RHP & NSK Price List 2014

All prices shown are Manufacturer Recommended Prices, which Acorn will be able to discount. Please contact Acorn for pricing

6003DDUC3E D NS7S56003DDUC3 N39.59
6003DDUC3E D NS7S639.59
6003DDUCM AS2S539.59
6003DDUCM NS7S539.59
6003DDUCM D D8SS639.59
6003DDUCM D EA3S639.59
6003DDUCM D ENSS639.59
6003DDUCM D NS7S56003DDU N39.59
6003DDUCM D NS7S639.59
6003DDUNR* NS7S56003DDUNR N57.07
6003DDWCM AS2L539.59
6003DDWCM D ENSS539.59
6003DUCM D 56003DU N45.12
6003DUCM D 645.12
6003DUCM D* 545.12
6003-H-20T1XDDU*MA NS7S596.31
6003L11DDU GVS 56003L11DDU N79.32
6003L11-H-20DDU GVS 5152.83
6003NR* 56003NR N43.93
6003VVC3E D NS7S56003VVC3 N45.12
6003VVC3E D NS7S645.12
6003VVCM AS2S545.12
6003VVCM NS7S545.12
6003VVCM D EA3S645.12
6003VVCM D NS7S56003VV N45.12
6003VVCM D NS7S645.12
6003ZC3E D 56003ZC3 N39.88
6003ZC3E D 639.88
6003ZCM D 56003Z N39.88
6003ZCM D 639.88
6003ZCM D* 539.88
6003ZZC3E NS7S534.88
6003ZZC3E D EA3S634.88
6003ZZC3E D NS7S56003ZZC3 N34.88
6003ZZC3E D NS7S634.88
6003ZZC4E D NS7S542.45
6003ZZCM NS7S534.88
6003ZZCM D NS7S56003ZZ N34.88
6003ZZCM D NS7S634.88
6003ZZCM D* NS7S534.88
6003ZZNR* NS7S56003ZZNR N50.46
6004C3E 533.74
6004C3E D 56004C3 N33.74
6004C3E D* 533.74
6004CM 533.74
6004CM D 56004 N33.74
6004CM D 633.74
6004DDU7C3EX28 ENSS56004DDU7C3EX28 N97.05
6004DDUC3 AS2S543.91
6004DDUC3E D A72S643.91
6004DDUC3E D ENSS643.91
6004DDUC3E D NS7S56004DDUC3 N43.91
6004DDUC3E D NS7S66004DDUC3+6 N43.91
6004DDUC3E D ST3H643.91
6004DDUC3E D* NS7S543.91
6004DDUC3E** AS2S543.91
6004DDUC4** D EA2S653.55
6004DDUCM AS2S543.91
6004DDUCM NS7S543.91
6004DDUCM D EA3S643.91
6004DDUCM D ENSS643.91
6004DDUCM D NS7S56004DDU N43.91
6004DDUCM D NS7S643.91
6004DDUCM D ST3H643.91
6004DDUNR* AS2S571.78
6004DDUNR* D NS7S56004DDUNR N71.78
6004DDW1CM EA2L543.91
6004DUCM 550.21
6004DUCM D 56004DU N50.21
6004DUCM D 650.21
6004DUCM D* 550.21
6004-H-20T1XDDU*MA NS7S5109.67
6004L11DDU GVS 56004L11DDU N82.7
6004L11-H-20DDU GVS 56004L11-H-20DDU N169.61
6004NR* 56004NR N48.55
6004NR* 648.55
6004TC3P4 R YL2K5346.47
6004TCG12P4 R 56004TCG12P4 N330.04
6004VVC3E D AHQS650.21
6004VVC3E D EA2H650.21
6004VVC3E D ENSS650.21
6004VVC3E D NS7S56004VVC3 N50.21
6004VVC3E D NS7S650.21
6004VVC4 D NS7S655.26
6004VVCM NS7S550.21
6004VVCM D NS7S56004VV N50.21
6004VVCM D NS7S650.21
6004ZC3E D 56004ZC3 N42.52
6004ZC3E D 642.52
6004ZCM 542.52
6004ZCM D 56004Z N42.52
6004ZCM D 642.52
6004ZCM D* 542.52
6004ZZC3E AS2S538.82
6004ZZC3E NS7S538.82
6004ZZC3E D ENSS638.82
6004ZZC3E D NS7S56004ZZC3 N38.82
6004ZZC3E D NS7S638.82
6004ZZC3X26 ENSS636.59
6004ZZCM NS7S538.82
6004ZZCM D EA3S638.82
6004ZZCM D ENSS638.82
6004ZZCM D NS7S56004ZZ N38.82
6004ZZCM D NS7S638.82
6004ZZNR* AS2S558.62
6004ZZNR* NS7S558.62
6004ZZNR* D NS7S56004ZZNR N58.62
6004ZZNR*C3 NS7S56004ZZNRC3 N58.62
6005C3E 538.68
6005C3E D 56005C3 N38.68
6005C3E D* 538.68
6005CM 538.68
6005CM D 56005 N38.68
6005CM D 638.68
6005CM D* 538.68
6005DDU7C3EX28 ENSS56005DDU7C3EX28 N100.66
6005DDU7C3EX28 ENSS6100.66
