RHP & NSK Price List 2014

All prices shown are Manufacturer Recommended Prices, which Acorn will be able to discount. Please contact Acorn for pricing

3305BTNGC3 N N8EN6199.13
3305BTNGC3 N YRLN53305BTNC3 N199.13
3305BTNH RN YRLN53305BTN R199.13
3305BTNHC3 RN YRLN53305BTNC3 R199.13
3305J N 53305J N226.53
3305JC3 N 53305JC3 N226.53
3305NRJC3 RN 53305NRJC3 R249.21
3306 5271.24
3306B-2RSRTNG N AR3N53306B-2RSTN N277.81
3306B-2RSRTNG N EA5N6277.81
3306B-2RSRTNGC3 N AR3N53306B-2RSTNC3 N277.81
3306B-2RSRTNH RN AR3N53306B-2RSTN R277.81
3306B-2RSRTNHC3 RN AR3N53306B-2RSTNC3 R277.81
3306B-2ZRNRTNH RN AR3N53306B-2ZNRTN R293.98
3306B-2ZRNRTNHC3 RN AR3N53306B-2ZNRTNC3 R293.98
3306B-2ZRTNG N AR3N53306B-2ZTN N267.31
3306B-2ZRTNGC3 N AR3N53306B-2ZTNC3 N267.31
3306B-2ZRTNGC3 N EA3N5267.31
3306B-2ZRTNH RN AR3N53306B-2ZTN R267.31
3306B-2ZRTNHC3 RN AR3N53306B-2ZTNC3 R267.31
3306BNRTNG N AR3N53306BNRTN N262.12
3306BNRTNGC3 N AR3N5262.12
3306BTNG N 5238.45
3306BTNG N AR3N53306BTN N238.45
3306BTNGC3 N 5238.45
3306BTNGC3 N AR3N53306BTNC3 N238.45
3306BTNGC3 N N8EN6238.45
3306BTNH RN J238.45
3306BTNH RN AR3N53306BTN R238.45
3306BTNHC3 RN AR3N53306BTNC3 R238.45
3306BZRTNHC3 RN AR3N53306BZTNC3 R250.24
3306C3 5271.24
3306J N 53306J N271.24
3306JC3 N 53306JC3 N271.24
3306NRJ RN 53306NRJ R338.95
3306NRJC3 N 53306NRJC3 N338.95
3307 5312.66
3307B-2RSRNRTNGC3 N AR3N5357.9
3307B-2RSRTNG N AR3N53307B-2RSTN N325.38
3307B-2RSRTNGC3 N AR3N53307B-2RSTNC3 N325.38
3307B-2RSRTNGC3 N EA5N5326.64
3307B-2RSRTNH RN AR3N53307B-2RSTN R325.38
3307B-2RSRTNHC3 RN AR3N53307B-2RSTNC3 R325.38
3307B-2ZRNRTNGC3 N AR3N53307B-2ZNRTNC3 N361.13
3307B-2ZRNRTNH RN AR3N53307B-2ZNRTN R361.13
3307B-2ZRTNG N AR3N53307B-2ZTN N316.37
3307B-2ZRTNGC3 N AR3N53307B-2ZTNC3 N316.37
3307B-2ZRTNH RN AR3N53307B-2ZTN R316.37
3307BNRTNG N AR3N53307BNRTN N311
3307BNRTNGC3 N AR3N53307BNRTNC3 N311
3307BTNG N 5278.66
3307BTNG N AR3N53307BTN N278.66
3307BTNGC3 N 5278.66
3307BTNGC3 N AR3N53307BTNC3 N278.66
3307BTNGC3 N GN3N5278.66
3307BTNGC3 N N8EN6278.66
3307BTNH RN AR3N53307BTN R278.66
3307BTNHC3 RN AR3N53307BTNC3 R278.66
3307J N 53307J N312.66
3307JC3 N 53307JC3 N312.66
3307NRJC3 N 53307NRJC3 N343.95
3308 5392.59
3308B-2RSRNRTNH RN AR3N53308B-2RSNRTN R448.12
3308B-2RSRTNG N AR3N53308B-2RSTN N407.36
3308B-2RSRTNGC3 N AR3N53308B-2RSTNC3 N407.36
3308B-2RSRTNGC3 N SRIN5407.36
3308B-2RSRTNH RN AR3N53308B-2RSTN R407.36
3308B-2RSRTNHC3 RN AR3N53308B-2RSTNC3 R407.36
3308B-2ZRNRTNG N AR3N53308B-2ZNRTN N437.49
3308B-2ZRNRTNGC3 N AR3N53308B-2ZNRTNC3 N437.49
3308B-2ZRNRTNH RN AR3N53308B-2ZNRTN R437.49
3308B-2ZRNRTNHC3 RN AR3N53308B-2ZNRTNC3 R437.49
3308B-2ZRTNG N AR3N53308B-2ZTN N397.96
3308B-2ZRTNG N NBEN5397.96
3308B-2ZRTNGC3 N AR3N5397.96
3308B-2ZRTNGC3 N SRIN53308B-2ZTNC3 N397.96
3308B-2ZRTNGC3 N SRIN63308B-2ZTNC3+6 N397.96
3308B-2ZRTNH RN AR3N53308B-2ZTN R397.96
3308B-2ZRTNHC3 RN AR3N53308B-2ZTNC3 R397.96
3308BNRTNG N AR3N53308BNRTN N392.31
3308BTNG N AR3N53308BTN N350.04
3308BTNGC3 N 5350.04
3308BTNGC3 N AR3N53308BTNC3 N350.04
3308BTNGC3 N N8EN6350.04
3308BTNH RN AR3N53308BTN R350.04
3308BTNHC3 RN AR3N53308BTNC3 R350.04
3308C3 5392.59
3308J N 53308J N392.59
3308JC3 N 53308JC3 N392.59
3308NRJ N 53308NRJ N431.89
3308NRJC3 N 53308NRJC3 N431.89
3309 5481.5
3309B-2RSRTNG N AR3N53309B-2RSTN N535.25
3309B-2RSRTNGC3 N AR3N53309B-2RSTNC3 N535.25
3309B-2RSRTNH RN AR3N53309B-2RSTN R535.25
3309B-2RSRTNHC3 RN AR3N53309B-2RSTNC3 R535.25
