RHP & NSK Price List 2014

All prices shown are Manufacturer Recommended Prices, which Acorn will be able to discount. Please contact Acorn for pricing

7012A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57012A5TRV1VSUMP3 N1089.01
7012A5TYNSUMP4 R 57012A5TYNSUMP4 N837.48
7012B 57012BM N687.8
7012CSN24TRDULP3 R 57012CSN24TRDULP3 N4065.69
7012CTRDUDLP3 R 57012CTRDUDLP3 N2439.35
7012CTRDUDMP3 R 57012CTRDUDMP3 N2512.52
7012CTRDULP3 R 57012CTRDULP3 N1626.64
7012CTRDULP3 RR 57012CTRDULP3 R1626.6
7012CTRDUMP3 R 57012CTRDUMP3 N1675.47
7012CTRDUMP3 RR 57012CTRDUMP3 R1675.47
7012CTRQUMP3 R 57012CTRQUMP3 N3350.05
7012CTRSULP3 R 57012CTRSULP3 N813.11
7012CTRSULP3 R MTSL5853.73
7012CTRSULP3 RR 57012CTRSULP3 R813.11
7012CTRSULP4 R 57012CTRSULP4 N813.11
7013A 5748.69
7013A5SN24TRDUDLP3 R 57013A5SN24TRDUDLP3 N6650.81
7013A5TRDBDLP3 RR 52660.31
7013A5TRDUDLP3 R 57013A5TRDUDLP3 N2660.31
7013A5TRDUDMP3 R 57013A5TRDUDMP3 N2740.13
7013A5TRDULP3 R 57013A5TRDULP3 N1773.89
7013A5TRDULP3 RR 57013A5TRDULP3 R1773.89
7013A5TRDULP4 RR 57013A5TRDULP4 R1773.89
7013A5TRDUMP3 R 57013A5TRDUMP3 N1827.21
7013A5TRDUMP3 RR 57013A5TRDUMP3 R1827.21
7013A5TRP3 R 57013A5TRP3 N913.38
7013A5TRQUMP3 R 57013A5TRQUMP3 N3653.54
7013A5TRSULP3 R 57013A5TRSULP3 N886.77
7013A5TRSULP3 RR 57013A5TRSULP3 R886.77
7013A5TRSULP4 R 57013A5TRSULP4 N886.77
7013A5TRSUMP3 R 57013A5TRSUMP3 N913.38
7013A5TRV1VDUDLP2 R MTSX54841.77
7013A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57013A5TRV1VSULP3 N1153.1
7013A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57013A5TRV1VSUMP3 N1187.71
7013A5TYNSULP4 R 57013A5TYNSULP4 N886.77
7013CSN24TRDULP3 R 57013CSN24TRDULP3 N4433.91
7013CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57013CSN24TRDULP3 R4433.91
7013CTRDUDLP3 R 57013CTRDUDLP3 N2660.31
7013CTRDUDMP3 R 57013CTRDUDMP3 N2740.13
7013CTRDUHP3 R 57013CTRDUHP3 N2217.38
7013CTRDULP3 R 57013CTRDULP3 N1773.89
7013CTRDULP3 RR 57013CTRDULP3 R1773.89
7013CTRDUMP3 R 57013CTRDUMP3 N1827.21
7013CTRDUMP3 RR 57013CTRDUMP3 R1827.21
7013CTRQUMP3 R 57013CTRQUMP3 N3653.54
7013CTRSULP3 R 57013CTRSULP3 N886.77
7013CTRSULP3 R MTSL5931.12
7013CTRSULP3 RR 57013CTRSULP3 R886.77
7013CTRSULP4 R 57013CTRSULP4 N886.77
7013CTRSUMP3 R 57013CTRSUMP3 N913.38
7013CTRSUMP4 R 57013CTRSUMP4 N913.38
7014A 57014AM N808.68
7014A5SN24TRSUELP3 R 52622.03
7014A5TRDBDLP3 RR 53146.42
7014A5TRDUDLP3 R 57014A5TRDUDLP3 N3146.42
7014A5TRDUDLP3 RR 53146.42
7014A5TRDUDMP3 R 57014A5TRDUDMP3 N3240.82
7014A5TRDULP3 R 57014A5TRDULP3 N2098.09
7014A5TRDULP3 RR 57014A5TRDULP3 R2098.09
7014A5TRDULP4 RR 57014A5TRDULP4 R2098.09
7014A5TRDUMP3 R 57014A5TRDUMP3 N2161
7014A5TRDUMP3 R YL2X52268.54
7014A5TRDUMP3 RR 57014A5TRDUMP3 R2161
7014A5TRDUMP4 RR 57014A5TRDUMP4 R2161
7014A5TRQUMP3 R 57014A5TRQUMP3 N4321.05
7014A5TRSULP3 R 57014A5TRSULP3 N1048.79
7014A5TRSULP4 R 57014A5TRSULP4 N1048.79
7014A5TRSULP4 RR 57014A5TRSULP4 R1048.79
7014A5TRSUMP3 R 57014A5TRSUMP3 N1080.3
7014A5TRSUMP4 R 57014A5TRSUMP4 N1080.3
7014A5TRV1VDUMP3 R MTSX57014A5TRV1VDUMP3 N2808.73
7014A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57014A5TRV1VSULP3 N1363.71
7014A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57014A5TRV1VSUMP3 N1404.7
7014B 57014BM N808.68
7014CSN24TRDULP3 R 57014CSN24TRDULP3 N5244.06
7014CSN24TRSULP3 RR 57014CSN24TRSULP3 R2622.03
7014CTRDBDLP3 RR 57014CTRDBDLP3 R3146.42
7014CTRDBLP3 RR 57014CTRDBLP3 R2098.09
7014CTRDUDLP3 R 57014CTRDUDLP3 N3146.42
7014CTRDUDMP3 R 57014CTRDUDMP3 N3240.82
7014CTRDULP3 R 57014CTRDULP3 N2098.09
7014CTRDULP3 RR 57014CTRDULP3 R2098.09
7014CTRDULP4 RR 57014CTRDULP4 R2098.09
7014CTRDUMP3 R 57014CTRDUMP3 N2161
7014CTRDUMP3 RR 57014CTRDUMP3 R2161
7014CTRDUMP4 RR 57014CTRDUMP4 R2161
7014CTRQULP3 R 57014CTRQULP3 N4195.23
7014CTRQULP3 RR 57014CTRQULP3 R4195.23
7014CTRSULP3 R 57014CTRSULP3 N1048.79
7014CTRSULP3 RR 57014CTRSULP3 R1048.79
7014CTRSULP4 R 57014CTRSULP4 N1048.79
7014CTYNSULP4 R 57014CTYNSULP4 N1048.79
7014CTYNSUMP4 R 57014CTYNSUMP4 N1080.3
7015A5SN24TRSULP3 RR 57015A5SN24TRSULP3 R2762.01
7015A5TRDBDLP3 RR 57015A5TRDBDLP3 R3314.38
7015A5TRDBDMP4 RR 53413.78
7015A5TRDUDLP3 R 57015A5TRDUDLP3 N3314.38
7015A5TRDUDMP3 R 57015A5TRDUDMP3 N3413.78
7015A5TRDULP3 R 57015A5TRDULP3 N2210.08
7015A5TRDULP3 RR 57015A5TRDULP3 R2210.08
7015A5TRDULP4 RR 57015A5TRDULP4 R2210.08
7015A5TRDUMP3 R 57015A5TRDUMP3 N2276.37
7015A5TRDUMP3 RR 57015A5TRDUMP3 R2276.37
7015A5TRQUMP3 R 57015A5TRQUMP3 N4551.75
7015A5TRSULP3 R 57015A5TRSULP3 N1104.81
