 RR 57018CTRSUMP3 R1476.96
7018CTRSUMP4 R 57018CTRSUMP4 N1476.96
7018CTRSUMP4 RR 57018CTRSUMP4 R1476.96
7019A 57019AM N1319.5
7019A5TRDBDLP4 RR 57019A5TRDBDLP4 R4835.44
7019A5TRDBDMP3 RR 54974.95
7019A5TRDUDLP3 R 57019A5TRDUDLP3 N4835.44
7019A5TRDUDLP4 R 54835.44
7019A5TRDUDMP3 R 57019A5TRDUDMP3 N4974.95
7019A5TRDUDMP4 R 54974.95
7019A5TRDUHP3 R 57019A5TRDUHP3 N4029.52
7019A5TRDULP3 R 57019A5TRDULP3 N3224.29
7019A5TRDULP3 RR 57019A5TRDULP3 R3224.29
7019A5TRDULP4 R 57019A5TRDULP4 N3224.29
7019A5TRDULP4 RR 57019A5TRDULP4 R3224.29
7019A5TRDUMP3 R 57019A5TRDUMP3 N3317.37
7019A5TRDUMP3 RR 57019A5TRDUMP3 R3317.37
7019A5TRDUMP4 R 57019A5TRDUMP4 N3317.37
7019A5TRDUMP4 RR 57019A5TRDUMP4 R3317.37
7019A5TRQUMP3 R 57019A5TRQUMP3 N6633.2
7019A5TRSULP3 R 57019A5TRSULP3 N1611.82
7019A5TRSULP3 RR 57019A5TRSULP3 R1611.82
7019A5TRSULP4 R 51611.82
7019A5TRSULP4 RR 57019A5TRSULP4 R1611.82
7019CTRDBDLP3 RR 54835.44
7019CTRDBDLP4 RR 57019CTRDBDLP4 R4835.44
7019CTRDBLP3 RR 53224.29
7019CTRDBLP4 RR 53224.29
7019CTRDUDMP3 R 57019CTRDUDMP3 N4974.95
7019CTRDULP3 R 57019CTRDULP3 N3224.29
7019CTRDULP3 R MTSK53384.78
7019CTRDULP3 RR 57019CTRDULP3 R3224.29
7019CTRDULP4 R 57019CTRDULP4 N3224.29
7019CTRDULP4 RR 57019CTRDULP4 R3224.29
7019CTRDUMP3 R 57019CTRDUMP3 N3317.37
7019CTRDUMP3 RR 57019CTRDUMP3 R3317.37
7019CTRDUMP4 R 57019CTRDUMP4 N3317.37
7019CTRDUMP4 RR 57019CTRDUMP4 R3317.37
7019CTRSULP3 R 57019CTRSULP3 N1611.82
7019CTRSULP3 RR 57019CTRSULP3 R1611.82
7019CTRSULP4 R 57019CTRSULP4 N1611.82
7019CTRSULP4 RR 57019CTRSULP4 R1611.82
7020A5TRDBDLP3 RR 54827.31
7020A5TRDBDLP4 RR 57020A5TRDBDLP4 R4827.31
7020A5TRDBDMP3 RR 57020A5TRDBDMP3 R4972.17
7020A5TRDBDMP4 RR 57020A5TRDBDMP4 R4972.17
7020A5TRDUDLP3 R 57020A5TRDUDLP3 N4827.31
7020A5TRDUDLP3 R MTSX55068.69
7020A5TRDUDLP4 R 54827.31
7020A5TRDUDMP3 R 57020A5TRDUDMP3 N4972.17
7020A5TRDUDMP3 RR 57020A5TRDUDMP3 R4972.17
7020A5TRDULP3 R 57020A5TRDULP3 N3218.94
7020A5TRDULP3 RR 57020A5TRDULP3 R3218.94
7020A5TRDULP4 R 57020A5TRDULP4 N3218.94
7020A5TRDULP4 R MTEX53379.14
7020A5TRDULP4 R MTSX53379.14
7020A5TRDULP4 RR 57020A5TRDULP4 R3218.94
7020A5TRDUMP3 R 57020A5TRDUMP3 N3315.59
7020A5TRDUMP3 RR 57020A5TRDUMP3 R3315.59
7020A5TRDUMP4 R 57020A5TRDUMP4 N3315.59
7020A5TRDUMP4 RR 57020A5TRDUMP4 R3315.59
7020A5TRQULP3 R 57020A5TRQULP3 N6436.46
7020A5TRQUMP3 R 57020A5TRQUMP3 N6629.58
7020A5TRQUMP3 RR 57020A5TRQUMP3 R6629.58
7020A5TRQUMP4 RR 57020A5TRQUMP4 R6629.58
7020A5TRSUHP4 RR 57020A5TRSUHP4 R2011.4
7020A5TRSULP3 R 57020A5TRSULP3 N1609.11
