SKF Power Transmission Price List 2013

All prices shown are Manufacturer Recommended Prices, which Acorn will be able to discount. Please contact Acorn for pricing

PHP 6SPZ106TB52.61
PHP 6SPZ112TB54.72
PHP 6SPZ118TB56.93
PHP 6SPZ125TB59.49
PHP 6SPZ132TB61.59
PHP 6SPZ140TB69.60
PHP 6SPZ150TB70.46
PHP 6SPZ160TB76.13
PHP 6SPZ170TB103.81
PHP 6SPZ180TB81.82
PHP 6SPZ190TB120.83
PHP 6SPZ200TB87.37
PHP 6SPZ212TB100.56
PHP 6SPZ224TB110.09
PHP 6SPZ236TB113.54
PHP 6SPZ250TB123.26
PHP 6SPZ280TB146.21
PHP 6SPZ315TB231.50
PHP 6SPZ355TB317.90
PHP 6SPZ400TB372.19
PHP 6SPZ450TB416.50
PHP 6SPZ500TB420.94
PHP 6SPZ630TB615.07
PHP 6SPZ710TB610.94
PHP 6SPZ800TB759.70
PHP 6SPZ90TB25.58
PHP 6SPZ95TB25.58
PHP 70H075RSB131.41
PHP 70H100RSB119.90
PHP 70H150RSB169.39
PHP 70H200RSB219.78
PHP 70H300RSB463.91
PHP 72-14M-115RSB645.36
PHP 72-14M-115TB659.99
PHP 72-14M-170RSB908.48
PHP 72-14M-170TB2942.20
PHP 72-14M-40RSB328.05
PHP 72-14M-40TB345.49
PHP 72-14M-55RSB366.37
PHP 72-14M-55TB521.85
PHP 72-14M-85RSB528.29
PHP 72-14M-85TB724.66
PHP 72-3M-09RSB29.97
PHP 72-3M-15RSB39.24
PHP 72-5M-09RSB40.68
PHP 72-5M-15RSB53.13
PHP 72-5M-15TB47.05
PHP 72-5M-25RSB66.12
PHP 72-8M-20RSB95.45
PHP 72-8M-20TB113.16
PHP 72-8M-30RSB116.89
PHP 72-8M-30TB143.41
PHP 72-8M-50RSB149.58
PHP 72-8M-50TB175.74
PHP 72-8M-85RSB235.86
PHP 72-8M-85TB252.84
PHP 72H075RSB139.13
PHP 72H075TB180.83
PHP 72H100RSB119.61
PHP 72H100TB103.90
PHP 72H150RSB158.02
PHP 72H150TB152.30
PHP 72H200RSB205.43
PHP 72H200TB182.10
PHP 72H300RSB417.13
PHP 72H300TB244.67
PHP 72L050RSB73.02
PHP 72L050TB82.73
PHP 72L075RSB64.58
PHP 72L075TB93.35
PHP 72L100RSB92.73
PHP 72L100TB103.90
PHP 72XL037RSB51.87
PHP 76H075RSB146.85
PHP 76H100RSB134.05
PHP 76H150RSB185.36
PHP 76H200RSB243.67
PHP 76H300RSB528.48
PHP 76L050RSB75.57
PHP 76L075RSB78.21
PHP 76L100RSB95.19
PHP 80-14M-115RSB709.84
PHP 80-14M-115TB659.99
PHP 80-14M-170RSB908.48
PHP 80-14M-170TB3682.09
PHP 80-14M-40RSB338.31
PHP 80-14M-40TB348.74
PHP 80-14M-55RSB387.35
PHP 80-14M-55TB554.55
PHP 80-14M-85RSB532.02
PHP 80-14M-85TB607.86
PHP 80-5M-15TB53.13
PHP 80-5M-25RSB62.13
PHP 80-8M-20RSB109.98
PHP 80-8M-20TB120.78
PHP 80-8M-30RSB114.70
PHP 80-8M-30TB145.49
PHP 80-8M-50RSB171.29
PHP 80-8M-50TB195.62
PHP 80-8M-85RSB246.40
PHP 80-8M-85TB266.28
PHP 8-3V1060-SF284.55
PHP 8-3V1060TB284.55
PHP 8-3V1400-E384.90
PHP 8-3V1400TB384.90
PHP 8-3V1900-E601.66
PHP 8-3V1900TB601.66
PHP 8-3V2500-E704.58
