SKF Power Transmission Price List 2013

All prices shown are Manufacturer Recommended Prices, which Acorn will be able to discount. Please contact Acorn for pricing

PHG C77.2520.48
PHG C7820.48
PHG C7920.88
PHG C8020.88
PHG C8121.56
PHG C8221.56
PHG C8321.56
PHG C83.2521.56
PHG C83.521.73
PHG C83.7522.44
PHG C8422.44
PHG C84.522.53
PHG C8522.44
PHG C8622.44
PHG C8722.69
PHG C8822.69
PHG C88.2522.69
PHG C88.519.22
PHG C8922.69
PHG C9024.20
PHG C90X3100.82
PHG C90X4134.43
PHG C90X5168.06
PHG C9124.20
PHG C9224.20
PHG C92.2524.20
PHG C9324.20
PHG C9424.20
PHG C9525.76
PHG C9625.76
PHG C96.525.76
PHG C96.7525.76
PHG C9725.76
PHG C9825.76
PHG C98.525.76
PHG C98X3109.52
PHG C98X4146.07
PHG C98X5182.55
PHG C9927.10
PHG CC106127.42
PHG CC112116.18
PHG CC122145.34
PHG CC126151.32
PHG CC128156.23
PHG CC130133.76
PHG CC144172.23
PHG CC148172.23
PHG CC153185.17
PHG CC162192.13
PHG CC165197.11
PHG CC173206.06
PHG CC193225.97
PHG CC195194.54
PHG CC204242.91
PHG CC206245.90
PHG CC224261.83
PHG CC300261.83
PHG CC86105.52
PHG CC90114.50
PHG CC94117.47
PHG CX10040.02
PHG CX10140.02
PHG CX10241.67
PHG CX102.7541.97
PHG CX10442.51
PHG CX10543.38
PHG CX10644.23
PHG CX10845.03
PHG CX10943.38
PHG CX11043.38
PHG CX11143.38
PHG CX11247.53
PHG CX11448.91
PHG CX11547.53
PHG CX11648.45
PHG CX116.2548.58
PHG CX11847.53
PHG CX12048.34
PHG CX12450.33
PHG CX12851.48
PHG CX13253.12
PHG CX16570.06
PHG CX18578.40
PHG CX3915.61
PHG CX4316.30
PHG CX4917.97
PHG CX5021.18
PHG CX5118.42
PHG CX5218.83
PHG CX5420.08
PHG CX5520.08
PHG CX5727.58
PHG CX5821.55
PHG CX5921.56
PHG CX6022.92
PHG CX6222.92
PHG CX6323.95
PHG CX6527.55
PHG CX6627.55
PHG CX6727.55
PHG CX6827.55
PHG CX6927.55
PHG CX7027.55
PHG CX7128.89
PHG CX7228.89
PHG CX7331.92
PHG CX7531.92
PHG CX7631.92
PHG CX7731.92
PHG CX7832.50
PHG CX7932.50
PHG CX8032.50
PHG CX8133.71
PHG CX8234.97
PHG CX8434.97
PHG CX8534.97
PHG CX8634.97
PHG CX8734.97
PHG CX8835.34
PHG CX8935.97
PHG CX9037.61
PHG CX9337.61
PHG CX9537.61
PHG CX9640.02
PHG CX9740.75
PHG CX9840.02
PHG CX9940.47
PHG D-1000-H-075121.72
PHG D-1000-H-100154.45
PHG D-1000-H-150221.96
PHG D-1000-H-200284.37
PHG D-1000-H-300406.10
PHG D10242.29
PHG D10451.37
PHG D10551.79
PHG D11054.33
PHG D-1100-H-075130.93
PHG D-1100-H-100167.75
PHG D-1100-H-150243.45
PHG D-1100-H-200307.90
PHG D-1100-H-300443.93
PHG D11857.94
PHG D12058.53
PHG D12459.34
PHG D124.2561.50
PHG D-1250-H-075148.33
PHG D-1250-H-100189.24
PHG D-1250-H-150272.10
PHG D-1250-H-200348.81
PHG D-1250-H-300499.18
PHG D-1250-H-S8001999.18
PHG D12861.50
PHG D13263.66
PHG D132.564.82
PHG D13586.40
PHG D13664.82
PHG D136.7565.31
PHG D13765.31
PHG D139.7566.30