3309B-2ZRNRTNG N AR3N5539.63
3309B-2ZRNRTNGC3 N AR3N5539.63
3309B-2ZRNRTNH RN AR3N53309B-2ZNRTN R539.63
3309B-2ZRTNG N AR3N53309B-2ZTN N481.5
3309B-2ZRTNGC3 N AR3N53309B-2ZTNC3 N481.5
3309B-2ZRTNH RN AR3N53309B-2ZTN R481.5
3309B-2ZRTNHC3 RN AR3N53309B-2ZTNC3 R481.5
3309BNRTNG N AR3N53309BNRTN N481.5
3309BNRTNGC3 N AR3N53309BNRTNC3 N481.5
3309BTNG N AR3N53309BTN N437.82
3309BTNGC3 N 5437.82
3309BTNGC3 N AR3N53309BTNC3 N437.82
3309BTNGC3 N N8EN6437.82
3309BTNH RN AR3N53309BTN R437.82
3309BZRNRTNG N AR3N5477.12
3309BZRTNHC3 RN AR3N53309BZTNC3 R459.65
3309C3 5481.5
3309C3** 5481.5
3309J N 53309J N481.5
3309JC3 N 53309JC3 N481.5
3309NR* 5472.77
3309NR*C3** 5472.77
3309NRJ N 53309NRJ N472.77
3309NRJC3 N 53309NRJC3 N472.77
3310 5624.12
3310B-2RSRNRTNH RN AR3N53310B-2RSNRTN R737.93
3310B-2RSRNRTNHC3 RN AR3N53310B-2RSNRTNC3 R737.93
3310B-2RSRTNG N AR3N53310B-2RSTN N670.35
3310B-2RSRTNGC3 N AR3N53310B-2RSTNC3 N670.35
3310B-2RSRTNH RN AR3N53310B-2RSTN R670.35
3310B-2RSRTNHC3 RN AR3N53310B-2RSTNC3 R670.35
3310B-2ZRNRTNG N AR3N5675.85
3310B-2ZRNRTNGC3 N AR3N53310B-2ZNRTNC3 N675.85
3310B-2ZRNRTNH RN AR3N53310B-2ZNRTN R675.85
3310B-2ZRTNG N AR3N53310B-2ZTN N614.19
3310B-2ZRTNG N NBEN5614.19
3310B-2ZRTNGC3 N AR3N53310B-2ZTNC3 N614.19
3310B-2ZRTNH RN AR3N53310B-2ZTN R614.19
3310B-2ZRTNHC3 RN AR3N53310B-2ZTNC3 R614.19
3310BNRTNG N AR3N53310BNRTN N614.19
3310BNRTNGC3 N AR3N53310BNRTNC3 N614.19
3310BTNG N AR3N53310BTN N539.46
3310BTNGC3 N 5539.46
3310BTNGC3 N AR3N53310BTNC3 N539.46
3310BTNGC3 N N8EN6539.46
3310BTNH RN AR3N53310BTN R539.46
3310C3 5624.12
3310J N 53310J N624.12
3310JC3 N 53310JC3 N624.12
3310NRJ N 53310NRJ N702.57
3310NRJC3 N 53310NRJC3 N702.57
3311 5705.45
3311B-2RSRTNG N AR3N53311B-2RSTN N761.68
3311B-2RSRTNGC3 N AR3N53311B-2RSTNC3 N761.68
3311B-2RSRTNH RN AR3N53311B-2RSTN R761.68
3311B-2ZRNRTNHC3 RN AR3N53311B-2ZNRTNC3 R767.95
3311B-2ZRTNG N AR3N53311B-2ZTN N698.51
3311B-2ZRTNGC3 N AR3N53311B-2ZTNC3 N698.51
3311B-2ZRTNH RN AR3N53311B-2ZTN R698.51
3311B-2ZRTNHC3 RN AR3N53311B-2ZTNC3 R698.51
3311BNRTNG N AR3N53311BNRTN N698.51
3311BTNG N AR3N53311BTN N635.05
3311BTNGC3 N AR3N53311BTNC3 N635.05
3311BTNH RN AR3N53311BTN R635.05
3311BTNHC3 RN 5635.05
3311BZRTNHC3 RN AR3N53311BZTNC3 R666.91
3311C3 5705.45
3311J N 53311J N705.45
3311JC3 N 53311JC3 N705.45
3311NRJ RN 53311NRJ R862.65
3311NRJC3 N 53311NRJC3 N862.65
3311NRJC3 RN 53311NRJC3 R862.65
3312B-2RSRTNG N AR3N53312B-2RSTN N932.44
3312B-2RSRTNGC3 N AR3N53312B-2RSTNC3 N932.44
3312B-2RSRTNHC3 RN AR3N53312B-2RSTNC3 R932.44
3312B-2ZRNRTNH RN AR3N53312B-2ZNRTN R939.4
3312B-2ZRTNG N AR3N53312B-2ZTN N854.09
3312B-2ZRTNGC3 N AR3N53312B-2ZTNC3 N854.09
3312B-2ZRTNH RN AR3N53312B-2ZTN R854.09
3312B-2ZRTNHC3 RN AR3N53312B-2ZTNC3 R854.09
3312BTNG N 5776.41
3312BTNG N AR3N53312BTN N776.41
3312BTNGC3 N 5776.41
3312BTNGC3 N AR3N53312BTNC3 N776.41
3312BTNGC3 N N8EN6776.41
3312BTNH RN AR3N53312BTN R776.41
3312BTNHC3 RN AR3N53312BTNC3 R776.41
3312C3 5822.06
3312J N 53312J N822.06
3312JC3 N 53312JC3 N822.06
3312NRJC3 N 53312NRJC3 N949.15
3313B-2RSRNRTNH RN AR3N53313B-2RSNRTN R1253.11
3313B-2RSRTNG N AR3N53313B-2RSTN N1138.59
3313B-2RSRTNGC3 N AR3N53313B-2RSTNC3 N1138.59
3313B-2RSRTNHC3 RN AR3N53313B-2RSTNC3 R1138.59
3313B-2ZRNRTNH RN AR3N53313B-2ZNRTN R1148.69
3313B-2ZRTNG N AR3N53313B-2ZTN N1043.89
3313B-2ZRTNGC3 N AR3N53313B-2ZTNC3 N1043.89
3313B-2ZRTNGC3 N ENSN51043.89