PHP 8-3V2500TB704.58
PHP 8-3V3350-F1327.97
PHP 8-3V3350TB1327.97
PHP 8-3V475-SK143.61
PHP 8-3V475TB143.61
PHP 8-3V500-SK149.06
PHP 8-3V500TB149.06
PHP 8-3V530-SK168.03
PHP 8-3V530TB168.03
PHP 8-3V560-SK170.80
PHP 8-3V560TB170.80
PHP 8-3V600-SK173.39
PHP 8-3V600TB173.39
PHP 8-3V650-SK176.08
PHP 8-3V650TB176.08
PHP 8-3V690-SK178.85
PHP 8-3V690TB178.85
PHP 8-3V800-SF200.58
PHP 8-3V800TB200.58
PHP 84H075RSB223.60
PHP 84H075TB290.71
PHP 84H100RSB153.94
PHP 84H100TB120.88
PHP 84H150RSB201.98
PHP 84H150TB178.82
PHP 84H200RSB265.11
PHP 84H200TB207.78
PHP 84H300RSB547.65
PHP 84H300TB294.08
PHP 84L050RSB83.64
PHP 84L050TB97.64
PHP 84L075RSB82.47
PHP 84L075TB114.07
PHP 84L100RSB100.28
PHP 84L100TB120.88
PHP 8-5V1030-F460.81
PHP 8-5V1030TB460.81
PHP 8-5V1090-F471.54
PHP 8-5V1090TB471.54
PHP 8-5V1130-F482.36
PHP 8-5V1180-F506.78
PHP 8-5V1180TB506.78
PHP 8-5V1250-F525.74
PHP 8-5V1250TB525.74
PHP 8-5V1320-F596.21
PHP 8-5V1320TB596.21
PHP 8-5V1400-F650.38
PHP 8-5V1400TB650.38
PHP 8-5V1500-F758.77
PHP 8-5V1500TB758.77
PHP 8-5V1600-F867.15
PHP 8-5V1600TB867.15
PHP 8-5V1870-J948.53
PHP 8-5V2120-J1029.82
PHP 8-5V2120TB1029.82
PHP 8-5V2360-J1138.21
PHP 8-5V2800-J1382.17
PHP 8-5V2800TB1382.17
PHP 8-5V3150-M1951.17
PHP 8-5V3750-M2411.99
PHP 8-5V3750TB2411.99
PHP 8-5V710-SF252.00
PHP 8-5V710TB252.00
PHP 8-5V750-SF279.19
PHP 8-5V750TB279.19
PHP 8-5V800-E306.19
PHP 8-5V800TB306.19
PHP 8-5V850-E335.97
PHP 8-5V850TB335.97
PHP 8-5V900-E363.16
PHP 8-5V900TB363.16
PHP 8-5V925-F406.53
PHP 8-5V925TB406.53
PHP 8-5V975-F427.03
PHP 8-5V975TB433.64
PHP 8-8V1250-J1057.01
PHP 8-8V1250TB1057.01
PHP 8-8V1320-J1116.48
PHP 8-8V1320TB1116.48
PHP 8-8V1400-J1173.44
PHP 8-8V1400TB1173.44
PHP 8-8V1500-J1257.41
PHP 8-8V1600-J1368.48
PHP 8-8V1600TB1368.48
PHP 8-8V1700-M1523.10
PHP 8-8V1800-M1626.02
PHP 8-8V1800TB1626.02
PHP 8-8V1900-M1680.22
PHP 8-8V1900TB1680.22
PHP 8-8V2000-M1734.40
PHP 8-8V2000TB1734.40
PHP 8-8V2120-M1869.98
PHP 8-8V2120TB1869.98
PHP 8-8V2240-M2154.52
PHP 8-8V2240TB2154.52
PHP 8-8V2480-N2425.48
PHP 8-8V3000-N2493.18
PHP 8-8V3550-N3238.45
PHP 8-8V4000-N3577.19
PHP 8-8V4000TB3577.19
PHP 8-B110-E499.01
PHP 8-B110TB499.01
PHP 8-B124-E521.48
PHP 8-B124TB521.48
PHP 8-B154-E753.59
PHP 8-B154TB753.59
PHP 8-B184-F891.48
PHP 8-B184TB891.48
PHP 8-B200-F967.22
PHP 8-B200TB967.22
PHP 8-B250-F1233.55
PHP 8-B250TB1233.55
PHP 8-B300-F1794.23
PHP 8-B300TB1794.23
PHP 8-B380-F2438.98
PHP 8-B380TB2438.98