PHG D14066.30
PHG D-1400-H-075163.66
PHG D-1400-H-100210.73
PHG D-1400-H-150302.78
PHG D-1400-H-200386.66
PHG D-1400-H-300553.39
PHG D14266.95
PHG D14467.59
PHG D144X5471.85
PHG D14768.27
PHG D14868.93
PHG D15297.01
PHG D-1535-H-3001185.05
PHG D154.568.93
PHG D15875.03
PHG D158X3310.00
PHG D158X4413.37
PHG D158X5516.65
PHG D16076.04
PHG D16277.05
PHG D162X3317.74
PHG D162X4423.65
PHG D162X5529.57
PHG D16370.76
PHG D164.579.77
PHG D165100.66
PHG D16779.77
PHG D17081.16
PHG D-1700-H-075195.38
PHG D-1700-H-100250.62
PHG D-1700-H-150360.06
PHG D-1700-H-200460.31
PHG D-1700-H-300659.78
PHG D-1700-H-S800564.44
PHG D17382.45
PHG D173X3338.90
PHG D173X4451.88
PHG D173X5564.84
PHG D17483.53
PHG D17583.67
PHG D17783.79
PHG D177X2226.10
PHG D18086.51
PHG D180X3352.42
PHG D180X4469.90
PHG D180X5587.36
PHG D18490.56
PHG D18790.56
PHG D19594.62
PHG D195X3381.31
PHG D195X4508.40
PHG D195X5635.47
PHG D196.7594.62
PHG D19794.62
PHG D-198-XL-02538.31
PHG D-200-XL-02510.12
PHG D-200-XL-03112.07
PHG D-200-XL-03713.80
PHG D20296.65
PHG D20898.69
PHG D21098.69
PHG D-210-L-05024.44
PHG D-210-L-07535.19
PHG D-210-L-10044.90
PHG D210X3410.22
PHG D210X4546.91
PHG D210X5683.67
PHG D-210-XL-02510.43
PHG D-210-XL-03112.38
PHG D-210-XL-03714.00
PHG D219.75112.19
PHG D220112.19
PHG D-220-XL-02510.65
PHG D-220-XL-03112.70
PHG D-220-XL-03714.32
PHG D225114.22
PHG D-225-L-05025.27
PHG D-225-L-07536.10
PHG D-225-L-10046.13
PHG D225X3439.12
PHG D225X4585.41
PHG D225X5731.78
PHG D228118.27
PHG D230118.27
PHG D-230-XL-02510.65
PHG D-230-XL-03112.89
PHG D-230-XL-03714.83
PHG D236118.27
PHG D236.25120.30
PHG D240120.30
PHG D-240-H-07538.67
PHG D-240-H-10049.61
PHG D-240-H-15070.79
PHG D-240-H-20091.04
PHG D-240-H-300128.89
PHG D-240-L-05026.70
PHG D-240-L-07537.95
PHG D-240-L-10048.70
PHG D240X3468.01
PHG D240X4623.98
PHG D240X5779.98
PHG D-240-XL-02510.95
PHG D-240-XL-03113.40
PHG D-240-XL-03715.14
PHG D248122.35
PHG D250123.28
PHG D-250-XL-02510.95
PHG D-250-XL-03113.60
PHG D-250-XL-03715.44
PHG D255125.69
PHG D-255-L-05027.10
PHG D-255-L-07539.27
PHG D-255-L-10049.92
PHG D255X3496.83
PHG D255X4662.50
PHG D255X5828.09
PHG D255X71100.98
PHG D-260-XL-02511.35
PHG D-260-XL-03113.80
PHG D-260-XL-03715.65
PHG D264134.50
PHG D269136.99
PHG D270139.22
PHG D-270-H-07541.84
PHG D-270-H-10053.40
PHG D-270-H-15077.94
PHG D-270-H-20098.71
PHG D-270-H-300141.16
PHG D-270-L-05028.55
PHG D-270-L-07541.22
PHG D-270-L-10052.59
PHG D270X3525.74
PHG D270X4701.01
PHG D270X5876.28
PHG D280143.95
PHG D-280-XL-02511.77
PHG D-280-XL-03114.21
PHG D-280-XL-03716.47
PHG D285146.48
PHG D-285-L-05029.46
PHG D-285-L-07542.35
PHG D-285-L-10054.00
