RHP & NSK Price List 2014

All prices shown are Manufacturer Recommended Prices, which Acorn will be able to discount. Please contact Acorn for pricing

6404AZZ NS7S5162.65
6404C3 56404C3 N135.74
6405 56405 N159.14
6405C3 56405C3 N159.14
6405ZZ AS2S5190.94
6405ZZ NS7S5190.94
6405ZZC3 AS2S5190.94
6405ZZC3 NS7S56405ZZC3 N190.94
6406 56406 N200.11
6406C3 56406C3 N200.11
6406C4 56406C4 N220.12
6406ZZ AS2S56406ZZ N240.11
6406ZZ NS7S5240.11
6406ZZC3** AS2S5240.11
6407 56407 N241.72
6407AZZ AS2S56407ZZ N289.84
6407C2 5265.79
6407C3 56407C3 N241.72
6407NR*C3 56407NRC3 N354.85
6408 56408 N293.49
6408C3 56408C3 N293.49
6408NR* 56408NR N392.75
6408ZZ AS2S56408ZZ N362.34
6408ZZC3 AS2S5362.34
6409 56409 N358.43
6409AZZ AS2S56409ZZ N430.39
6409AZZ NS7S5430.39
6409AZZC3 AS2S5430.39
6409AZZC3 EA3S6430.39
6409C3 56409C3 N358.43
6409C4 56409C4 N394.29
6409NR* 56409NR N432.9
6409NR*C3 56409NRC3 N432.9
6410 56410 N420.91
6410C3 56410C3 N420.91
6410ZZ AS2S56410ZZ N505.22
6411 56411 N502.4
6411AZZ AS2S56411ZZ N602.65
6411C3 56411C3 N502.4
6411NR*C3 56411NRC3 N766.87
6412 56412 N604.14
6412AZZ AS2S5869.85
6412C3 56412C3 N604.14
6412NR* 56412NR N785.18
6413 56413 N759.91
6413C3 56413C3 N759.91
6413NR* 56413NR N962.26
6413NR*C3 56413NRC3 N962.26
6414 56414 N1079.51
6414C3 56414C3 N1079.51
6414MC3 51727.04
6415 56415 N1598.09
6415C3 56415C3 N1598.09
6415C4 56415C4 N1758.87
6416 56416 N1814.46
6416C3 56416C3 N1814.46
6417 56417 N2302.19
6418 56418 N2911.15
6418C3 56418C3 N2911.15
64450R/64700R 564450R/64700R N416.74
655R/653R 5534.73
6580R/6535R 56580R/6535R N712.2
65BER10HTSULP3 R 565BER10HTSULP3 N2349.95
65BER10STSULP3 R 565BER10STSULP3 N1064.13
65BNR10HTYNSUELP3 R 52349.97
65BNR10STSULP3 R 565BNR10STSULP3 N1064.13
65BNR10STYNSUELP3 R 51064.13
65BNR19STSUELP3 R 5997
67388R/67322R 51164.38
67790R/67720R 567790R/67720R N1579.25
67885/67820 567885/67820 N2157.94
68/500MC3 538636.05
68/530AM 568/530AM N39884.62
68/600M 547359.72
68/670M 558009.07
6800 56800 N38.67
6800CM 538.67
6800DD AS2S56800DD N49.78
6800DD AS2S649.78
6800DD NS7S549.78
6800VV AS2S56800VV N49.78
6800VV NS7S549.78
6800ZZ AS2S649.78
6800ZZ AV2S549.78
6800ZZ PS2S649.78
6800ZZCM NS7S549.78
6801CM 56801 N42.43
6801DD AHQK648.65
6801DD AS2S548.65
6801DD NS7S56801DD N48.65
6801DD NS7S648.65
6801DDC3 AS2S56801DDC3 N48.65
6801VV AHQK648.65
6801VV AS2S56801VV N48.65
6801VV NS7S548.65
6801ZZ1CM AS2S56801ZZ N48.65
6801ZZ1CM NS7S548.65
6802 56802 N43.26
6802DD AS2S56802DD N50.19
6802DD D8SL650.19
6802DD NS7S550.19
6802DD NS7S650.19
6802VV AS2S550.19
6802VV EA2K650.19
6802VV NS7S56802VV N50.19
6802ZZCM AS2S550.19
6802ZZCM D8SL650.19
6802ZZCM NS7S56802ZZ N50.19
6803 56803 N46.81
6803DD AS2S56803DD N57.16
6803DD D8SL657.16
6803DD NS7S557.16
6803DD NS7S657.16
6803DDC3** AHQK657.16
6803VV NS7S557.16
6803VVC3E** NS7S557.16
6803VVCM AS2S56803VV N57.16
6803ZZCM AS2S56803ZZ N57.15
6803ZZCM NS7S557.15
6803ZZCM NS7S657.15
6804 56804 N51.65
6804 651.65
6804C3E 651.65
6804DD AS2S565.12
6804DD NS7S565.12
6804DDCM EA3S665.12
6804DDCM NS7S56804DD N65.12
6804VV AS2S565.12
6804VV NS7S56804VV N65.12
6804VVCM NS7S565.12
6804ZZ AS2S56804ZZ N65.12
6804ZZC3** NS7S56804ZZC3 N65.12
6804ZZCM NS7S565.12
6804ZZNR* NS7S56804ZZNR N84.54
6805 559.73
6805DD AS2S574.17
6805DD AS2S674.17
6805DD EA5L574.17
6805DD NS7S574.17
6805VV AS2S574.17
6805VV AS2S674.17
6805VV AV2S574.17
6805VV NS7S574.17
6805VVCM NS7S574.17
6805ZZ AS2S574.17
6805ZZC3** NS7S574.17
6805ZZCM NS7S574.17
6805ZZNR* NS7S56805ZZNR N96.42
6806 590.42
6806C3 590.42
6806DD AS2S5106.79