PHP 8-B54-SK252.28
PHP 8-B54TB252.28
PHP 8-B56-SK257.92
PHP 8-B56TB257.92
PHP 8-B60-SF269.11
PHP 8-B60TB269.11
PHP 8-B64-SF280.39
PHP 8-B64TB280.39
PHP 8-B68-SF297.14
PHP 8-B68TB297.14
PHP 8-B74-SF398.10
PHP 8-B74TB398.10
PHP 8-B86-E409.30
PHP 8-B86TB409.30
PHP 8-B94-E420.49
PHP 8-B94TB420.49
PHP 8-C100TB602.85
PHP 8-C105-F630.87
PHP 8-C105TB630.87
PHP 8-C110-F672.87
PHP 8-C110TB672.87
PHP 8-C120-F728.91
PHP 8-C120TB728.91
PHP 8-C130-F784.95
PHP 8-C130TB784.95
PHP 8-C140-F911.17
PHP 8-C140TB911.17
PHP 8-C160-F1037.32
PHP 8-C160TB1037.32
PHP 8-C180-F1205.43
PHP 8-C180TB1205.43
PHP 8-C200-J1219.58
PHP 8-C200TB1219.58
PHP 8-C240-J1429.79
PHP 8-C240TB1429.79
PHP 8-C270-J1569.88
PHP 8-C300-J1794.23
PHP 8-C360-M2242.75
PHP 8-C360TB2242.75
PHP 8-C440-M3616.40
PHP 8-C440TB3616.40
PHP 8-C500-M4205.20
PHP 8-C80-E546.73
PHP 8-C80TB546.73
PHP 8-C85-E560.68
PHP 8-C85TB560.68
PHP 8-C90-F574.75
PHP 8-C90TB574.75
PHP 8-C95-F588.71
PHP 8-C95TB588.71
PHP 8-D120-J1744.69
PHP 8SPB1000TB2015.63
PHP 8SPB1120TB2381.10
PHP 8SPB1250TB3062.59
PHP 8SPB140TB114.90
PHP 8SPB160TB129.08
PHP 8SPB170TB120.72
PHP 8SPB180TB206.64
PHP 8SPB190TB216.31
PHP 8SPB200TB223.55
PHP 8SPB212TB247.72
PHP 8SPB224TB267.06
PHP 8SPB236TB279.15
PHP 8SPB250TB282.77
PHP 8SPB265TB701.17
PHP 8SPB280TB309.35
PHP 8SPB300TB351.64
PHP 8SPB315TB350.44
PHP 8SPB335TB399.98
PHP 8SPB355TB410.87
PHP 8SPB375TB867.35
PHP 8SPB400TB493.04
PHP 8SPB425TB1065.61
PHP 8SPB450TB624.75
PHP 8SPB475TB677.28
PHP 8SPB500TB731.08
PHP 8SPB530TB749.90
PHP 8SPB560TB833.81
PHP 8SPB630TB954.64
PHP 8SPB710TB1067.02
PHP 8SPB800TB1299.04
PHP 8SPB900TB1595.09
PHP 8SPC1000TB2432.53
PHP 8SPC1120TB2915.00
PHP 8SPC1250TB3126.14
PHP 8SPC200TB308.08
PHP 8SPC212TB330.26
PHP 8SPC224TB424.16
PHP 8SPC236TB450.73
PHP 8SPC250TB488.18
PHP 8SPC265TB519.61
PHP 8SPC280TB542.56
PHP 8SPC300TB607.83
PHP 8SPC315TB652.54
PHP 8SPC335TB693.62
PHP 8SPC355TB704.51
PHP 8SPC375TB769.76
PHP 8SPC400TB789.10
PHP 8SPC425TB873.68
PHP 8SPC450TB900.26
PHP 8SPC475TB961.90
PHP 8SPC500TB1051.31
PHP 8SPC530TB1174.69
PHP 8SPC560TB1151.62
PHP 8SPC630TB1268.82
PHP 8SPC710TB1518.97
PHP 8SPC800TB1632.56
PHP 8SPC900TB2279.51
PHP 8SPZ140TB116.30
PHP 8SPZ150TB120.73
PHP 8SPZ160TB131.81
PHP 8SPZ170TB70.63
PHP 8SPZ180TB138.46
PHP 8SPZ190TB102.32
PHP 8SPZ200TB152.87
PHP 8SPZ212TB105.58
PHP 8SPZ224TB156.18
PHP 8SPZ236TB119.21
PHP 8SPZ250TB178.35
PHP 8SPZ280TB208.24
PHP 8SPZ315TB162.78
PHP 8SPZ355TB458.59