3313B-2ZRTNH RN AR3N53313B-2ZTN R1043.89
3313B-2ZRTNHC3 RN AR3N53313B-2ZTNC3 R1043.89
3313BNRTNG N AR3N53313BNRTN N1043.89
3313BNRTNGC3 N AR3N53313BNRTNC3 N1043.89
3313BTNG N AR3N53313BTN N948.46
3313BTNGC3 N 5948.46
3313BTNGC3 N AR3N53313BTNC3 N948.46
3313BTNGC3 N N8EN6948.46
3313BTNH RN AR3N53313BTN R948.46
3313BZRTNHC3 RN AR3N53313BZTNC3 R996.31
3313J N 53313J N1054.97
3313JC3 N 53313JC3 N1054.97
3313NRJC3 N 53313NRJC3 N1143.22
3313WA 53313WA N1054.97
3313WAC3 53313WAC3 N1054.97
3314J N 53314J N1245.33
3314J RN 53314J R1245.33
3314JC3 N 53314JC3 N1245.33
3314M 53314M N2093.03
3314MC3 53314MC3 N2093.03
3314NRJ RN 53314NRJ R1438.34
3314NRJC3 RN 53314NRJC3 R1438.34
3315M 53315M N2626.95
3316M 53316M N2721.2
3316MC3 53316MC3 N2721.2
3318 53318J N2704.3
3318C3 53318JC3 N2704.3
3490/3420 53490/3420 N208.79
3578R/3525R 53578R/3525R N200.71
35BNR10STSULP3 535BNR10STSULP3 N732.72
35P RRS P17.7
35TAC72BDBC10PN7A 51011.85
35TAC72BDFC10PN7A 535TAC72BDFC10PN7A N1011.85
35TAC72BSUC10PN7B 5505.87
35TAC72BSUC10PN7B AS2S5505.87
387ARG3/382ARG 5387ARG3/382ARG N103.02
39250/39412 539250/39412 N152.62
39590R/39520R 539590R/39520R N167.02
395AR/394AR 5249.15
3982R/3920R 53982R/3920R N283.96
3984R/3920R 53984R/3920R N187.26
40BER10STSULP3 540BER10STSULP3 N763.85
40BNR10STSULP3 5759.9
40P RRS P18.6
40TAC72BSUC10PN7B 5520.41
40TAC72BSUC10PN7B AS2S5520.41
40TAC90BDBBC10PN7A 540TAC90BDBBC10PN7A N2585.97
40TAC90BSUC10PN7B 540TAC90BSUC10PN7B N646.63
40TAC90BSUC10PN7B AS2S5646.48
418R/414R 5418R/414R N134.08
4200 54200J N244.38
4200BTNG N YRLN54200BTN N97.77
4200BTNGC3 N YRLN54200BTNC3 N97.77
4200BTNH RN YRLN54200BTN R97.77
4201 54201J N244.95
4201BTNG N YRLN54201BTN N97.96
4201BTNG N YRLN697.96
4201BTNGC3 N YRLN54201BTNC3 N97.96
4201BTNH RN YRLN54201BTN R97.96
4202 54202J N203.32
4202BTNG N YRLN54202BTN N101.66
4202BTNG N YRLN6101.66
4202BTNGC3 N YRLN54202BTNC3 N101.66
4202BTNH RN 5101.66
4202BTNH RN YRLN54202BTN R101.66
4203 54203J N221.34
4203BTNG N YRLN54203BTN N110.68
4203BTNG N YRLN6110.68
4203BTNGC3 N 6110.68
4203BTNGC3 N YRLN54203BTNC3 N110.68
4203BTNH RN YRLN54203BTN R110.68
4204 54204J N230.59
4204BTNG N YRLN54204BTN N115.31
4204BTNGC3 N YRLN54204BTNC3 N115.31
4204BTNH RN YRLN54204BTN R115.31
4205 54205J N245.42
4205BTNG N YRLN54205BTN N122.72
4205BTNGC3 N YRLN54205BTNC3 N122.72
4205BTNH RN YRLN54205BTN R122.72
4206 54206J N283.93
4206BTNG N 5141.96
4206BTNG N YRLN54206BTN N141.96
4206BTNG N YRLN6141.96
4206BTNGC3 N YRLN54206BTNC3 N141.96
4206BTNH RN YRLN54206BTN R141.96
4207 54207J N350.01
4207BTNG N AR3N54207BTN N175.02
4207BTNGC3 N AR3N54207BTNC3 N175.02
4207BTNH RN AR3N54207BTN R175.02
4208 54208J N404.33
4208BTNG N AR3N54208BTN N202.15
4208BTNG N AR3N6202.15
4208BTNGC3 N AR3N54208BTNC3 N202.15
4208BTNH RN AR3N54208BTN R202.15
4208C3 54208JC3 N404.33
4209BTNG N AR3N54209BTN N232.82
4209BTNGC3 N AR3N54209BTNC3 N232.82
4210BTNG N AR3N54210BTN N257.88
4210BTNGC3 N AR3N54210BTNC3 N257.88
4210BTNH RN AR3N54210BTN R257.88
4211 54211J N544.42
4211BTNG N AR3N54211BTN N377.72
4211BTNGC3 N AR3N54211BTNC3 N377.72
4211BTNH RN AR3N54211BTN R377.72
4212 54212J N567.19
4212BTNG N AR3N54212BTN N443.27
4212BTNGC3 N AR3N54212BTNC3 N443.27
4212BTNH RN AR3N54212BTN R443.27
4213 54213J N733.71
4213BTNG N AR3N54213BTN N587
4213BTNGC3 N AR3N54213BTNC3 N587
4214 54214J N1681.92
4214BTNG N AR3N54214BTN N635.08
4214BTNGC3 N AR3N54214BTNC3 N635.08
4215 54215J N1489.96