6806DD NS7S5106.79
6806VV AS2S5106.79
6806VV AS2S6106.79
6806VV NS7S5106.79
6806ZZ NS7S5106.79
6806ZZC3 NS7S5106.79
6806ZZCM NS7S5106.79
6807 56807 N106.74
6807 6106.74
6807DD NS7S5122.74
6807DDCM NS7S5122.74
6807VV AS2S56807VV N122.76
6807VV NS7S5122.76
6807ZZ AS2S56807ZZ N122.74
6807ZZC3** NS7K6122.74
6807ZZC3** NS7S56807ZZC3 N122.74
6807ZZCM NS7S5122.74
6808 56808 N114
6808DD AS2S5134.11
6808DD NS7S56808DD N134.11
6808DD NS7S6134.11
6808VV AS2S56808VV N134.11
6808VV NS7S5134.11
6808ZZ AS2S56808ZZ N134.11
6808ZZCM NS7S5134.11
6809 56809 N135.91
6809A 5135.91
6809CM 5135.91
6809DD AS2S56809DD N158.47
6809DD NS7S5158.47
6809VVCM AS2S56809VV N158.48
6809VVCM NS7S5158.48
6809ZZ AS2S56809ZZ N162.36
6809ZZ AV2S5162.36
6809ZZCM NS7S5162.36
6810 56810 N154.69
6810DDU AS2S5180.25
6810VV AS2L6184.64
6810VV AS2S5184.64
6810VV AS2S6184.64
6810VV AV2S56810VV N184.64
6810VV NS7S5184.64
6810ZZ AS2S56810ZZ N184.64
6810ZZ NS7S5184.64
6810ZZC2 D8SS6203.09
6810ZZCM NS7S5184.64
6811 56811 N181.84
6811DDU AS2S56811DDU N219.26
6811DDU NS7S5219.26
6811DDUC3 AS2S56811DDUC3 N219.26
6811VV AS2S5224.64
6811ZZ AS2S5224.65
6811ZZ NS7S56811ZZ N224.65
6812 56812 N213.12
6812DD AS2S5251.82
6812DD NS7S56812DD N251.82
6812VV AS2S5257.97
6812VV AS2S6257.97
6812VV NS7S56812VV N257.97
6812ZZCM AS2S5257.97
6812ZZCM NS7S56812ZZ N257.97
6813 56813 N244.97
6813DD AS2S5285.91
6813DD NS7S56813DD N285.91
6813VV AS2S5292.87
6813ZZCM AS2S5292.87
6814 56814 N264.43
6814DD AS2S5305.91
6814DD NS7S56814DD N305.91
6814VV AS2S56814VV N313.33
6814ZZ AS2S5313.33
6815 56815 N301.74
6815DDU AS2S5349.39
6815DDU NS7S56815DDU N349.39
6815VV AS2S5357.88
6815ZZ AS2S5357.88
6815ZZCM AS2S5357.88
6816 56816 N323.74
6816C3 5323.74
6816DDU AS2S56816DDU N386.39
6816DDU NS7S5386.39
6816VV AS2S5395.82
6816VV AS2S6395.82
6816VV NS7S56816VV N395.82
6816ZZ AS2S5395.82
6816ZZCM AS2S5395.82
6817 56817 N403.37
6817 6403.37
6817C3 5403.37
6817DDU AS2S56817DDU N474.72
6817DDU NS7S5474.72
6817VV AS2S5520.7
6817VV NS7S5520.7
6818 56818 N446.05
6818DDU AS2S56818DDU N546.45
6818DDU NS7S5546.45
6818VV AS2S5599.64
6818VV AV2S56818VV N599.64
6818ZZ AS2S5559.51
6818ZZ AV2S56818ZZ N559.51
6819 56819 N489.52
6819DD AS2S5597.6
6819VV AS2S5597.6
6819ZZ AS2S5587.32
6819ZZC3 AS2S56819ZZC3 N587.32
6820 56820 N505.69
6820DD AS2S56820DD N619.55
6820VV AS2S5680.28
6820VV NS7S56820VV N680.28
6820ZZ AS2S5634.68
6820ZZ NS7S56820ZZ N634.68
6820ZZC3 NS7S56820ZZC3 N634.68
6821 56821 N556.67
6821C3 5556.67
6821VV AS2S5723.98
6822 56822 N605.6
6822DDU AS2S56822DDU N717.35
6822VV AS2S5787.64
6822VV AV2S56822VV N787.64
6822VVC3 AS2S56822VVC3 N787.64
6822ZZ AS2S56822ZZ N731.21
6824 56824 N710.04
6824C3 56824C3 N710.04
6824DD AS2S56824DD N859.58
6824VV AS2S5880.54
6826 56826 N852.13
6826C3** 56826C3 N852.13
6826DD AS2S56826DD N1030.87
6826DDC3 AS2S56826DDC3 N1030.87
6826VV AS2S51131.82
6826VV NS7S56826VV N1131.82
6828 56828 N1009.14
6828C3 56828C3 N1009.14
6828DDU AS2S51228.38
6828DDU NS7S56828DDU N1228.38
6828VV AS2S51258.35
6828ZZ AS2S51258.35
6830 56830 N1177.92
6830C3 51177.92
6830DDU AS2S56830DDU N1483.95
6830M 56830M N1769.56
6830VV AS2S56830VV N1483.95
6830ZZ AS2S56830ZZ N1483.95
6832 56832 N1435.35
6832C3 51435.35
6832M 56832M N1964.4
6832VV AS2S56832VV N1722.22
6834 56834 N1596.18
6834M 56834M N2222.9
6834VV AS2S56834VV N2125.37
6836 56836 N1917.56
6836C3 56836C3 N1917.56
6836M 56836M N2539.7
6838 56838 N2016.02
6838M 56838M N2619.15
6838VV AS2S56838VV N2620.35
683AZZMC3 PS2S538.74
683AZZMC3 PS2S6683ZZ+6 N38.74
6840M 56840M N2899.24
6840MC3 56840MC3 N2899.24
