RHP & NSK Price List 2014

All prices shown are Manufacturer Recommended Prices, which Acorn will be able to discount. Please contact Acorn for pricing

2201MC3 6171.84
2202 52202J N107.92
2202-2RSTNG N YRLN52202-2RSTN N106.21
2202-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN52202-2RSTNC3 N106.21
2202C3 52202JC3 N107.92
2202ETNG N 52202ETN N94.94
2202ETNGC3 N 52202ETNC3 N94.94
2202MC3 6178.39
2203 52203J N104.47
2203-2RSTNG N NS7N5113.25
2203-2RSTNG N YRLN52203-2RSTN N113.25
2203-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN52203-2RSTNC3 N113.25
2203C3 5104.47
2203ETNG N 52203ETN N95.01
2203ETNGC3 N 52203ETNC3 N95.01
2204 52204J N111.73
2204-2RSTNG N YRLN52204-2RSTN N122.09
2204-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN52204-2RSTNC3 N122.09
2204C3 52204JC3 N111.73
2204EKTNGC3 N 52204EKTNC3 N102.39
2204ETNG N 52204ETN N100.47
2204ETNGC3 N 52204ETNC3 N100.47
2204K 52204KJ N102.39
2204KC3 52204KJC3 N102.39
2205 52205J N119.22
2205-2RSTNG N YRLN52205-2RSTN N129.06
2205-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN52205-2RSTNC3 N129.06
2205-2RSTNH RN YRLN52205-2RSTN R129.06
2205EKTNG N 52205EKTN N108.34
2205EKTNGC3 N 52205EKTNC3 N108.34
2205ETNG N 52205ETN N106.32
2205ETNGC3 N 52205ETNC3 N106.32
2205K 52205KJ N119.17
2205K-2RSTNG N YRLN52205K-2RSTN N131.5
2205K-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN52205K-2RSTNC3 N131.5
2205KC3 52205KJC3 N119.17
2206 52206J N138.01
2206-2RSTNG N YRLN52206-2RSTN N149.44
2206-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN52206-2RSTNC3 N149.44
2206-2RSTNH RN YRLN52206-2RSTN R149.44
2206C3 5138.01
2206EKTNG N 52206EKTN N125.45
2206EKTNGC3 N 52206EKTNC3 N125.45
2206ETNG N 52206ETN N123.09
2206ETNGC3 N 52206ETNC3 N123.09
2206ETNHC3 RN 52206ETNC3 R123.09
2206K 52206KJ N138.01
2206K-2RSTNG N YRLN52206K-2RSTN N149.44
2206K-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN52206K-2RSTNC3 N149.44
2206KC3 52206KJC3 N138.01
2207 52207J N165.4
2207-2RSTNG N AR3N52207-2RSTN N179.26
2207-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N52207-2RSTNC3 N179.26
2207C3 52207JC3 N170.87
2207EKTNG N 52207EKTN N147.54
2207EKTNGC3 N 52207EKTNC3 N147.54
2207ETNG N 52207ETN N147.54
2207ETNGC3 N 52207ETNC3 N147.54
2207J N 5165.4
2207K 52207KJ N165.4
2207K-2RSTNG N AR3N52207K-2RSTN N182.68
2207K-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N52207K-2RSTNC3 N182.68
2207KC3 52207KJC3 N165.4
2208 52208J N188.75
2208-2RSTNG N AR3N52208-2RSTN N212.47
2208-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N52208-2RSTNC3 N212.47
2208-2RSTNH RN AR3N52208-2RSTN R212.47
2208C3 52208JC3 N188.75
2208EKTNG N 52208EKTN N168.37
2208EKTNGC3 N 52208EKTNC3 N168.37
2208ETNG N 52208ETN N168.37
2208ETNGC3 N 52208ETNC3 N168.37
2208K 52208KJ N188.75
2208K-2RSTNG N AR3N52208K-2RSTN N216.55
2208K-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N52208K-2RSTNC3 N216.55
2208KC3 52208KJC3 N188.75
2209 52209J N220.95
2209-2RSRTNG N AR3N5240.64
2209-2RSTNG N AR3N52209-2RSTN N240.64
2209-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N52209-2RSTNC3 N240.64
2209C3 52209JC3 N220.95
2209EKTNG N 52209EKTN N197.08
2209EKTNGC3 N 52209EKTNC3 N197.08
2209ETNG N 52209ETN N197.08
2209ETNGC3 N 52209ETNC3 N197.08
2209K 52209KJ N220.95
2209K-2RSTNG N AR3N52209K-2RSTN N240.64
2209K-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N52209K-2RSTNC3 N240.64
2209KC3 52209KJC3 N220.95
2210 52210J N225.21
2210-2RSTNG N AR3N52210-2RSTN N270.28
2210-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N52210-2RSTNC3 N270.28
2210C3 52210JC3 N225.21
2210EKTNG N 52210EKTN N221
2210EKTNGC3 N 52210EKTNC3 N221
2210ETNG N 52210ETN N221
2210ETNGC3 N 52210ETNC3 N221
2210K 52210KJ N225.21
2210K-2RSTNG N AR3N52210K-2RSTN N275.48
2210K-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N52210K-2RSTNC3 N275.48
2210K-2RSTNH RN AR3N52210K-2RSTN R275.48
2210KC3 52210KJC3 N225.21
2211 52211J N270.37
2211-2RSTNG N AR3N52211-2RSTN N330.13
2211-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N52211-2RSTNC3 N330.13
2211C3 52211JC3 N270.37
2211EKTNG N 52211EKTN N265.33
2211EKTNGC3 N 52211EKTNC3 N265.33
2211ETNG N 52211ETN N270.37
2211ETNGC3 N 52211ETNC3 N270.37
2211ETNHC3 RN 52211ETNC3 R270.37