4215BTNG N AR3N54215BTN N744.92
4216BTNG N AR3N54216BTN N921.71
4217BTNG N AR3N54217BTN N1587.79
4218BTNG N AR3N54218BTN N1646.14
4302BTNG N YRLN54302BTN N144.57
4302BTNH RN YRLN54302BTN R144.57
4303 54303J N187.74
4303BTNG N YRLN54303BTN N153.11
4303BTNGC3 N YRLN54303BTNC3 N153.11
4304 54304J N311.12
4304BTNG N N8EN6155.56
4304BTNG N YRLN54304BTN N155.56
4304BTNGC3 N YRLN5155.56
4305 54305J N347.31
4305BTNG N YRLN54305BTN N173.66
4305BTNG N YRLN6173.66
4305BTNGC3 N YRLN54305BTNC3 N173.66
4305BTNH RN YRLN54305BTN R173.66
4306 54306J N417.38
4306BTNG N AR3N54306BTN N208.7
4306BTNG N NBEN5208.7
4306BTNGC3 N AR3N54306BTNC3 N208.7
4307 54307J N497.43
4307BTNG N AR3N54307BTN N248.72
4307BTNGC3 N AR3N54307BTNC3 N248.72
4308 54308J N551.83
4308BTNG N AR3N54308BTN N315.33
4308BTNGC3 N AR3N54308BTNC3 N315.33
4309BTNG N AR3N54309BTN N637.32
4309BTNGC3 N AR3N54309BTNC3 N637.32
4310BTNG N AR3N54310BTN N648.37
4311BTNG N AR3N54311BTN N828.03
4312BTNG N AR3N54312BTN N1017.73
4312BTNGC3 N AR3N54312BTNC3 N1017.73
4313BTNG N AR3N54313BTN N1160.85
4314BTNG N AR3N54314BTN N1350.73
45289R/45220R 5170.62
45BER10STSULP3 545BER10STSULP3 N804.55
45BER19STSULP3 R 545BER19STSULP3 N685.84
45BNR10STSUELP3 5796.64
45BNR10STSULP3 5796.64
45BNR19STDUELP3 R 51371.72
45BNR19STSULP3 R 545BNR19STSULP3 N685.84
45BNR19STYNDUELP3 51371.72
45BNR19STYNDUELP3 R 51371.72
45P RRS P45P R23.46
45TAC100BSUC10PN7B 5772.52
45TAC100BSUC10PN7B AS2S5772.52
462R/453XR 5462R/453XR N151.94
46790/46720 546790/46720 N1034.09
47490/47420 5330.26
48190R/48120R 5495.94
497R/493R 5497R/493R N191.27
498R/493R 5239.78
505A+FS P J505A+J N9.01
505A+FS XP J505A+J R9.01
506A+FS P J506A+J N9.01
506A+FS XP J506A+J R9.01
507A+FS P J507A+J N9.5
507A+FS XP J507A+J R9.5
507NA+FS XP J507NA+J R11.96
508A+FS P J508A+J N10.46
508A+FS XP J508A+J R10.46
508NA+FS XP J508NA+J R17.71
509A+FS P J509A+J N10.82
509A+FS XP J509A+J R10.82
509NA+FS XP J509NA+J R10.06
50BER10STSULP3 R 550BER10STSULP3 N756.62
50BER19STSULP3 R 550BER19STSULP3 N710.63
50BNR10STSUELP3 R 5756.62
50BNR10STSULP3 R 550BNR10STSULP3 N756.62
50BNR19STSULP3 R 550BNR19STSULP3 N710.63
50KW01 579.92
50KW02A 5206.98
50P RRS P27.36
50TAC100BDFC10PN7A 550TAC100BDFC10PN7A N1723.47
50TAC100BSUC10PN7B 550TAC100BSUC10PN7B N861.73
50TAC100BSUC10PN7B AS2S5861.73
510A+FS P J510A+J N11.25
510A+FS XP J510A+J R11.25
510NA+FS XP J510NA+J R8.05
51100 551100 N46.3
51100 646.3
51101 551101 N46.45
51101 646.45
51102 551102 N45.88
51102 645.88
51103 551103 N46.45
51104 551104 N46.61
51105 551105 N51.53
51105 651.53
51105P5 551105P5 N78.76
51106 551106 N55.45
51106 655.45
51107 551107 N59.09
51108 551108 N71.41
51108 671.41
51109 551109 N81.27
51110 551110 N88.44
51111 551111 N109.6
51112 551112 N121.93
51113 551113 N131.94
51114 551114 N144.03
51115 551115 N163.56
51116 551116 N185.25
51117 551117 N209.44
51118 551118 N253.13
51120 551120 N393.98
51122 551122 N437.41
51124 551124 N546.4
51126 551126 N720.32
51128X 551128 N908.6
51130X 551130 N1228.41
51132X 551132 N1616.14
51134X 551134 N1873.5
51136X 551136 N2030.28
51138X 551138 N2069.39
51140X 551140 N2445.64
51144X 551144 N3000.8
51148X 551148 N3775.79
51152X 551152 N4634.5
51156XM 551156M N5998.85
51160XM 58986.22
51164XM 551164M N10547.6
511A+FS P J511A+J N11.66
511A+FS XP J511A+J R11.66
511NA+FS XP J511NA+J R12.66
51200 551200 N57.57
51201 551201 N57.79
51202 551202 N56.27
51203 551203 N59.15
51204 551204 N61.88