6844M 56844M N3432.97
6848M 56848M N4139.9
6848MC3 54139.9
684A-A-1ZZ1MC3E M NS7S538.74
6852M 56852M N4606.04
6852MC3 54606.04
6856M 56856M N5213.33
685MC3E 6685+6 N31.59
685ZZMC3E PS2S6685ZZ+6 N37.8
6860M 56860M N7363.16
6864M 56864M N8668.75
6864MC3 58668.75
6868M 56868M N11309.63
686ADDMC3 AS2S6686DD+6 N44.16
686AZZ1MC2E PS2S641.78
686AZZ1MC3E D8SL637.8
686AZZ1MC3E PS2S5686ZZ N37.8
686AZZ1MC3E PS2S6686ZZ+6 N37.8
686MC3 AF2S631.59
6872M 56872M N14694.92
6876M 56876M N17408.41
687R/672R 5687R/672R N502.04
687VVMC3E PS2S6687VV+6 N44.16
687ZZ1MC3E PS2S6687ZZ+6 N37.8
6884M 56884M N22420.2
6888M 56888M N25643.93
6888MC3 56888MC3 N25643.93
688ADD1*MC3 PS2S6688DD+6 N46.14
688AVVMC3E PS2S6688VV+6 N46.14
688AZZ1*MC3E J AS2S539.6
688AZZ1MC3 PS2S639.6
688AZZ1MC3E NS7S639.6
688AZZ1MC3E PS2S5688ZZ N39.6
688AZZ1MC3E PS2S6688ZZ+6 N39.6
6892M 56892M N34323.72
6896MC3 536045.73
689ZZ1MC3E PS2S6689ZZ+6 N41.12
6900 56900 N42.09
6900CM J 542.09
6900DD J NS7S547.82
6900DD J NS7S647.82
6900DDC3** J NS7S56900DDC3 N47.82
6900VVCM J NS7S547.82
6900ZZ1C3E J NS7S647.82
6900ZZ1C3E** J EA3S647.82
6900ZZ1C3E** J NS7S56900ZZC3 N47.82
6900ZZ1CM J NS7S56900ZZ N47.82
6900ZZ1CM J NS7S647.82
6901CM 56901 N42.29
6901DD AS2S547.76
6901DD NS7S547.76
6901DDC3** AS2S547.76
6901DDC3E** NS7S547.76
6901VVCM AS2S547.76
6901VVCM NS7S56901VV N47.76
6901ZZ2CM NS7S56901ZZ N47.76
6902C3 56902C3 N47.24
6902CM 56902 N47.24
6902DD AS2S56902DD N52.78
6902DD NS7S552.78
6902DDC3** NS7S56902DDC3 N52.78
6902VV AS2S552.78
6902VVC3** NS7S56902VVC3 N52.78
6902ZZ1C3 AS2S552.78
6902ZZ1C3E AS2S56902ZZC3 N52.78
6902ZZ1CM AS2S552.78
6902ZZ1CM NS7S552.78
6903 56903 N49.14
6903DDUC3 AS2S56903DDUC3 N54.13
6903DDUCM AS2S554.13
6903DDUCM NS7S554.13
6903VV AS2S554.13
6903VVCM NS7S56903VV N54.13
6903ZZCM NS7S56903ZZ N54.13
6904 557.83
6904 AG7S557.83
6904C3 56904C3 N57.83
6904DDU D AS2S564.62
6904DDUC3** AS2S564.62
6904DDUC3** AS2S664.62
6904DDUC3** NS7S564.62
6904DDUCM AS2S664.62
6904DDUCM NS7S56904DDU N64.62
6904DDUCM D NS7S564.62
6904VVC3** NS7S564.62
6904VVCM NS7S56904VV N64.62
6904ZCM AS2S564.62
6904ZZC3 NS7S564.62
6904ZZC3** NS7S664.62
6904ZZCM NS7S56904ZZ N64.62
6904ZZCM D NS7S564.62
6904ZZNR* NS7S56904ZZNR N83.85
6904ZZNR*C4** NS7S56904ZZNRC4 N92.27
6905 669.17
6905CM 569.17
6905DDUC3** AS2S56905DDUC3 N84.23
6905DDUCM AS2S584.23
6905DDUCM NS7S584.23
6905VVCM NS7S584.23
6905ZZC3E** NS7S584.23
6905ZZCM NS7S584.23
6905ZZCM NS7S684.23
6905ZZCM D NS7S56905ZZ N84.23
6906CM 5102.21
6906CM ** 102.21
6906CM D 56906 N102.21
6906DDU D AS2S5107.87
6906DDUCM NS7S5107.87
6906DDUCM D NS7S56906DDU N107.87
6906DDUCM D NS7S6107.87
6906VVCM AS2S5107.85
6906VVCM AS2S6107.85
6906ZZC3 NS7S5107.85
6906ZZC3 NS7S6107.85
6906ZZC3 D NS7S6107.85
6906ZZCM NS7S5107.85
6906ZZCM NS7S6107.85
6906ZZCM D NS7S56906ZZ N107.85
6906ZZCM D NS7S6107.85
6907CM 5124.3
6907DDU AS2S5136.57
6907DDUC3** AS2S5136.57
6907DDUC3** AS2S6136.57
6907DDUCM AS2S56907DDU N136.57
6907DDUCM NS7S5136.57
6907VVCM NS7S56907VV N136.57
6907ZZC3** AS2S56907ZZC3 N136.57
6907ZZCM NS7S5136.57
6907ZZCM **AS2S 6907ZZ N136.57
6907ZZNR*C4** AS2S5195.27
6908CM 5136.2
6908DDU AS2S5158.95
6908DDUCM NS7S56908DDU N158.95
6908DDUNR* AS2S56908DDUNR N206.64
6908VVC3E** NS7S56908VVC3 N158.95
6908VVCM AS2S56908VV N158.95
6908VVCM NS7S5158.95
6908VVCM **AS2S 158.95
6908ZZC3E** AS2S56908ZZC3 N158.95
6908ZZCM AS2S6158.95
6908ZZCM NS7S5158.95
6909 5158.4
6909C3 56909C3 N158.4
6909CM 56909 N158.4
6909DDUCM AS2S5185.54
6909DDUCM NS7S56909DDU N185.54
6909VV AS2S5185.56
6909VVCM AS2S5185.56