2211K 52211KJ N270.37
2211K-2RSTNG N AR3N52211K-2RSTN N341
2211K-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N52211K-2RSTNC3 N341
2211KC3 52211KJC3 N270.37
2212 52212J N328.51
2212-2RSTNG N AR3N52212-2RSTN N401.63
2212C3 52212JC3 N328.51
2212EKTNG N 52212EKTN N328.51
2212EKTNGC3 N 52212EKTNC3 N328.51
2212ETNG N 52212ETN N328.51
2212ETNGC3 N 52212ETNC3 N328.51
2212K 52212KJ N328.51
2212KC3 52212KJC3 N328.51
2213 52213J N398.17
2213C3 52213C3 N398.17
2213EKTNG N 52213EKTN N398.17
2213EKTNGC3 N 52213EKTNC3 N398.17
2213ETNG N 52213ETN N398.17
2213ETNGC3 N 52213ETNC3 N398.17
2213K 52213KJ N398.17
2213KC3 52213KJC3 N398.17
2214 52214J N496.01
2214C3 52214JC3 N496.01
2214KC3 52214KJC3 N496.01
2215 52215J N603.19
2215C3 52215JC3 N603.19
2215K 52215KJ N603.19
2215KC3 52215KJC3 N603.19
2216 52216J N728.78
2216C3 52216JC3 N728.78
2216K 52216KJ N728.78
2216KC3 52216KJC3 N728.78
2217 52217J N892.94
2217C3 52217JC3 N892.94
2217K 52217KJ N892.94
2217KC3 52217KJC3 N892.94
2218 52218J N1076.11
2218C3 52218JC3 N1076.11
2218K 52218KJ N1076.11
2218KC3 52218KJC3 N1076.11
2219 52219J N2053.64
2219C3 52219JC3 N2053.64
2219K 52219KJ N2053.64
2219KC3 52219KJC3 N2053.64
2220 52220J N2092.37
22205CE4C3S11 522205CE4C3 N220.94
22205CE4S11 522205CE4 N220.94
22205CKE4C3S11 522205CKE4C3 N221.87
22205CKE4S11 522205CKE4 N221.87
22205CKE4S11 ** 221.87
22205EJW33+11 RP 522205EJW33 R220.94
22205EJW33C3+11 RP 522205EJW33C3 R220.94
22205EKJW33+11 RP 522205EKJW33 R221.87
22205EKJW33C3+11 RP 522205EKJW33C3 R221.87
22206CE4C3S11 522206CE4C3 N223.02
22206CE4S11 522206CE4 N223.02
22206CE4S11 ** 223.02
22206CKE4C3S11 522206CKE4C3 N223.03
22206CKE4C3S11 ** 223.03
22206CKE4S11 522206CKE4 N223.03
22206CKE4S11 ** 223.03
22206EJW33+11 RP 522206EJW33 R223.02
22206EJW33C2+11 RP 522206EJW33C2 R233.12
22206EJW33C3+11 RP 522206EJW33C3 R223.02
22206EJW33C4+11 RP 522206EJW33C4 R233.12
22206EKJW33+11 RP 522206EKJW33 R223.03
22206EKJW33C3+11 RP 522206EKJW33C3 R223.03
22207CE4C3S11 522207CE4C3 N231.67
22207CE4S11 522207CE4 N231.67
22207CE4S11 ** 231.67
22207CKE4C3S11 522207CKE4C3 N231.67
22207CKE4C3S11 ** 231.67
22207CKE4S11 522207CKE4 N231.67
22207CKE4S11 ** 231.67
22207EJW33+11 RP 522207EJW33 R231.67
22207EJW33C3+11 RP 522207EJW33C3 R231.67
22207EKJW33+11 RP 522207EKJW33 R231.67
22207EKJW33C3+11 RP 522207EKJW33C3 R231.67
22208EAE4 *H* 522208EAE4 N250.71
22208EAE4 ***H* 250.71
22208EAE4C3 *H* 522208EAE4C3 N250.71
22208EAKE4 *H* 522208EAKE4 N250.71
22208EAKE4 ***H* 250.71
22208EAKE4C3 *H* 522208EAKE4C3 N250.71
22208EJ+11 RP 5250.71
22208EJW33+11 RP 522208EJW33 R250.71
22208EJW33C3+11 RP 522208EJW33C3 R250.71
22208EKJW33+11 RP 522208EKJW33 R250.71
22208EKJW33C3+11 RP 522208EKJW33C3 R250.71
22209EAE4 *H* 522209EAE4 N264.32
22209EAE4 ***H* 264.32
22209EAE4C3 *H* 522209EAE4C3 N264.32
22209EAE4C3 ***H* 264.32
22209EAE4C4 *H* 522209EAE4C4 N283.05
22209EAKE4 *H* 522209EAKE4 N264.32
22209EAKE4 ***H* 264.32
22209EAKE4C3 *H* 522209EAKE4C3 N264.32
22209EJW33+11 RP 522209EJW33 R264.32
22209EJW33C3+11 RP 522209EJW33C3 R264.32
22209EKJW33+11 RP 522209EKJW33 R264.32
22209EKJW33C3+11 RP 522209EKJW33C3 R264.32
2220C3 52220JC3 N2092.37
2220K 52220KJ N2092.37
2220KC3 52220KJC3 N2092.37
2221 52221J N2315.78
22210CAME4C3S11 522210CAME4C3 N280.01
22210CAME4S11 5280.01
22210CAMKE4C3S11 5280.01
22210EAE4 *H* 522210EAE4 N280.01
22210EAE4 ***H* 280.01
22210EAE4C3 *H* 522210EAE4C3 N280.01
22210EAE4C3 ***H* 280.01
22210EAE4C4 *H* 522210EAE4C4 N295.57
22210EAKE4 *H* 522210EAKE4 N280.01
22210EAKE4 ***H* 280.01
22210EAKE4C3 *H* 522210EAKE4C3 N280.01
22210EJW33+11 RP 522210EJW33 R280.01
22210EJW33C3+11 RP 522210EJW33C3 R280.01
22210EJW33C4+11 RP 522210EJW33C4 R295.57
22210EKJW33+11 RP 522210EKJW33 R280.01
22210EKJW33C3+11 RP 522210EKJW33C3 R280.01
22210EKJW33C4+11 RP 5295.57
22211EAE4 *H* 522211EAE4 N310.36
22211EAE4 ***H* 310.36
22211EAE4C3 *H* 522211EAE4C3 N310.36
22211EAE4C4 *H* 522211EAE4C4 N326.49
22211EAKE4 *H* 522211EAKE4 N310.36
22211EAKE4 ***H* 310.36
22211EAKE4C3 *H* 522211EAKE4C3 N310.36
22211EJ+11 RP 5310.36
22211EJW33+11 RP 5310.36
22211EJW33C3+11 RP 5310.36
22211EKJW33+11 RP 5310.36
22211EKJW33C3+11 RP 5310.36
22212CAME4C3S11 522212CAME4C3 N350.99
22212CAMKE4C3S11 522212CAMKE4C3 N350.99