7015A5TRSULP4 RR 57015A5TRSULP4 R1104.81
7015A5TRSUMP3 R 57015A5TRSUMP3 N1137.94
7015A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57015A5TRV1VSULP3 N1436.58
7015A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57015A5TRV1VSUMP3 N1479.67
7015CSN24TRDULP3 R 57015CSN24TRDULP3 N5523.92
7015CTRDBDLP3 RR 57015CTRDBDLP3 R3314.38
7015CTRDTLP4 RR 57015CTRDTLP4 R2210.08
7015CTRDUDLP3 R 57015CTRDUDLP3 N3314.38
7015CTRDUDMP3 R 57015CTRDUDMP3 N3413.78
7015CTRDULP3 R 57015CTRDULP3 N2210.08
7015CTRDULP3 RR 57015CTRDULP3 R2210.08
7015CTRDUMP3 R 57015CTRDUMP3 N2276.37
7015CTRDUMP3 RR 57015CTRDUMP3 R2276.37
7015CTRQULP3 R 57015CTRQULP3 N4419.12
7015CTRQUMP3 R 57015CTRQUMP3 N4688.28
7015CTRSULP3 R 57015CTRSULP3 N1104.81
7015CTRSUMP3 RR 57015CTRSUMP3 R1137.94
7016A5SN24TRDBBLP3 R 57016A5SN24TRDBBLP3 N11990.64
7016A5SN24TRSULP3 RR 57016A5SN24TRSULP3 R2997.69
7016A5TRDUDLP3 R 57016A5TRDUDLP3 N3597.15
7016A5TRDUDLP3 RR 57016A5TRDUDLP3 R3597.15
7016A5TRDUDMP3 R 57016A5TRDUDMP3 N3705.09
7016A5TRDULP3 R 57016A5TRDULP3 N2398.63
7016A5TRDULP3 RR 57016A5TRDULP3 R2398.63
7016A5TRDULP4 RR 57016A5TRDULP4 R2398.63
7016A5TRDUMP3 R 57016A5TRDUMP3 N2470.7
7016A5TRDUMP3 RR 57016A5TRDUMP3 R2470.7
7016A5TRDUMP4 RR 57016A5TRDUMP4 R2470.7
7016A5TRQUMP3 R 57016A5TRQUMP3 N4940.14
7016A5TRQUMP3 RR 57016A5TRQUMP3 R4940.14
7016A5TRSULP3 R 57016A5TRSULP3 N1199.07
7016A5TRSULP4 R 57016A5TRSULP4 N1199.07
7016A5TRSUMP3 R 57016A5TRSUMP3 N1235.08
7016A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57016A5TRV1VSULP3 N1559.14
7016A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57016A5TRV1VSUMP3 N1605.93
7016CSN24TRDULP3 R 57016CSN24TRDULP3 N5995.31
7016CTRDBDLP4 RR 57016CTRDBDLP4 R3597.15
7016CTRDBDMP3 RR 53705.09
7016CTRDBDMP4 RR 57016CTRDBDMP4 R3705.09
7016CTRDUDLP3 R 57016CTRDUDLP3 N3597.15
7016CTRDUDLP3 RR 53597.15
7016CTRDUDMP3 R 57016CTRDUDMP3 N3705.09
7016CTRDULP3 R 57016CTRDULP3 N2398.63
7016CTRDULP3 RR 57016CTRDULP3 R2398.63
7016CTRDUMP3 R 57016CTRDUMP3 N2470.7
7016CTRDUMP3 RR 57016CTRDUMP3 R2470.7
7016CTRDUMP4 R 57016CTRDUMP4 N2470.7
7016CTRQUMP3 R 57016CTRQUMP3 N4940.14
7016CTRSULP3 R 57016CTRSULP3 N1199.07
7016CTRSULP3 RR 57016CTRSULP3 R1199.07
7016CTRSULP4 R 57016CTRSULP4 N1199.07
7016CTRSUMP3 R 57016CTRSUMP3 N1235.08
7016CTRSUMP4 R 57016CTRSUMP4 N1235.08
7016CTYNSULP4 R 57016CTYNSULP4 N1199.07
7017A5TRDUDLP3 R 57017A5TRDUDLP3 N3968.38
7017A5TRDUDMP3 R 57017A5TRDUDMP3 N4087.43
7017A5TRDULP3 R 57017A5TRDULP3 N2646.17
7017A5TRDULP3 RR 57017A5TRDULP3 R2646.17
7017A5TRDULP4 RR 57017A5TRDULP4 R2646.17
7017A5TRDUMP3 R 57017A5TRDUMP3 N2725.6
7017A5TRDUMP3 RR 57017A5TRDUMP3 R2725.6
7017A5TRQUMP3 R 57017A5TRQUMP3 N5449.92
7017A5TRSULP3 R 57017A5TRSULP3 N1322.81
7017A5TRSULP4 R 57017A5TRSULP4 N1322.81
7017A5TRSULP4 RR 57017A5TRSULP4 R1322.81
7017A5TRSUMP3 R 57017A5TRSUMP3 N1362.51
7017A5TRSUMP4 R 57017A5TRSUMP4 N1362.51
7017A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57017A5TRV1VSULP3 N1720.11
7017A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57017A5TRV1VSUMP3 N1771.64
7017CSN24TRDULP3 R 57017CSN24TRDULP3 N6613.96
7017CTRDBDLP4 RR 57017CTRDBDLP4 R3968.38
7017CTRDBLP4 RR 52646.17
7017CTRDUDLP3 R 57017CTRDUDLP3 N3968.38
7017CTRDULP3 R 57017CTRDULP3 N2646.17
7017CTRDULP3 RR 57017CTRDULP3 R2646.17
7017CTRDUMP3 R 57017CTRDUMP3 N2725.6
7017CTRDUMP3 RR 57017CTRDUMP3 R2725.6
7017CTRSULP3 R 57017CTRSULP3 N1322.81
7017CTRSULP3 RR 57017CTRSULP3 R1322.81
7017CTRSULP4 R 57017CTRSULP4 N1322.81
7017CTRSULP4 RR 57017CTRSULP4 R1322.81
7017CTRSUMP3 R 57017CTRSUMP3 N1362.51
7017CTRSUMP3 RR 57017CTRSUMP3 R1362.51
7018A5SN24TRDUDLP3 R 57018A5SN24TRDUDLP3 N11754.9
7018A5TRDBDLP3 RR 54701.94
7018A5TRDBDLP4 RR 57018A5TRDBDLP4 R4701.94
7018A5TRDUDLP3 R 57018A5TRDUDLP3 N4701.94
7018A5TRDUDMP3 R 57018A5TRDUDMP3 N4843
7018A5TRDULP3 R 57018A5TRDULP3 N3135.31
7018A5TRDULP3 RR 57018A5TRDULP3 R3135.31
7018A5TRDUMP3 R 57018A5TRDUMP3 N3229.4
7018A5TRDUMP3 RR 57018A5TRDUMP3 R3229.4
7018A5TRDUMP4 RR 57018A5TRDUMP4 R3229.4
7018A5TRQUMP3 R 57018A5TRQUMP3 N6457.41
7018A5TRSULP3 R 57018A5TRSULP3 N1567.29
7018A5TRSULP4 R 57018A5TRSULP4 N1567.29
7018A5TRSUMP3 R 57018A5TRSUMP3 N1614.36
7018CTRDBDLP3 RR 54701.94
7018CTRDUDLP3 R 57018CTRDUDLP3 N4701.94
7018CTRDUDMP3 R 57018CTRDUDMP3 N4843
7018CTRDULP3 R 57018CTRDULP3 N3135.31
7018CTRDULP3 RR 57018CTRDULP3 R3135.31
7018CTRDUMP3 R 57018CTRDUMP3 N3229.4
7018CTRDUMP3 RR 57018CTRDUMP3 R3229.4
7018CTRDUMP4 R 57018CTRDUMP4 N3229.4
7018CTRSULP3 R 57018CTRSULP3 N1567.29