6005DDUC3E AS2S550.41
6005DDUC3E NS7S550.41
6005DDUC3E D NS7S56005DDUC3 N50.41
6005DDUC3E D NS7S650.41
6005DDUC3E D ST3H650.41
6005DDUC4E D NS7S661.54
6005DDUCM NS7S550.41
6005DDUCM D ENSS650.41
6005DDUCM D NS7S56005DDU N50.41
6005DDUCM D NS7S650.41
6005DDUCM D ST3H650.41
6005DDUNR* NS7S579.71
6005DDUNR* D AS2S56005DDUNR N79.71
6005DU 557.55
6005DUC3E D 657.55
6005DUCM 557.55
6005DUCM D 56005DU N57.55
6005DUCM D 657.55
6005DUCM D* 557.55
6005-H-20T1XBDDU*M01 NS7S5138.57
6005-H-20T1XBZZ*MA SNS7S5137.56
6005L11DDU GVS 56005L11DDU N87.71
6005L11-H-20DDU GVS 56005L11-H-20DDU N194.57
6005N D 666.51
6005NR* 56005NR N66.51
6005TCG12P4 R 56005TCG12P4 N374.75
6005TCG12P4 RR 56005TCG12P4 R374.75
6005VVC2P5 YL1L544.52
6005VVC3** AS2S557.55
6005VVC3E NS7S557.55
6005VVC3E D AHQS657.55
6005VVC3E D ENSS657.55
6005VVC3E D NS7L657.55
6005VVC3E D NS7S56005VVC3 N57.55
6005VVCM D AF2S657.55
6005VVCM D D8SL657.55
6005VVCM D NS7S56005VV N57.55
6005VVCM D NS7S657.55
6005VVNR* NS7S56005VVNR N89.18
6005ZC3E D 56005ZC3 N49.56
6005ZC3E D* 549.56
6005ZCM 549.56
6005ZCM D 56005Z N49.56
6005ZCM D 649.56
6005ZCM D* 549.56
6005ZNR* 566.17
6005ZZC2E D NS7S56005ZZC2 N54.36
6005ZZC3E NS7S544.37
6005ZZC3E D EA2S644.37
6005ZZC3E D ENSS644.37
6005ZZC3E D NS7S56005ZZC3 N44.37
6005ZZC3E D NS7S644.37
6005ZZC3E D PS2S644.37
6005ZZC3E D SRIS644.37
6005ZZCM NS7S544.37
6005ZZCM NS7S644.37
6005ZZCM D ENSS644.37
6005ZZCM D NS7S56005ZZ N44.37
6005ZZCM D NS7S644.37
6005ZZNR* NS7S567.01
6005ZZNR* D AS2S56005ZZNR N67.01
6005ZZNR*C3 AS2S56005ZZNRC3 N67.01
6006C3 647.58
6006C3E 56006C3 N47.58
6006C4 557.79
6006CM 547.58
6006CM 647.58
6006CM ** 47.58
6006DDU B AS2S161.8
6006DDU7C3EX28 ENSS56006DDU7C3EX28 N126.34
6006DDUC3E AS2H661.8
6006DDUC3E AS2S561.8
6006DDUC3E AS2S661.8
6006DDUC3E NS7S561.8
6006DDUC3E NS7S66006DDUC3+6 N61.8
6006DDUC3E** C NS7S561.8
6006DDUC4E** NS7S580.64
6006DDUCM AHQS661.8
6006DDUCM AS2S561.8
6006DDUCM EA3S661.8
6006DDUCM NS7S561.8
6006DDUCM NS7S661.8
6006DDUCM CLNNS7K661.8
6006DDUCM CLNNS7S561.8
6006DDUCM CLNNS7S661.8
6006DDUNR* NS7S56006DDUNR N96.34
6006DDWCM NS7S661.8
6006DUCM 56006DU N70.25
6006DUCM 670.25
6006DUCM C 770.25
6006-H-20T1XDDU*MA NS7S5192.72
6006L11DDU GVS 56006L11DDU N96.25
6006L11-H-20DDU GVS 56006L11-H-20DDU N261.04
6006NR* 571.49
6006TCG12P4 R 56006TCG12P4 N385.21
6006TCG12P4 RR 56006TCG12P4 R385.21
6006U B 147.58
6006UCM CLN 547.58
6006VVC3E NS7S56006VVC3 N68.57
6006VVCM NS7S56006VV N68.57
6006VVCM C NS7S568.57
6006ZC3E 662.04
6006ZCM 56006Z N62.04
6006ZCM 662.04
6006ZZ B AS2S154.62
6006ZZC2P5 AS2S551.54
6006ZZC3E D4MS554.62
6006ZZC3E NS7S554.62
6006ZZC3E NS7S654.62
6006ZZC3E CLNNS7S554.62
6006ZZCM ENSS654.62
6006ZZCM NS7S554.62
6006ZZCM NS7S654.62
6006ZZCM PS2S554.62
6006ZZCM C NS7S554.62
6006ZZNR* AS2S578.46
6006ZZNR* NS7S578.46
6006ZZNR*C3 AS2S56006ZZNRC3 N78.46
6007C3E 558.88
6007C3E E 56007C3 N58.88
6007CM 558.88
6007CM 658.88
6007CM E 56007 N58.88
6007CM E 658.88
6007DDU B EEMS176.56
6007DDU7C3EX28 ENSS56007DDU7C3EX28 N142.78