6909VVCM NS7S5185.56
6909ZZCM AS2S5185.56
6909ZZCM NS7S5185.56
6910 56910 N166.75
6910CM 5166.75
6910DDU AS2S5218.79
6910DDU AS2S6218.79
6910DDU NS7S5218.79
6910DDUC3** AS2S56910DDUC3 N218.79
6910VVCM AS2S5218.78
6910VVCM NS7S5218.78
6910ZZC3 NS7S56910ZZC3 N218.79
6910ZZCM AS2S5218.79
6910ZZCM NS7S5218.79
6910ZZUG NB5S5218.79
6911C3 56911C3 N187.13
6911CM 5187.13
6911DDU AS2S5229.99
6911DDU NS7S56911DDU N229.99
6911VVCM AS2S5229.99
6911ZZ AS2S5229.99
6911ZZC3 NS7S56911ZZC3 N229.99
6911ZZCM AS2S5229.99
6912 56912 N219.11
6912 6219.11
6912DDU AS2S56912DDU N299.25
6912DDU AV2S5299.25
6912VVC3 AS2S56912VVC3 N299.25
6912VVCM AS2S56912VV N299.25
6912VVCM AV2S5299.25
6912ZZCM AS2S5299.25
6912ZZCM AV2S56912ZZ N299.25
6912ZZCM NS7S5299.25
6913 56913 N235.9
6913DDU AS2S5306.79
6913DDU AS2S6306.79
6913DDU NS7S5306.79
6913VV AS2S5295.14
6913VVCM AS2S5295.14
6913ZZ AS2S5295.14
6913ZZ NS7S5295.14
6913ZZCM AS2S5295.14
6914 56914 N275.66
6914C3 56914C3 N275.66
6914DDU AS2S56914DDU N344.67
6914DDU NS7S5344.67
6914VV AS2S56914VV N344.67
6914ZZ AS2S5344.67
6914ZZCM AS2S5344.67
6915 56915 N341.15
6915VV AS2S5393.86
6915ZZCM AS2S5393.86
6916 56916 N370.16
6916DDU AS2S5399.5
6916DDU NS7S56916DDU N399.5
6916VV AS2S5399.5
6916ZZ AS2S5399.5
6916ZZCM AS2S5399.5
6917 56917 N440.15
6917ZZ AS2S5550.53
6917ZZCM AS2S5550.53
6917ZZCM NS7S5550.53
6918 56918 N500.43
6918DDU AS2S56918DDU N625.72
6918VV AS2S5625.72
6918ZZ AS2S5625.72
6918ZZCM AS2S56918ZZ N625.72
6919 56919 N560.32
6919DDU AS2S56919DDU N700.97
6919VV AS2S56919VV N700.97
6919ZZCM AS2S56919ZZ N700.97
6920 56920 N619.9
6920DDU AS2S56920DDU N775.56
6920ZZ AS2S5775.56
6921 56921 N674.42
6921ZZ AS2S5843.54
6921ZZ NS7S56921ZZ N843.54
6922 56922 N732.24
6922C3 56922C3 N732.24
6922ZZ AS2S5915.65
6922ZZ NS7S56922ZZ N915.65
6924 56924 N1250.44
6924C3 56924C3 N1250.44
6924MC3 56924MC3 N2711.29
6924ZZ AS2S56924ZZ N1499.59
6924ZZ NS7S51499.59
6926 56926 N1770.18
6926ZZ AS2S52124.29
6928 56928 N2292.89
6928M 56928M N3243.41
6928ZZS AS2S56928ZZS N2636.35
692ZZMC3E PS2S6692ZZ+6 N29.1
6930 56930 N2807.27
6930DDU NS7S56930DDU N3509.03
6930ZZS AS2S53368.19
6932 56932 N3327.58
6932C3 56932C3 N3327.58
6932M 56932M N3819.16
6934 56934 N3851.35
6934C3 56934C3 N3851.35
6936 56936 N3181.58
6936M 56936M N4080.53
6938M 56938M N4289.69
693JZZMC3E PS2S6693ZZ+6 N29.1
6940M 56940M N4640.75
6940MC3 56940MC3 N4640.75
6944M 56944M N5282.96
6944MC3 56944MC3 N5282.96
6948M 56948M N5732.95
694ZZMC3E PS2S6694ZZ+6 N40.94
6952M 56952M N7189.75
6952MC3 56952MC3 N7189.75
6956M 56956M N8361.46
695DD12MC3E J D8SL545.72
695DD12MC3E J NS7S545.72
695ZZ1MC3E PS2S639.57
695ZZ1MC3E J PS2S5695ZZ+6 N39.57
6960M 56960M N11420.26
6968M 56968M N19414.92
6968MC3 519414.92
696DD1MC3 J NS7S8696DD N44.16
696ZZ1MC3E J PS2S8696ZZ N39.57
6972M 56972M N20815
6976M 56976M N24374.12
697ZZ1MC3E NS7S640.19
697ZZ1MC3E PS2S6697ZZ+6 N40.19
6980M 56980M N25721.71
6980MC3 525721.71
698DDMC3 PS2S6698DD+6 N46.82
698ZZMC3E D8SS641.32
698ZZMC3E PS2S6698ZZ+6 N41.32
698ZZMC5E EA3L641.32
699DDMC3E PS2S6699DD+6 N49.7
699ZZ1MC3E PS2S6699ZZ+6 N44.44
7000A5TRDULP3 R 57000A5TRDULP3 N665.95
7000A5TRDULP3 RR 57000A5TRDULP3 R665.95
7000A5TRDUMP3 R 57000A5TRDUMP3 N685.92
7000A5TRSULP3 R 57000A5TRSULP3 N332.92
7000A5TRSUMP3 R 57000A5TRSUMP3 N342.88
7000A5TRSUMP4 RR 57000A5TRSUMP4 R342.88
7000CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57000CSN24TRDULP3 R1664.53
7000CTRDBMP3 RR 57000CTRDBMP3 R685.92
7000CTRDULP3 R 57000CTRDULP3 N665.95
7000CTRDULP3 RR 57000CTRDULP3 R665.95
7000CTRDUMP3 R 57000CTRDUMP3 N685.92
