SKF Power Transmission Price List 2013

All prices shown are Manufacturer Recommended Prices, which Acorn will be able to discount. Please contact Acorn for pricing

PHS 40-1AH2411.68
PHS 40-1AH3017.34
PHS 40-1AH3117.98
PHS 40-1AH3419.92
PHS 40-1B112302.11
PHS 40-1B2616.05
PHS 40-1B2716.89
PHS 40-1B2817.68
PHS 40-1B2918.91
PHS 40-1B3020.17
PHS 40-1B3121.25
PHS 40-1B3222.50
PHS 40-1B3323.74
PHS 40-1B3424.90
PHS 40-1B3525.94
PHS 40-1B3627.01
PHS 40-1B3728.64
PHS 40-1B3829.82
PHS 40-1B3931.29
PHS 40-1B4033.47
PHS 40-1B4134.87
PHS 40-1B4239.01
PHS 40-1B4340.32
PHS 40-1B4443.29
PHS 40-1B4544.84
PHS 40-1B4646.32
PHS 40-1B4754.65
PHS 40-1B4855.66
PHS 40-1B4956.68
PHS 40-1B5058.70
PHS 40-1B5159.48
PHS 40-1B5261.02
PHS 40-1B5362.58
PHS 40-1B5463.92
PHS 40-1B5566.32
PHS 40-1B5668.27
PHS 40-1B5769.60
PHS 40-1B5871.70
PHS 40-1B5973.33
PHS 40-1B6077.21
PHS 40-1B60SS459.05
PHS 40-1B70104.78
PHS 40-1B72109.99
PHS 40-1B84.36
PHS 40-1B80151.25
PHS 40-1B84155.85
PHS 40-1B96208.63
PHS 40-1BH106.57
PHS 40-1BH116.77
PHS 40-1BH127.12
PHS 40-1BH137.81
PHS 40-1BH148.64
PHS 40-1BH159.33
PHS 40-1BH1610.43
PHS 40-1BH1711.48
PHS 40-1BH1811.76
PHS 40-1BH1911.76
PHS 40-1BH2012.31
PHS 40-1BH2113.42
PHS 40-1BH2214.25
PHS 40-1BH2315.07
PHS 40-1BH2415.97
PHS 40-1BH2516.66
PHS 40-1BH3832.91
PHS 40-1BH4036.92
PHS 40-1BH95.66
PHS 40-1DSA1513.00
PHS 40-1DSA1613.46
PHS 40-1DSA1715.25
PHS 40-1DSA1817.28
PHS 40-1DSA1917.28
PHS 40-1DSA2019.24
PHS 40-1DSA2121.56
PHS 40-1DSA2223.90
PHS 40-1DSA2326.38
PHS 40-1DSA2428.95
PHS 40-1DSTB1817.28
PHS 40-1DSTB1917.28
PHS 40-1DSTB2019.24
PHS 40-1DSTB2121.56
PHS 40-1DSTB2326.38
PHS 40-1DSTB2428.95
PHS 40-1TB1414.01
PHS 40-1TB1514.32
PHS 40-1TB1614.95
PHS 40-1TB1716.81
PHS 40-1TB1817.90
PHS 40-1TB1918.91
PHS 40-1TB2019.69
PHS 40-1TB2122.04
PHS 40-1TB2224.13
PHS 40-1TB2326.08
PHS 40-1TB2426.93
PHS 40-1TB2528.49
PHS 40-1TB2629.74
PHS 40-1TB2730.52
PHS 40-1TB2831.92
PHS 40-1TB2934.64
PHS 40-1TB3036.26
PHS 40-1TB3137.75
PHS 40-1TB3238.84
PHS 40-1TB3340.32
PHS 40-1TB3440.95
PHS 40-1TB3541.72
PHS 40-1TB3642.96
PHS 40-1TB3744.30