51204 661.88
51205 551205 N68.95
51206 551206 N77.87
51206 677.87
51207 551207 N96.02
51208 551208 N107.82
51209 551209 N118.13
51210 551210 N131.6
51211 551211 N181.24
51212 551212 N198.12
51213 551213 N227.02
51214 551214 N251.48
51215 551215 N278.05
51216 551216 N311.82
51217 551217 N402.72
51218 551218 N479.41
51220 551220 N637.85
51222 551222 N794.37
51224 551224 N985.68
51226X 551226 N1245.83
51228X 551228 N2180.85
51230X 551230 N2473.15
51232X 551232 N2869.27
51234X 551234 N3272.63
51236 551236 N3487.27
51238M 551238M N4250.74
51240XM 551240M N4703.66
51244M 551244M N5611.45
51248M 551248M N9342.87
51252XM 510239.95
51256M 551256M N13107.17
51260M 517282.38
512A+FS P J512A+J N12.87
512A+FS XP J512A+J R12.86
512NA+FS XP J512NA+J R12.23
51304 551304 N92.47
51305 551305 N95.63
51306 551306 N109.17
51306E1P6 6130.99
51306P6 5130.99
51307 551307 N132.25
51308 551308 N161.92
51308P5 5247.54
51309 551309 N193.77
51310 551310 N253.13
51311 551311 N328.49
51312 551312 N393.95
51313 551313 N538.47
51314 551314 N634.65
51315 551315 N771.04
51316 551316 N850.33
51317 551317 N1019.56
51318 551318 N1142.95
51320 551320 N1391.89
51322X 551322 N2604.43
51324X 551324 N3507.7
51326X 551326 N4508.63
51328X 551328 N5317.6
51330X 551330 N6468.74
51332X 551332 N8653.79
51334X 551334 N10126.41
51336X 551336 N11687.76
51338XM 551338M N13194.04
51340XM 514846.6
513A+FS P J513A+J N13.65
513A+FS XP J513A+J R13.65
513NA+FS XP J513NA+J R10.62
51405 551405 N206.15
51406 551406 N209.08
51407 551407 N263.3
51408 551408 N310.44
51409 551409 N400.1
51410 551410 N505.62
51411 551411 N753.07
51412 551412 N1401.4
51413 551413 N1743.78
51414 551414 N2200.66
51415 551415 N2708.2
51416 551416 N3331.29
51417X 551417 N4309.87
51418X 551418 N5288.5
51420XM 551420M N6417.29
51422M 551422M N7936.2
51424M 551424M N10223.36
515A+FS P J515A+J N14.78
515A+FS XP J515A+J R14.78
515NA+FS XP J515NA+J R13.26
516A+FS P J516A+J N17.26
516A+FS XP J516A+J R17.26
516NA+FS XP J516NA+J R22.12
517A+FS P J517A+J N17.92
517A+FS XP J517A+J R17.92
517NA+FS XP J517NA+J R13.85
518A+FS P J518A+J N20.44
518A+FS XP J518A+J R20.45
518NA+FS XP J518NA+J R16.92
519A+FS P J519A+J N25.62
519A+FS XP J519A+J R25.62
5200-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN55200-2RSTNC3 N149.86
5200DDU NS7S55200DDU N149.86
5200TNGC3 N 55200TNC3 N124.8
5200ZZ AS2S55200ZZJ N139.93
5201 5146.04
5201-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN55201-2RSTNC3 N152.72
5201ZZTNGC3 N YRLN55201ZZTNC3 N142.64
5202 55202J N135.57
5202-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN55202-2RSTNC3 N159.61
5202TNGC3 N 55202TNC3 N133.06
5202ZZTNGC3 N YRLN55202ZZTNC3 N149.15
5203 55203J N131.76
5203-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN55203-2RSTNC3 N155.1
5204 55204J N138.09
5204-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN55204-2RSTNC3 N162.96
5204ZZTNGC3 N YRLN55204ZZTNC3 N151.94
5205 55205J N157.59
5205-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN55205-2RSTNC3 N171.59
5205C3 5157.59
5205TNGC3 N 55205TNC3 N143.26
5205ZZTNGC3 N YRLN55205ZZTNC3 N166
5206 55206J N173.82
5206-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN55206-2RSTNC3 N204.6
5206NRTNGC3 N 55206NRTNC3 N187.63
5206TNGC3 N 55206TNC3 N170.58
5206ZZTNG N YRLN55206ZZTN N191.23
5206ZZTNGC3 N YRLN55206ZZTNC3 N191.23
5207 55207J N215.39
5207-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N55207-2RSTNC3 N253.54