7000CTRSULP3 R 57000CTRSULP3 N332.92
7001A5TRDUDLP3 R 57001A5TRDUDLP3 N1034.05
7001A5TRDULP3 R 57001A5TRDULP3 N689.5
7001A5TRDULP3 RR 57001A5TRDULP3 R689.5
7001A5TRDULP4 RR 57001A5TRDULP4 R689.5
7001A5TRDUMP3 R 57001A5TRDUMP3 N710.24
7001A5TRSULP3 R 57001A5TRSULP3 N344.72
7001A5TRSUMP3 R 57001A5TRSUMP3 N355.05
7001A5TRSUMP4 RR 57001A5TRSUMP4 R355.05
7001CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57001CSN24TRDULP3 R1723.5
7001CTRDULP3 R 57001CTRDULP3 N689.5
7001CTRDULP3 RR 57001CTRDULP3 R689.5
7001CTRDUMP3 R 57001CTRDUMP3 N710.24
7001CTRSULP3 R 57001CTRSULP3 N344.72
7002A 57002A N233.8
7002A5TRDUDMP3 R 57002A5TRDUDMP3 N1092.42
7002A5TRDULP3 R 57002A5TRDULP3 N707.23
7002A5TRDULP3 RR 57002A5TRDULP3 R707.23
7002A5TRDUMP3 R 57002A5TRDUMP3 N728.48
7002A5TRDUMP3 RR 57002A5TRDUMP3 R728.48
7002A5TRQUMP3 R 57002A5TRQUMP3 N1456.53
7002A5TRSULP3 R 57002A5TRSULP3 N353.55
7002A5TRSUMP3 R 57002A5TRSUMP3 N364.13
7002A5TRSUMP4 R 5364.13
7002B 57002BM N233.8
7002CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57002CSN24TRDULP3 R1768.82
7002CTRDULP3 R 57002CTRDULP3 N707.23
7002CTRDULP3 R MTEX5742.62
7002CTRDULP3 RR 57002CTRDULP3 R707.23
7002CTRDULP4 R 5707.23
7002CTRDULP4 RR 57002CTRDULP4 R707.23
7002CTRDUMP3 R 57002CTRDUMP3 N728.48
7002CTRDUMP3 RR 57002CTRDUMP3 R728.48
7002CTRDUMP4 R 5728.48
7002CTRP3 R 57002CTRP3 N364.13
7002CTRSULP3 R 57002CTRSULP3 N353.55
7002CTRSULP4 RR 57002CTRSULP4 R353.55
7002CTYNDULP4 5707.23
7003A 57003A N240.02
7003A5SN24TRSULP3 RR 57003A5SN24TRSULP3 R920.72
7003A5TRDUDLP3 R 57003A5TRDUDLP3 N1104.73
7003A5TRDUDMP3 R 57003A5TRDUDMP3 N1137.94
7003A5TRDULP3 R 57003A5TRDULP3 N736.7
7003A5TRDULP3 RR 57003A5TRDULP3 R736.7
7003A5TRDUMP3 R 57003A5TRDUMP3 N758.8
7003A5TRDUMP3 RR 57003A5TRDUMP3 R758.8
7003A5TRDUMP4 RR 57003A5TRDUMP4 R758.8
7003A5TRSULP3 R 57003A5TRSULP3 N368.26
7003A5TRSUMP3 R 57003A5TRSUMP3 N379.29
7003CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57003CSN24TRDULP3 R1841.39
7003CTRDBMP4 RR 57003CTRDBMP4 R758.8
7003CTRDUDLP3 R 57003CTRDUDLP3 N1104.73
7003CTRDULP3 R 57003CTRDULP3 N736.7
7003CTRDULP3 RR 57003CTRDULP3 R736.7
7003CTRDULP4 R 57003CTRDULP4 N736.7
7003CTRDULP4 RR 57003CTRDULP4 R736.7
7003CTRDUMP3 R 57003CTRDUMP3 N758.8
7003CTRDUMP3 RR 57003CTRDUMP3 R758.8
7003CTRQULP3 R 57003CTRQULP3 N1473.03
7003CTRQUMP3 R 57003CTRQUMP3 N1517.25
7003CTRSULP3 R 57003CTRSULP3 N368.26
7003CTRSULP4 R 57003CTRSULP4 N368.26
7003CTRSUMP3 R 57003CTRSUMP3 N379.29
7003CTYNSULP4 57003CTYNSULP4 N368.26
7004A 57004AM N248.02
7004A5SN24TRDUMP3 R 51957.27
7004A5TRDUDLP3 R 57004A5TRDUDLP3 N1140.13
7004A5TRDUDMP3 R 57004A5TRDUDMP3 N1174.33
7004A5TRDULP3 R 57004A5TRDULP3 N760.21
7004A5TRDULP3 R MTSK5798.11
7004A5TRDULP3 RR 57004A5TRDULP3 R760.21
7004A5TRDULP4 RR 57004A5TRDULP4 R760.21
7004A5TRDUMP3 R 57004A5TRDUMP3 N783.07
7004A5TRDUMP3 RR 57004A5TRDUMP3 R783.07
7004A5TRQUMP3 R 57004A5TRQUMP3 N1565.77
7004A5TRSULP3 R 57004A5TRSULP3 N380.08
7004A5TRSULP4 R 57004A5TRSULP4 N380.08
7004A5TRSULP4 RR 57004A5TRSULP4 R380.08
7004A5TRSUMP4 R 57004A5TRSUMP4 N391.43
7004CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57004CSN24TRDULP3 R1900.2
7004CSN24TRDUMP3 R 57004CSN24TRDUMP3 N1957.27
7004CTRDUDMP3 R 57004CTRDUDMP3 N1174.33
7004CTRDULP3 R 57004CTRDULP3 N760.21
7004CTRDULP3 RR 57004CTRDULP3 R760.21
7004CTRDULP4 RR 57004CTRDULP4 R760.21
7004CTRDUMP3 R 57004CTRDUMP3 N783.07
7004CTRDUMP3 RR 57004CTRDUMP3 R783.07
7004CTRP3 R 5391.43
7004CTRQULP3 R 57004CTRQULP3 N1520.18
7004CTRSULP3 R 57004CTRSULP3 N380.08
7004CTRSULP4 R 57004CTRSULP4 N380.08