PHP 8SPZ400TB497.35
PHP 8SPZ450TB544.99
PHP 8SPZ500TB323.42
PHP 8SPZ630TB509.13
PHP 90-14M-115RSB837.72
PHP 90-14M-115TB823.37
PHP 90-14M-170RSB1354.66
PHP 90-14M-170TB2208.73
PHP 90-14M-40RSB367.36
PHP 90-14M-40TB388.81
PHP 90-14M-55RSB441.20
PHP 90-14M-55TB592.24
PHP 90-14M-85RSB594.97
PHP 90-14M-85TB783.14
PHP 90-5M-15TB64.02
PHP 90-8M-20RSB120.25
PHP 90-8M-20TB135.22
PHP 90-8M-30RSB129.51
PHP 90-8M-30TB146.85
PHP 90-8M-50RSB192.18
PHP 90-8M-50TB222.88
PHP 90-8M-85RSB285.44
PHP 90-8M-85TB279.10
PHP 95L050RSB90.64
PHP 95L075RSB101.55
PHP 95L100RSB123.42
PHP 9-5V1320TB1179.01
PHP 96H075RSB286.90
PHP 96H075TB373.00
PHP 96H100RSB179.91
PHP 96H100TB147.13
PHP 96H150RSB246.48
PHP 96H150TB234.77
PHP 96H200RSB299.07
PHP 96H200TB258.75
PHP 96H300RSB601.87
PHP 96H300TB415.95
PHP 96L050RSB93.64
PHP 96L050TB126.87
PHP 96L075RSB111.98
PHP 96L075TB140.23
PHP 96L100RSB129.24
PHP 96L100TB147.13
PHS 04B-1A101.25
PHS 04B-1A11429.03
PHS 04B-1A131.59
PHS 04B-1A161.95
PHS 04B-1A172.08
PHS 04B-1A192.29
PHS 04B-1A202.42
PHS 04B-1A242.90
PHS 04B-1A324.07
PHS 04B-1A354.91
PHS 04B-1A365.04
PHS 04B-1A385.47
PHS 04B-1A405.61
PHS 04B-1A578.85
PHS 04B-1A609.61
PHS 04B-1A70.76
PHS 04B-1A7614.44
PHS 04B-1A9520.60
PHS 04B-1B101.87
PHS 04B-1B111.95
PHS 04B-1B122.29
PHS 04B-1B132.35
PHS 04B-1B142.77
PHS 04B-1B152.77
PHS 04B-1B163.05
PHS 04B-1B173.59
PHS 04B-1B204.07
PHS 04B-1B214.22
PHS 04B-1B245.04
PHS 04B-1B255.54
PHS 04B-1B266.01
PHS 04B-1B286.77
PHS 04B-1B307.46
PHS 04B-1B356.50
PHS 04B-1B387.06
PHS 04B-1B810.24
PHS 04B-1B910.50
PHS 04B-1BH1011.30
PHS 04B-1BH1212.09
PHS 04B-1BH2124.18
PHS 05B-1A101.79
PHS 05B-1A111.87
PHS 05B-1A11486.80
PHS 05B-1A122.11
PHS 05B-1A120103.29
PHS 05B-1A132.26
PHS 05B-1A142.65
PHS 05B-1A152.81
PHS 05B-1A163.11
PHS 05B-1A173.35
PHS 05B-1A183.42
PHS 05B-1A193.89
PHS 05B-1A204.21
PHS 05B-1A214.60
PHS 05B-1A224.67
PHS 05B-1A234.90
PHS 05B-1A245.20
PHS 05B-1A255.61
PHS 05B-1A265.91
PHS 05B-1A276.38
PHS 05B-1A286.77
PHS 05B-1A297.01
PHS 05B-1A307.31
PHS 05B-1A318.02
PHS 05B-1A328.26
PHS 05B-1A338.56
PHS 05B-1A348.80
PHS 05B-1A359.11
PHS 05B-1A369.33
PHS 05B-1A379.66
PHS 05B-1A389.89
PHS 05B-1A3910.27
PHS 05B-1A4010.43
PHS 05B-1A4111.68
PHS 05B-1A4211.99
PHS 05B-1A4312.46
PHS 05B-1A4412.92
PHS 05B-1A4513.39
PHS 05B-1A4614.48
PHS 05B-1A4715.11
PHS 05B-1A4815.49
PHS 05B-1A5418.44
PHS 05B-1A5721.25
PHS 05B-1A6024.68
PHS 05B-1A6429.03
PHS 05B-1A6533.03