7018CTRSULP3 RR 57018CTRSULP3 R1567.29
7018CTRSULP4 R 57018CTRSULP4 N1567.29
7018CTRSUMP3 R 57018CTRSUMP3 N1614.36
7019A 57019AM N1421.67
7019A5TRDBDMP3 RR 55437.79
7019A5TRDUDLP3 R 57019A5TRDUDLP3 N5285.29
7019A5TRDUDMP3 R 57019A5TRDUDMP3 N5437.79
7019A5TRDULP3 R 57019A5TRDULP3 N3524.25
7019A5TRDULP3 RR 57019A5TRDULP3 R3524.25
7019A5TRDUMP3 R 57019A5TRDUMP3 N3625.99
7019A5TRDUMP3 RR 57019A5TRDUMP3 R3625.99
7019A5TRDUMP4 RR 57019A5TRDUMP4 R3625.99
7019A5TRSULP3 R 57019A5TRSULP3 N1761.78
7019CTRDBDLP3 RR 55285.29
7019CTRDUDMP3 R 57019CTRDUDMP3 N5437.79
7019CTRDULP3 R 57019CTRDULP3 N3524.25
7019CTRDULP3 R MTSK53699.67
7019CTRDULP3 RR 57019CTRDULP3 R3524.25
7019CTRDULP4 RR 57019CTRDULP4 R3524.25
7019CTRDUMP3 R 57019CTRDUMP3 N3625.99
7019CTRDUMP3 RR 57019CTRDUMP3 R3625.99
7019CTRSULP3 R 57019CTRSULP3 N1761.78
7020A5TRDBDLP3 RR 55276.4
7020A5TRDBDMP3 RR 57020A5TRDBDMP3 R5434.75
7020A5TRDUDLP3 R 57020A5TRDUDLP3 N5276.4
7020A5TRDUDLP3 R MTSX55540.25
7020A5TRDUDMP3 R 57020A5TRDUDMP3 N5434.75
7020A5TRDULP3 R 57020A5TRDULP3 N3518.41
7020A5TRDULP3 RR 57020A5TRDULP3 R3518.41
7020A5TRDULP4 R MTEX53693.52
7020A5TRDULP4 RR 57020A5TRDULP4 R3518.41
7020A5TRDUMP3 R 57020A5TRDUMP3 N3624.05
7020A5TRDUMP3 RR 57020A5TRDUMP3 R3624.05
7020A5TRDUMP4 RR 57020A5TRDUMP4 R3624.05
7020A5TRQULP3 R 57020A5TRQULP3 N7035.26
7020A5TRQUMP3 R 57020A5TRQUMP3 N7246.34
7020A5TRSULP3 R 57020A5TRSULP3 N1758.81
7020A5TRSULP4 RR 57020A5TRSULP4 R1758.81
7020A5TRSUMP3 R 57020A5TRSUMP3 N1811.56
7020A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57020A5TRV1VSULP3 N2287.01
7020A5TRV1VSUMP3 R MTSX57020A5TRV1VSUMP3 N2355.61
7020A5TYNDBLP3 R MTEX53693.52
7020A5TYNSULP4 R 57020A5TYNSULP4 N1758.81
7020CTRDBDLP3 RR 55276.4
7020CTRDUDLP3 R 57020CTRDUDLP3 N5276.4
7020CTRDUDMP3 R 57020CTRDUDMP3 N5434.75
7020CTRDULP3 R 57020CTRDULP3 N3518.41
7020CTRDULP3 RR 57020CTRDULP3 R3518.41
7020CTRDULP4 R MTEX53693.52
7020CTRDULP4 R MTSX53693.52
7020CTRDUMP3 R 57020CTRDUMP3 N3624.05
7020CTRDUMP3 RR 57020CTRDUMP3 R3624.05
7020CTRQULP3 R 57020CTRQULP3 N7035.26
7020CTRQUMP3 R 57020CTRQUMP3 N7246.34
7020CTRSULP3 R 57020CTRSULP3 N1758.81
7020CTRSULP4 R 57020CTRSULP4 N1758.81
7020CTRSUMP3 R 57020CTRSUMP3 N1811.56
7020CTYNDBLP3 R MTEX53693.52
7020CTYNDBLP3 R YL2K53693.52
7021A5TRDBDLP3 RR 57021A5TRDBDLP3 R6075.79
7021A5TRDUDLP3 R 57021A5TRDUDLP3 N6075.79
7021A5TRDUDMP3 R 57021A5TRDUDMP3 N6251.06
7021A5TRDULP3 R 57021A5TRDULP3 N4051.46
7021A5TRDULP3 R MTSK54253.1
7021A5TRDULP3 RR 57021A5TRDULP3 R4051.46
7021A5TRDULP4 R 54051.46
7021A5TRDULP4 RR 57021A5TRDULP4 R4051.46
7021A5TRDUMP3 R 57021A5TRDUMP3 N4168.4
7021A5TRDUMP3 RR 57021A5TRDUMP3 R4168.4
7021A5TRQUMP3 R 57021A5TRQUMP3 N8334.72
7021A5TRSULP3 R 57021A5TRSULP3 N2025.28
7021A5TRSULP4 R 52025.28
7021A5TRV1VSULP3 R MTSX57021A5TRV1VSULP3 N2633.45
7021B 51481.17
7021CTRDBDLP4 RR 57021CTRDBDLP4 R6075.79
7021CTRDBMP4 RR 57021CTRDBMP4 R4168.4
7021CTRDUDMP3 R 57021CTRDUDMP3 N6251.06
7021CTRDULP3 R 57021CTRDULP3 N4051.46
7021CTRDULP3 RR 57021CTRDULP3 R4051.38
7021CTRDUMP3 R 57021CTRDUMP3 N4168.4
7021CTRDUMP3 RR 57021CTRDUMP3 R4168.4
7021CTRSULP3 R 57021CTRSULP3 N2025.28
7022A5TRDBDLP3 RR 57022A5TRDBDLP3 R6257.54
7022A5TRDUDLP3 R 57022A5TRDUDLP3 N6257.54
7022A5TRDUDMP3 R 57022A5TRDUDMP3 N6445.24
7022A5TRDULP3 R 57022A5TRDULP3 N4172.58
7022A5TRDULP3 RR 57022A5TRDULP3 R4172.58
7022A5TRDULP4 RR 57022A5TRDULP4 R4172.58
7022A5TRDUMP3 R 57022A5TRDUMP3 N4297.88
7022A5TRDUMP3 RR 57022A5TRDUMP3 R4297.88
7022A5TRQULP3 R 57022A5TRQULP3 N8343.36
7022A5TRQUMP3 R 57022A5TRQUMP3 N8593.67
7022A5TRSULP3 R 57022A5TRSULP3 N2085.81
7022A5TRSUMP3 R 57022A5TRSUMP3 N2148.38
7022CTRDBDLP3 RR 56257.54
7022CTRDBDMP3 RR 57022CTRDBDMP3 R6445.24
7022CTRDUDLP3 R 57022CTRDUDLP3 N6257.54
7022CTRDUDMP3 R 57022CTRDUDMP3 N6445.24
7022CTRDULP3 R 57022CTRDULP3 N4172.58
7022CTRDULP3 RR 57022CTRDULP3 R4172.58
7022CTRDUMP3 R 57022CTRDUMP3 N4297.88
7022CTRDUMP3 RR 57022CTRDUMP3 R4297.88
7022CTRSULP3 R 57022CTRSULP3 N2085.81
7022CTRSULP3 RR 57022CTRSULP3 R2085.81
7022CTRSULP4 R 57022CTRSULP4 N2085.81
7022CTRSULP4 RR 57022CTRSULP4 R2085.81
7022CTRSUMP3 R 52148.38
7024A5TRDBDLP3 RR 57017.62
7024A5TRDBDMP3 RR 57228.12
7024A5TRDUDLP3 R 57024A5TRDUDLP3 N7017.62
7024A5TRDUDMP3 R 57024A5TRDUDMP3 N7228.12
7024A5TRDULP3 R 57024A5TRDULP3 N4679.36
7024A5TRDULP3 R MTSK54912.33
7024A5TRDULP3 RR 57024A5TRDULP3 R4679.36
7024A5TRDUMP3 R 57024A5TRDUMP3 N4819.87
7024A5TRDUMP3 RR 57024A5TRDUMP3 R4819.87
7024A5TRSULP3 R 57024A5TRSULP3 N2339.22