7005A5TRDUDMP3 R 57005A5TRDUDMP3 N1174.33
7005A5TRDULP3 R 57005A5TRDULP3 N760.21
7005A5TRDULP3 RR 57005A5TRDULP3 R760.21
7005A5TRDULP4 RR 57005A5TRDULP4 R760.21
7005A5TRDUMP3 R 57005A5TRDUMP3 N783.07
7005A5TRDUMP3 RR 57005A5TRDUMP3 R783.07
7005A5TRDUMP4 R 57005A5TRDUMP4 N783.07
7005A5TRQUMP3 R 57005A5TRQUMP3 N1565.77
7005A5TRSULP3 R 57005A5TRSULP3 N380.08
7005A5TRSULP4 RR 57005A5TRSULP4 R380.08
7005A5TRSUMP3 R 57005A5TRSUMP3 N391.43
7005BW 5153.82
7005CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57005CSN24TRDULP3 R1899.86
7005CTRDBMP4 RR 57005CTRDBMP4 R783.07
7005CTRDUDLP3 R 57005CTRDUDLP3 N1140.13
7005CTRDUDMP3 R 57005CTRDUDMP3 N1174.33
7005CTRDULP3 R 57005CTRDULP3 N760.21
7005CTRDULP3 R NB5L5798.11
7005CTRDULP3 RR 57005CTRDULP3 R760.21
7005CTRDULP4 RR 57005CTRDULP4 R760.21
7005CTRDUMP3 R 57005CTRDUMP3 N783.07
7005CTRDUMP3 RR 57005CTRDUMP3 R783.07
7005CTRP3 R 5391.43
7005CTRSULP3 R 57005CTRSULP3 N380.08
7005CTRSULP4 R 5380.08
7005CTRSUMP3 R 57005CTRSUMP3 N391.43
7005CTRSUMP4 R 5391.43
7006A 57006AM N359.47
7006A5SN24TRDULP3 RR 57006A5SN24TRDULP3 R1974.26
7006A5TRDUDLP3 R 57006A5TRDUDLP3 N1184.58
7006A5TRDUDMP3 R 57006A5TRDUDMP3 N1220.14
7006A5TRDULP3 R 57006A5TRDULP3 N789.7
7006A5TRDULP3 RR 57006A5TRDULP3 R789.7
7006A5TRDULP4 RR 57006A5TRDULP4 R789.7
7006A5TRDUMP3 R 57006A5TRDUMP3 N813.4
7006A5TRDUMP3 R NB5L5853.92
7006A5TRDUMP3 RR 57006A5TRDUMP3 R813.4
7006A5TRQUMP3 R 57006A5TRQUMP3 N1626.49
7006A5TRSULP3 R 57006A5TRSULP3 N394.76
7006A5TRSULP4 RR 57006A5TRSULP4 R394.76
7006A5TRSUMP3 R 57006A5TRSUMP3 N406.63
7006A5TRSUMP4 RR 57006A5TRSUMP4 R406.63
7006A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57006A5TRV1VSUMP3 N528.75
7006A5TYNSUMP4 YL1X5426.96
7006B 57006B N359.47
7006CSN24TRDULP2 R 52763.99
7006CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57006CSN24TRDULP3 R1974.26
7006CSN24TRDULP4 R 57006CSN24TRDULP4 N1974.26
7006CTRDBBLP4 RR NB5L51658.05
7006CTRDUDMP3 R 57006CTRDUDMP3 N1220.14
7006CTRDUHP3 R 57006CTRDUHP3 N986.93
7006CTRDULP3 R 57006CTRDULP3 N789.7
7006CTRDULP3 R YL2X5829.04
7006CTRDULP3 RR 57006CTRDULP3 R789.7
7006CTRDULP4 RR 57006CTRDULP4 R789.7
7006CTRDUMP3 R 57006CTRDUMP3 N813.4
7006CTRDUMP3 R D8SL5854.06
7006CTRDUMP3 RR 57006CTRDUMP3 R813.4
7006CTRP3 R 5406.63
7006CTRSULP3 R 57006CTRSULP3 N394.76
7006CTRSULP3 R NB5L5414.51
7006CTRSULP4 R 5394.76
7006CTRSULP4 RR 57006CTRSULP4 R394.76
7006CTRSUMP3 R 57006CTRSUMP3 N406.63
7006CTRV1VDUMP3 R MTSX51057.47
7007A 57007AM N362.99
7007A5SN24TRDULP3 RR 57007A5SN24TRDULP3 R2239.49
7007A5SN24TRSULP3 RR 57007A5SN24TRSULP3 R1119.49
7007A5TRDBDLP3 RR 51343.43
7007A5TRDUDLP3 R 57007A5TRDUDLP3 N1343.43
7007A5TRDUDMP3 R 57007A5TRDUDMP3 N1383.77
7007A5TRDULP3 R 57007A5TRDULP3 N895.82
7007A5TRDULP3 RR 57007A5TRDULP3 R895.82
7007A5TRDUMP3 R 57007A5TRDUMP3 N922.71
7007A5TRDUMP3 R MTSK5968.59
7007A5TRDUMP3 R NB5L5968.59
7007A5TRDUMP3 RR 57007A5TRDUMP3 R922.71
7007A5TRDUMP4 RR 57007A5TRDUMP4 R922.71
7007A5TRSULP3 R 57007A5TRSULP3 N447.81
7007A5TRSULP3 R NB5X5470.21
7007A5TRSUMP3 R 57007A5TRSUMP3 N461.25
7007A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57007A5TRV1VSUMP3 N599.79
7007B 57007B N362.99
7007CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57007CSN24TRDULP3 R2239.49
7007CSN24TRDULP4 R 57007CSN24TRDULP4 N2239.49
7007CSN24TRV1VS-01 R MTSX51253.82
7007CTRDBLP3 R 57007CTRDBLP3 N895.82
7007CTRDUDLP3 R 51343.43
7007CTRDUDMP3 R 57007CTRDUDMP3 N1383.77
7007CTRDUHP4 RR 51119.49
7007CTRDULP3 R 57007CTRDULP3 N895.82
7007CTRDULP3 R YL2X5940.4