PHS 05B-1A7031.83
PHS 05B-1A7233.47
PHS 05B-1A7635.03
PHS 05B-1A81.56
PHS 05B-1A8036.82
PHS 05B-1A8439.01
PHS 05B-1A91.79
PHS 05B-1A9044.21
PHS 05B-1A9550.45
PHS 05B-1A9651.00
PHS 05B-1B113.98
PHS 05B-1B11470.60
PHS 05B-1B174.98
PHS 05B-1B195.13
PHS 05B-1B216.07
PHS 05B-1B226.15
PHS 05B-1B236.47
PHS 05B-1B267.40
PHS 05B-1B277.94
PHS 05B-1B288.02
PHS 05B-1B298.49
PHS 05B-1B3010.37
PHS 05B-1B3110.66
PHS 05B-1B3211.36
PHS 05B-1B3311.93
PHS 05B-1B3412.61
PHS 05B-1B3513.56
PHS 05B-1B3614.01
PHS 05B-1B3715.01
PHS 05B-1B3815.25
PHS 05B-1B3915.73
PHS 05B-1B4018.91
PHS 05B-1B4119.46
PHS 05B-1B4220.39
PHS 05B-1B4321.25
PHS 05B-1B4421.80
PHS 05B-1B4524.13
PHS 05B-1B4626.15
PHS 05B-1B4726.38
PHS 05B-1B4826.46
PHS 05B-1B5426.93
PHS 05B-1B5727.39
PHS 05B-1B6027.72
PHS 05B-1B6428.64
PHS 05B-1B7029.51
PHS 05B-1B7230.28
PHS 05B-1B7631.14
PHS 05B-1B8032.15
PHS 05B-1B8433.07
PHS 05B-1B93.35
PHS 05B-1B9034.25
PHS 05B-1B9535.43
PHS 05B-1B9635.65
PHS 05B-1BH104.28
PHS 05B-1BH114.37
PHS 05B-1BH124.03
PHS 05B-1BH134.71
PHS 05B-1BH144.71
PHS 05B-1BH154.89
PHS 05B-1BH165.31
PHS 05B-1BH185.85
PHS 05B-1BH206.88
PHS 05B-1BH216.69
PHS 05B-1BH249.20
PHS 05B-1BH257.88
PHS 05B-1BH4829.13
PHS 05B-1BH83.28
PHS 05B-1BH93.69
PHS 05B-2B147.60
PHS 05B-2B1533.11
PHS 05B-2B169.19
PHS 05B-2B2212.72
PHS 05B-2B3060.56
PHS 05B-2B3874.74
PHS 06B-1A111.56
PHS 06B-1A11493.48
PHS 06B-1A121.79
PHS 06B-1A132.11
PHS 06B-1A162.42
PHS 06B-1A172.58
PHS 06B-1A182.65
PHS 06B-1A192.81
PHS 06B-1A213.42
PHS 06B-1A223.82
PHS 06B-1A234.21
PHS 06B-1A243.98
PHS 06B-1A254.82
PHS 06B-1A264.98
PHS 06B-1A275.45
PHS 06B-1A284.90
PHS 06B-1A295.91
PHS 06B-1A305.30
PHS 06B-1A315.61
PHS 06B-1A326.93
PHS 06B-1A337.47
PHS 06B-1A347.70
PHS 06B-1A358.02
PHS 06B-1A367.40
PHS 06B-1A379.11
PHS 06B-1A389.57
PHS 06B-1A399.89
PHS 06B-1A4010.37
PHS 06B-1A4111.45
PHS 06B-1A4211.93
PHS 06B-1A4312.38
PHS 06B-1A4412.92
PHS 06B-1A4513.39
PHS 06B-1A4613.78
PHS 06B-1A4714.17
PHS 06B-1A4814.55
PHS 06B-1A5014.79
PHS 06B-1A5417.04
PHS 06B-1A5716.05
PHS 06B-1A6021.02
PHS 06B-1A6287.25
PHS 06B-1A6424.52
PHS 06B-1A7029.51
PHS 06B-1A7231.14
PHS 06B-1A7634.48
PHS 06B-1A82.11
PHS 06B-1A8039.63
PHS 06B-1A8443.51
PHS 06B-1A8544.52
PHS 06B-1A91.47
PHS 06B-1A9052.24
PHS 06B-1A9256.68
PHS 06B-1A9558.46
PHS 06B-1A9665.77
PHS 06B-1AH142.46
PHS 06B-1AH152.46
PHS 06B-1AH173.05
PHS 06B-1AH203.28
PHS 06B-1AH305.83
PHS 06B-1AH4514.72
PHS 06B-1AH4615.16
PHS 06B-1B114129.78