PHG D285X3554.63
PHG D285X4739.52
PHG D285X5924.39
PHG D290149.76
PHG D298153.05
PHG D300162.20
PHG D-300-H-07545.11
PHG D-300-H-10057.49
PHG D-300-H-15082.45
PHG D-300-H-200106.38
PHG D-300-H-300152.41
PHG D-300-L-05030.69
PHG D-300-L-07544.19
PHG D-300-L-10056.16
PHG D-300-L-S700668.02
PHG D300X3583.54
PHG D300X4778.10
PHG D300X5972.58
PHG D-300-XL-02512.38
PHG D-300-XL-03114.83
PHG D-300-XL-03716.89
PHG D-310-XL-02512.58
PHG D-310-XL-03115.14
PHG D-310-XL-03717.17
PHG D314166.26
PHG D315170.31
PHG D315X3612.44
PHG D315X4816.61
PHG D315X51020.71
PHG D-322-L-05032.02
PHG D-322-L-07546.13
PHG D-322-L-10059.02
PHG D328177.34
PHG D330180.47
PHG D-330-H-07548.29
PHG D-330-H-10061.58
PHG D-330-H-15089.09
PHG D-330-H-200113.54
PHG D-330-H-300162.64
PHG D330X3641.33
PHG D330X4855.10
PHG D330X51068.89
PHG D335167.30
PHG D340184.36
PHG D-340-XL-03737.20
PHG D-345-L-05033.44
PHG D-345-L-07547.98
PHG D-345-L-10061.07
PHG D345X3670.24
PHG D345X4893.61
PHG D345X51117.07
PHG D354201.41
PHG D360204.79
PHG D-360-H-07551.45
PHG D-360-H-10065.67
PHG D-360-H-15094.62
PHG D-360-H-200121.72
PHG D-360-H-300173.89
PHG D-360-L-100104.73
PHG D360X3699.13
PHG D360X4932.12
PHG D360X51165.19
PHG D-367-L-05034.98
PHG D-367-L-07550.42
PHG D-367-L-10064.24
PHG D374211.54
PHG D390220.48
PHG D-390-H-07555.04
PHG D-390-H-10070.27
PHG D-390-H-150100.86
PHG D-390-H-200127.86
PHG D-390-H-300184.12
PHG D-390-L-05036.92
PHG D-390-L-07552.99
PHG D-390-L-10068.22
PHG D390X3756.92
PHG D390X41009.20
PHG D390X51261.50
PHG D394221.01
PHG D418234.39
PHG D420228.81
PHG D-420-H-07557.49
PHG D-420-H-10073.85
PHG D-420-H-150107.41
PHG D-420-H-200137.06
PHG D-420-H-300196.40
PHG D-420-L-05039.07
PHG D-420-L-07556.16
PHG D-420-L-10071.29
PHG D-420-L-S700420.05
PHG D420X3814.73
PHG D420X41086.24
PHG D420X51357.81
PHG D440223.21
PHG D441245.21
PHG D-450-H-07561.07
PHG D-450-H-10078.86
PHG D-450-H-150112.52
PHG D-450-H-200143.21
PHG D-450-H-300208.67
PHG D-450-L-05041.02
PHG D-450-L-07559.02
PHG D-450-L-10075.28
PHG D450X3872.45
PHG D450X41163.32
PHG D450X51454.11
PHG D477267.19
PHG D-480-H-07564.65
PHG D-480-H-10082.03
PHG D-480-H-150118.67
PHG D-480-H-200152.41
PHG D-480-H-300219.93
PHG D-480-H-S8001469.98
PHG D-480-L-05043.27
PHG D-480-L-07562.60
PHG D-480-L-10079.99
PHG D480X3930.25
PHG D480X41240.33
PHG D480X51550.42
PHG D-490-H-150126.77
PHG D492267.19
PHG D-510-H-07566.80
PHG D-510-H-10085.62
PHG D-510-H-150122.75
PHG D-510-H-200157.53
PHG D-510-H-300227.07
PHG D-510-L-05044.69
PHG D-510-L-07564.65
PHG D-510-L-10082.03
PHG D540294.71
PHG D-540-H-07570.79
PHG D-540-H-10091.04
PHG D-540-H-150128.89
PHG D-540-H-200164.69