22212EAE4 *H* 522212EAE4 N350.99
22212EAE4 ***H* 350.99
22212EAE4C3 *H* 522212EAE4C3 N350.99
22212EAE4C4 *H* 522212EAE4C4 N363.06
22212EAKE4 *H* 522212EAKE4 N350.99
22212EAKE4 ***H* 350.99
22212EAKE4C3 *H* 522212EAKE4C3 N350.99
22212EJW33+11 RP 5350.99
22212EJW33C3+11 RP 5350.99
22212EJW33C4+11 RP 522212EJW33C4 R363.06
22212EKJW33+11 RP 5350.99
22212EKJW33C3+11 RP 5350.99
22213CAME4C3S11 522213CAME4C3 N412.58
22213CAMKE4S11 522213CAMKE4 N412.58
22213EAE4 *H* 522213EAE4 N412.58
22213EAE4 ***H* 412.58
22213EAE4C3 *H* 522213EAE4C3 N412.58
22213EAE4C4 *H* 522213EAE4C4 N424.91
22213EAKE4 *H* 522213EAKE4 N412.58
22213EAKE4 ***H* 412.58
22213EAKE4C3 *H* 522213EAKE4C3 N412.58
22213EAKE4C4 *H* 522213EAKE4C4 N427.03
22213EJW33+11 RP 5412.58
22213EJW33C3+11 RP 5412.58
22213EKJW33+11 RP 5412.58
22213EKJW33C3+11 RP 522213EKJW33C3 R412.58
22213EKJW33C4+11 RP 522213EKJW33C4 R427.03
22214EAE4 *H* 522214EAE4 N472.03
22214EAE4 ***H* 472.03
22214EAE4C3 *H* 522214EAE4C3 N472.03
22214EAE4C4 *H* 522214EAE4C4 N488.56
22214EAKE4 5472.04
22214EAKE4 *H* 522214EAKE4 N472.04
22214EAKE4 ***H* 472.04
22214EAKE4C3 *H* 522214EAKE4C3 N472.04
22214EAKE4C3 ***H* 472.04
22214EJ+11 RP 5472.03
22214EJW33+11 RP 5472.03
22214EJW33C3+11 RP 5472.03
22214EJW33C4+11 RP 522214EJW33C4 R488.56
22214EKJW33+11 RP 522214EKJW33 R472.04
22215CAME4C3S11 522215CAME4C3 N518.1
22215CAMKE4C3S11 522215CAMKE4C3 N518.1
22215EAE4 *H* 522215EAE4 N518.1
22215EAE4C3 *H* 522215EAE4C3 N518.1
22215EAE4C4 *H* 522215EAE4C4 N618.83
22215EAKE4 *H* 522215EAKE4 N518.1
22215EAKE4 ***H* 518.1
22215EAKE4C3 *H* 522215EAKE4C3 N518.1
22215EJW33+11 RP 5518.1
22215EJW33C3+11 RP 5518.1
22215EJW33C4+11 RP 522215EJW33C4 R618.83
22215EKJW33+11 RP 5518.1
22215EKJW33C3+11 RP 5518.1
22215EKJW33C4+11 RP 522215EKJW33C4 R538.88
22215EKJW33C5+11 RP 5595.24
22216EAE4 *H* 522216EAE4 N587.81
22216EAE4C3 *H* 522216EAE4C3 N587.81
22216EAE4C4 *H* 522216EAE4C4 N611.41
22216EAKE4 *H* 522216EAKE4 N587.81
22216EAKE4C3 *H* 522216EAKE4C3 N587.81
22216EAKE4C4 *H* 522216EAKE4C4 N611.41
22216EJW33+11 RP 5587.81
22216EJW33C3+11 RP 5587.81
22216EKJW33+11 RP 5587.81
22216EKJW33C3+11 RP 5587.81
22217EAE4 *H* 522217EAE4 N676.91
22217EAE4 ***H* 676.91
22217EAE4C3 *H* 522217EAE4C3 N676.91
22217EAE4C3 ***H* 676.91
22217EAE4C4 *H* 522217EAE4C4 N703.01
22217EAKE4 *H* 522217EAKE4 N676.91
22217EAKE4C3 *H* 522217EAKE4C3 N676.91
22217EAKE4C4 *H* 522217EAKE4C4 N703.01
22217EJW33+11 RP 5676.91
22217EJW33C3+11 RP 5676.91
22217EJW33C4+11 RP 522217EJW33C4 R703.01
22217EKJW33+11 RP 5676.91
22217EKJW33C3+11 RP 5676.91
22217EKJW33C4+11 RP 522217EKJW33C4 R703.01
22218EAE4 *H* 522218EAE4 N787.3
22218EAE4C3 *H* 522218EAE4C3 N787.3
22218EAE4C4 5818.89
22218EAE4C4 *H* 522218EAE4C4 N818.89
22218EAKE4 *H* 522218EAKE4 N787.3
22218EAKE4C3 *H* 522218EAKE4C3 N787.3
22218EAKE4C3 ***H* 787.3
22218EAKE4C4 *H* 522218EAKE4C4 N818.88
22218EJW33+11 RP 5787.3
22218EJW33C3+11 RP 5787.3
22218EKJW33+11 RP 5787.3
22218EKJW33C3+11 RP 5787.3
22218EKJW33C4+11 RP 522218EKJW33C4 R818.88
22219EAE4 *H* 522219EAE4 N937.37
22219EAE4 ***H* 937.37
22219EAE4C3 *H* 522219EAE4C3 N937.37
22219EAKE4 *H* 522219EAKE4 N937.37
22219EAKE4 ***H* 937.37
22219EAKE4C3 *H* 522219EAKE4C3 N937.37
22219EJW33+11 RP 5937.37
22219EJW33C3+11 RP 5937.37
22219EKJW33+11 RP 5937.37
22219EKJW33C3+11 RP 5937.37
22219EKVBC3+11 RP 61350.95
2222 52222J N2622.5
22220EAE4 *H* 522220EAE4 N1054.28
22220EAE4 ***H* 1054.28
22220EAE4C3 *H* 522220EAE4C3 N1054.28
22220EAE4C4 *H* 522220EAE4C4 N1091.19
22220EAKE4 *H* 522220EAKE4 N1054.28
22220EAKE4 ***H* 1054.28
22220EAKE4C3 *H* 522220EAKE4C3 N1054.28
22220EJW33+11 RP 51054.28
22220EJW33C3+11 RP 51054.28
22220EJW33C4+11 RP 522220EJW33C4 R1091.19
22220EKJW33+11 RP 51054.28
22220EKJW33C3+11 RP 51054.28
22220EKJW33C4+11 RP 522220EKJW33C4 R1091.19
22222EAE4 *H* 522222EAE4 N1297.03
22222EAE4C3 *H* 522222EAE4C3 N1297.03
22222EAKE4 *H* 522222EAKE4 N1297.03
22222EAKE4 ***H* 1297.03
22222EAKE4C3 *H* 522222EAKE4C3 N1297.03
22222EJW33+11 RP 51297.03
22222EJW33C3+11 RP 51297.03
22222EJW33C4+11 RP 522222EJW33C4 R1374.84
22222EKJW33+11 RP 51297.03
22222EKJW33C3+11 RP 51297.03
22224EAE4 *H* 522224EAE4 N1716.26
22224EAE4C3 *H* 522224EAE4C3 N1716.26
22224EAE4C4 *H* 522224EAE4C4 N1733.42