7024A5TRSUMP3 R 57024A5TRSUMP3 N2409.41
7024BG 57024BMG N2157.09
7024CTRDBDLP3 R MTSX57368.48
7024CTRDBDLP3 RR 57017.62
7024CTRDUDLP3 R 57024CTRDUDLP3 N7017.62
7024CTRDUDMP3 R 57024CTRDUDMP3 N7228.12
7024CTRDULP3 R 57024CTRDULP3 N4679.36
7024CTRDULP3 RR 57024CTRDULP3 R4679.36
7024CTRDULP4 RR 57024CTRDULP4 R4679.36
7024CTRDUMP3 R 57024CTRDUMP3 N4819.87
7024CTRDUMP3 RR 57024CTRDUMP3 R4819.87
7024CTRQUMP3 R 57024CTRQUMP3 N9637.45
7024CTRSULP3 R 57024CTRSULP3 N2339.22
7024CTRSULP4 R 52339.22
7026A5TRDUDLP3 R 57026A5TRDUDLP3 N8502.42
7026A5TRDUDMP3 R 57026A5TRDUDMP3 N8757.53
7026A5TRDULP3 R 57026A5TRDULP3 N5669.51
7026A5TRDULP3 RR 57026A5TRDULP3 R5669.51
7026A5TRDUMP3 R 57026A5TRDUMP3 N5839.74
7026A5TRDUMP3 RR 57026A5TRDUMP3 R5839.74
7026A5TRQUHP3 R 57026A5TRQUHP3 N14170.72
7026A5TRQULP3 R 57026A5TRQULP3 N11336.58
7026A5TRQUMP3 R 511676.68
7026A5TRSULP3 R 52834.17
7026A5TRSULP4 R 52834.17
7026CTRDUDLP3 R 57026CTRDUDLP3 N8502.42
7026CTRDULP3 R 57026CTRDULP3 N5669.51
7026CTRDULP3 RR 57026CTRDULP3 R5669.51
7026CTRDULP4 R 55669.51
7026CTRDULP4 RR 57026CTRDULP4 R5669.51
7026CTRDUMP3 R 57026CTRDUMP3 N5839.74
7026CTRSULP3 R 57026CTRSULP3 N2834.17
7026CTRSULP4 R 52834.17
7028A5TRDUDLP3 R 57028A5TRDUDLP3 N9571.91
7028A5TRDUDMP3 R 57028A5TRDUDMP3 N9859.05
7028A5TRDUDMP4 R 59859.05
7028A5TRDULP3 R 57028A5TRDULP3 N6382.54
7028A5TRDULP4 RR 57028A5TRDULP4 R6382.54
7028A5TRDUMP3 R 57028A5TRDUMP3 N6574.19
7028A5TRSULP3 R 57028A5TRSULP3 N3190.64
7028A5TRSULP4 R 57028A5TRSULP4 N3190.64
7028BG 57028BMG N3274.31
7028CTRDUDLP3 R 57028CTRDUDLP3 N9571.91
7028CTRDUDMP3 R 57028CTRDUDMP3 N9859.05
7028CTRDULP3 R 57028CTRDULP3 N6382.54
7028CTRDULP3 RR 57028CTRDULP3 R6382.54
7028CTRDUMP3 R 57028CTRDUMP3 N6574.19
7028CTRSUMP3 R 53286.34
7030A5TRDUDLP3 R 57030A5TRDUDLP3 N11436.77
7030A5TRDUDMP3 R 57030A5TRDUDMP3 N11779.83
7030A5TRDULP3 R 57030A5TRDULP3 N7626.06
7030A5TRDULP3 R MTEX58007.37
7030A5TRDULP3 RR 57030A5TRDULP3 R7626.06
7030A5TRDUMP3 R 57030A5TRDUMP3 N7854.9
7030A5TRSUMP3 R 57030A5TRSUMP3 N3926.62
7030CTRDULP3 R 57030CTRDULP3 N7626.06
7030CTRDULP4 R 57030CTRDULP4 N7626.06
7030CTRDULP4 RR 57030CTRDULP4 R7626.06
7030CTRDUMP3 R 57030CTRDUMP3 N7854.9
7030CTRSULP4 R 53812.24
7032A5TRDUDLP3 R 57032A5TRDUDLP3 N14556.67
7032A5TRDUDMP3 R 57032A5TRDUDMP3 N14993.35
7032A5TRDULP3 R 57032A5TRDULP3 N9704.42
7032A5TRDULP3 RR 57032A5TRDULP3 R9704.42
7032A5TRDULP4 R 57032A5TRDULP4 N9704.42
7032A5TRDUMP3 R 57032A5TRDUMP3 N9997.9
7032A5TRSULP3 R 54852.23
7032A5TRSULP4 R 54852.23
7032CTRDUDLP3 R 57032CTRDUDLP3 N14556.67
7032CTRDULP3 R 57032CTRDULP3 N9704.42
7032CTRDULP3 RR 57032CTRDULP3 R9704.42
7032CTRDUMP3 R 57032CTRDUMP3 N9997.9
7032CTRSULP4 R 54852.23
7034A5TRDUMP3 R 57034A5TRDUMP3 N11661.24
7034A5TRDUMP4 R 57034A5TRDUMP4 N11661.24
7034CTRDULP3 RR 511318.93
7034CTRDUMP3 R 57034CTRDUMP3 N11661.24
7036A5TRDUDLP4 R 521309.08
7036A5TRDUDMP3 R 57036A5TRDUDMP3 N21948.33
7036A5TRDULP3 R 57036A5TRDULP3 N14206.04
7036A5TRDUMP3 R 57036A5TRDUMP3 N14635.71
7036A5TRSULP4 R 57103.03
7036CTRDULP3 R 57036CTRDULP3 N14206.04
7036CTRDULP3 RR 514206.04
7036CTRDULP4 R 57036CTRDULP4 N14206.04
7038A5TRDUDMP3 R 57038A5TRDUDMP3 N28357.23
7038A5TRDUMP3 RR 57038A5TRDUMP3 R18909.25
7038CTRDUMP3 R 57038CTRDUMP3 N18909.25
7040A5TRDULP3 RR 57040A5TRDULP3 R23863.4
7040A5TRDUMP3 R 57040A5TRDUMP3 N24585.05
7040CTRDULP4 R 57040CTRDULP4 N23863.4
70BAR10STYNDBLP4A 52422.77
70BER10STSULP3 R 570BER10STSULP3 N1258.57
70BER19HTSUELP3 R 52615.37
70BER19HTXV1VSU-01 R MTSX52911.5
70BER19STSULP3 R 570BER19STSULP3 N1184.35
70BNR10STSULP3 R 570BNR10STSULP3 N1258.57
70BNR10STYNDUELP4 R 52517.15
70BNR19STSULP3 R 570BNR19STSULP3 N1184.35
71425/71750 5925.1
7200A5TRDULP3 R 57200A5TRDULP3 N713.15
7200A5TRDUMP3 R 57200A5TRDUMP3 N734.54
7200A5TRDUMP3 RR 57200A5TRDUMP3 R734.54
7200A5TRSUMP3 R 57200A5TRSUMP3 N367.16
7200BW 57200BW N65.82
7200BWG 57200BWG N117.33
7200CTRDULP3 R 57200CTRDULP3 N713.15
7200CTRDULP3 RR 57200CTRDULP3 R713.15
7200CTRDULP4 RR 57200CTRDULP4 R713.15
7200CTRDUMP3 R 57200CTRDUMP3 N734.54
7200CTRSULP3 R 57200CTRSULP3 N356.47
7200CTRSULP3 RR 57200CTRSULP3 R356.47
7201A5SN24TRSULP3 RR 57201A5SN24TRSULP3 R898.56
7201A5TRDULP3 R 57201A5TRDULP3 N719
7201A5TRDULP3 RR 57201A5TRDULP3 R719
7201A5TRDUMP3 R 57201A5TRDUMP3 N740.58
7201A5TRDUMP3 RR 57201A5TRDUMP3 R740.58
7201A5TRSULP3 R 57201A5TRSULP3 N359.37
7201A5TRSULP3 RR 57201A5TRSULP3 R359.37
7201A5TRSUMP3 R 57201A5TRSUMP3 N370.21
7201BEAT85 57201BEAT85 N63.81
7201BEAT85SUCNB 57201BEAT85SUN N114.71