PHG D-540-H-300241.42
PHG D-540-L-05047.48
PHG D-540-L-07568.73
PHG D-540-L-10087.56
PHG D540X31045.85
PHG D540X41394.43
PHG D540X51743.02
PHG D-570-H-07574.37
PHG D-570-H-10094.62
PHG D-570-H-150132.98
PHG D-570-H-200171.85
PHG D-570-H-300250.62
PHG D-600-H-07578.46
PHG D-600-H-10098.71
PHG D-600-H-150141.16
PHG D-600-H-200180.03
PHG D-600-H-300261.85
PHG D-600-H-S8001215.84
PHG D-600-L-S700333.97
PHG D-630-H-07580.39
PHG D-630-H-100101.38
PHG D-630-H-150149.34
PHG D-630-H-200188.21
PHG D-630-H-300271.06
PHG D-660-H-07583.98
PHG D-660-H-100107.41
PHG D-660-H-150156.50
PHG D-660-H-200198.43
PHG D-660-H-300290.50
PHG D-700-H-07590.63
PHG D-700-H-100116.61
PHG D-700-H-150164.69
PHG D-700-H-200208.67
PHG D-700-H-300307.90
PHG D-750-H-07597.38
PHG D-750-H-100121.72
PHG D-750-H-150173.89
PHG D-750-H-200219.93
PHG D-750-H-300323.24
PHG D-800-H-075102.29
PHG D-800-H-100128.89
PHG D-800-H-150181.05
PHG D-800-H-200233.22
PHG D-800-H-300339.60
PHG D-850-H-075108.44
PHG D-850-H-100135.02
PHG D-850-H-150191.28
PHG D-850-H-200244.47
PHG D-850-H-300354.94
PHG D-900-H-075113.54
PHG D-900-H-100143.21
PHG D-900-H-150202.53
PHG D-900-H-200259.82
PHG D-900-H-300756.91
PHG D9848.06
PHG DA-1000-5M-1578.29
PHG DA-1000-5M-25117.30
PHG DA-1000-5M-953.46
PHG DA-1040-8M-2097.85
PHG DA-1040-8M-30147.98
PHG DA-1040-8M-50243.44
PHG DA-1040-8M-85417.68
PHG DA-1050-5M-1581.15
PHG DA-1050-5M-25124.10
PHG DA-1050-5M-956.45
PHG DA-1120-8M-20104.77
PHG DA-1120-8M-25189.72
PHG DA-1120-8M-30155.14
PHG DA-1120-8M-50258.96
PHG DA-1120-8M-85443.94
PHG DA-1125-5M-1586.40
PHG DA-1125-5M-25130.07
PHG DA-1125-5M-959.43
PHG DA-1168-8M-20169.52
PHG DA-1200-8M-20108.84
PHG DA-1200-8M-30164.69
PHG DA-1200-8M-50273.28
PHG DA-1200-8M-85466.61
PHG DA-1248-8M-20118.99
PHG DA-1248-8M-30178.47
PHG DA-1270-5M-25151.54
PHG DA-1280-8M-20117.18
PHG DA-1280-8M-30170.65
PHG DA-1280-8M-50288.80
PHG DA-1280-8M-85491.67
PHG DA-1304-8M-20119.10
PHG DA-1304-8M-30175.43
PHG DA-1304-8M-50292.38
PHG DA-1304-8M-85497.65
PHG DA-1328-8M-20120.54
PHG DA-1328-8M-30179.01
PHG DA-1328-8M-50298.35
PHG DA-1328-8M-85504.80
PHG DA-1350-5M-25163.51
PHG DA-1360-8M-20121.72
PHG DA-1360-8M-30180.20
PHG DA-1360-8M-50303.12
PHG DA-1360-8M-85513.16
PHG DA-1420-5M-977.98
PHG DA-1424-8M-20124.10
PHG DA-1424-8M-30184.98
PHG DA-1424-8M-50311.48
PHG DA-1424-8M-85531.05
PHG DA-1440-8M-20124.10
PHG DA-1440-8M-30187.36
PHG DA-1440-8M-50313.86
PHG DA-1440-8M-85534.64
PHG DA-1456-8M-50467.36
PHG DA-1520-8M-20137.81
PHG DA-1540-14M-55774.65
PHG DA-1600-8M-20138.44
PHG DA-1600-8M-30204.07
PHG DA-1600-8M-50341.30
PHG DA-1600-8M-85579.99
PHG DA-1760-8M-20147.98