PHS 06B-1B269.96
PHS 06B-1B2710.52
PHS 06B-1B2810.96
PHS 06B-1B2911.76
PHS 06B-1B3012.46
PHS 06B-1B3112.52
PHS 06B-1B3212.61
PHS 06B-1B3314.42
PHS 06B-1B3415.01
PHS 06B-1B3515.65
PHS 06B-1B3616.36
PHS 06B-1B3719.46
PHS 06B-1B3817.59
PHS 06B-1B3921.02
PHS 06B-1B4019.62
PHS 06B-1B4123.90
PHS 06B-1B4225.14
PHS 06B-1B4326.46
PHS 06B-1B4428.49
PHS 06B-1B4529.74
PHS 06B-1B4630.28
PHS 06B-1B4730.75
PHS 06B-1B4831.77
PHS 06B-1B5032.15
PHS 06B-1B5432.93
PHS 06B-1B5728.57
PHS 06B-1B6039.63
PHS 06B-1B6444.52
PHS 06B-1B7047.19
PHS 06B-1B7249.44
PHS 06B-1B7651.77
PHS 06B-1B8052.78
PHS 06B-1B8457.99
PHS 06B-1B8562.90
PHS 06B-1B9076.91
PHS 06B-1B9287.04
PHS 06B-1B9595.21
PHS 06B-1B96106.11
PHS 06B-1BH102.73
PHS 06B-1BH112.82
PHS 06B-1BH114142.74
PHS 06B-1BH123.42
PHS 06B-1BH133.93
PHS 06B-1BH144.10
PHS 06B-1BH154.54
PHS 06B-1BH165.23
PHS 06B-1BH176.08
PHS 06B-1BH186.34
PHS 06B-1BH196.69
PHS 06B-1BH207.02
PHS 06B-1BH217.88
PHS 06B-1BH228.31
PHS 06B-1BH238.90
PHS 06B-1BH249.33
PHS 06B-1BH259.76
PHS 06B-1BH2610.96
PHS 06B-1BH2711.55
PHS 06B-1BH2812.07
PHS 06B-1BH2912.93
PHS 06B-1BH3013.71
PHS 06B-1BH3113.80
PHS 06B-1BH3213.86
PHS 06B-1BH3315.83
PHS 06B-1BH3416.53
PHS 06B-1BH3517.21
PHS 06B-1BH3617.99
PHS 06B-1BH3721.41
PHS 06B-1BH3819.36
PHS 06B-1BH3923.12
PHS 06B-1BH4021.58
PHS 06B-1BH4126.29
PHS 06B-1BH4227.66
PHS 06B-1BH4329.13
PHS 06B-1BH4431.34
PHS 06B-1BH4532.72
PHS 06B-1BH4633.32
PHS 06B-1BH4733.82
PHS 06B-1BH4834.94
PHS 06B-1BH5035.36
PHS 06B-1BH5731.43
PHS 06B-1BH6043.59
PHS 06B-1BH7656.94
PHS 06B-1BH82.24
PHS 06B-1BH8569.19
PHS 06B-1BH92.48
PHS 06B-1BH95104.73
PHS 06B-1CH2336.29
PHS 06B-1CTBH57211.07
PHS 06B-1DSA1514.17
PHS 06B-1DSA1615.11
PHS 06B-1DSA1716.81
PHS 06B-1DSA1817.83
PHS 06B-1DSA1918.44
PHS 06B-1DSA2019.62
PHS 06B-1DSA2121.49
PHS 06B-1DSA2223.90
PHS 06B-1DSA2325.38
PHS 06B-1DSA2427.49
PHS 06B-1DSA2528.95
PHS 06B-1DSTB1821.41
PHS 06B-1DSTB1925.07
PHS 06B-1DSTB2026.63
PHS 06B-1DSTB2128.95
PHS 06B-1DSTB2232.07
PHS 06B-1DSTB2334.41
PHS 06B-1DSTB2436.74
PHS 06B-1DSTB2539.32
PHS 06B-1TB114131.18
PHS 06B-1TB2214.55
PHS 06B-1TB2620.39
PHS 06B-1TB2721.25
PHS 06B-1TB2822.26
PHS 06B-1TB2923.74
PHS 06B-1TB3020.78
PHS 06B-1TB3224.90
PHS 06B-1TB3527.39
PHS 06B-1TB3628.95
PHS 06B-1TB3828.41
PHS 06B-1TB4040.87
PHS 06B-1TB4543.98
PHS 06B-1TB4847.40
PHS 06B-1TB5454.33
PHS 06B-1TB5750.28
PHS 06B-1TB6061.27
PHS 06B-1TB7068.35
PHS 06B-1TB7677.39
PHS 06B-1TB95111.86