6007DDUC3 NS7S576.56
6007DDUC3 B EEMS176.56
6007DDUC3E AS2S576.56
6007DDUC3E NS7S576.56
6007DDUC3E E NS7S56007DDUC3 N76.56
6007DDUC3E E NS7S676.56
6007DDUC3E E ST3H676.56
6007DDUCM NS7S576.56
6007DDUCM NS7S676.56
6007DDUCM E EA5S676.56
6007DDUCM E NS7K676.56
6007DDUCM E NS7S56007DDU N76.56
6007DDUCM E NS7S676.56
6007DDUCM E ST3H676.56
6007DDUNR* AS2S5143.87
6007DUC3 587.1
6007DUC3 E 56007DUC3 N87.1
6007DUCM 587.1
6007DUCM 687.1
6007DUCM E 56007DU N87.1
6007DUCM E 687.1
6007-H-20T1XDDU*MA NS7S5266.17
6007L11-H-20DDU GVS 56007L11-H-20DDU N295.5
6007NR* 56007NR N84.61
6007NR*C3 56007NRC3 N84.61
6007TCG12P4 R 56007TCG12P4 N449.21
6007TCG12P4 RR 56007TCG12P4 R449.21
6007U B 158.88
6007UC3 B 158.88
6007VVC3E NS7S56007VVC3 N84.61
6007VVC3E NS7S684.61
6007VVC3E** NS7S584.61
6007VVCM AS2S684.61
6007VVCM NS7S56007VV N84.61
6007ZC3E E 56007ZC3 N77.04
6007ZCM 577.04
6007ZCM E 56007Z N77.04
6007ZCM E 677.04
6007ZNR* 56007ZNR N100.11
6007ZZ B EEMS167.69
6007ZZC3 NS7S567.69
6007ZZC3 B EEMS167.69
6007ZZC3E NS7S567.69
6007ZZC3E E ENSS667.69
6007ZZC3E E NS7S56007ZZC3 N67.69
6007ZZC4 AS2S56007ZZC4 N82.25
6007ZZCM NS7S567.69
6007ZZCM NS7S667.69
6007ZZCM E NS7S56007ZZ N67.69
6007ZZCM E NS7S667.69
6007ZZNR* AS2S597.32
6007ZZNR* NS7S597.32
6007ZZNR*C3** AS2S56007ZZNRC3 N97.32
6008C3E 573.97
6008C3E E 56008C3 N73.97
6008CM 573.97
6008CM E 56008 N73.97
6008CM E 673.97
6008DDU B EEMS196.28
6008DDU7C3EX28 ENSS56008DDU7C3EX28 N167.51
6008DDU7C3EX28 ENSS6167.51
6008DDUC3 B EEMS196.28
6008DDUC3E AS2S596.28
6008DDUC3E NS7S596.28
6008DDUC3E E NS7S56008DDUC3 N96.28
6008DDUC3E E NS7S696.28
6008DDUC4 E ST3H6116.95
6008DDUCM NS7S596.28
6008DDUCM NS7S696.28
6008DDUCM E A72S696.28
6008DDUCM E NS7S56008DDU N96.28
6008DDUCM E NS7S696.28
6008DDUCM E ST3H696.28
6008DDUNR* NS7S56008DDUNR N138.16
6008DUCM E 56008DU N109.51
6008-H-20T1XDDU*MA NS7S5331.34
6008L11DDU GVS 56008L11DDU N122.81
6008NR* 56008NR N111.41
6008NR*C3 56008NRC3 N111.41
6008TCG12P4 R 56008TCG12P4 N461.67
6008TCG12P4 RR 56008TCG12P4 R461.67
6008U B 173.97
6008UC3 B 173.97
6008VVC3E NS7S56008VVC3 N106.34
6008VVC3E NS7S6106.34
6008VVCM NS7S56008VV N106.34
6008ZC3 596.81
6008ZC3E E 56008ZC3 N96.81
6008ZCM E 56008Z N96.81
6008ZNR* 56008ZNR N125.86
6008ZZ B EEMS185.22
6008ZZC3 B EEMS185.22
6008ZZC3E NS7S585.22
6008ZZC3E E NS7K685.22
6008ZZC3E E NS7S56008ZZC3 N85.22
6008ZZC3E E SRIS685.22
6008ZZCM NS7S585.22
6008ZZCM NS7S685.22
6008ZZCM E NS7K685.22
6008ZZCM E NS7S56008ZZ N85.22
6008ZZCM E NS7S685.22
6008ZZNR* AS2S5122.27
6008ZZNR* NS7S5122.27
6009 696.21
6009 E NB5S596.21
6009C3 596.21
6009C3E 596.21
6009C3E E 596.21
6009C4 56009C4 N127.91
6009CM 596.21
6009CM 696.21
6009CM E 596.21
6009CM E 696.21
6009DDU AS2S5125.04
6009DDU B EEMS1125.04
6009DDU8AC3EX28 ENSS5218.44
6009DDUC3 NS7S5125.04
6009DDUC3 B EEMS1125.04
6009DDUC3E E NS7S5125.04
6009DDUC3E** AS2S5125.04
6009DDUC3E** NS7S5125.04
6009DDUCM AS2S5125.04
6009DDUCM NS7S5125.04
6009DDUCM NS7S6125.04
6009DDUCM E NS7S5125.04
6009DDUCM E NS7S6125.04
6009DDUCM E ST3S6125.04