22224EAKE4 *H* 522224EAKE4 N1716.26
22224EAKE4C3 *H* 522224EAKE4C3 N1716.26
22224EJW33+11 RP 51716.26
22224EJW33C3+11 RP 51716.26
22224EKJW33+11 RP 51716.26
22224EKJW33C3+11 RP 51716.26
22226EAE4 *H* 522226EAE4 N2080.1
22226EAE4C3 *H* 522226EAE4C3 N2080.1
22226EAKE4 *H* 522226EAKE4 N2080.1
22226EAKE4 ***H* 2080.1
22226EAKE4C3 *H* 522226EAKE4C3 N2080.1
22226EJW33+11 RP 52080.1
22226EJW33C3+11 RP 52080.1
22226EJW33C4+11 RP 522226EJW33C4 R2162.26
22226EKJW33+11 RP 522226EKJW33 R2080.1
22226EKJW33C3+11 RP 522226EKJW33C3 R2080.1
22228CDE4C3S11 522228CDE4C3 N2624.69
22228CDE4S11 522228CDE4 N2624.69
22228CDKE4C3S11 522228CDKE4C3 N2624.69
22228CDKE4C4S11 ** 22228CDKE4C4 N2676.94
22228CDKE4S11 522228CDKE4 N2624.69
22228CDKE4S11 ** 2624.69
22228EJW33+11 RP 52624.69
22228EJW33C3+11 RP 52624.69
22228EKJW33+11 RP 522228EKJW33 R2624.69
22228EKJW33C3+11 RP 522228EKJW33C3 R2624.69
2222K 52222KJ N2622.5
2222KC3 52222KJC3 N2622.5
22230CDE4C3S11 522230CDE4C3 N3281.17
22230CDE4S11 53281.17
22230CDE4S11 ** 22230CDE4 N3281.17
22230CDKE4C3S11 522230CDKE4C3 N3281.17
22230CDKE4S11 522230CDKE4 N3281.17
22232CDE4C3S11 522232CDE4C3 N3844.62
22232CDE4S11 522232CDE4 N3844.62
22232CDKE4C3S11 522232CDKE4C3 N3844.62
22232CDKE4S11 522232CDKE4 N3844.62
22234CDE4C3S11 522234CDE4C3 N5294.61
22234CDE4S11 522234CDE4 N5294.61
22234CDKE4C3S11 55294.6
22234CDKE4S11 522234CDKE4 N5294.6
22236CDE4C3S11 522236CDE4C3 N5861.64
22236CDE4C4S11 56912.66
22236CDE4S11 522236CDE4 N5861.64
22236CDKE4C3 55861.63
22236CDKE4C3S11 522236CDKE4C3 N5861.63
22236CDKE4S11 522236CDKE4 N5861.63
22238CAME4S11 57158.8
22238CAME4S11 *H* 522238CAME4 N7158.8
22238CAMKE4C3S11 *H* 522238CAMKE4C3 N7158.8
22238EKMW33+11 RP 522238EKMW33 R7158.8
22238EKMW33C3+11 RP 522238EKMW33C3 R7158.8
22238EMW33+11 RP 522238EMW33 R7158.8
22238EMW33C3+11 RP 522238EMW33C3 R7158.8
22238EMW33C4+11 RP 522238EMW33C4 R7301.97
22240CAME4S11 *H* 522240CAME4 N8501.73
22240CAMKE4C3S11 *H* 522240CAMKE4C3 N8501.72
22240EKMW33+11 RP 522240EKMW33 R8501.72
22240EKMW33C3+11 RP 522240EKMW33C3 R8501.72
22240EMW33+11 RP 522240EMW33 R8501.73
22240EMW33C3+11 RP 522240EMW33C3 R8501.73
22244CAME4S11 *H* 522244CAME4 N11299.25
22244CAMKE4S11 *H* 522244CAMKE4 N11299.24
22244EKMW33+11 RP 522244EKMW33 R11299.24
22244EKMW33C3+11 RP 522244EKMW33C3 R11299.24
22244EMW33+11 RP 522244EMW33 R11299.25
22244EMW33C3+11 RP 522244EMW33C3 R11299.25
22248CAME4S11 522248CAME4 N19090.22
22252CAMKE4C3S11 522252CAMKE4C3 N27916.84
22252CAMKE4S11 522252CAMKE4 N27916.84
22256CAME4C3 534069.6
22256CAME4C3S11 522256CAME4C3 N34069.6
22256CAME4S11 522256CAME4 N34069.6
22256CAMKE4 522256CAMKE4 N34069.6
22256CAMKE4C3S11 522256CAMKE4C3 N34069.6
22260CAME4 542331.61
22260CAME4S11 522260CAME4 N42331.61
22264CAMKE4 522264CAMKE4 N52086.65
22308CAME4C4U15-VS 522308CAME4C4VE N459.48
22308EAE4 *H* 522308EAE4 N350.99
22308EAE4 ***H* 350.99
22308EAE4C3 *H* 522308EAE4C3 N350.99
22308EAKE4 *H* 522308EAKE4 N357.68
22308EAKE4 ***H* 357.68
22308EAKE4C3 *H* 522308EAKE4C3 N357.68
22308EAKE4C3 ***H* 357.68
22308EJ+11 RP 5350.99
22308EJW33+11 RP 5350.99
22308EJW33C3+11 RP 5350.99
22308EKJW33+11 RP 522308EKJW33 R357.68
22308EKJW33C3+11 RP 522308EKJW33C3 R357.68
22308EVBC4+11 RP 522308VEC4 R459.48
22309CAME4C4U15-VS 522309CAME4C4VE N523.31
22309EAE4 *H* 522309EAE4 N401.56
22309EAE4C3 *H* 522309EAE4C3 N401.56
22309EAE4C3 ***H* 401.56
22309EAKE4 *H* 522309EAKE4 N401.56
22309EAKE4 ***H* 401.56
22309EAKE4C3 *H* 522309EAKE4C3 N401.56
22309EJW33+11 RP 5401.56
22309EJW33C3+11 RP 5401.56
22309EKJW33+11 RP 5401.56
22309EKJW33C3+11 RP 5401.56
22309EVBC4+11 RP 522309VEC4 R523.31
22310CAME4C3S11 522310CAME4C3 N471.02
22310CAMKE4C3S11 522310CAMKE4C3 N471.02
22310EAE4 *H* 522310EAE4 N471.02
22310EAE4 ***H* 471.02
22310EAE4C3 *H* 522310EAE4C3 N471.02
22310EAKE4 5471.02
22310EAKE4 *H* 522310EAKE4 N471.02
22310EAKE4 ***H* 471.02
22310EAKE4C3 *H* 522310EAKE4C3 N471.02
22310EJW33+11 RP 5471.02
22310EJW33C3+11 RP 5471.02
22310EJW33C5+11 RP 5541.09
22310EKJW33+11 RP 5471.02
22310EKJW33C3+11 RP 5471.02
22310EMW33+11 RP 522310EMW33 R471.02
22310EMW33C3+11 RP 522310EMW33C3 R471.02
22310EVBC4+11 RP 522310VEC4 R614.27
22311EAE4 *H* 522311EAE4 N552.99
22311EAE4C3 *H* 522311EAE4C3 N552.99