7020A5TRSULP3 RR 57020A5TRSULP3 R1609.11
7020A5TRSULP4 R 57020A5TRSULP4 N1609.11
7020A5TRSULP4 RR 57020A5TRSULP4 R1609.11
7020A5TRSUMP3 R 57020A5TRSUMP3 N1657.37
7020A5TRSUMP3 RR 57020A5TRSUMP3 R1657.37
7020A5TRSUMP4 RR 57020A5TRSUMP4 R1657.37
7020A5TRV1VDULP3 R MTEX57020A5TRV1VDULP3 N4183.69
7020A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57020A5TRV1VSULP3 N2092.35
7020A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57020A5TRV1VSUMP3 N2155.12
7020A5TYNDBDLP3 R YL2K55068.69
7020A5TYNDBDLP4 YL1K55068.69
7020A5TYNDBLP3 R MTEX53379.14
7020A5TYNDBLP3 R YL2K53379.14
7020A5TYNDULP4 53218.94
7020A5TYNDULP4 YL1K53379.14
7020A5TYNDULP4 R YL1K53379.14
7020A5TYNSULP4 R 57020A5TYNSULP4 N1609.11
7020CTRDBDLP3 RR 54827.31
7020CTRDUDLP3 R 57020CTRDUDLP3 N4827.31
7020CTRDUDMP3 R 57020CTRDUDMP3 N4972.17
7020CTRDULP3 R 57020CTRDULP3 N3218.94
7020CTRDULP3 RR 57020CTRDULP3 R3218.94
7020CTRDULP4 R MTEX53379.14
7020CTRDULP4 R MTSX53379.14
7020CTRDUMP3 R 57020CTRDUMP3 N3315.59
7020CTRDUMP3 RR 57020CTRDUMP3 R3315.59
7020CTRDUMP4 R 57020CTRDUMP4 N3315.59
7020CTRDUMP4 RR 57020CTRDUMP4 R3315.59
7020CTRQULP3 R 57020CTRQULP3 N6436.46
7020CTRQULP3 RR 57020CTRQULP3 R6436.46
7020CTRQUMP3 R 57020CTRQUMP3 N6629.58
7020CTRSULP3 R 57020CTRSULP3 N1609.11
7020CTRSULP3 RR 57020CTRSULP3 R1609.11
7020CTRSULP4 R 57020CTRSULP4 N1609.11
7020CTRSULP4 RR 57020CTRSULP4 R1609.11
7020CTRSUMP3 R 57020CTRSUMP3 N1657.37
7020CTYNDBLP3 R MTEX53379.14
7020CTYNDBLP3 R YL2K53379.14
7020CTYNDBLP4 R YL1K53379.14
7020CTYNDULP3 R YL1K53379.14
7021A5SN24TRV1V-01 R MTSX55188.04
7021A5TRDBDLP3 RR 57021A5TRDBDLP3 R5558.66
7021A5TRDBDLP4 RR 57021A5TRDBDLP4 R5558.66
7021A5TRDUDLP3 R 57021A5TRDUDLP3 N5558.66
7021A5TRDUDLP4 R 55558.66
7021A5TRDUDMP3 R 57021A5TRDUDMP3 N5719.01
7021A5TRDUDMP4 R 55719.01
7021A5TRDULP3 R 57021A5TRDULP3 N3706.63
7021A5TRDULP3 R D8SK53891.09
7021A5TRDULP3 R MTSK53891.09
7021A5TRDULP3 RR 57021A5TRDULP3 R3706.63
7021A5TRDULP4 R 53706.63
7021A5TRDULP4 RR 57021A5TRDULP4 R3706.63
7021A5TRDUMP3 R 57021A5TRDUMP3 N3813.6
7021A5TRDUMP3 RR 57021A5TRDUMP3 R3813.6
7021A5TRDUMP4 R 53813.6
7021A5TRDUMP4 RR 57021A5TRDUMP4 R3813.6
7021A5TRQUMP3 R 57021A5TRQUMP3 N7625.32
7021A5TRSULP3 R 57021A5TRSULP3 N1852.9
7021A5TRSULP3 RR 57021A5TRSULP3 R1852.9
7021A5TRSULP4 R 51852.9
7021A5TRSULP4 RR 57021A5TRSULP4 R1852.9
7021A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57021A5TRV1VSULP3 N2409.31
7021B 51374.74
7021CTRDBDLP4 RR 57021CTRDBDLP4 R5558.66
7021CTRDBMP4 RR 57021CTRDBMP4 R3813.6