PHG DA-1760-8M-30221.96
PHG DA-1760-8M-50368.75
PHG DA-1760-8M-85626.52
PHG DA-1778-14M-1151754.28
PHG DA-1778-14M-1702569.36
PHG DA-1778-14M-40602.65
PHG DA-1778-14M-55836.56
PHG DA-1778-14M-851297.21
PHG DA-1800-8M-20150.38
PHG DA-1800-8M-30225.55
PHG DA-1800-8M-50375.92
PHG DA-1800-8M-85638.47
PHG DA-1890-14M-1151793.65
PHG DA-1890-14M-1702668.42
PHG DA-1890-14M-40624.14
PHG DA-1890-14M-55864.01
PHG DA-1890-14M-851331.82
PHG DA-1896-8M-20165.47
PHG DA-2000-8M-20167.07
PHG DA-2000-8M-30249.42
PHG DA-2000-8M-50412.90
PHG DA-2000-8M-85702.90
PHG DA-2080-8M-50667.74
PHG DA-2100-14M-1151920.15
PHG DA-2100-14M-1702843.83
PHG DA-2100-14M-40667.10
PHG DA-2100-14M-55922.49
PHG DA-2100-14M-851427.30
PHG DA-2160-8M-30341.50
PHG DA-2310-14M-1152049.04
PHG DA-2310-14M-1703031.20
PHG DA-2310-14M-40708.86
PHG DA-2310-14M-55977.37
PHG DA-2310-14M-851506.05
PHG DA-2400-8M-20194.52
PHG DA-2400-8M-30287.62
PHG DA-2400-8M-50480.93
PHG DA-2400-8M-85822.24
PHG DA-2590-14M-1152440.61
PHG DA-2590-14M-551089.86
PHG DA-2600-8M-25417.35
PHG DA-2600-8M-30500.78
PHG DA-2800-8M-50813.59
PHG DA-3048-8M-851172.33
PHG DA-3150-14M-40985.45
PHG DA-3600-8M-30633.09
PHG DA-3600-8M-751634.36
PHG DA-3850-14M-1154744.73
PHG DA-500-5M-1543.34
PHG DA-565-5M-1558.23
PHG DA-565-5M-2586.99
PHG DA-565-5M-939.02
PHG DA-600-5M-1558.96
PHG DA-600-5M-2588.66
PHG DA-600-5M-939.86
PHG DA-600-8M-2066.83
PHG DA-600-8M-3099.17
PHG DA-600-8M-50165.87
PHG DA-600-8M-85285.21
PHG DA-615-5M-1558.96
PHG DA-615-5M-2590.10
PHG DA-615-5M-941.41
PHG DA-630-5M-1561.34
PHG DA-630-5M-2590.10
PHG DA-630-5M-942.14
PHG DA-635-5M-1561.34
PHG DA-635-5M-2590.82
PHG DA-635-5M-942.14
PHG DA-640-8M-2070.04
PHG DA-640-8M-30104.77
PHG DA-640-8M-50175.43
PHG DA-640-8M-85298.35
PHG DA-656-8M-2072.57
PHG DA-656-8M-30108.24
PHG DA-656-8M-50180.20
PHG DA-656-8M-85306.69
PHG DA-700-5M-1564.32
PHG DA-700-5M-2595.95
PHG DA-700-5M-943.68
PHG DA-710-5M-1564.91
PHG DA-710-5M-2596.67
PHG DA-710-5M-944.39
PHG DA-720-8M-2076.49
PHG DA-720-8M-30114.56
PHG DA-720-8M-50189.75
PHG DA-720-8M-85324.60
PHG DA-740-5M-1565.75
PHG DA-740-5M-2599.52
PHG DA-740-5M-945.11
PHG DA-755-5M-1566.36
PHG DA-755-5M-25101.20
PHG DA-755-5M-945.82
PHG DA-776-8M-2079.13
PHG DA-776-8M-30119.10
PHG DA-776-8M-50200.49
PHG DA-776-8M-85340.11
PHG DA-800-5M-1568.03
PHG DA-800-5M-25103.35
PHG DA-800-5M-948.09
PHG DA-800-8M-2081.03
PHG DA-800-8M-30121.72
PHG DA-800-8M-50204.07
PHG DA-800-8M-85346.08
PHG DA-830-5M-1580.54
PHG DA-835-5M-1570.88
PHG DA-835-5M-25107.04
PHG DA-835-5M-949.65
PHG DA-880-8M-2086.17
PHG DA-880-8M-30127.69
PHG DA-880-8M-50213.61
PHG DA-880-8M-85366.37
PHG DA-890-5M-1574.47