7201BEAT85SUGA 57201BEAT85SUL N126.81
7201BEAT85SUN 5114.71
7201BW 57201BW N70.86
7201BWG 57201BWG N126.2
7201CTBDTMP0 RR 5594.8
7201CTRDULP3 R 57201CTRDULP3 N719
7201CTRDULP3 RR 57201CTRDULP3 R719
7201CTRDULP4 RR 57201CTRDULP4 R719
7201CTRDUMP3 R 57201CTRDUMP3 N740.58
7201CTRDUMP3 RR 57201CTRDUMP3 R740.58
7201CTRSULP3 R 57201CTRSULP3 N359.37
7201CTRSULP4 R 5359.37
7201CTRSULP4 RR 57201CTRSULP4 R359.37
7202A5SN24TRDULP3 RR 57202A5SN24TRDULP3 R1826.61
7202A5TRDUHP3 R 5913.31
7202A5TRDULP3 R 57202A5TRDULP3 N730.76
7202A5TRDULP3 RR 57202A5TRDULP3 R730.76
7202A5TRDULP4 RR 57202A5TRDULP4 R730.76
7202A5TRDUMP3 R 57202A5TRDUMP3 N752.72
7202A5TRDUMP3 RR 57202A5TRDUMP3 R752.72
7202A5TRSULP3 R 57202A5TRSULP3 N365.37
7202A5TRSULP4 R 5365.37
7202A5TRSUMP3 R 57202A5TRSUMP3 N376.29
7202A5TRSUMP4 R 5376.29
7202BEAT85 57202BEAT85 N62.45
7202BEAT85 662.45
7202BEAT85SUCNB 57202BEAT85SUN N115.16
7202BEAT85SUL 57202BEAT85SUL N139.59
7202BW 57202BW N69.38
7202BWG 57202BWG N126.7
7202CTRDULP3 R 57202CTRDULP3 N730.76
7202CTRDULP3 RR 57202CTRDULP3 R730.76
7202CTRDULP4 RR 57202CTRDULP4 R730.76
7202CTRDUMP3 R 57202CTRDUMP3 N752.72
7202CTRDUMP3 RR 57202CTRDUMP3 R752.72
7202CTRSULP3 R 57202CTRSULP3 N365.37
7202CTRSULP4 R 5365.37
7203A5TRDUDMP3 R 57203A5TRDUDMP3 N1292.68
7203A5TRDULP3 R 57203A5TRDULP3 N836.89
7203A5TRDULP3 RR 57203A5TRDULP3 R836.89
7203A5TRDUMP3 R 57203A5TRDUMP3 N861.99
7203A5TRDUMP3 RR 57203A5TRDUMP3 R861.99
7203A5TRDUMP4 RR 57203A5TRDUMP4 R861.99
7203A5TRSULP3 R 57203A5TRSULP3 N418.39
7203BEAT85 57203BEAT85 N66.62
7203BEAT85SUCNB 57203BEAT85SUN N124.71
7203BEAT85SUN 5125.91
7203BW 57203BW N74.02
7203BW 674.02
7203BWG 57203BWG N138.51
7203CTRDULP3 R 57203CTRDULP3 N836.89
7203CTRDULP3 RR 57203CTRDULP3 R836.89
7203CTRDULP4 RR 57203CTRDULP4 R836.89
7203CTRDULP4 RR D8SL5878.52
7203CTRDUMP3 R 57203CTRDUMP3 N861.99
7203CTRDUMP3 RR 57203CTRDUMP3 R861.99
7203CTRDUMP4 RR 57203CTRDUMP4 R861.99
7203CTRP3 R 5418.39
7203CTRSULP3 R 57203CTRSULP3 N418.39
7203CTRSULP4 R 5418.39
7204A5SN24TRDULP3 RR 57204A5SN24TRDULP3 R2091.8
7204A5TRDULP3 R 57204A5TRDULP3 N836.89
7204A5TRDULP3 RR 57204A5TRDULP3 R836.89
7204A5TRDULP4 RR 57204A5TRDULP4 R836.89
7204A5TRDUMP3 R 57204A5TRDUMP3 N861.99
7204A5TRDUMP3 RR 57204A5TRDUMP3 R861.99
7204A5TRSULP3 R 57204A5TRSULP3 N418.39
7204A5TRSULP4 R 57204A5TRSULP4 N418.39
7204A5TRSUMP3 R 57204A5TRSUMP3 N430.91
7204BEAT85 57204BEAT85 N70.86
7204BEAT85SUGA 57204BEAT85SUL N148.9
7204BEAT85SUN 57204BEAT85SUN N134.78
7204BW 57204BW N79.82
7204BW 679.82
7204BWG 57204BWG N154.73
7204CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57204CSN24TRDULP3 R2091.8
7204CTRDULP3 R 57204CTRDULP3 N836.89
7204CTRDULP3 RR 57204CTRDULP3 R836.89
7204CTRDULP4 RR 57204CTRDULP4 R836.89
7204CTRDUMP3 R 57204CTRDUMP3 N861.99
7204CTRDUMP3 RR 57204CTRDUMP3 R861.99
7204CTRSULP3 R 57204CTRSULP3 N418.39
7204CTRSULP3 R NB5L5439.25
7204CTRSULP4 R 57204CTRSULP4 N418.39
7204CTRSULP4 RR D8SL5439.25
7204CTYSULP4 57204CTYSULP4 N418.39
7205A5TRDUDLP3 R 51290.37
7205A5TRDUDMP3 R 57205A5TRDUDMP3 N1329.06
7205A5TRDULP3 R 57205A5TRDULP3 N860.47
7205A5TRDULP3 RR 57205A5TRDULP3 R860.47
7205A5TRDULP4 R 57205A5TRDULP4 N860.47
7205A5TRDULP4 RR 57205A5TRDULP4 R860.47
7205A5TRDULP4 RR D8SL5903.3
7205A5TRDUMP3 R 57205A5TRDUMP3 N886.31
7205A5TRDUMP3 RR 57205A5TRDUMP3 R886.31
7205A5TRQUMP3 R 57205A5TRQUMP3 N1772.14
7205A5TRSULP3 R 57205A5TRSULP3 N430.13
7205A5TRSULP4 RR 57205A5TRSULP4 R430.13
7205A5TRSULP4 RR D8SL5451.62
7205A5TRSUMP3 R 57205A5TRSUMP3 N443.04
7205A5TYNSUMP4 5443.04
7205BEAT85 57205BEAT85 N77.04
7205BEAT85 677.05
7205BEAT85SUCNB 57205BEAT85SUN N147.45
7205BEAT85SUGA 57205BEAT85SUL N161.08
7205BEAT85SUH 57205BEAT85SUH N161.08
7205BEAT85SUL 5161.08
7205BEAT85SUN 5147.45
7205BW 57205BW N89.28
7205BW 689.28
7205BWG 57205BWG N162.18
7205CTRDUDMP3 R 57205CTRDUDMP3 N1329.06
7205CTRDULP3 R 57205CTRDULP3 N860.47
7205CTRDULP3 RR 57205CTRDULP3 R860.47
7205CTRDULP4 RR 57205CTRDULP4 R860.47
7205CTRDULP4 RR D8SL5903.3
7205CTRDUMP3 R 57205CTRDUMP3 N886.31
7205CTRDUMP3 RR 57205CTRDUMP3 R886.31
7205CTRDUMP4 R 57205CTRDUMP4 N886.31
7205CTRSULP3 R 57205CTRSULP3 N430.13
7205CTRSULP4 R 57205CTRSULP4 N430.13
7205CTRSULP4 RR D8SL5451.62
7205CTRSUMP4 RR 57205CTRSUMP4 R443.04
7206A5TRDUDMP3 R 57206A5TRDUDMP3 N1465.65
7206A5TRDULP3 R 57206A5TRDULP3 N948.85
7206A5TRDULP3 RR 57206A5TRDULP3 R948.85
7206A5TRDUMP3 R 57206A5TRDUMP3 N977.31
7206A5TRDUMP3 RR 57206A5TRDUMP3 R977.31
7206A5TRQULP3 R 51897.27
7206A5TRQUMP3 R 57206A5TRQUMP3 N1954.18