PHS 06B-1TBH168.66
PHS 06B-1TBH179.17
PHS 06B-1TBH1811.66
PHS 06B-1TBH1911.05
PHS 06B-1TBH2014.53
PHS 06B-1TBH2113.36
PHS 06B-1TBH2315.16
PHS 06B-1TBH2418.50
PHS 06B-1TBH2517.13
PHS 06B-1TBH2824.06
PHS 06B-1TBH3022.86
PHS 06B-1TBH3530.07
PHS 06B-1TBH3831.25
PHS 06B-2A3267.89
PHS 06B-2B114211.50
PHS 06B-2B168.80
PHS 06B-2B2616.58
PHS 06B-2B2717.68
PHS 06B-2B2818.91
PHS 06B-2B2920.39
PHS 06B-2B3021.25
PHS 06B-2B3223.36
PHS 06B-2B3526.46
PHS 06B-2B3627.88
PHS 06B-2B3830.58
PHS 06B-2B4033.63
PHS 06B-2B4238.62
PHS 06B-2B4546.15
PHS 06B-2B4850.52
PHS 06B-2B5256.45
PHS 06B-2B5459.48
PHS 06B-2B5762.13
PHS 06B-2B6063.99
PHS 06B-2B6883.38
PHS 06B-2B7086.80
PHS 06B-2B7290.69
PHS 06B-2B76106.88
PHS 06B-2B84130.93
PHS 06B-2B96.91
PHS 06B-2B95151.25
PHS 06B-2B96197.57
PHS 06B-2BH114232.65
PHS 06B-2BH127.02
PHS 06B-2BH137.44
PHS 06B-2BH148.22
PHS 06B-2BH159.33
PHS 06B-2BH169.68
PHS 06B-2BH1710.27
PHS 06B-2BH1810.43
PHS 06B-2BH1911.05
PHS 06B-2BH2011.64
PHS 06B-2BH2112.75
PHS 06B-2BH2213.96
PHS 06B-2BH2314.90
PHS 06B-2BH2416.02
PHS 06B-2BH2516.88
PHS 06B-2BH2618.23
PHS 06B-2BH2719.43
PHS 06B-2BH2820.81
PHS 06B-2BH2922.43
PHS 06B-2BH3023.38
PHS 06B-2BH3225.69
PHS 06B-2BH3529.13
PHS 06B-2BH3630.66
PHS 06B-2BH3833.66
PHS 06B-2BH4036.99
PHS 06B-2BH4242.47
PHS 06B-2BH4550.78
PHS 06B-2BH4855.58
PHS 06B-2BH5465.42
PHS 06B-2BH5768.34
PHS 06B-2BH6070.38
PHS 06B-2BH76117.58
PHS 06B-2BH95166.38
PHS 06B-2TB114118.79
PHS 06B-2TB1613.23
PHS 06B-2TB1814.71
PHS 06B-2TB2016.05
PHS 06B-2TB2219.14
PHS 06B-2TB2422.04
PHS 06B-2TB2624.84
PHS 06B-2TB2726.38
PHS 06B-2TB2828.49
PHS 06B-2TB2934.48
PHS 06B-2TB3030.91
PHS 06B-2TB3238.30
PHS 06B-2TB3538.84
PHS 06B-2TB3834.96
PHS 06B-2TB4042.67
PHS 06B-2TB4560.09
PHS 06B-2TB4863.45
PHS 06B-2TB5466.79
PHS 06B-2TB5780.80
PHS 06B-2TB6092.88
PHS 06B-2TB70105.96
PHS 06B-2TB76128.21
PHS 06B-2TB95196.63
PHS 06B-2TBH1715.41
PHS 06B-2TBH192.46
PHS 06B-2TBH2119.09
PHS 06B-2TBH2525.03
PHS 06B-2TBH2833.75
PHS 06B-3B114366.26
PHS 06B-3B129.81
PHS 06B-3B1311.20
PHS 06B-3B1411.93
PHS 06B-3B1512.92
PHS 06B-3B1613.78
PHS 06B-3B1714.01
PHS 06B-3B1814.79
PHS 06B-3B1915.01
PHS 06B-3B2015.49
PHS 06B-3B2117.04
PHS 06B-3B2218.60
PHS 06B-3B2421.80
PHS 06B-3B2523.51
PHS 06B-3B2625.30
PHS 06B-3B2727.01
PHS 06B-3B2828.80
PHS 06B-3B2930.58
PHS 06B-3B3032.54
PHS 06B-3B3235.97
PHS 06B-3B3539.08
PHS 06B-3B3642.27
PHS 06B-3B3849.19
PHS 06B-3B4053.40
PHS 06B-3B4263.92
PHS 06B-3B4566.79