PHG DA-890-5M-25110.75
PHG DA-890-5M-951.91
PHG DA-900-5M-1574.47
PHG DA-900-5M-25111.46
PHG DA-900-5M-951.91
PHG DA-920-8M-2090.70
PHG DA-920-8M-30132.47
PHG DA-920-8M-50223.16
PHG DA-920-8M-85379.50
PHG DA-925-5M-1576.01
PHG DA-925-5M-25114.32
PHG DA-925-5M-952.50
PHG DA-960-8M-2092.85
PHG DA-960-8M-30138.44
PHG DA-960-8M-50229.13
PHG DA-960-8M-85390.24
PHG DA-S8M-1160-20126.70
PHG DA-S8M-1160-30190.94
PHG DA-S8M-1160-50317.79
PHG DA-S8M-1160-85544.17
PHG DA-S8M-1168-20126.70
PHG DA-S8M-1168-30192.32
PHG DA-S8M-1168-50321.88
PHG DA-S8M-1168-85545.54
PHG DA-S8M-1184-20128.75
PHG DA-S8M-1184-30193.66
PHG DA-S8M-1184-50324.60
PHG DA-S8M-1184-85549.63
PHG DA-S8M-1200-20130.40
PHG DA-S8M-1200-30195.03
PHG DA-S8M-1200-50327.34
PHG DA-S8M-1200-85553.74
PHG DA-S8M-1216-20132.44
PHG DA-S8M-1216-30199.12
PHG DA-S8M-1216-50330.06
PHG DA-S8M-1216-85561.92
PHG DA-S8M-1280-20139.11
PHG DA-S8M-1280-30205.95
PHG DA-S8M-1280-50343.69
PHG DA-S8M-1280-85586.47
PHG DA-S8M-1304-20140.47
PHG DA-S8M-1304-30208.67
PHG DA-S8M-1304-50349.15
PHG DA-S8M-1304-85594.64
PHG DA-S8M-1312-20140.47
PHG DA-S8M-1312-30208.67
PHG DA-S8M-1312-50350.51
PHG DA-S8M-1312-85597.37
PHG DA-S8M-1344-20141.84
PHG DA-S8M-1344-30214.12
PHG DA-S8M-1344-50358.69
PHG DA-S8M-1344-85606.92
PHG DA-S8M-1400-20147.30
PHG DA-S8M-1400-30219.59
PHG DA-S8M-1400-50365.52
PHG DA-S8M-1400-85623.29
PHG DA-S8M-1440-20148.65
PHG DA-S8M-1440-30220.96
PHG DA-S8M-1440-50373.69
PHG DA-S8M-1440-85638.29
PHG DA-S8M-1600-20163.66
PHG DA-S8M-1600-30241.40
PHG DA-S8M-1600-50407.79
PHG DA-S8M-1600-85690.11
PHG DA-S8M-1760-20175.94
PHG DA-S8M-1760-30261.85
PHG DA-S8M-1760-50440.53
PHG DA-S8M-1760-85744.67
PHG DA-T10-1610-32253.27
PHG DA-T10-1960-25241.57
PHG DA-T5-1075-25105.07
PHG DA-T5-720-1644.11
PHG DA-T5-780-1647.88
PHG DB-T10-1000-1061.36
PHG DB-T10-1000-1273.69
PHG DB-T10-1000-1698.21
PHG DB-T10-1000-20122.73
PHG DB-T10-1000-25153.40
PHG DB-T10-1000-32196.27
PHG DB-T10-1000-50306.80
PHG DB-T10-1080-20102.32
PHG DB-T10-1100-1067.52
PHG DB-T10-1100-1280.89
PHG DB-T10-1100-16108.05
PHG DB-T10-1100-20135.05
PHG DB-T10-1100-25168.74
PHG DB-T10-1100-32215.94
PHG DB-T10-1100-50337.48
PHG DB-T10-1200-1073.69
PHG DB-T10-1200-1288.37
PHG DB-T10-1200-16117.87
PHG DB-T10-1200-20147.23
PHG DB-T10-1200-25184.08
PHG DB-T10-1200-32235.61
PHG DB-T10-1200-50368.30
PHG DB-T10-1210-1074.21
PHG DB-T10-1210-1289.02
PHG DB-T10-1210-16118.92
PHG DB-T10-1210-20148.55
PHG DB-T10-1210-25185.66
PHG DB-T10-1210-32237.58
PHG DB-T10-1210-50371.19
PHG DB-T10-1240-1076.04
PHG DB-T10-1240-1291.38
PHG DB-T10-1240-16121.82
PHG DB-T10-1240-20152.09
PHG DB-T10-1240-25190.25
PHG DB-T10-1240-32243.48