6009DDUNR* NS7S5179.44
6009DUCM E 5152.3
6009L11DDU GVS 56009L11DDU N144.89
6009NR* 5143.55
6009NR*C3 5143.55
6009NR*C3** 5143.55
6009TCG12P4 R 56009TCG12P4 N549.11
6009TCG12P4 RR 56009TCG12P4 R549.11
6009U B 196.21
6009UC3 B 196.21
6009VVC3E ENSSJ138.04
6009VVC3E NS7S5138.04
6009VVC3E NS7S6138.04
6009VVCM NS7S5138.04
6009ZCM 5125.73
6009ZCM AS3S5125.73
6009ZCM E 5125.73
6009ZNR* 5163.32
6009ZZ AS2S5110.55
6009ZZ B EEMS1110.55
6009ZZC3E AS2S5110.55
6009ZZC3E NS7S5110.55
6009ZZC3E E NS7S5110.55
6009ZZC4 AS2S56009ZZC4 N134.18
6009ZZCM NS7S5110.55
6009ZZCM E NS7S5110.55
6009ZZCM E NS7S6110.55
6009ZZNR* AS2S5158.76
6010 6111.39
6010C3** 5111.39
6010C3E 5111.39
6010C4 5135.21
6010CM 5111.39
6010CM 6111.39
6010DDU7C3EX28 ENSS56010DDU7C3EX28 N243.81
6010DDUC3 AS2S5145
6010DDUC3 NS7S5145
6010DDUC3E EA3M6145
6010DDUC3E** AS2S5145
6010DDUC3E** NS7S5145
6010DDUC4** NS7S5176.22
6010DDUCM AS2S5145
6010DDUCM NS7S5145
6010DDUCM NS7S66010DDU+6 N145
6010DDUNR* AS2S5208.19
6010DDUNR* NS7S5208.19
6010DUC3E 5164.91
6010DUCM 5164.91
6010L11DDU GVS 56010L11DDU N160.25
6010NR* 5175.39
6010NR*C3 5175.39
6010TBR12P4 RR 56010TBR12P4 R598.78
6010TCG12P4 R 56010TCG12P4 N598.78
6010TCG12P4 RR 56010TCG12P4 R598.78
6010VVC3 NS7L5160.15
6010VVC3E AS2S56010VVC3 N160.15
6010VVCM NS7S56010VV N160.15
6010ZC3 5145.74
6010ZC3E 5145.74
6010ZCM 5145.74
6010ZCM 6145.74
6010ZZC3E A72S6128.21
6010ZZC3E AS2S5128.21
6010ZZC3E NS7S5128.21
6010ZZC3E NS7S6128.21
6010ZZCM NS7S5128.21
6010ZZCM NS7S6128.21
6010ZZNR* AS2S5184.09
6010ZZNR* NS7S5184.09
6010ZZNR*C3 AS2S56010ZZNRC3 N184.09
6011C3E 5142.41
6011CM 5142.41
6011CM 6142.41
6011DDUC3E AS2S5185.23
6011DDUC3E NS7S5185.23
6011DDUC3E NS7S6185.23
6011DDUCM AS2S5185.23
6011DDUCM NS7S5185.23
6011DDUNR* AS2S56011DDUNR N265.71
6011DUCM 5225.67
6011M 56011M N595.06
6011NR* 56011NR N214.14
6011NR*C3 56011NRC3 N214.14
6011TCG12P4 R 56011TCG12P4 N637.46
6011TCG12P4 RR 56011TCG12P4 R637.46
6011VVC3E AS2S56011VVC3 N204.57
6011VVCM AS2S5204.57
6011VVCM AS2S6204.57
6011VVCM NS7S56011VV N204.57
6011ZCM 5186.17
6011ZCM 6186.17
6011ZZC3E AS2S5160.55
6011ZZC3E NS7S5160.55
6011ZZCM AS2S5160.55
6011ZZCM NS7S5160.55
6011ZZCM NS7S6160.55
6011ZZNR* AS2S5235.12
6012C3E 5163.32
6012CM 5163.32
6012CM 6163.32
6012CM ** 163.32
6012DDUC3 AS2S5211.97
6012DDUC3 NS7S5211.97
6012DDUC3E** AS2S5211.97
6012DDUC3E** NS7S5211.97
6012DDUCM EA5S5211.97
6012DDUCM NS7S5211.97
6012DDUNR* AS2S5304.3
6012DDUNR* NS7S5304.3
6012DUCM 5240.98
6012M 56012M N822.38
6012MC3 5822.38
6012NR* 5256.73
6012TCG12P4 R 56012TCG12P4 N726.86
6012TCG12P4 RR 56012TCG12P4 R726.86
6012VVC3 AS2S56012VVC3 N234.12
6012VVC3E** BQHS5234.12
6012VVCM AS2S5234.12
6012VVCM NS7S56012VV N234.12
6012ZNR* 56012ZNR N277.65
6012ZZC3E AS2S5187.72
6012ZZC3E NS7S5187.72
6012ZZCM AS2S5187.72
6012ZZCM NS7S5187.72
6012ZZNR* AS2S5269.67
6013 5210.07
6013C3E 56013C3 N210.07
6013C4 5210.08
6013CM 5210.07
6013CM 6210.07
6013CM ** 6013 N210.07
6013DDU AS2S5265.76
6013DDUC3E AS2S5265.76
6013DDUC3E NS7S56013DDUC3 N265.76