5207TNGC3 N 55207TNC3 N211.38
5207ZZTNGC3 N AR3N55207ZZTNC3 N232.2
5208 55208J N263.21
5208-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N55208-2RSTNC3 N309.88
5208C3 5263.21
5208TNGC3 N 55208TNC3 N258.23
5208ZZTNGC3 N AR3N55208ZZTNC3 N289.82
5209 55209J N296.97
5209TNGC3 N 55209TNC3 N296.97
520A+FS P J520A+J N27.78
520A+FS XP J520A+J R27.78
520NA+FS XP J520NA+J R27.59
5210 55210J N343.09
5210-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N55210-2RSTNC3 N403.21
5210NRTNGC3 N 55210NRTNC3 N370.28
5210TNGC3 N 55210TNC3 N336.65
5211 55211J N459.41
5211-2RSNRTNGC3 N AR3N5503.29
5211TNGC3 N 55211TNC3 N411.78
5211ZZTNGC3 N AR3N55211ZZTNC3 N461.19
5212 55212J N575.8
5212C3 5575.79
5212TNGC3 N 55212TNC3 N513.27
5212ZZTNGC3 N AR3N55212ZZTNC3 N575.2
5213TNGC3 N 55213TNC3 N691.84
5214 55214J N740.74
5214-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N55214-2RSTNC3 N799.22
5214TNGC3 N 55214TNC3 N666.46
5214ZZTNGC3 N AR3N55214ZZTNC3 N732.87
5215 55215J N944.8
5216 55216J N1095.15
5217 55217J N1308.41
52202 552202 N149.45
52204 552204 N167.23
52205 552205 N175.06
52206 552206 N176.99
52207 552207 N228.47
52208 552208 N262.75
52209 552209 N298.91
52210 552210 N311.73
52211 552211 N413.84
52212 552212 N468.92
52213 552213 N538.92
52214 552214 N611.91
52215 552215 N685
52216 552216 N769.55
52217 552217 N960.1
52218 552218 N1143.95
52220 552220 N1630.16
52222 552222 N1984.42
52224 552224 N2286.45
52226 552226 N3199.63
52228 552228 N4583.34
52230 552230 N6095.93
52232 552232 N8212.96
52234 552234 N9793.23
522A+FS P J522A+J N30.67
522A+FS XP J522A+J R30.67
522NA+FS XP J522NA+J R30.87
52305 552305 N284.11
52306 552306 N305.73
52307 552307 N334.55
52308 552308 N407.04
52309 552309 N506.4
52310 552310 N663.32
52311 552311 N900.11
52312 552312 N1017.38
52313 552313 N1355.47
52314 552314 N1674.42
52315 552315 N1849.03
52316 552316 N1998.47
52317 552317 N2483.01
52318 552318 N2961.98
52320 552320 N3917.96
52324 55932.46
52400/52618 552400/52618 N350.66
52409 51104.2
524A+FS P J524A+J N40.51
524A+FS XP J524A+J R40.52
524NA+FS XP J524NA+J R41
526A+FS P J526A+J N43.89
526A+FS XP J526A+J R43.88
526NA+FS XP J526NA+J R44.58
528A+FS P J528A+J N59.89
528A+FS XP J528A+J R59.89
528NA+FS XP J528NA+J R60.57
529XR/522R 5529XR/522R N221.3
5304 55304J N186.64
5304-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN55304-2RSTNC3 N220.06
5304NRTNGC3 N 55304NRTNC3 N201.47
5304TNGC3 N 55304TNC3 N183.14
5304ZZTNGC3 N YRLN55304ZZTNC3 N245.7
5305 55305J N220.19
5305-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN55305-2RSTNC3 N262.69
5305NRTNGC3 N 55305NRTNC3 N240.9
5305TNGC3 N 55305TNC3 N219.15
5305ZZTNGC3 N YRLN55305ZZTNC3 N245.7
5306 55306J N267.36
5306TNGC3 N 55306TNC3 N262.29
5306ZZTNGC3 N AR3N55306ZZTNC3 N294.1
5307 55307J N306.05
5307-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N55307-2RSTNC3 N368.42
5307TNGC3 N 55307TNC3 N306.05
5307ZZTNGC3 N AR3N55307ZZTNC3 N343.09
5308 55308J N392.31
5308-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N55308-2RSTNC3 N461.4
5308NRTNGC3 N 55308NRTNC3 N431.55
5308TNGC3 N 55308TNC3 N384.91
5308ZZTNGC3 N AR3N55308ZZTNC3 N431.44
5309 55309J N540.32
5309-2RSNRTNGC3 N AR3N5647.71
5309-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N55309-2RSTNC3 N588.83
5309C3 5540.32
5309NRTNGC3 N 55309NRTNC3 N529.67
5309TNGC3 N 55309TNC3 N481.73
5309ZZTNGC3 N AR3N55309ZZTNC3 N529.67