PHG DB-T10-1240-50380.49
PHG DB-T10-1250-1076.70
PHG DB-T10-1250-1292.04
PHG DB-T10-1250-16122.73
PHG DB-T10-1250-20153.40
PHG DB-T10-1250-25191.81
PHG DB-T10-1250-32245.44
PHG DB-T10-1250-50383.51
PHG DB-T10-1300-1079.85
PHG DB-T10-1300-1295.72
PHG DB-T10-1300-16127.56
PHG DB-T10-1300-20159.57
PHG DB-T10-1300-25199.41
PHG DB-T10-1300-32255.29
PHG DB-T10-1300-50398.86
PHG DB-T10-1320-1080.89
PHG DB-T10-1320-1297.30
PHG DB-T10-1320-16129.42
PHG DB-T10-1320-20161.79
PHG DB-T10-1320-25202.30
PHG DB-T10-1320-32258.81
PHG DB-T10-1320-50404.49
PHG DB-T10-1350-1082.85
PHG DB-T10-1350-1299.52
PHG DB-T10-1350-16132.56
PHG DB-T10-1350-20165.72
PHG DB-T10-1350-25207.16
PHG DB-T10-1350-32265.12
PHG DB-T10-1350-50414.31
PHG DB-T10-1400-1086.00
PHG DB-T10-1400-12103.05
PHG DB-T10-1400-16137.55
PHG DB-T10-1400-20171.75
PHG DB-T10-1400-25214.89
PHG DB-T10-1400-32275.20
PHG DB-T10-1400-50430.04
PHG DB-T10-1420-1087.06
PHG DB-T10-1420-12104.62
PHG DB-T10-1420-16139.37
PHG DB-T10-1420-20174.25
PHG DB-T10-1420-25217.78
PHG DB-T10-1420-32278.88
PHG DB-T10-1420-50435.95
PHG DB-T10-1500-1092.04
PHG DB-T10-1500-12110.54
PHG DB-T10-1500-16147.23
PHG DB-T10-1500-20184.08
PHG DB-T10-1500-25230.09
PHG DB-T10-1500-32294.48
PHG DB-T10-1500-50460.21
PHG DB-T10-1600-1098.21
PHG DB-T10-1600-12117.87
PHG DB-T10-1600-16157.20
PHG DB-T10-1600-20196.27
PHG DB-T10-1600-25245.44
PHG DB-T10-1600-32314.14
PHG DB-T10-1600-50491.01
PHG DB-T10-1610-1098.86
PHG DB-T10-1610-12118.67
PHG DB-T10-1610-16157.99
PHG DB-T10-1610-20197.58
PHG DB-T10-1610-25247.01
PHG DB-T10-1610-32316.24
PHG DB-T10-1610-50494.03
PHG DB-T10-1700-10104.37
PHG DB-T10-1700-12125.21
PHG DB-T10-1700-16166.91
PHG DB-T10-1700-20208.72
PHG DB-T10-1700-25260.78
PHG DB-T10-1700-32333.82
PHG DB-T10-1700-50521.69
PHG DB-T10-1800-10110.54
PHG DB-T10-1800-12132.56
PHG DB-T10-1800-16176.74
PHG DB-T10-1800-20220.93
PHG DB-T10-1800-25276.13
PHG DB-T10-1800-32353.48
PHG DB-T10-1800-50552.24
PHG DB-T10-1880-10115.37
PHG DB-T10-1880-12138.31
PHG DB-T10-1880-16184.61
PHG DB-T10-1880-20230.76
PHG DB-T10-1880-25288.45
PHG DB-T10-1880-32369.21
PHG DB-T10-1880-50576.76
PHG DB-T10-2500-16225.95
PHG DB-T10-900-1055.19
PHG DB-T10-900-1266.36
PHG DB-T10-900-1688.37
PHG DB-T10-900-20110.54
PHG DB-T10-900-25138.20
PHG DB-T10-900-32176.74
PHG DB-T10-900-50276.13
PHG DB-T10-980-1060.19
PHG DB-T10-980-1272.25
PHG DB-T10-980-1696.24
PHG DB-T10-980-20120.24
PHG DB-T10-980-25150.39
PHG DB-T10-980-32192.47
PHG DB-T10-980-50300.90
PHG DB-T5-1100-1025.42
PHG DB-T5-1100-1228.40
PHG DB-T5-1100-1635.68
PHG DB-T5-1100-2097.81
PHG DB-T5-1100-25122.32
PHG DB-T5-1100-32156.55