7007CTRDULP3 RR 57007CTRDULP3 R895.82
7007CTRDUMP3 R 57007CTRDUMP3 N922.71
7007CTRDUMP3 RR 57007CTRDUMP3 R922.71
7007CTRDUMP3 RR YL2X5968.59
7007CTRDUMP4 RR YL2K5968.59
7007CTRP3 R 5461.25
7007CTRQULP3 R 57007CTRQULP3 N1791.27
7007CTRQUMP4 RR 57007CTRQUMP4 R1844.94
7007CTRSULP3 R 57007CTRSULP3 N447.81
7007CTRSULP3 RR 57007CTRSULP3 R447.81
7007CTRSULP4 R 57007CTRSULP4 N447.81
7007CTRSUMP3 R 57007CTRSUMP3 N461.25
7008A 57008AM N370.59
7008A5TRDBDLP3 RR 51670.44
7008A5TRDUDLP3 R 57008A5TRDUDLP3 N1670.44
7008A5TRDUDMP3 R 57008A5TRDUDMP3 N1720.54
7008A5TRDUHP3 R 57008A5TRDUHP3 N1392.07
7008A5TRDULP3 R 57008A5TRDULP3 N1113.86
7008A5TRDULP3 R MTSK51169.26
7008A5TRDULP3 R TN5L51169.26
7008A5TRDULP3 RR 57008A5TRDULP3 R1113.91
7008A5TRDUMP3 R 57008A5TRDUMP3 N1147.32
7008A5TRDUMP3 R NB5L51204.39
7008A5TRDUMP3 RR 57008A5TRDUMP3 R1147.32
7008A5TRDUMP3 RR NB5L51204.39
7008A5TRQULP3 R 57008A5TRQULP3 N2227.21
7008A5TRQULP4 RR 57008A5TRQULP4 R2227.21
7008A5TRQUMP3 R 57008A5TRQUMP3 N2294.04
7008A5TRSULP3 R 57008A5TRSULP3 N556.81
7008A5TRSULP4 R 57008A5TRSULP4 N556.81
7008A5TRSUMP3 R 57008A5TRSUMP3 N573.48
7008A5TRSUMP3 R NB5L5602.19
7008A5TRSUMP4 R 57008A5TRSUMP4 N573.48
7008A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57008A5TRV1VSUMP3 N745.74
7008B 57008B N370.59
7008CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57008CSN24TRDULP3 R2783.93
7008CSN24TRV1VD-01 R MTSX57008CSN24TRV1VDULP3 N2969.63
7008CTRDBDLP3 RR 51670.44
7008CTRDUDLP3 R 57008CTRDUDLP3 N1670.44
7008CTRDUDMP3 R 57008CTRDUDMP3 N1720.54
7008CTRDULP3 R 57008CTRDULP3 N1113.86
7008CTRDULP3 RR 57008CTRDULP3 R1113.86
7008CTRDULP4 RR 57008CTRDULP4 R1113.86
7008CTRDUMP3 R 57008CTRDUMP3 N1147.32
7008CTRDUMP3 RR 57008CTRDUMP3 R1147.32
7008CTRDUMP4 RR 57008CTRDUMP4 R1147.32
7008CTRQULP3 R 57008CTRQULP3 N2227.21
7008CTRQUMP3 R 57008CTRQUMP3 N2294.04
7008CTRSULP3 R 57008CTRSULP3 N556.81
7008CTRSULP4 R 57008CTRSULP4 N556.81
7008CTRSULP4 RR 57008CTRSULP4 R556.81
7008CTRSUMP3 R 57008CTRSUMP3 N573.48
7008CTYNSULP4 R 57008CTYNSULP4 N556.81
7009A 57009AM N385.67
7009A5SN24TRV1V-01 R MTSX51707.55
7009A5TRDUDMP3 R 57009A5TRDUDMP3 N1884.37
7009A5TRDULP3 R 57009A5TRDULP3 N1219.95
7009A5TRDULP3 RR 57009A5TRDULP3 R1219.95
7009A5TRDULP4 RR 57009A5TRDULP4 R1219.95
7009A5TRDUMP3 R 57009A5TRDUMP3 N1256.59
7009A5TRDUMP3 R MTSK51319.42
7009A5TRDUMP3 R TN5X5968.6
7009A5TRDUMP3 RR 57009A5TRDUMP3 R1256.59
7009A5TRQULP3 R 57009A5TRQULP3 N2439.35
7009A5TRQUMP3 R 57009A5TRQUMP3 N2512.52
7009A5TRSULP3 R 57009A5TRSULP3 N609.84
7009A5TRSULP4 RR 57009A5TRSULP4 R609.84
7009A5TRSUMP3 R 57009A5TRSUMP3 N628.16
7009A5TRSUMP4 R 57009A5TRSUMP4 N628.16
7009A5TRV1VDUMP2 R MTSX57009A5TRV1VDUMP2 N2286.44
7009A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57009A5TRV1VSUMP3 N816.82
7009CTRDBLP3 RR 57009CTRDBLP3 R1219.95
7009CTRDUDLP3 R 57009CTRDUDLP3 N1829.54
7009CTRDUDMP3 R 57009CTRDUDMP3 N1884.37
7009CTRDULP3 R 57009CTRDULP3 N1219.95
7009CTRDULP3 R YL2X51280.68
7009CTRDULP3 RR 57009CTRDULP3 R1219.98
7009CTRDULP3 RR NB5L51280.68
7009CTRDUMP3 R 57009CTRDUMP3 N1256.59
7009CTRDUMP3 R TN5X51319.13
7009CTRDUMP3 RR 57009CTRDUMP3 R1256.59
7009CTRQUMP3 R 57009CTRQUMP3 N2512.52
7009CTRSULP3 R 57009CTRSULP3 N609.84
7009CTRSULP4 R 57009CTRSULP4 N609.84
7009CTRSULP4 RR 57009CTRSULP4 R609.84
7009CTRSUMP3 R 57009CTRSUMP3 N628.16
7010A 57010AM N411.35
7010A5SN24TRV1V-01 R MTSX51765.37
7010A5TRDBDLP3 RR 51891.39
7010A5TRDUDLP3 R 57010A5TRDUDLP3 N1891.39
7010A5TRDUDMP3 R 57010A5TRDUDMP3 N1948.16
7010A5TRDUHP3 R 57010A5TRDUHP3 N1576.15
7010A5TRDULP3 R 57010A5TRDULP3 N1261.11