PHS 06B-3B4877.61
PHS 06B-3B5294.51
PHS 06B-3B57111.54
PHS 06B-3B60121.75
PHS 06B-3B68143.47
PHS 06B-3B70149.08
PHS 06B-3B72159.04
PHS 06B-3B76192.43
PHS 06B-3B84201.70
PHS 06B-3B95260.16
PHS 06B-3B96331.61
PHS 06B-3BH1210.79
PHS 06B-3BH1312.33
PHS 06B-3BH1413.09
PHS 06B-3BH1514.21
PHS 06B-3BH1615.16
PHS 06B-3BH1715.41
PHS 06B-3BH1816.27
PHS 06B-3BH1916.53
PHS 06B-3BH2017.03
PHS 06B-3BH2118.75
PHS 06B-3BH2220.46
PHS 06B-3BH2322.26
PHS 06B-3BH2423.98
PHS 081-1B116.99
PHS 083-1A102.97
PHS 083-1A113.32
PHS 083-1A123.39
PHS 083-1A133.74
PHS 083-1A144.16
PHS 083-1A154.77
PHS 083-1A175.61
PHS 083-1A185.87
PHS 083-1A196.43
PHS 083-1A207.06
PHS 083-1A228.02
PHS 083-1A249.13
PHS 083-1A259.61
PHS 083-1A2610.17
PHS 083-1A2710.65
PHS 083-1A2811.34
PHS 083-1A3015.27
PHS 083-1A3216.88
PHS 083-1A3418.67
PHS 083-1A3519.78
PHS 083-1A3620.67
PHS 083-1A4024.61
PHS 083-1A4226.48
PHS 083-1A4530.07
PHS 083-1A4631.19
PHS 083-1A4827.92
PHS 083-1A5029.95
PHS 083-1A5434.37
PHS 083-1A5737.95
PHS 083-1A6041.55
PHS 083-1A6547.91
PHS 083-1A7058.08
PHS 083-1A7261.53
PHS 083-1A92.54
PHS 083-1B104.56
PHS 083-1B115.81
PHS 083-1B125.95
PHS 083-1B136.77
PHS 083-1B147.54
PHS 083-1B158.36
PHS 083-1B168.99
PHS 083-1B179.40
PHS 083-1B189.89
PHS 083-1B1910.38
PHS 083-1B2011.06
PHS 083-1B2213.90
PHS 083-1B2515.76
PHS 083-1B2617.98
PHS 083-1B2718.39
PHS 083-1B2821.98
PHS 083-1B3023.92
PHS 083-1B4035.82
PHS 083-1B83.53
PHS 083-1B94.28
PHS 085-1A144.07
PHS 08B-1A100506.48
PHS 08B-1A111.56
PHS 08B-1A114133.58
PHS 08B-1A121.79
PHS 08B-1A235.52
PHS 08B-1A266.70
PHS 08B-1A277.01
PHS 08B-1A286.47
PHS 08B-1A298.41
PHS 08B-1A309.26
PHS 08B-1A318.71
PHS 08B-1A3211.13
PHS 08B-1A339.96
PHS 08B-1A3412.38
PHS 08B-1A3510.74
PHS 08B-1A3611.13
PHS 08B-1A3711.45
PHS 08B-1A3813.94
PHS 08B-1A3914.63
PHS 08B-1A4013.15
PHS 08B-1A4115.88
PHS 08B-1A4214.63
PHS 08B-1A4317.90
PHS 08B-1A4416.36
PHS 08B-1A4517.68
PHS 08B-1A4621.18
PHS 08B-1A4722.11
PHS 08B-1A4820.01
PHS 08B-1A4932.44
PHS 08B-1A5025.07
PHS 08B-1A5236.03
PHS 08B-1A5337.41
PHS 08B-1A5429.03
PHS 08B-1A5731.83
PHS 08B-1A6035.88
PHS 08B-1A6443.13
PHS 08B-1A7053.01
PHS 08B-1A7255.89
PHS 08B-1A7662.66
PHS 08B-1A82.11
PHS 08B-1A8068.97
PHS 08B-1A8488.58
PHS 08B-1A8594.66
PHS 08B-1A91.47
PHS 08B-1A90102.45
PHS 08B-1A92107.66
PHS 08B-1A95109.76
PHS 08B-1A96116.77
PHS 08B-1AH121.97
PHS 08B-1AH132.30
PHS 08B-1AH142.48
PHS 08B-1AH152.58
PHS 08B-1AH163.00
PHS 08B-1AH173.67