6013DDUCM AS2S5265.76
6013DDUCM NS7S56013DDU N265.76
6013DDUCM NS7S6265.76
6013DDUNR* AS2S5362.43
6013DUCM 56013DU N295.47
6013DUCM EA5S6295.47
6013NR* 56013NR N288.78
6013NR*C3 56013NRC3 N288.78
6013TCG12P4 R 56013TCG12P4 N836.75
6013TCG12P4 RR 56013TCG12P4 R836.75
6013VVC3E AS2S56013VVC3 N275.94
6013VVCM NS7S5275.94
6013ZCM 56013Z N263.75
6013ZCM 6263.75
6013ZNR* 56013ZNR N342.58
6013ZZC3 AS2S5247.92
6013ZZC3E AS2S56013ZZC3 N247.92
6013ZZC3E NS7S5247.92
6013ZZCM AS2S56013ZZ N247.92
6013ZZCM NS7S5247.92
6013ZZNR* AS2S5324.96
6013ZZNR* NS7S5324.96
6014C3 5268.42
6014C3E 56014C3 N268.42
6014CM 5268.42
6014CM ** 6014 N268.42
6014DDUC3 AS2S5337.52
6014DDUC3 NS7S56014DDUC3 N337.52
6014DDUCM AS2S5337.52
6014DDUCM NS7S56014DDU N337.52
6014DUCM 56014DU N397.74
6014M 56014M N1041.9
6014MC3 56014MC3 N1041.9
6014NR* 56014NR N356.29
6014NR*C3 5356.29
6014TCG12P4 R 56014TCG12P4 N954.5
6014TCG12P4 RR 56014TCG12P4 R954.5
6014VVC3E AS2S5350.45
6014VVCM AS2S5350.45
6014VVCM AS2S6350.45
6014Z 5328.38
6014ZC3 56014ZC3 N328.38
6014ZCM 56014Z N328.38
6014ZNR* 56014ZNR N427.04
6014ZZ AS2S5308.84
6014ZZC3E AS2S56014ZZC3 N308.84
6014ZZC3E** AS2S5308.84
6014ZZCM AS2S5308.84
6014ZZCM NS7S56014ZZ N308.84
6014ZZNR* AS2S5404.89
6015C3 56015C3 N200.49
6015CM 5200.49
6015CM 6200.49
6015DDUC3 AS2S56015DDUC3 N252.16
6015DDUCM AS2S5252.16
6015DDUCM AS2S6252.16
6015DDUCM NS7S56015DDU N252.16
6015DU 56015DU N297.3
6015M 56015M N766.99
6015MC3 56015MC3 N766.99
6015NR* 56015NR N295.94
6015VV AS2S56015VV N261.83
6015VVC3 AS2S56015VVC3 N261.83
6015ZCM 56015Z N245.23
6015ZNR* 56015ZNR N318.81
6015ZZC3 AS2S5230.45
6015ZZC3 NS7S5230.45
6015ZZC3E AS2S56015ZZC3 N230.45
6015ZZC3E NS7S5230.45
6015ZZCM AS2S5230.45
6015ZZCM NS7S56015ZZ N230.45
6015ZZNR* AS2S56015ZZNR N301.84
6016C3 56016C3 N243.92
6016CM 56016 N243.92
6016DDU AS2S5306.01
6016DDUC3E AS2S56016DDUC3 N306.01
6016DDUCM AS2S56016DDU N306.01
6016DDUCM NS7S5306.01
6016DUC4 6277.25
6016MC3E 5822.47
6016NR* 56016NR N327.72
6016NR*C3 5327.72
6016VV AS2S5320.82
6016VVCM AS2S56016VV N320.82
6016Z 56016Z N298.81
6016ZZ NS7S5280.82
6016ZZC3 AS2S5280.82
6016ZZC3 NS7S56016ZZC3 N280.82
6016ZZCM AS2S5280.82
6016ZZCM NS7S56016ZZ N280.82
6017-2ZJ RN AR3N56017-2Z R314.15
6017C3 56017C3 N273.5
6017CM 56017 N273.5
6017CM 6273.5
6017DDUC3 AS2S5355.36
6017DDUC3E AS2S56017DDUC3 N355.36
6017DDUCM AS2S56017DDU N355.36
6017NR* 56017NR N365.69
6017NR*C3 56017NRC3 N365.69
6017TCG12P4 R 56017TCG12P4 N1565.87
6017TCG12P4 RR 56017TCG12P4 R1565.87
6017VVCM NS7S56017VV N367.15
6017ZC3 56017ZC3 N358.2
6017ZCM 56017Z N358.2
6017ZZC3E AS2S56017ZZC3 N314.15
6017ZZCM AS2S56017ZZ N314.15
6018 5325.13
6018C3 5325.13
6018C3E 56018C3 N325.13
6018CM 56018 N325.13
6018DDU AS2S56018DDU N422.58
6018DDUC3 AS2S56018DDUC3 N422.58
6018DDUC3 D4MS6422.58
6018DDUCM NS7S5422.58
6018NR* 56018NR N561.75
6018TCG12P4 R 56018TCG12P4 N1886.73
6018VVCM AS2S56018VV N436.65
6018VVCM AS2S6436.65
6018ZC3 56018ZC3 N397.57
6018ZCM 56018Z N397.57
6018ZNR* 56018ZNR N516.76