7206A5TRSULP3 R 57206A5TRSULP3 N474.33
7206A5TRSULP3 RR 57206A5TRSULP3 R474.33
7206A5TRSUMP3 R 57206A5TRSUMP3 N488.53
7206A5TYNDUMP4 5977.31
7206BEAT85 57206BEAT85 N92.18
7206BEAT85SUCNB 57206BEAT85SUN N164.32
7206BEAT85SUGA 57206BEAT85SUL N171.61
7206BEAT85SUL 5171.61
7206BSUA12P6 5247.17
7206BW 57206BW N103.84
7206BW 6103.84
7206BWG 57206BWG N180.75
7206CTRDUDLP3 R 57206CTRDUDLP3 N1422.95
7206CTRDUDMP3 R 57206CTRDUDMP3 N1465.65
7206CTRDULP3 R 57206CTRDULP3 N948.85
7206CTRDULP3 RR 57206CTRDULP3 R948.85
7206CTRDULP4 RR 57206CTRDULP4 R948.85
7206CTRDULP4 RR D8SL5996.1
7206CTRDUMP3 R 57206CTRDUMP3 N948.57
7206CTRDUMP3 RR 57206CTRDUMP3 R977.31
7206CTRP3 R 5459.79
7206CTRSUHP3 R 5592.92
7206CTRSULP3 R 57206CTRSULP3 N474.33
7206CTRSULP4 R 57206CTRSULP4 N474.33
7206CTRSULP4 RR 57206CTRSULP4 R474.33
7206CTRSUMP3 R 57206CTRSUMP3 N488.53
7206CTYNDBLP4 57206CTYNDBLP4 N948.85
7207A5TRDUDHP3 R 57207A5TRDUDHP3 N2021.78
7207A5TRDUDLP3 R 57207A5TRDUDLP3 N1617.38
7207A5TRDUDMP3 R 57207A5TRDUDMP3 N1665.98
7207A5TRDULP3 R 57207A5TRDULP3 N1078.52
7207A5TRDULP3 RR 57207A5TRDULP3 R1078.52
7207A5TRDUMP2 R 51554.84
7207A5TRDUMP3 R 57207A5TRDUMP3 N1110.86
7207A5TRDUMP3 RR 57207A5TRDUMP3 R1110.86
7207A5TRDUMP4 RR 57207A5TRDUMP4 R1110.86
7207A5TRQUMP3 R 57207A5TRQUMP3 N2221.17
7207A5TRSULP3 R 57207A5TRSULP3 N539.12
7207A5TRSULP4 R 57207A5TRSULP4 N539.12
7207A5TRSUMP3 R 57207A5TRSUMP3 N555.3
7207B 5184.99
7207BEAT85 57207BEAT85 N112.24
7207BEAT85SUCNB 57207BEAT85SUN N182.74
7207BEAT85SUGA 57207BEAT85SUL N195.6
7207BG 5285.61
7207BSUA14P6 5291.08
7207BW 57207BW N123.46
7207BW 6123.46
7207BWG 57207BWG N201.07
7207BWG 6201.07
7207CTRDUDLP3 R 57207CTRDUDLP3 N1617.38
7207CTRDUDMP3 R 57207CTRDUDMP3 N1665.98
7207CTRDULP3 R 57207CTRDULP3 N1078.52
7207CTRDULP3 RR 57207CTRDULP3 R1078.52
7207CTRDUMP3 R 57207CTRDUMP3 N1110.86
7207CTRDUMP3 RR 57207CTRDUMP3 R1110.86
7207CTRSULP3 R 57207CTRSULP3 N539.12
7207CTRSULP4 R 57207CTRSULP4 N539.12
7207CTRSULP4 RR 57207CTRSULP4 R539.12
7207CTRSUMP3 R 57207CTRSUMP3 N555.3
7207CTRSUMP4 R 57207CTRSUMP4 N555.3
7207CTYNSULP4 5539.12
7208A5TRDUDMP3 R 57208A5TRDUDMP3 N2130.21
7208A5TRDULP3 R 57208A5TRDULP3 N1379.09
7208A5TRDULP3 RR 57208A5TRDULP3 R1379.09
7208A5TRDULP4 RR 57208A5TRDULP4 R1379.09
7208A5TRDUMP3 R 57208A5TRDUMP3 N1420.45
7208A5TRDUMP3 RR 57208A5TRDUMP3 R1420.45
7208A5TRQUMP3 R 57208A5TRQUMP3 N2840.28
7208A5TRSULP3 R 57208A5TRSULP3 N689.5
7208A5TRSULP4 RR 57208A5TRSULP4 R689.5
7208A5TRSUMP4 R 57208A5TRSUMP4 N710.24
7208BEAT85 57208BEAT85 N130.48
7208BEAT85SUCNB 57208BEAT85SUN N210.57
7208BEAT85SUGA 5231.71
7208BG 5310.43
7208BW 57208BW N147.03
7208BWG 57208BWG N258.57
7208CSN24TRSULP3 RR 57208CSN24TRSULP3 R1723.81
7208CTRDUDLP3 R 57208CTRDUDLP3 N2068.15
7208CTRDUDMP3 R 57208CTRDUDMP3 N2130.21
7208CTRDULP3 R 57208CTRDULP3 N1379.09
7208CTRDULP3 R TN5L51447.72
7208CTRDULP3 R TN5S51447.72
7208CTRDULP3 RR 57208CTRDULP3 R1379.09
7208CTRDULP4 RR 57208CTRDULP4 R1379.09
7208CTRDUMP3 R 57208CTRDUMP3 N1420.45
7208CTRDUMP3 RR 57208CTRDUMP3 R1420.45
7208CTRP3 R 5710.24
7208CTRSULP3 R 57208CTRSULP3 N689.5
7208CTRSULP4 R 57208CTRSULP4 N689.5
7208CTRSUMP3 R 57208CTRSUMP3 N710.24
7208CTYNSULP4 5689.5
7209A5SN24TRDULP3 RR 57209A5SN24TRDULP3 R3785.77
7209A5TRDUDMP3 R 57209A5TRDUDMP3 N2339.55
7209A5TRDULP3 R 57209A5TRDULP3 N1514.64
7209A5TRDULP3 RR 57209A5TRDULP3 R1514.64
7209A5TRDULP4 RR YL2K51589.99
7209A5TRDUMP3 R 57209A5TRDUMP3 N1560.12
7209A5TRDUMP3 RR 57209A5TRDUMP3 R1560.12
7209A5TRSULP3 R 57209A5TRSULP3 N757.14
7209A5TRSUMP3 R 57209A5TRSUMP3 N779.83
7209A5TRSUMP4 R 57209A5TRSUMP4 N779.83
7209BEAT85 57209BEAT85 N150.57
7209BEAT85SUCNB 57209BEAT85SUN N233.24
7209BEAT85SUCNB 6233.24
7209BEAT85SUGA 57209BEAT85SUL N279.05
7209BEAT85SUL 5279.05
7209BSUA14P6 5362.1
7209BW 57209BW N168.04
7209BW 6168.04
7209BWG 57209BWG N286.44
7209CTRDUDMP3 R 57209CTRDUDMP3 N2339.55
7209CTRDULP3 R 57209CTRDULP3 N1514.64
7209CTRDULP3 RR 57209CTRDULP3 R1514.64
7209CTRDULP4 RR 57209CTRDULP4 R1514.64
7209CTRDUMP3 R 57209CTRDUMP3 N1560.12
7209CTRDUMP3 RR 57209CTRDUMP3 R1560.12
7209CTRSULP3 R 57209CTRSULP3 N757.14
7209CTRSULP4 R 57209CTRSULP4 N757.14
7209CTRSUMP3 R 57209CTRSUMP3 N779.83
7210A5TRDUDLP3 R 57210A5TRDUDLP3 N2439.05
7210A5TRDUDMP3 R 57210A5TRDUDMP3 N2512.52
7210A5TRDULP3 R 57210A5TRDULP3 N1626.64
7210A5TRDULP3 RR 57210A5TRDULP3 R1626.6
7210A5TRDUMP3 R 57210A5TRDUMP3 N1675.47
7210A5TRDUMP3 RR 57210A5TRDUMP3 R1675.47
7210A5TRDUMP4 RR 57210A5TRDUMP4 R1675.47