7010A5TRDULP3 RR 57010A5TRDULP3 R1261.11
7010A5TRDULP4 RR 57010A5TRDULP4 R1261.11
7010A5TRDUMP3 R 57010A5TRDUMP3 N1299.05
7010A5TRDUMP3 RR 57010A5TRDUMP3 R1299.05
7010A5TRDUMP4 RR 57010A5TRDUMP4 R1299.05
7010A5TRQUMP3 R 57010A5TRQUMP3 N2597.47
7010A5TRSULP3 R 57010A5TRSULP3 N630.51
7010A5TRSUMP3 R 57010A5TRSUMP3 N649.42
7010A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57010A5TRV1VSULP3 N819.82
7010A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57010A5TRV1VSUMP3 N844.42
7010B 57010BM N411.35
7010CSN24TRDUHP3 R 57010CSN24TRDUHP3 N3940.31
7010CSN24TRDULP3 R 53152.37
7010CSN24TRV1VS-01 R MTSX51765.37
7010CTRDBDLP3 RR 57010CTRDBDLP3 R1891.39
7010CTRDBLP3 R 57010CTRDBLP3 N1261.11
7010CTRDUDLP3 R 57010CTRDUDLP3 N1891.39
7010CTRDUDMP3 R 57010CTRDUDMP3 N1948.16
7010CTRDULP3 R 57010CTRDULP3 N1261.11
7010CTRDULP3 RR 57010CTRDULP3 R1261.11
7010CTRDULP4 R 57010CTRDULP4 N1261.11
7010CTRDULP4 RR 57010CTRDULP4 R1261.11
7010CTRDUMP3 R 57010CTRDUMP3 N1299.05
7010CTRDUMP3 RR 57010CTRDUMP3 R1299.05
7010CTRQUHP3 R 57010CTRQUHP3 N3152.24
7010CTRQULP3 R 57010CTRQULP3 N2522.27
7010CTRSULP3 R 57010CTRSULP3 N630.51
7010CTRSULP3 RR 57010CTRSULP3 R630.51
7010CTRSULP4 R 57010CTRSULP4 N630.51
7010CTRSUMP3 R 57010CTRSUMP3 N649.42
7010CTRSUMP3 RR 57010CTRSUMP3 R649.42
7011A5TRDUDLP3 R 57011A5TRDUDLP3 N2218.41
7011A5TRDUDMP3 R 57011A5TRDUDMP3 N2284.97
7011A5TRDULP3 R 57011A5TRDULP3 N1479.3
7011A5TRDULP3 R MTSK51552.89
7011A5TRDULP3 RR 57011A5TRDULP3 R1479.3
7011A5TRDULP4 RR 57011A5TRDULP4 R1479.3
7011A5TRDUMP3 R 57011A5TRDUMP3 N1523.63
7011A5TRDUMP3 RR 57011A5TRDUMP3 R1523.63
7011A5TRDUMP4 RR 57011A5TRDUMP4 R1523.63
7011A5TRQUMP3 R 57011A5TRQUMP3 N3046.62
7011A5TRSUHP3 R 5924.36
7011A5TRSULP3 R 57011A5TRSULP3 N739.49
7011A5TRSULP4 R 57011A5TRSULP4 N739.49
7011A5TRSULP4 RR 57011A5TRSULP4 R739.49
7011A5TRSUMP3 R 57011A5TRSUMP3 N761.65
7011A5TRSUMP3 RR 57011A5TRSUMP3 R761.65
7011A5TRSUMP4 R 57011A5TRSUMP4 N761.65
7011A5TRV1VDULP2 R MTSX57011A5TRV1VDULP2 N2691.7
7011A5TRV1VDULP3 R MTSX57011A5TRV1VDULP3 N1922.61
7011A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57011A5TRV1VSUMP3 N990.44
7011AW 57011AW N163.97
7011B 57011BM N611.44
7011CSN24TRDULP3 R 57011CSN24TRDULP3 N3697.37
7011CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57011CSN24TRDULP3 R3697.37
7011CSN24TRSULP3 RR 57011CSN24TRSULP3 R1848.58
7011CTRDUDLP3 R 57011CTRDUDLP3 N2218.41
7011CTRDUDMP3 R 57011CTRDUDMP3 N2284.97
7011CTRDULP3 R 57011CTRDULP3 N1479.3
7011CTRDULP3 RR 57011CTRDULP3 R1479.3
7011CTRDULP4 RR 57011CTRDULP4 R1479.3
7011CTRDUMP3 R 57011CTRDUMP3 N1523.63
7011CTRDUMP3 RR 57011CTRDUMP3 R1523.63
7011CTRSULP3 R 57011CTRSULP3 N739.49
7011CTRSULP3 R MTSL5776.49
7011CTRSULP3 RR 57011CTRSULP3 R739.49
7011CTRSULP4 R 57011CTRSULP4 N739.49
7011CTRSULP4 RR 57011CTRSULP4 R739.49
7011CTRSUMP3 R 57011CTRSUMP3 N761.65
7011CTYNSULP4 R 57011CTYNSULP4 N739.49
7012A5TRDBDLP3 RR 57012A5TRDBDLP3 R2439.35
7012A5TRDUDLP3 R 57012A5TRDUDLP3 N2439.35
7012A5TRDUDMP3 R 57012A5TRDUDMP3 N2512.52
7012A5TRDULP3 R 57012A5TRDULP3 N1626.64
7012A5TRDULP3 RR 57012A5TRDULP3 R1626.6
7012A5TRDULP4 RR 57012A5TRDULP4 R1626.64
7012A5TRDUMP3 R 57012A5TRDUMP3 N1675.47
7012A5TRDUMP3 RR 57012A5TRDUMP3 R1675.47
7012A5TRQULP4 RR 57012A5TRQULP4 R3252.52
7012A5TRQUMP3 R 57012A5TRQUMP3 N3350.05
7012A5TRQUMP3 RR 57012A5TRQUMP3 R3350.05
7012A5TRSULP3 R 57012A5TRSULP3 N813.11
7012A5TRSULP4 R 57012A5TRSULP4 N813.11
7012A5TRSUMP3 R 57012A5TRSUMP3 N837.48
7012A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57012A5TRV1VSULP3 N1057.3