PHG DB-T5-1100-616.71
PHG DB-T5-1100-821.00
PHG DB-T5-500-1015.04
PHG DB-T5-500-1217.06
PHG DB-T5-500-1621.37
PHG DB-T5-500-2024.94
PHG DB-T5-500-2529.00
PHG DB-T5-500-3237.24
PHG DB-T5-500-610.02
PHG DB-T5-500-812.76
PHG DB-T5-550-1016.35
PHG DB-T5-550-1218.73
PHG DB-T5-550-1623.27
PHG DB-T5-550-2027.21
PHG DB-T5-550-2531.75
PHG DB-T5-550-3240.68
PHG DB-T5-550-611.11
PHG DB-T5-550-813.73
PHG DB-T5-600-1016.81
PHG DB-T5-600-1219.22
PHG DB-T5-600-1623.99
PHG DB-T5-600-2028.16
PHG DB-T5-600-2532.69
PHG DB-T5-600-3241.76
PHG DB-T5-600-611.45
PHG DB-T5-600-814.32
PHG DB-T5-620-1017.78
PHG DB-T5-620-1219.93
PHG DB-T5-620-1624.94
PHG DB-T5-620-2029.25
PHG DB-T5-620-2534.24
PHG DB-T5-620-3243.80
PHG DB-T5-620-611.82
PHG DB-T5-620-815.04
PHG DB-T5-650-1017.90
PHG DB-T5-650-1220.17
PHG DB-T5-650-1625.55
PHG DB-T5-650-2029.60
PHG DB-T5-650-2534.83
PHG DB-T5-650-3244.64
PHG DB-T5-650-612.05
PHG DB-T5-650-815.04
PHG DB-T5-700-1018.73
PHG DB-T5-700-1221.13
PHG DB-T5-700-1626.49
PHG DB-T5-700-2030.80
PHG DB-T5-700-2536.04
PHG DB-T5-700-3246.06
PHG DB-T5-700-612.41
PHG DB-T5-700-815.64
PHG DB-T5-750-1018.86
PHG DB-T5-750-1221.24
PHG DB-T5-750-1626.62
PHG DB-T5-750-2031.15
PHG DB-T5-750-2583.53
PHG DB-T5-750-32106.86
PHG DB-T5-750-612.41
PHG DB-T5-750-815.76
PHG DB-T5-750-S200348.95
PHG DB-T5-800-1019.22
PHG DB-T5-800-1221.73
PHG DB-T5-800-1627.21
PHG DB-T5-800-2031.75
PHG DB-T5-800-2589.16
PHG DB-T5-800-32114.07
PHG DB-T5-800-612.76
PHG DB-T5-800-816.11
PHG DB-T5-815-1019.93
PHG DB-T5-815-1222.43
PHG DB-T5-815-1628.40
PHG DB-T5-815-2033.29
PHG DB-T5-815-2590.86
PHG DB-T5-815-32116.18
PHG DB-T5-815-613.37
PHG DB-T5-815-817.06
PHG DB-T5-860-1020.52
PHG DB-T5-860-1223.27
PHG DB-T5-860-1628.89
PHG DB-T5-860-2033.89
PHG DB-T5-860-2595.85
PHG DB-T5-860-32122.58
PHG DB-T5-860-613.73
PHG DB-T5-860-817.30
PHG DB-T5-900-1020.52
PHG DB-T5-900-1223.27
PHG DB-T5-900-1629.36
PHG DB-T5-900-2080.24
PHG DB-T5-900-25100.17
PHG DB-T5-900-32128.36
PHG DB-T5-900-613.85
PHG DB-T5-900-817.30
PHG DB-T5-940-1021.24
PHG DB-T5-940-1223.99
PHG DB-T5-940-1630.19
PHG DB-T5-940-2083.78
PHG DB-T5-940-25104.76
PHG DB-T5-940-32133.99
PHG DB-T5-940-614.19
PHG DB-T5-940-818.14
PHG E220202.62
PHG E236214.10
PHG E240241.99
PHG E300269.87
PHG E315244.93
PHG E327219.98
PHG E340221.03
PHG E360379.63
PHG E364383.74
PHG E420376.62
PHG E480396.03
PHG F227548.04
PHG F313819.74
PHG F420933.51
PHG S14M-1400-115398.24
PHG S14M-1400-170593.28
PHG S14M-1400-40137.76
PHG S14M-1400-55192.32
PHG S14M-1400-85291.86
PHG S14M-1540-115414.61
PHG S14M-1540-170616.47
PHG S14M-1540-40144.57
PHG S14M-1540-55200.49
PHG S14M-1540-85305.51
PHG S14M-1610-115430.99