22311EAKE4 *H* 522311EAKE4 N552.99
22311EAKE4 ***H* 552.99
22311EAKE4C3 *H* 522311EAKE4C3 N552.99
22311EJW33+11 RP 5552.99
22311EJW33C3+11 RP 5552.99
22311EKJW33+11 RP 5552.99
22311EKJW33C3+11 RP 5552.99
22311EMW33C3+11 RP 5552.99
22311EVBC4+11 RP 522311VEC4 R723.42
22312CAME4C4U15-VS 522312CAME4C4VE N836
22312EAE4 *H* 522312EAE4 N642.03
22312EAE4C3 *H* 522312EAE4C3 N642.03
22312EAKE4 *H* 522312EAKE4 N642.03
22312EAKE4 ***H* 642.03
22312EAKE4C3 *H* 522312EAKE4C3 N642.03
22312EJW33+11 RP 5642.03
22312EJW33C3+11 RP 5642.03
22312EKJW33+11 RP 5642.03
22312EKJW33C3+11 RP 5642.03
22312EMW33C3+11 RP 522312EMW33C3 R642.03
22312EVBC4+11 RP 522312VEC4 R836
22313CAME4C4U15-VS *H* 522313CAME4C4VE N976.28
22313CAME4-VS4 5976.28
22313EAE4 *H* 522313EAE4 N746.69
22313EAE4 ***H* 746.69
22313EAE4C3 *H* 522313EAE4C3 N746.69
22313EAE4C3 ***H* 746.69
22313EAKE4 *H* 522313EAKE4 N746.69
22313EAKE4 ***H* 746.69
22313EAKE4C3 *H* 522313EAKE4C3 N746.69
22313EAKE4C3 ***H* 746.69
22313EJW33+11 RP 5746.69
22313EJW33C3+11 RP 5746.69
22313EKJW33+11 RP 5746.69
22313EKJW33C3+11 RP 5746.69
22313EKJW33C4+11 RP 522313EKJW33C4 R774.4
22313EVBC4+11 RP 522313VEC4 R976.28
22314CAME4C4S11 51048.04
22314EAE4 *H* 522314EAE4 N856.36
22314EAE4 ***H* 856.36
22314EAE4C3 *H* 522314EAE4C3 N856.36
22314EAKE4 *H* 522314EAKE4 N856.36
22314EAKE4C3 *H* 522314EAKE4C3 N856.36
22314EAKE4C4 *H* 522314EAKE4C4 N899.54
22314EJW33+11 RP 5856.36
22314EJW33C3+11 RP 5856.36
22314EJW33C4+11 RP 522314EJW33C4 R887.48
22314EKJW33+11 RP 5856.36
22314EKJW33C3+11 RP 5856.36
22314EMW33C3+11 RP 522314EMW33C3 R856.36
22314EVBC4+11 RP 522314VEC4 R1094.48
22315CAME4C4U15-VS 522315CAME4C4VE N1225.09
22315CAME4-VS4 51225.09
22315EAE4 *H* 522315EAE4 N999.27
22315EAE4 ***H* 999.27
22315EAE4C3 *H* 522315EAE4C3 N999.27
22315EAKE4 *H* 522315EAKE4 N999.27
22315EAKE4 ***H* 999.27
22315EAKE4C3 *H* 522315EAKE4C3 N999.27
22315EJW33+11 RP 5999.27
22315EJW33C3+11 RP 5999.27
22315EKJW33+11 RP 5999.27
22315EKJW33C3+11 RP 5999.27
22315EVBC4+11 RP 522315VEC4 R1225.09
22316CAME4C4U15-VS 522316CAME4C4VE N1415.6
22316EAE4 *H* 522316EAE4 N1133.59
22316EAE4 ** 1133.59
22316EAE4 ***H* 1133.59
22316EAE4C3 *H* 522316EAE4C3 N1133.59
22316EAE4C3 ***H* 1133.59
22316EAKE4 *H* 522316EAKE4 N1133.59
22316EAKE4 ***H* 1133.59
22316EAKE4C3 *H* 522316EAKE4C3 N1133.59
22316EJW33 RP 522316EJW33 R1133.59
22316EJW33+11 RP 51133.59
22316EJW33C3 RP 522316EJW33C3 R1133.59
22316EJW33C3+11 RP 51133.59
22316EJW33C4+11 RP 522316EJW33C4 R1179.24
22316EKJW33 RP 522316EKJW33 R1133.59
22316EKJW33+11 RP 51133.59
22316EKJW33C3 RP 522316EKJW33C3 R1133.59
22316EKJW33C3+11 RP 51133.59
22316EKJW33C4+11 RP 522316EKJW33C4 R1179.24
22316EKMW33C3+11 RP 522316EKMW33C3 R1133.59
22316EKVBC4+11 RP 522316KVEC4 R1415.6
22316EVBC4+11 RP 522316VEC4 R1415.6
22317CAME4C4U15-VS 522317CAME4C4VE N1553.45
22317CAME4-VS4 51553.45
22317EAE4 *H* 522317EAE4 N1312.81
22317EAE4C3 *H* 522317EAE4C3 N1312.81
22317EAKE4 *H* 522317EAKE4 N1312.79
22317EAKE4C3 *H* 522317EAKE4C3 N1312.79
22317EJW33 RP 522317EJW33 R1312.81
22317EJW33+11 RP 51312.81
22317EJW33C3 RP 522317EJW33C3 R1312.81
22317EJW33C3+11 RP 51312.81
22317EKJW33 RP 522317EKJW33 R1312.79
22317EKJW33+11 RP 51312.79
22317EKJW33C3 RP 522317EKJW33C3 R1312.79
22317EKJW33C3+11 RP 51312.79
22317EVBC4+11 RP 522317VEC4 R1553.45
22318EAE4 *H* 522318EAE4 N1439.23
22318EAE4C3 *H* 522318EAE4C3 N1439.23
22318EAE4C4 *H* 522318EAE4C4 N1488.69
22318EAKE4 *H* 522318EAKE4 N1439.22
22318EAKE4C3 *H* 522318EAKE4C3 N1439.22
22318EJW33+11 RP 51439.23
22318EJW33C3+11 RP 51439.23
22318EKJW33+11 RP 51439.22
22318EKJW33C3+11 RP 51439.22
22318EVBC4+11 RP 522318VEC4 R1711.11
22319CAME4C4U15-VS 522319CAME4C4VE N2242.89
22319EAE4 *H* 522319EAE4 N1767.47
22319EAE4C3 *H* 522319EAE4C3 N1767.47
22319EAKE4 *H* 522319EAKE4 N1767.48
22319EAKE4C3 *H* 522319EAKE4C3 N1767.48
22319EJW33+11 RP 51767.47
22319EJW33C3+11 RP 51767.47
22319EKJW33C3+11 RP 51767.48
22319EKMW33+11 RP 51767.48
22319EKMW33C3+11 RP 51767.48
22319EMW33+11 RP 51767.47
22319EMW33C3+11 RP 51767.47
22319EVBC4+11 RP 522319VEC4 R2242.89
22320CAME4C4U15-VS 522320CAME4C4VE N2557.76
22320EAE4 *H* 522320EAE4 N2120.44
22320EAE4C3 *H* 522320EAE4C3 N2120.44
22320EAKE4 *H* 522320EAKE4 N2120.45
22320EAKE4C3 *H* 522320EAKE4C3 N2120.45