530A+FS P J530A+J N63.25
530A+FS XP J530A+J R63.25
530NA+FS XP J530NA+J R79.89
5310 55310J N685.55
5310-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N55310-2RSTNC3 N748.15
5310NR*C3 5754.12
5310TNGC3 N 55310TNC3 N685.55
5310ZZTNGC3 N AR3N55310ZZTNC3 N754.12
5311 55311J N867.55
5311TNGC3 N 55311TNC3 N867.55
5312 55312J N1020.64
5313 55313J N992.3
5313-2RSTNGC3 N AR3N55313-2RSTNC3 N1252.37
5313NR*C3 51091.55
5313NRTNGC3 N 55313NRTNC3 N1091.55
5313TNGC3 N 55313TNC3 N992.3
5313ZZTNGC3 N AR3N55313ZZTNC3 N1148.38
5314 55314J N1438.37
5315 55315J N1778.19
53200U 553200 N116.34
53201U 553201 N139.8
53202U 553202 N147.07
53203U 553203 N150.99
53204U 553204 N201.19
53205U 553205 N186.49
53206U 553206 N239.95
53207U 553207 N251.46
53208U 553208 N275.4
53209U 553209 N302.61
53210U 553210 N339.96
53211U 553211 N414.46
53212U 553212 N499.4
53213U 553213 N525.08
53214U 553214 N583.92
53215U 553215 N660.1
53216U 553216 N727.63
53217U 553217 N863.59
53218U 553218 N1000.11
53220U 553220 N1268.15
53222U 553222 N1514.78
53224U 553224 N2044.94
53226U 553226 N2580.73
53228U 553228 N3798.8
53232XU 553232X N5175.51
53236U 553236 N6346.63
532A+FS P J532A+J N84.19
532A+FS XP J532A+J R84.19
532NA+FS XP J532NA+J R85.3
53305U 553305 N237.75
53306U 553306 N253.15
53307U 553307 N298.63
53308U 553308 N412
53309U 553309 N428.04
53310U 553310 N545.54
53311U 553311 N754.58
53312U 553312 N806.71
53313U 553313 N917.04
53314U 553314 N1153.64
53315U 553315 N1318.1
53316U 553316 N1458.52
53317U 553317 N1749.13
53318U 553318 N1491.05
53320U 553320 N2502.73
53322U 553322 N3806.92
53324U 553324 N6310.6
53326U 553326 N7841.47
53405U 553405 N250.32
53406U 553406 N385.18
53407U 553407 N449.35
53408U 553408 N622.2
53409U 553409 N905.33
53410U 553410 N1008.72
53411U 553411 N1530.49
53412U 553412 N2047.75
53413U 553413 N2568.94
53414U 553414 N3088.02
53415U 553415 N3686.52
53416U 553416 N4127.53
54204U 554204 N291.29
54205U 554205 N337.15
54206U 554206 N380.3
54207U 554207 N423.41
54208U 554208 N521.96
54209U 554209 N618.37
54210U 554210 N756.63
54211U 554211 N981.09
54212U 554212 N1295.91
54217U 51915.41
54305U 554305 N384.89
54306U 554306 N393.69
54307U 554307 N442.8
54308U 554308 N549.33
54309U 554309 N648.81
54310U 554310 N794.65
54311U 554311 N842.01
54312U 554312 N1100.82
54313U 554313 N1173.86
54314U 554314 N1365.91
54315U 554315 N1752.38
54316U 554316 N2363.07
54317U 554317 N2709.96
54322U 554322 N5437.36
54405U 554405 N814.32
54406U 554406 N1078.67
54407U 554407 N944.92
54408U 554408 N1521.45
54409U 554409 N1844.66
54410U 554410 N2017.85
54412U 554412 N3643.94
54413U 554413 N4975.79
54415U 554415 N8151.55
54ST55T1XDDWA18CG-01 EA7L547.2
559R/552AR 5559R/522AR N337.36
55BER10STSULP3 R 555BER10STSULP3 N887.37
55BER19STSULP3 R 555BER19STSULP3 N834.33
55BNR10STSULP3 R 555BNR10STSULP3 N887.37
55BNR10STYNDUELP3 R 51774.75
55BNR19STSULP3 R 555BNR19STSULP3 N834.33
55P RRS P55P R28.83
55TAC20XPN7+LC6 555TAC20XPN7+LC6 N2337.79
580RG/572RG 5580RG/572RG N348.62
594R/592AR 5594R/592AR N288.72
60/22 560/22 N39.14
60/22DDUC3** AS2S560/22DDUC3 N51
60/22DDUCM AS2S551
60/22DDUCM NS7S551
60/22ZZ AS2S546.96
60/22ZZ NS7S546.96
60/28 560/28 N47.06
60/28ADDUCM NS7S565.85
60/28AZZ AS2S560/28ZZ N60.31
60/28AZZCM NS7S560.31
60/28C3** 560/28C3 N47.06
60/28DD AS2S560/28DD N65.85
60/28DNR* 566.28
60/32 560/32 N74.81
60/32DDU AS2S5104.79
60/32DDU NS7S5104.79
60/32NR*C3** 574.48