6018ZZC3 AS2S5373.62
6018ZZC3E AS2S56018ZZC3 N373.62
6018ZZCM AS2S56018ZZ N373.62
6019C3 56019C3 N377.25
6019C4 56019C4 N426.17
6019CM 56019 N377.25
6019DDU AS2S56019DDU N490.34
6019DDUC3 AS2S56019DDUC3 N490.34
6019TCG12P4 RR 56019TCG12P4 R2207.03
6019ZCM 56019Z N480.51
6019ZZC3 AS2S5444.58
6019ZZC3E AS2S56019ZZC3 N444.58
6019ZZCM AS2S56019ZZ N444.58
6020C3E 56020C3 N414.82
6020CM 56020 N414.82
6020DDU AS2S5536.72
6020DDU NS7S56020DDU N536.72
6020DDUC3 AS2S56020DDUC3 N536.72
6020DU 56020DU N614.9
6020MC3 51173.72
6020NR* 56020NR N592.07
6020TCG12P4 R 56020TCG12P4 N2615.01
6020TCG12P4 RR 56020TCG12P4 R2615.01
6020VV AS2S56020VV N557.3
6020ZCM 56020Z N507.43
6020ZNR* 56020ZNR N659.55
6020ZZC3 AS2S5488.73
6020ZZC3E AS2S56020ZZC3 N488.73
6020ZZC4 EEMS5537.58
6020ZZCM AS2S56020ZZ N488.73
6020ZZCM NS7S5488.73
6021C3 56021C3 N513.33
6021C4 56021C4 N588.24
6021CM 56021 N513.33
6021DDU AS2S56021DDU N693.43
6021DDUC3 AS2S56021DDUC3 N693.43
6021ZZ AS2S56021ZZ N613.33
6021ZZC3E AS2S56021ZZC3 N613.33
6022C3 56022C3 N615.8
6022CM 56022 N615.8
6022DDU AS2S5825.26
6022DDUC3 AS2S56022DDUC3 N825.26
6022DDUCM AS2S56022DDU N825.26
6022MC3 56022MC3 N1338.87
6022NR 56022NR N891.35
6022TCG12P4 R 56022TCG12P4 N3281.79
6022VV AS2S5832.43
6022Z 56022Z N742.66
6022ZZC3 AS2S56022ZZC3 N736.28
6022ZZCM AS2S56022ZZ N736.28
6022ZZCM NS7S5736.28
6024 5721.39
6024C3 56024C3 N721.39
6024C4 56024C4 N901.14
6024CM 56024 N721.39
6024DDU AS2S5937.8
6024DDUC3 AS2S56024DDUC3 N937.8
6024DDUCM AS2S56024DDU N937.8
6024DDUCM NS7S5937.8
6024M 56024M N1525.5
6024MC3 56024MC3 N1525.5
6024TCG12P4 RR 56024TCG12P4 R3811.69
6024VV AS2S56024VV N973.75
6024ZCM 56024Z N887.26
6024ZZC3E AS2S56024ZZC3 N858.66
6024ZZCM AS2S56024ZZ N858.66
6026 5962.17
6026C3 56026C3 N962.17
6026C4 56026C4 N1101.16
6026CM 56026 N962.17
6026DDU AS2S56026DDU N1387.1
6026DDUC3 AS2S56026DDUC3 N1387.1
6026MC3 56026MC3 N1704.29
6026ZZC3E AS2S56026ZZC3 N1190.38
6026ZZCM AS2S51190.38
6028C3 56028C3 N1093.64
6028C4 51220.17
6028CM 56028 N1093.64
6028DDU AS2S56028DDU N1634.79
6028DDUC3 AS2S56028DDUC3 N1634.79
6028MC3 56028MC3 N1882.17
6028ZZ AS2S51363.81
6028ZZCM AS2S56028ZZ N1363.81
6030C3 56030C3 N1332.5
6030C4 51501.33
6030CM 56030 N1332.5
6030DDU AS2S51920.6
6030DDU NS7S56030DDU N1920.6
6030DDUC3 AS2S56030DDUC3 N1920.6
6030M 56030M N2055.38
6030MC3 56030MC3 N2055.38
6030ZZ AS2S56030ZZ N1661.82
6030ZZC3 AS2S56030ZZC3 N1661.82
6032 52263.96
6032C3 56032C3 N2263.96
6032DDU AS2S53284.84
6032DDU NS7S56032DDU N3284.84
6032M 56032M N2402.69
6032MC3 56032MC3 N2402.69
6032ZZ AS2S56032ZZ N2178.75
6032ZZC3 AS2S56032ZZC3 N2178.75
6034 56034 N2780.11
6034C3 56034C3 N2780.11
6034M 56034M N2846.29
6034MC3 52846.29
6034MC3E 56034MC3 N2846.29
6034ZZSC3 AS2S56034ZZC3 N3274.44
6036 56036 N3166.7
6036C3 56036C3 N3166.7
6036M 56036M N3242.1
6036MC3 56036MC3 N3242.1
6036ZZS AS2S56036ZZS N3676.11
6036ZZSC3 AS2S56036ZZSC3 N3676.11
6038 56038 N3608.28
6038C3 56038C3 N3608.28
6038M 56038M N3694.18
6038MC3 56038MC3 N3694.18
6040 56040 N4166.65