22320EJW33+11 RP 52120.44
22320EJW33C3+11 RP 52120.44
22320EKMW33+11 RP 52120.45
22320EKMW33C3+11 RP 52120.45
22320EKVBC4+11 RP 522320KVEC4 R2554.24
22320EMW33+11 RP 52120.44
22320EMW33C3 RP 522320EMW33C3 R2120.44
22320EMW33C3+11 RP 52120.44
22320EVBC4+11 RP 522320VEC4 R2554.24
22322CAME4C4U15-VS 522322CAME4C4VE N3419.33
22322CAME4-VS4 53419.33
22322EAE4 *H* 522322EAE4 N2849.65
22322EAE4C3 *H* 522322EAE4C3 N2849.65
22322EAKE4 *H* 522322EAKE4 N2849.65
22322EAKE4C3 *H* 522322EAKE4C3 N2849.65
22322EKMW33+11 RP 52849.65
22322EKMW33C3+11 RP 52849.65
22322EKVBC4+11 RP 522322KVEC4 R3419.34
22322EMW33+11 RP 52849.65
22322EMW33C3+11 RP 52849.65
22322EVB1C4+11 RP 53419.33
22322EVBC4+11 RP 522322VEC4 R3419.33
22324CAME4-VS4 54508.95
22324EAE4 *H* 522324EAE4 N3657.59
22324EAE4C3 *H* 522324EAE4C3 N3657.59
22324EAKE4 *H* 522324EAKE4 N3657.59
22324EAKE4C3 *H* 522324EAKE4C3 N3657.59
22324EKMW33+11 RP 53657.59
22324EKMW33C3+11 RP 53657.59
22324EKVBC4+11 RP 522324KVEC4 R4508.94
22324EMW33+11 RP 53657.59
22324EMW33C3+11 RP 53657.59
22324EVBC4+11 RP 522324VEC4 R4280.88
22326CAME4S11 *H* 522326CAME4 N4477.16
22326CAME4-VS4 *H* 522326CAME4C4VE N5240.33
22326CAMKE4C3S11 *H* 522326CAMKE4C3 N4477.16
22326CAMKE4S11 *H* 522326CAMKE4 N4477.16
22326CKE4C3 522326CKE4C3 N4477.16
22326EKMW33+11 RP 54477.16
22326EKMW33C3+11 RP 54477.16
22326EMW33+11 RP 54477.16
22326EMW33C3+11 RP 54477.16
22326EVBC4+11 RP 522326VEC4 R5240.33
22328CAME4C3S11 *H* 522328CAME4C3 N5584.79
22328CAME4S11 *H* 522328CAME4 N5584.79
22328CAME4-VS3 *H* 56756.54
22328CAME4-VS4 *H* 56756.54
22328CAMKE4S11 *H* 522328CAMKE4 N5584.79
22328EKMW33+11 RP 522328EKMW33 R5584.79
22328EKMW33C3+11 RP 522328EKMW33C3 R5584.79
22328EKVBC4+11 RP 522328KVEC4 R6756.54
22328EMW33+11 RP 522328EMW33 R5584.79
22328EMW33C3+11 RP 522328EMW33C3 R5584.79
22328EVB1C4+11 RP 56756.54
22328EVBC4+11 RP 522328VEC4 R6756.54
22330CAME4C3S11 *H* 57138.75
22330CAME4S11 *H* 522330CAME4 N7138.75
22330CAME4-VS4 *H* 58505.54
22330CAMKE4C3S11 *H* 522330CAMKE4C3 N7277.37
22330EKMW33+11 RP 522330EKMW33 R7277.37
22330EKMW33C3+11 RP 522330EKMW33C3 R7277.37
22330EKMW33C4+11 RP 522330EKMW33C4 R8002.94
22330EMW33+11 RP 522330EMW33 R7138.75
22330EMW33C3+11 RP 522330EMW33C3 R7138.75
22330EVBC4+11 RP 522330VEC4 R8505.54
22332CAME4C3S11 *H* 522332CAME4C3 N8073.46
22332CAME4C4S11 *H* 522332CAME4C4 N8234.93
22332CAME4S11 *H* 522332CAME4 N8073.46
22332CAME4-VS4 *H* 522332CAME4C4VE N10770.89
22332EKMW33+11 RP 522332EKMW33 R8078.16
22332EKMW33C3+11 RP 522332EKMW33C3 R8078.16
22332EMW33+11 RP 522332EMW33 R8073.46
22332EMW33C3+11 RP 522332EMW33C3 R8073.46
22332EVB1C4+11 RP 510770.89
22332EVBC4+11 RP 522332VEC4 R10770.89
22334CAME4C3S11 *H* 59434.36
22334CAME4S11 *H* 522334CAME4 N9434.36
22334EKMW33+11 RP 522334EKMW33 R9434.34
22334EKMW33C3+11 RP 522334EKMW33C3 R9434.34
22334EMW33+11 RP 522334EMW33 R9434.36
22334EMW33C3+11 RP 522334EMW33C3 R9434.36
22336CAME4S11 *H* 522336CAME4 N11972.47
22336CAME4-VS4 *H* 515282.26
22338CAME4S11 *H* 522338CAME4 N14591.93
22338CAMKE4 514591.93
22338CAMKE4C3S11 514591.93
22338CAMKE4S11 514591.93
22338CAMKE4S11 *H* 522338CAMKE4 N14591.93
22340CAME4C4U15-VS 522340CAME4C4VE N21248.88
22340CAME4S11 522340CAME4 N16639.3
22340CAMKE4S11 522340CAMKE4 N16639.31
22344CAME4S11 522344CAME4 N26709.53
22352CAME4C3S11 522352CAME4C3 N45433.57
22352CAME4S11 545433.57
22356CAME4 547806.77
22356CAME4C3S11 547806.77
22356CAME4S11 547806.77
230/500CAME4 5230/500CAME4 N71250.68
230/500CAME4C3S11 5230/500CAME4C3 N71250.68
230/530CAME4S11 5230/530CAME4 N86737.38
230/560CAME4 599485.08
230/560CAME4C3S11 5230/560CAME4C3 N99485.08
2300 52300J N140.94
2301 52301J N140.94
2301C3 52301JC3 N140.94
2301M 5281.81
2301MC3 52301MC3 N281.81
2302 52302J N141.16
23020CDE4 523020CDE4 N1131.59
23022CDE4C3S11 523022CDE4C3 N1131.59
23022CDE4C4S11 523022CDE4C4 N1435.15
23022CDE4S11 523022CDE4 N1131.59
23022CDE4S11 ** 1131.59
23022CDKE4C3S11 523022CDKE4C3 N1131.59
23022CDKE4S11 523022CDKE4 N1131.59
23022EJW33+11 RP 523022EJW33 R1131.59
23022EJW33C3+11 RP 523022EJW33C3 R1131.59
2302-2RSTN N YRLN52302-2RSTN N157.28
23024CDE4C3S11 523024CDE4C3 N1316.75
23024CDE4C4S11 523024CDE4C4 N1341.78
23024CDE4S11 523024CDE4 N1316.75
23024CDKE4C3S11 523024CDKE4C3 N1316.75