60/32ZZ AS2S589.79
6000CM 524.57
6000CM 624.57
6000DDUC3** NS7S531.86
6000DDUC3E NS7S531.86
6000DDUC3E J A72S831.86
6000DDUC3E J NS7S86000DDUC3 N31.86
6000DDUCM NS7S531.86
6000DDUCM NS7S631.86
6000DDUCM J NS7S86000DDU N31.86
6000DDUCM J NS7SZ31.86
6000DDWCM AS2L531.86
6000DDWCM NS7L531.86
6000DUCM J 86000DU N31.47
6000-H-20T1XDD*MA NS7S561.74
6000-H-20T1XZZ*MA NS7S559.78
6000L11DD GVS 56000L11DD N73.44
6000L11-H-20DD GVS 56000L11-H-20DD N123.34
6000UC3E J 86000C3 N24.57
6000UCM J 86000 N24.57
6000VVC3E J NS7S86000VVC3 N36.57
6000VVC3E** NS7S536.57
6000VVCM AS2S536.57
6000VVCM NS7S536.57
6000VVCM J NS7S86000VV N36.57
6000ZCM 56000Z N32.17
6000ZZ2C3E J NS7S86000ZZC3 N28.18
6000ZZ2CM NS7S628.18
6000ZZ2CM J NS7S86000ZZ N28.18
6000ZZ2CM J NS7SJ28.18
6000ZZ2CM J NS7SZ28.18
6000ZZ2NR* J AS2S86000ZZNR N40.57
6000ZZC3E AS2S528.18
6000ZZC3E NS7S528.18
6000ZZC3E NS7S628.18
6000ZZC3E** AS2S528.18
6000ZZC4E AS2S56000ZZC4 N38.07
6000ZZCM AS2S528.18
6000ZZCM NS7S528.18
6000ZZCM NS7S628.18
6000ZZNR* AS2S540.57
6000ZZNR* NS7S540.57
6001C3E 526.22
6001CM 526.22
6001CM D 626.22
6001DDU27C4 E D4MS641.96
6001DDUC3E NS7S534.3
6001DDUC3E J NS7S834.3
6001DDUCM NS7S534.3
6001DDUCM J EA3SZ34.29
6001DDUCM J NS7S834.3
6001DDUCM J NS7SZ34.3
6001DDUNR* AS2S56001DDUNR N49.53
6001DUCM J 86001DU N39.28
6001-H-20T1XDDU*MA NS7S584.05
6001-H-20T1XZZ*MA NS7S582.1
6001L11DDU GVS 56001L11DDU N76.1
6001L11-H-20DDU GVS 56001L11-H-20DDU N136.61
6001UC3E J 826.22
6001UCM J 826.22
6001VVC3E NS7S539.28
6001VVC3E D NS7S56001VVC3 N39.28
6001VVC3E J NS7S839.28
6001VVC3E J NS7SZ39.28
6001VVC4** NS7S542
6001VVCM NS7S539.28
6001VVCM D NS7S539.28
6001VVCM J NS7S86001VV N39.28
6001ZC3E J 86001ZC3 N33.82
6001ZCM J 833.82
6001ZZC3 AS2S530.33
6001ZZC3E NS7S530.33
6001ZZC3E J NS7S830.33
6001ZZCM AS2S530.33
6001ZZCM NS7S530.33
6001ZZCM J NS7S830.33
6001ZZNR* NS7S543.67
6002C3E 528.84
6002C3E D 56002C3 N28.84
6002C3E D 628.84
6002C3E D* 528.84
6002C4E D 56002C4 N28.82
6002CM 528.84
6002CM D 56002 N28.84
6002CM D 628.84
6002CM D* 528.84
6002DDU7C3EX28 ENSS562.8
6002DDUC2E D D8SS647.16
6002DDUC3 NS7S537.65
6002DDUC3E D D8SS637.65
6002DDUC3E D EA3S637.65
6002DDUC3E D NS7S56002DDUC3 N37.65
6002DDUC3E D NS7S637.65
6002DDUC3E** AS2S537.65
6002DDUC3E** NS7S537.65
6002DDUCM NS7S537.65
6002DDUCM NS7S637.65
6002DDUCM D D8SS637.65
6002DDUCM D ENSS637.65
6002DDUCM D NS7S56002DDU N37.65
6002DDUCM D NS7S66002DDU+6 N37.65
6002DDUNR* AS2S554.2
6002DDUNR* NS7S56002DDUNR N54.2
6002DUCM D 56002DU N42.93
6002DUCM D* 542.93
6002-H-20T1XDDU*MA NS7S591.86
6002-H-20T1XZZ*MA NS7S589.88
6002L11DDU GVS 577.89
6002L11-H-20DDU GVS 56002L11-H-20DDU N145.37
6002VV AS2S542.93
6002VVC3E D NS7S56002VVC3 N42.93
6002VVC4** NS7S56002VVC4 N47.2
6002VVCM NS7S542.93
6002VVCM D NS7S56002VV N42.93
6002VVCM D NS7S642.93
6002ZC3E D 56002ZC3 N37.92
6002ZC3E D* 537.92
6002ZCM D 56002Z N37.92
6002ZCM D 637.92
6002ZZC3E AS2S533.3
6002ZZC3E NS7S533.3
6002ZZC3E D ENSS633.3
6002ZZC3E D MA7S533.3
6002ZZC3E D NS7S56002ZZC3 N33.3
6002ZZC3E D NS7S633.3
6002ZZC4E D ENSL56002ZZC4 N40.53
6002ZZCM NS7S533.3
6002ZZCM D EA5S633.3
6002ZZCM D ENSS633.3
6002ZZCM D NS7S56002ZZ N33.3
6002ZZCM D NS7S66002ZZ+6 N33.3
6002ZZNR* NS7S547.92
6002ZZNR* D AS2S56002ZZNR N47.92
6003C3E 530.39
6003C3E D 56003C3 N30.39
6003C3E D* 530.39
6003CM 630.39
6003CM D 56003 N30.39
6003CM D 630.39
6003DDUC3** AS2S539.59
6003DDUC3E AS2S539.59
6003DDUC3E NS7S539.59