7210A5TRQULP3 R 57210A5TRQULP3 N3252.52
7210A5TRSUHP4 RR 51016.4
7210A5TRSULP3 R 57210A5TRSULP3 N813.11
7210A5TRSULP4 RR 57210A5TRSULP4 R813.11
7210A5TRSUMP3 R 57210A5TRSUMP3 N837.48
7210A5TRSUMP4 R 57210A5TRSUMP4 N837.48
7210B 57210BM N282.05
7210BEAT85 57210BEAT85 N168.82
7210BEAT85SUCNB 57210BEAT85SUN N254.49
7210BEAT85SUGA 57210BEAT85SUL N298.33
7210BEAT85SUM 57210BEAT85SUM N298.33
7210BEAT85SUN 5254.49
7210BSUA14P6 5397.05
7210BW 57210BW N182.02
7210BW 6182.02
7210BWG 57210BWG N312.55
7210CSN24TRDULP3 RR 57210CSN24TRDULP3 R4065.73
7210CSN24TRSULP3 RR 57210CSN24TRSULP3 R2032.85
7210CTRDBDMP4 RR 57210CTRDBDMP4 R2512.52
7210CTRDUDLP3 R 57210CTRDUDLP3 N2439.35
7210CTRDULP3 R 57210CTRDULP3 N1626.64
7210CTRDULP3 R TN5S51707.59
7210CTRDULP3 RR 57210CTRDULP3 R1626.64
7210CTRDULP4 RR 57210CTRDULP4 R1626.64
7210CTRDUMP3 R 57210CTRDUMP3 N1675.47
7210CTRDUMP3 RR 57210CTRDUMP3 R1675.47
7210CTRQUMP3 R 57210CTRQUMP3 N3350.09
7210CTRSULP3 R 57210CTRSULP3 N813.11
7210CTRSULP3 R MTSL5853.78
7210CTRSULP4 R 57210CTRSULP4 N813.11
7210CTRSUMP3 R 57210CTRSUMP3 N837.48
7210CTRSUMP4 R 57210CTRSUMP4 N837.48
7211A5TRDUDLP3 R 57211A5TRDUDLP3 N2704.24
7211A5TRDULP3 R 57211A5TRDULP3 N1803.37
7211A5TRDULP3 RR 57211A5TRDULP3 R1803.37
7211A5TRDULP4 RR 57211A5TRDULP4 R1803.37
7211A5TRDUMP3 R 57211A5TRDUMP3 N1857.54
7211A5TRDUMP3 RR 57211A5TRDUMP3 R1857.54
7211A5TRDUMP4 RR 57211A5TRDUMP4 R1857.54
7211A5TRP3 R 5928.73
7211A5TRP3 RR 57211A5TRP3 R928.73
7211A5TRSULP3 R 57211A5TRSULP3 N901.69
7211A5TRSULP4 R 57211A5TRSULP4 N901.69
7211A5TRSUMP3 R 57211A5TRSUMP3 N928.73
7211BEAT85 57211BEAT85 N211.75
7211BEAT85SUCNB 57211BEAT85SUN N306.23
7211BEAT85SUGA 57211BEAT85SUL N358.97
7211BEAT85SUL 5358.97
7211BEAT85SUN 5306.23
7211BSUA17P6 5441.83
7211BW 57211BW N221.04
7211BWG 57211BWG N376.05
7211CSN24TRSULP3 RR 57211CSN24TRSULP3 R2253.69
7211CTRDUDMP3 R 57211CTRDUDMP3 N2785.67
7211CTRDULP3 R 57211CTRDULP3 N1803.37
7211CTRDULP3 RR 57211CTRDULP3 R1803.37
7211CTRDULP4 RR 57211CTRDULP4 R1803.37
7211CTRDUMP3 R 57211CTRDUMP3 N1857.54
7211CTRDUMP3 RR 57211CTRDUMP3 R1857.54
7211CTRDUMP4 RR 57211CTRDUMP4 R1857.54
7211CTRSULP3 R 57211CTRSULP3 N901.69
7211CTRSULP3 R MTSL5946.57
7211CTRSULP4 R 57211CTRSULP4 N901.69
7212A5TRDBDLP3 RR 53075.77
7212A5TRDUHP3 R 52563.57
7212A5TRDULP3 R 57212A5TRDULP3 N2050.86
7212A5TRDULP3 RR 57212A5TRDULP3 R2050.86
7212A5TRDULP4 RR 57212A5TRDULP4 R2050.86
7212A5TRDUMP3 R 57212A5TRDUMP3 N2112.49
7212A5TRDUMP3 RR 57212A5TRDUMP3 R2112.49
7212A5TRQUMP3 RR 57212A5TRQUMP3 R4223.99
7212A5TRSULP3 R 57212A5TRSULP3 N1025.22
7212A5TRSUMP3 R 57212A5TRSUMP3 N1055.99
7212A5TYNSULP4 51025.22
7212BEAT85 57212BEAT85 N257.95
7212BEAT85SUCNB 57212BEAT85SUN N354.5
7212BEAT85SUGA 57212BEAT85SUL N505.86
7212BEAT85SUL 5505.86
7212BW 57212BW N290.6
7212BW 6290.6
7212BWG 57212BWG N435.33
7212CTRDUDLP3 R 57212CTRDUDLP3 N3075.77
7212CTRDUDMP3 R 53168
7212CTRDULP3 R 57212CTRDULP3 N2050.86
7212CTRDULP3 R TN5S52153.04
7212CTRDULP3 RR 57212CTRDULP3 R2050.86
7212CTRDULP4 RR 57212CTRDULP4 R2050.86
7212CTRDUMP3 R 57212CTRDUMP3 N2112.49
7212CTRDUMP3 RR 57212CTRDUMP3 R2112.49
7212CTRP3 RR 57212CTRP3 R1055.99
7212CTRQUMP3 R 57212CTRQUMP3 N4223.99
7212CTRSULP3 R 57212CTRSULP3 N1025.22
7212CTRSULP4 R 57212CTRSULP4 N1025.22
7212CTRSULP4 RR 57212CTRSULP4 R1025.22
7212CTRSUMP3 R 57212CTRSUMP3 N1055.99
7212CTYNSULP4 R 57212CTYNSULP4 N1025.22
7213A5TRDUDLP3 R 53499.98
7213A5TRDULP3 R 57213A5TRDULP3 N2333.82
7213A5TRDULP3 RR 57213A5TRDULP3 R2333.82
7213A5TRDULP4 RR 57213A5TRDULP4 R2333.82
7213A5TRDUMP3 R 57213A5TRDUMP3 N2403.88
7213A5TRDUMP3 RR 57213A5TRDUMP3 R2403.88
7213A5TRSULP3 R 57213A5TRSULP3 N1166.64
7213A5TRSUMP3 R 57213A5TRSUMP3 N1201.59
7213A5TRSUMP4 RR 57213A5TRSUMP4 R1201.59
7213B 5511.33
7213BEAT85 57213BEAT85 N312.15
7213BEAT85SUCNB 57213BEAT85SUN N415.32
7213BEAT85SUGA 57213BEAT85SUL N477.65
7213BEAT85SUN 5415.32
7213BSUA17P6 5691.31
7213BW 57213BW N330.22
7213BWG 57213BWG N510.05
7213CTRDUDMP3 R 57213CTRDUDMP3 N3604.91
7213CTRDULP3 R 57213CTRDULP3 N2333.82
7213CTRDULP3 RR 57213CTRDULP3 R2333.82
7213CTRDULP4 RR 57213CTRDULP4 R2333.82
7213CTRDUMP3 R 57213CTRDUMP3 N2403.88
7213CTRDUMP3 RR 57213CTRDUMP3 R2403.88
7213CTRP3 RR 51201.59
7213CTRSULP3 R 57213CTRSULP3 N1166.64
7213CTRSULP4 R 57213CTRSULP4 N1166.64
7213CTYNSULP4 R 57213CTYNSULP4 N1166.64
7214A5TRDBDLP3 RR 53924.18
7214A5TRDUDLP4 RR 53924.18
7214A5TRDULP3 R 57214A5TRDULP3 N2616.67
7214A5TRDULP3 RR 57214A5TRDULP3 R2616.67
7214A5TRDULP4 RR 57214A5TRDULP4 R2616.67