23024CDKE4S11 523024CDKE4 N1316.75
23024EJW33+11 RP 523024EJW33 R1316.75
23024EJW33C3+11 RP 523024EJW33C3 R1316.75
23024EKJW33+11 RP 523024EKJW33 R1316.75
23024EKJW33C3+11 RP 523024EKJW33C3 R1316.75
23026CDE4C3S11 523026CDE4C3 N1658.34
23026CDE4C4S11 523026CDE4C4 N1754.81
23026CDE4S11 523026CDE4 N1698.23
23026CDKE4C3S11 523026CDKE4C3 N1698.24
23026CDKE4CG40 51698.24
23026CDKE4S11 523026CDKE4 N1698.24
23026EJW33+11 RP 523026EJW33 R1698.23
23026EJW33C3+11 RP 523026EJW33C3 R1698.23
23026EJW33C4+11 RP 523026EJW33C4 R1754.81
23026EKJW33+11 RP 523026EKJW33 R1698.24
23026EKJW33C3+11 RP 523026EKJW33C3 R1698.24
23028CDE4C3S11 523028CDE4C3 N1929.58
23028CDE4C4S11 52320.36
23028CDE4S11 523028CDE4 N1929.58
23028CDKE4C3S11 523028CDKE4C3 N1929.58
23028CDKE4S11 523028CDKE4 N1929.58
23028EJW33+11 RP 523028EJW33 R1929.58
23028EJW33C3+11 RP 523028EJW33C3 R1929.58
23028EKJW33+11 RP 523028EKJW33 R1929.58
23028EKJW33C3+11 RP 523028EKJW33C3 R1929.58
2302ETNG N 52302ETN N138.5
2303 52303J N164.76
23030CDE4C3S11 523030CDE4C3 N2211.98
23030CDE4S11 523030CDE4 N2211.98
23030CDKE4C3S11 523030CDKE4C3 N2211.98
23030CDKE4C4 523030CDKEC4 N2267.29
23030CDKE4S11 523030CDKE4 N2211.98
23030CDKE4S11 ** 2211.98
23030EKMW33+11 RP 523030EKMW33 R2211.98
23030EKMW33C3+11 RP 523030EKMW33C3 R2211.98
23030EMW33+11 RP 523030EMW33 R2211.98
23030EMW33C3+11 RP 523030EMW33C3 R2211.98
23032CDE4C3S11 523032CDE4C3 N2639.67
23032CDE4S11 523032CDE4 N2639.67
23032CDKE4C3 52639.67
23032CDKE4C3S11 523032CDKE4C3 N2639.67
23032CDKE4CG40 53103.75
23032CDKE4S11 523032CDKE4 N2639.67
23032EKMW33+11 RP 523032EKMW33 R2639.67
23032EKMW33C3+11 RP 523032EKMW33C3 R2639.67
23032EMW33+11 RP 523032EMW33 R2639.67
23032EMW33C3+11 RP 523032EMW33C3 R2639.67
2303-2RSTN N YRLN52303-2RSTN N166.99
2303-2RSTNC3 N YRLN5166.99
23034CDE4C3S11 523034CDE4C3 N3092.6
23034CDE4C3S11 ** 3092.6
23034CDE4C4S11 523034CDE4C4 N3154.45
23034CDE4S11 523034CDE4 N3092.6
23034CDE4S11 ** 3092.6
23034CDKE4C3S11 523034CDKE4C3 N3092.6
23034CDKE4S11 523034CDKE4 N3092.6
23034EKMW33+11 RP 523034EKMW33 R3092.6
23034EKMW33C3+11 RP 523034EKMW33C3 R3092.6
23034EMW33+11 RP 523034EMW33 R3092.6
23034EMW33C3+11 RP 523034EMW33C3 R3092.6
23034EMW33C4+11 RP 523034EMW33C4 R3154.45
23036CDE4C3S11 523036CDE4C3 N3622.72
23036CDE4S11 523036CDE4 N3622.72
23036CDKE4C3S11 523036CDKE4C3 N3622.72
23036CDKE4S11 523036CDKE4 N3622.72
23036EKMW33+11 RP 523036EKMW33 R3622.72
23036EKMW33C3+11 RP 523036EKMW33C3 R3622.72
23036EMW33+11 RP 523036EMW33 R3622.72
23036EMW33C3+11 RP 523036EMW33C3 R3622.72
23038CAME4C3S11 523038CAME4C3 N4326.1
23038CAME4S11 523038CAME4 N4326.1
23038CAME4S11 ** 4326.1
23038CAMKE4C3S11 523038CAMKE4C3 N4326.1
23038CAMKE4C4S11 54762.62
23038CAMKE4S11 523038CAMKE4 N4326.1
23038EJW33+11 RP 523038EJW33 R4326.1
23038EJW33C3+11 RP 523038EJW33C3 R4326.1
23038EKJW33+11 RP 523038EKJW33 R4326.1
23038EKJW33C3+11 RP 523038EKJW33C3 R4326.1
2303M 52303M N293.96
2303MC3 52303MC3 N293.96
2303TN RN 52303TN R147.01
2304 52304J N141.16
23040CAME4C3S11 54631.92
23040CAME4C4S11 54719.93
23040CAME4S11 523040CAME4 N4631.92
23040CAMKE4C3S11 54631.91
23040CAMKE4C4S11 523040CAMKE4C4 N4719.94
23040CAMKE4S11 54631.91
23040CAMKE4S11 *H* 523040CAMKE4 N4631.91
23040EKMW33+11 RP 523040EKMW33 R4631.91
23040EKMW33C3+11 RP 523040EKMW33C3 R4631.91
23040EMW33+11 RP 523040EMW33 R4631.92
23040EMW33C3+11 RP 523040EMW33C3 R4631.92
2304-2RSTNG N YRLN52304-2RSTN N168.03
2304-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN52304-2RSTNC3 N168.03
23044CAME4C3S11 *H* 56208.92
23044CAME4S11 *H* 523044CAME4 N6208.92
23044CAME4S11 ** 6208.92
23044CAMKE4S11 *H* 523044CAMKE4 N6208.92
23044EKMW33+11 RP 523044EKMW33 R6208.92
23044EKMW33C3+11 RP 523044EKMW33C3 R6208.92
23044EMW33+11 RP 523044EMW33 R6208.92
23044EMW33C3+11 RP 523044EMW33C3 R6208.92
23048CAME4C3S11 *H* 523048CAME4C3 N6935.72
23048CAME4S11 *H* 523048CAME4 N6935.72
23048CAME4S11 ** 6935.72
23048CAMKE4C4S11 58277.72
23048CAMKE4S11 *H* 523048CAMKE4 N7521.16
2304C3 52304JC3 N141.16
2304K 52304KJ N141.16
2304M 52304M N282.24
2304MC3 52304MC3 N282.24
2305 52305J N190.2
23052CAME4C3S11 523052CAME4C3 N9439.07
23052CAME4S11 523052CAME4 N9439.07
23052CAMKE4 59439.06
23052CAMKE4C4S11 523052CAMKE4C4 N10844.15