6040M 56040M N4265.86
6040MC3 56040MC3 N4265.86
6040ZZS AS2S55398.56
6044M 56044M N5848.55
6048M 56048M N7157.93
6048MC3 56048MC3 N7157.93
604ZZMC3 PS2S540.29
604ZZMC3E PS2S6604ZZ+6 N40.29
6052M 56052M N10974.27
605-2ZRY RW D8SS5605-2Z R61.84
6056M 56056M N13674.86
6056MC3 56056MC3 N13674.86
605ZZMC3E NS7L5605ZZ N61.84
605ZZMC3E PS2S6605ZZ+6 N61.84
6060M 524033.21
6060MC3 524033.21
606-2ZRY RW D8SS5606-2Z R62.72
606DD1MC3 PS2S6606DD+6 N71.09
606VVMC3E PS2S6606VV+6 N71.09
606ZZMC3E NS7L5606ZZ N62.72
606ZZMC3E PS2S6606ZZ+6 N62.72
607-2RSRY RW D8SS5607-2RS R29.24
607-2ZRY RW D8SS5607-2Z R26.09
607DDMC3 J NS7S8607DD N29.24
607DDMC3E J NS7SQ29.24
607UMC3E J D8SS824.41
607VVMC3E J PS2S833.29
607ZZ1MC3 J NS7S826.09
607ZZ1MC3E J D8SLQ26.09
607ZZ1MC3E J PS2S8607ZZ N26.09
608-2ZRY RW D8SS5608-2Z R25.85
608-2ZRYC3 RW D8SS5608-2ZC3 R25.85
608DD1MC3E NS7S6608DD+6 N29.19
608DD1MC3E J EA3S529.19
608DD1MC3E J NS7SQ29.19
608DD1MC3E J PS2S8608DD N29.19
608DD1MC3E J PS2SQ29.19
608DD1MC5E J PS2S8608DDC3 N29.19
608DDWMC3E NS7S631.48
608DDWMC3E PS2S631.48
608MC3 6608+6 N22.39
608UMC3E J 8608 N22.39
608VV1MC3E J PS2SQ33.18
608VVMC3E PS2S6608VV+6 N33.18
608Y RW 5608 R22.39
608Z1MC3E J 8608Z N29.36
608ZZ1MC2E J NS7S831.43
608ZZ1MC3E NS7L525.85
608ZZ1MC3E NS7S525.85
608ZZ1MC3E PS2S6608ZZ+6 N25.85
608ZZ1MC3E J EA3L525.85
608ZZ1MC3E J NS7SQ25.85
608ZZ1MC3E J PS2S8608ZZ N25.85
609-2ZRY RW D8SS5609-2Z R26.86
609DDMC3 J NS7S8609DD N30.46
609DDMC3E PS2S6609DD+6 N30.46
609MC3E 526.11
609MC3E 626.11
609VVMC3E PS2S6609VV+6 N33.59
609ZZ1MC3 J NS7S8609ZZ N26.86
609ZZMC3E NS7L526.86
609ZZMC3E NS7L626.86
609ZZMC3E NS7LQ26.86
609ZZMC3E PS2S526.86
609ZZMC5E NS7L626.86
609ZZMC5E PS2S626.86
60BER10HTV1VSUELP3 R 2MTSX52398.61
60BER10STSULP3 R 560BER10STSULP3 N975.68
60BNR10STSULP3 R 560BNR10STSULP3 N975.68
60BNR10STV1VSULP3 R MTSX51219.62
60P RRS P32.47
60TAC120BSUC10PN7B 560TAC120BSUC10PN7B N1141.64
60TB0715B ENSL561.44
618/6Y RW 5618/6 R32.35
618/8Y RW 5618/8 R33.69
61801-2RSRTNH RW D8SS561801-2RSTN R48.65
619/5-2ZRY RW D8SS5619/5-2Z R40.56
61900-2RSFT9H RW D8SS647.82
61900-2ZRTNH RW D8SS561900-2ZTN R47.82
61901-2RSRTNH RW D8SS561901-2RSTN R47.76
61901-2ZRTNH RW D8SS561901-2ZTN R47.76
61901TNH RW 561901TN R41.53
61902TNH RW 561902TN R46.35
61903TNH RW 561903TN R49.14
62/22 562/22 N50.04
62/22C3 562/22C3 N50.04
62/22C4** 555.1
62/22DDU AS2S562/22DDU N50.66
62/22DDU NS7S550.66
62/22DDUC3** AS2S562/22DDUC3 N50.66
62/22ZZCM NS7S563.16
62/28 551.68
62/28C3 562/28C3 N51.68
62/28CM 562/28 N51.68
62/28DDUC3** AS2S562/28DDUC3 N62.83
62/28DDUC4** AS2S562/28DDUC4 N69.13
62/28DDUCM AS2S562.83
62/28DDUCM NS7S562/28DDU N62.83
62/28DUC3** 562/28DUC3 N62.83
62/28NR* 562/28NR N67.3
62/28NR*C3 562/28NRC3 N67.3
62/28ZNR*C3** 577.33
62/28ZZ AS2S559.5
62/32C3 562/32C3 N59.15
62/32DDU NS7S562/32DDU N76.82
62/32DDUC3 AS2S562/32DDUC3 N76.82
62/32NR*C3** 576.82
62/32ZZ AS2S567.96
6200 524.59
6200C3 524.59
6200CM 524.59
6200DDUC3E NS7S531.86
6200DDUC3E J NS7S831.86
6200DDUCM AS2S531.86
6200DDUCM NS7S531.86