7214A5TRDUMP3 R 57214A5TRDUMP3 N2695.23
7214A5TRDUMP3 RR 57214A5TRDUMP3 R2695.23
7214A5TRSULP3 R 57214A5TRSULP3 N1308.05
7214A5TRSUMP3 R 57214A5TRSUMP3 N1347.33
7214BEAT85 57214BEAT85 N362.42
7214BEAT85SUCNB 57214BEAT85SUN N467.33
7214BEAT85SUGA 57214BEAT85SUL N626.21
7214BEAT85SUN 5467.33
7214BSUA17P6 5774.48
7214BW 57214BW N408.35
7214BWG 57214BWG N612.34
7214CTRDULP3 R 57214CTRDULP3 N2616.67
7214CTRDULP3 RR 57214CTRDULP3 R2616.67
7214CTRDULP4 RR 57214CTRDULP4 R2616.67
7214CTRDUMP3 R 57214CTRDUMP3 N2695.23
7214CTRDUMP3 RR 57214CTRDUMP3 R2695.23
7214CTRQUMP3 R 57214CTRQUMP3 N5389.23
7214CTRQUMP3 RR 57214CTRQUMP3 R5389.23
7214CTRSULP3 R 57214CTRSULP3 N1308.05
7214CTRSULP4 R 57214CTRSULP4 N1308.05
7214CTRSUMP3 R 57214CTRSUMP3 N1347.33
7214CTRSUMP4 R 57214CTRSUMP4 N1347.33
7214CTYNSULP4 R 57214CTYNSULP4 N1308.05
7215A5TRDULP3 R 57215A5TRDULP3 N2769.86
7215A5TRDULP3 RR 57215A5TRDULP3 R2769.86
7215A5TRDULP4 RR 57215A5TRDULP4 R2769.86
7215A5TRDUMP3 R 57215A5TRDUMP3 N2853.04
7215A5TRDUMP3 RR 57215A5TRDUMP3 R2853.04
7215A5TRDUMP4 R 57215A5TRDUMP4 N2853.04
7215A5TRSULP3 R 57215A5TRSULP3 N1384.66
7215A5TRSULP3 RR 57215A5TRSULP3 R1384.66
7215A5TRSUMP3 R 57215A5TRSUMP3 N1426.2
7215B 5670
7215BEAT85 57215BEAT85 N408.43
7215BEAT85SUCNB 57215BEAT85SUN N519.03
7215BEAT85SUGA 57215BEAT85SUL N695.5
7215BEAT85SUN 5519.03
7215BSUA17P6 5790.72
7215BW 57215BW N460.17
7215BWG 57215BWG N695.35
7215CTRDUDLP3 R 57215CTRDUDLP3 N4154.02
7215CTRDULP3 R 57215CTRDULP3 N2769.86
7215CTRDULP3 RR 57215CTRDULP3 R2769.86
7215CTRDUMP3 R 57215CTRDUMP3 N2853.04
7215CTRDUMP3 RR 57215CTRDUMP3 R2853.04
7215CTRSULP3 R 57215CTRSULP3 N1384.66
7215CTRSULP4 R 57215CTRSULP4 N1384.66
7215TRDULP4Q41W1 RR8 52769.86
7216A5TRDBDLP3 RR 54507.54
7216A5TRDUDLP3 R 57216A5TRDUDLP3 N4507.54
7216A5TRDUDMP3 R 57216A5TRDUDMP3 N4642.74
7216A5TRDULP3 R 57216A5TRDULP3 N3005.67
7216A5TRDULP3 RR 57216A5TRDULP3 R3005.67
7216A5TRDUMP3 R 57216A5TRDUMP3 N3095.93
7216A5TRDUMP3 RR 57216A5TRDUMP3 R3095.93
7216A5TRSULP3 R 57216A5TRSULP3 N1502.55
7216A5TRSUMP3 R 57216A5TRSUMP3 N1547.59
7216B 5813.23
7216BEAT85 57216BEAT85 N496.17
7216BEAT85SUL 57216BEAT85SUL N733.9
7216BEAT85SUN 57216BEAT85SUN N594.55
7216BSUA17P6 5876.61
7216BW 57216BW N559
7216BW 6559
7216BWG 57216BWG N747.61
7216CTRDBDLP4 RR 57216CTRDBDLP4 R4507.54
7216CTRDUDLP3 R 57216CTRDUDLP3 N4507.54
7216CTRDULP3 R 57216CTRDULP3 N3005.67
7216CTRDULP3 RR 57216CTRDULP3 R3005.67
7216CTRDUMP3 R 57216CTRDUMP3 N3095.93
7216CTRDUMP3 RR 57216CTRDUMP3 R3095.93
7216CTRQULP3 R 57216CTRQULP3 N6010.06
7216CTRSULP3 R 57216CTRSULP3 N1502.55
7216CTRSUMP3 R 57216CTRSUMP3 N1547.59
7217A5TRDUDMP3 R 57217A5TRDUDMP3 N5270.89
7217A5TRDULP3 R 57217A5TRDULP3 N3412.31
7217A5TRDULP3 RR 57217A5TRDULP3 R3412.31
7217A5TRDULP4 RR 57217A5TRDULP4 R3412.31
7217A5TRDUMP3 R 57217A5TRDUMP3 N3514.79
7217A5TRDUMP3 RR 57217A5TRDUMP3 R3514.79
7217BSUA20P6 51067.96
7217BW 57217BW N600.52
7217BWG 57217BWG N858.28
7217CTRDULP3 R 57217CTRDULP3 N3412.31
7217CTRDULP3 RR 57217CTRDULP3 R3412.31
7217CTRDULP4 RR 57217CTRDULP4 R3412.31
7217CTRDUMP3 R 57217CTRDUMP3 N3514.79
7217CTRDUMP3 RR 57217CTRDUMP3 R3514.79
7218A5TRDBDLP3 RR 57218A5TRDBDLP3 R5789.07
7218A5TRDUDLP3 R 57218A5TRDUDLP3 N5789.07
7218A5TRDUDMP3 R 57218A5TRDUDMP3 N5962.71
7218A5TRDULP3 R 57218A5TRDULP3 N3860.2
7218A5TRDULP3 RR 57218A5TRDULP3 R3860.2
7218A5TRDULP4 RR 57218A5TRDULP4 R3860.2
7218A5TRDUMP3 R 57218A5TRDUMP3 N3976.14
7218A5TRDUMP3 RR 57218A5TRDUMP3 R3976.14
7218A5TRSUMP4 R 51987.62
7218B 51116.61
7218BSUA20P6 51250.94
7218BW 57218BW N726.94
7218BWG 57218BWG N963.78
7218CTRDBDLP3 RR 57218CTRDBDLP3 R5789.07
7218CTRDUDLP3 R 57218CTRDUDLP3 N5789.07
7218CTRDULP3 R 57218CTRDULP3 N3860.2
7218CTRDULP3 RR 57218CTRDULP3 R3860.2
7218CTRDUMP3 R 57218CTRDUMP3 N3976.14
7219A5TRDUDLP3 R 57219A5TRDUDLP3 N6893.87
7219A5TRDUDMP3 R 57219A5TRDUDMP3 N7100.65
7219A5TRDULP3 RR 57219A5TRDULP3 R4596.87
7219A5TRDUMP3 R 57219A5TRDUMP3 N4729.62
7219A5TRDUMP3 RR 57219A5TRDUMP3 R4729.62
7219A5TRSULP3 R 57219A5TRSULP3 N2297.97
7219A5TRSULP3 RR 57219A5TRSULP3 R2297.97
7219B 57219BM N1312.45
7219BG 57219BMG N1375.85
7219BSUA20P6 51409.25
7219BW 57219BW N866.3
7219BWG 57219BWG N1077.76
7219CTRDULP3 R 57219CTRDULP3 N4596.87
7219CTRDULP3 RR 57219CTRDULP3 R4596.87
7219CTRDULP4 RR 57219CTRDULP4 R4596.87
7220A5TRDUDLP3 R 57547.92
7220A5TRDUDMP3 R 57220A5TRDUDMP3 N7774.34
7220A5TRDULP3 R 57220A5TRDULP3 N5032.92
7220A5TRDULP3 RR 57220A5TRDULP3 R5032.92
7220A5TRDULP4 RR 57220A5TRDULP4 R5032.92