23052CAMKE4S11 523052CAMKE4 N9439.06
23052EMW33C3+11 RP 59439.07
2305-2RSTNG N YRLN52305-2RSTN N206.14
2305-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN52305-2RSTNC3 N206.14
23056CAME4C3S11 523056CAME4C3 N11646.12
23056CAME4S11 523056CAME4 N11646.12
23056EKMW33+11 RP 511646.12
2305C3 5190.2
2305K 52305KJ N190.2
2305KC3 52305KJC3 N190.2
2305KTNGC3 N 52305KTNC3 N172.92
2305M 52305M N339.54
2305MC3 52305MC3 N339.54
2305TNG N 52305TN N169.7
2305TNGC3 N 52305TNC3 N169.7
2306 52306J N212.42
23060CAME4 517321.84
23060CAME4S11 523060CAME4 N17321.84
23060CAMKE4S11 523060CAMKE4 N17321.84
2306-2RSTNG N AR3N52306-2RSTN N260.57
2306-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N52306-2RSTNC3 N260.57
23064CAME4C3S11 523064CAME4C3 N19888.81
23064CAME4S11 523064CAME4 N19888.81
23064CAMKE4S11 523064CAMKE4 N19888.81
23068CAME4C3S11 523068CAME4C3 N25481.84
23068CAME4S11 523068CAME4 N25481.84
23068CAMKE4S11 523068CAMKE4 N24750.28
2306C3 52306JC3 N212.42
2306K 52306KJ N212.42
2306KC3 52306KJC3 N212.42
2306KTNGC3 N 52306KTNC3 N212.42
2306M 52306M N531.09
2306M N 5531.09
2306MC3 52306MC3 N531.09
2306TNG N 52306TN N212.42
2306TNGC3 N 52306TNC3 N212.42
2307 52307J N251.54
23072CAME4C3S11 523072CAME4C3 N28973.9
23072CAME4S11 523072CAME4 N28973.9
2307-2RSTNG N AR3N52307-2RSTN N308.35
2307-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N52307-2RSTNC3 N308.35
23076CAME4C3S11 523076CAME4C3 N31118.82
23076CAME4S11 523076CAME4 N31118.82
23076CAMKE4C3S11 523076CAMKE4C3 N32038.61
2307C3 52307JC3 N251.54
2307K 52307KJ N251.54
2307KC3 52307KJC3 N251.54
2307KTNG N 52307KTN N246.8
2307KTNGC3 N 52307KTNC3 N246.8
2307TNG N 52307TN N246.8
2307TNGC3 N 52307TNC3 N246.8
2308 52308J N299.1
23080CAMKE4C3S11 523080CAMKE4C3 N39539.12
23080CAMKE4S11 523080CAMKE4 N39539.12
2308-2RSTNG N AR3N52308-2RSTN N381.55
23084CAME4S11 523084CAME4 N47464.93
23084CAMKE4S11 523084CAMKE4 N47464.93
23088CAME4C3S11 523088CAME4C3 N51560.54
23088CAME4S11 523088CAME4 N51560.54
23088CAMKE4C3S11 523088CAMKE4C3 N51560.54
23088CAMKE4S11 523088CAMKE4 N51560.54
2308C3 52308JC3 N299.1
2308K 52308KJ N299.1
2308KC3 52308KJC3 N299.1
2308KTNG N 52308KTN N293.44
2308KTNGC3 N 52308KTNC3 N293.44
2308M 52308M N733.68
2308MC3 52308MC3 N733.68
2308TNG N 52308TN N293.44
2308TNGC3 N 52308TNC3 N293.44
2309 52309J N365.49
23092CAME4S11 523092CAME4 N57384.6
23092CAMKE4C3 523092CAMKE4C3 N57384.6
23092CAMKE4S11 523092CAMKE4 N57384.6
2309-2RSTNG N AR3N52309-2RSTN N484.28
23096CAME4C3S11 523096CAME4C3 N61575.84
23096CAMKE4C3S11 523096CAMKE4C3 N61575.84
23096CAMKE4S11 523096CAMKE4 N61575.84
2309C3 52309JC3 N365.49
2309K 52309KJ N365.49
2309KC3 52309KJC3 N365.49
2309KTNG N 52309KTN N365.49
2309KTNGC3 N 52309KTNC3 N365.49
2309M N 52309M N838.94
2309MC3 52309MC3 N838.94
2309TNG N 52309TN N365.49
2309TNGC3 N 52309TNC3 N365.49
2310 52310J N471.53
2310-2RSTNG N AR3N52310-2RSTN N589.02
2310-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N52310-2RSTNC3 N589.02
2310C3 52310JC3 N471.53
2310K 52310KJ N471.53
2310KC3 52310KJC3 N471.53
2310KTNG N 52310KTN N471.53
2310KTNGC3 N 52310KTNC3 N471.53
2310TNG N 52310TN N471.53
2310TNGC3 N 52310TNC3 N471.53
2311 52311J N582.91
2311C3 52311JC3 N582.91
2311K 52311KJ N582.91
2311KC3 52311KJC3 N582.91
2311KTNG N 52311KTN N582.91
2311KTNGC3 N 52311KTNC3 N582.91
2311M 52311M N1165.06
2311TNG N 52311TN N582.91
2311TNGC3 N 52311TNC3 N582.91
2312 52312J N720.23
23120CAMKE4C3S11 523120CAMKE4C3 N1219.11
23120CE4C3S11 523120CE4C3 N1219.11
23120CE4C4S11 523120CE4C4 N1273.95
23120CE4S11 523120CE4 N1219.11
23120CKE4C3S11 523120CKE4C3 N1219.11
23120CKE4S11 523120CKE4 N1219.11
23120EKMW33+11 RP 523120EKMW33 R1219.11
23120EMW33+11 RP 523120EMW33 R1219.11
23120EMW33C3+11 RP 523120EMW33C3 R1219.11
23122CE4 51398.06
23122CE4C3S11 523122CE4C3 N1398.06
23122CE4C4S11 523122CE4C4 N1460.96
23122CE4S11 523122CE4 N1398.06
23122CKE4C3S11 523122CKE4C3 N1398.06
23122CKE4S11 523122CKE4 N1398.06
23122EJW33+11 RP 523122EJW33 R1398.06
23122EJW33C3+11 RP 523122EJW33C3 R1398.06
23122EKJW33+11 RP 523122EKJW33 R1398.06
23122EKJW33C3+11 RP 523122EKJW33C3 R1398.06
23124CE4C3S11 523124CE4C3 N1862.9
23124CE4S11 523124CE4 N1862.9
23124CKE4C3S11 523124CKE4C3 N1862.93
23124CKE4S11 523124CKE4 N1862.93