6200DDUCM J NS7S831.86
6200DDUCM J NS7SQ6200DDU+6 N31.86
6200DDUNR* AS2S56200DDUNR N46.16
6200DDUNR* AV2S546.16
6200DDW1CM AS2L531.86
6200DUCM J 86200DU N36.54
6200NR* 56200NR N35.37
6200UC3E J 824.59
6200UCM J 824.59
6200VVC3E D NS7S536.54
6200VVC3E J NS7S86200VVC3 N36.54
6200VVCM NS7S536.54
6200VVCM D NS7S536.54
6200VVCM J NS7LQ36.54
6200VVCM J NS7S86200VV N36.54
6200ZCM D* 532.32
6200ZCM J 832.32
6200ZNR* 56200ZNR N42.02
6200ZZC3E AS2S528.36
6200ZZC3E NS7S528.36
6200ZZC3E J NS7S828.36
6200ZZC3E J NS7SQ28.36
6200ZZC4E** AS2S534.56
6200ZZCM AS2S528.36
6200ZZCM NS7S528.36
6200ZZCM J NS7S828.36
6200ZZNR* AS2S646.65
6200ZZNR* NS7S546.65
6201C2** 56201C2 N31.26
6201C3E D 56201C3 N25.67
6201C3E D 625.67
6201C3E D* 525.67
6201C3E** D 625.67
6201CM 525.67
6201CM D 56201 N25.67
6201CM D 625.67
6201DDU7C3EX28 ENSS56201DDU7C3EX28 N85.19
6201DDUC3E AS2S533.33
6201DDUC3E D EA3S633.33
6201DDUC3E D ENSS633.33
6201DDUC3E D MA7S633.33
6201DDUC3E D NS7S56201DDUC3 N33.33
6201DDUC3E D NS7S66201DDU+6 N33.33
6201DDUC4E D D8SS640.65
6201DDUCM AS2S533.33
6201DDUCM NS7S533.33
6201DDUCM D ENSS633.33
6201DDUCM D NS7S56201DDU N33.33
6201DDUCM D NS7S633.33
6201DDUNR* NS7S56201DDUNR N48.13
6201DDWCMR NS7S533.33
6201DUCM D 56201DU N38.04
6201DUCM D 638.04
6201DUCM D* 538.04
6201NR* 56201NR N40.64
6201VVC3E D NS7S56201VVC3 N38.04
6201VVC4** NS7S541.9
6201VVCM AS2S538.04
6201VVCM NS7S538.04
6201VVCM D NS7S56201VV N38.04
6201VVNCXCM WR3S549.39
6201ZC3E D 56201ZC3 N33.65
6201ZC3E D* 533.65
6201ZCM D 56201Z N33.65
6201ZCM D* 533.65
6201ZNR* 56201ZNR N43.99
6201ZZC3 AS2S529.5
6201ZZC3** AS2S529.5
6201ZZC3E D EA3S629.5
6201ZZC3E D ENSS629.5
6201ZZC3E D NS7S56201ZZC3 N29.5
6201ZZC3E D NS7S629.5
6201ZZC3E** NS7S529.5
6201ZZC4E D NS7S56201ZZC4 N39.84
6201ZZCM NS7S529.5
6201ZZCM D D8SS629.5
6201ZZCM D ENSS629.5
6201ZZCM D NS7L629.5
6201ZZCM D NS7S56201ZZ N29.5
6201ZZCM D NS7S629.5
6201ZZNR* AS2S551.14
6201ZZNR* D NS7S56201ZZNR N51.14
6202-10DDU AS2S534.56
6202-10DDU NS7S56202-10DDU N34.56
6202-10ZZ AS2S56202-10ZZ N32.91
6202-16MZZC3E** AS2S56202-16MZZC3 N13.19
6202C3E D 527.65
6202C3E D 627.65
6202C4 D 56202C4 N34.78
6202CM 527.65
6202CM D 56202 N27.65
6202DDU7C3EX28 ENSS686.7
6202DDUC3** D D8SS635.9
6202DDUC3**DBCP7 D8SSX111.43
6202DDUC3E NS7S535.9
6202DDUC3E D ENSS635.9
6202DDUC3E D NS7S56202DDUC3 N35.9
6202DDUC4E D NS7S674.68
6202DDUCM AS2S535.9
6202DDUCM NS7S535.9
6202DDUCM D ENSS635.9
6202DDUCM D NS7S56202DDU N35.9
6202DDUCM D NS7S635.9
6202DDUN AS2S660.75
6202DDUNR* NS7S56202DDUNR N60.75
6202DDW1CE EA2S535.9
6202DUCM D 56202DU N41.16
6202NR* 56202NR N50.76
6202VVC3E D NS7S56202VVC3 N41.16
6202VVC4 D NS7S648.5
6202VVCM NS7S541.16
6202VVCM D NS7S56202VV N41.16
6202VVCM D NS7S641.16
6202VVNCXCM NS7S560.75
6202ZC3E D 56202ZC3 N36.41
6202ZC3E D* 536.41
6202ZC3E** 536.41
6202ZCM D 56202Z N36.41
6202ZCM D NS7S636.41
6202ZCM D* 536.41
6202ZNR* 56202ZNR N47.2
6202ZNR* AS2S547.2
6202ZZC2E D NS7S544.15
6202ZZC3E NS7S531.74
6202ZZC3E D A72S631.74
6202ZZC3E D AHQS631.74