PHS 40-1TB3846.09
PHS 40-1TB3947.64
PHS 40-1TB4050.21
PHS 40-1TB4153.64
PHS 40-1TB4257.45
PHS 40-1TB4359.23
PHS 40-1TB4462.82
PHS 40-1TB4565.94
PHS 40-1TB4669.13
PHS 40-1TB4771.38
PHS 40-1TB4881.74
PHS 40-1TB5087.43
PHS 40-1TB5493.48
PHS 40-1TB57117.30
PHS 40-1TB60120.43
PHS 40-1TB64124.78
PHS 40-1TB70141.15
PHS 40-1TB72146.81
PHS 40-1TB76166.28
PHS 40-1TB80184.32
PHS 40-1TB84193.44
PHS 40-2AH1857.72
PHS 40-2AH2265.83
PHS 40-2AH44174.14
PHS 40-2AH45182.31
PHS 40-2AH51240.79
PHS 40-2B102509.80
PHS 40-2B112570.93
PHS 40-2B1515.73
PHS 40-2B1617.13
PHS 40-2B1718.68
PHS 40-2B1819.93
PHS 40-2B2227.63
PHS 40-2B2430.75
PHS 40-2B2634.96
PHS 40-2B3045.77
PHS 40-2B3553.56
PHS 40-2B3655.73
PHS 40-2B3862.86
PHS 40-2B4065.94
PHS 40-2B4287.20
PHS 40-2B4589.59
PHS 40-2B4892.88
PHS 40-2B52111.32
PHS 40-2B54121.43
PHS 40-2B60155.07
PHS 40-2B68176.63
PHS 40-2B72193.22
PHS 40-2B76205.82
PHS 40-2B84276.43
PHS 40-2B95389.31
PHS 40-2B96430.79
PHS 40-2BH1112.79
PHS 40-2BH1213.07
PHS 40-2BH1314.52
PHS 40-2BH1415.97
PHS 40-2BH1821.98
PHS 40-2BH1924.61
PHS 40-2BH2026.33
PHS 40-2BH2127.79
PHS 40-2BH2331.33
PHS 40-2BH2535.68
PHS 40-2BH49243.77
PHS 40-2TB1523.90
PHS 40-2TB1626.08
PHS 40-2TB1727.72
PHS 40-2TB1829.43
PHS 40-2TB1931.38
PHS 40-2TB2034.09
PHS 40-2TB2134.87
PHS 40-2TB2235.97
PHS 40-2TB2336.82
PHS 40-2TB2439.32
PHS 40-2TB2542.89
PHS 40-2TB2646.40
PHS 40-2TB2748.89
PHS 40-2TB2853.87
PHS 40-2TB2955.73
PHS 40-2TB3061.27
PHS 40-2TB3266.55
PHS 40-2TB3579.56
PHS 40-2TB3683.38
PHS 40-2TB3896.77
PHS 40-2TB40104.08
PHS 40-2TB45133.83
PHS 40-2TB48148.92
PHS 40-2TB54161.84
PHS 40-2TB57183.88
PHS 40-2TB60219.29
PHS 40-2TB72305.30
PHS 40-2TB84371.24
PHS 40-3B102783.13
PHS 40-3B1118.84
PHS 40-3B1221.25
PHS 40-3B1322.81
PHS 40-3B1423.51
PHS 40-3B1525.14
PHS 40-3B1627.39
PHS 40-3B1729.74
PHS 40-3B1833.47
PHS 40-3B1935.81
PHS 40-3B2040.57
PHS 40-3B2141.95
PHS 40-3B2245.07
PHS 40-3B2346.09
PHS 40-3B2447.40
PHS 40-3B2550.21
PHS 40-3B2653.64
PHS 40-3B3079.95
PHS 40-3B35103.06
PHS 40-3B36110.23
PHS 40-3B42129.78
PHS 40-3B48153.74
PHS 40-3B52181.24
PHS 40-3B60235.64
PHS 40-3B68312.39
PHS 40-3B72350.31
PHS 40-3B76398.96
PHS 40-3B84510.43
PHS 40-3B95640.12
PHS 40B-1B17381.21
PHS 41-1A112268.18
PHS 41-1A155.61
PHS 41-1A165.91
PHS 41-1A176.15
PHS 41-1A186.38
PHS 41-1A196.47
PHS 41-1A207.01
PHS 41-1A217.31
PHS 41-1A227.70
PHS 41-1A238.56
PHS 41-1A249.11
PHS 41-1A259.50
PHS 41-1A2610.12
PHS 41-1A2710.37
PHS 41-1A2810.81
PHS 41-1A3011.68
PHS 41-1A3212.61
PHS 41-1A3514.48
PHS 41-1A3615.01
PHS 41-1A4017.68
PHS 41-1A4219.93
PHS 41-1A4522.19
PHS 41-1A4824.13
PHS 41-1A5431.29
PHS 41-1A6042.67
PHS 41-1A7077.70
PHS 41-1A7279.40
PHS 41-1A8097.54
PHS 41-1A84112.18
PHS 41-1A96231.75
PHS 41-1B106.47
PHS 41-1B116.70
PHS 41-1B112252.84
PHS 41-1B127.16
PHS 41-1B137.70
PHS 41-1B148.26
PHS 41-1B158.71
PHS 41-1B169.50
PHS 41-1B1710.43
PHS 41-1B1811.93
PHS 41-1B1912.61
PHS 41-1B2013.78
PHS 41-1B2114.79
PHS 41-1B2215.57
PHS 41-1B2316.81
PHS 41-1B2417.68
PHS 41-1B2518.44
PHS 41-1B2619.69
PHS 41-1B2720.63
PHS 41-1B2821.73
PHS 41-1B3023.36
PHS 41-1B3224.84
PHS 41-1B3528.64
PHS 41-1B3630.75
PHS 41-1B4037.75
PHS 41-1B4246.09
PHS 41-1B4548.97
PHS 41-1B4853.56
PHS 41-1B5461.58
PHS 41-1B63.03
PHS 41-1B6070.45
PHS 41-1B74.44
PHS 41-1B70104.62
PHS 41-1B72109.05
PHS 41-1B85.13
PHS 41-1B80129.15
PHS 41-1B84142.61
PHS 41-1B96.15
PHS 41-1B96177.80
PHS 41-1TB1414.01
PHS 41-1TB1514.32
PHS 41-1TB1614.95
PHS 41-1TB1716.81
PHS 41-1TB1817.90
PHS 41-1TB1918.91
PHS 41-1TB2019.69
PHS 41-1TB2122.04
PHS 41-1TB2224.13
PHS 41-1TB2326.08
PHS 41-1TB2426.93
PHS 41-1TB2528.49
PHS 41-1TB2629.74
PHS 41-1TB2831.92
PHS 41-1TB3036.26
PHS 41-1TB3238.84
PHS 41-1TB3541.72
PHS 41-1TB3642.96
PHS 41-1TB4050.21
PHS 41-1TB4565.94
PHS 41-1TB4872.01
PHS 41-1TB5481.04
PHS 41-1TB60109.69
PHS 41-1TB70141.15
PHS 41-1TB72166.28
PHS 41-1TB80214.69
PHS 41-1TB96256.73
PHS 50-1A112444.02
PHS 50-1A124.90
PHS 50-1A135.76
PHS 50-1A146.47
PHS 50-1A157.79
PHS 50-1A168.71
PHS 50-1A179.50
PHS 50-1A1810.05
PHS 50-1A1911.06
PHS 50-1A2011.60
PHS 50-1A2113.39
PHS 50-1A2213.39
PHS 50-1A2314.17
PHS 50-1A2414.71
PHS 50-1A2516.58
PHS 50-1A2617.68
PHS 50-1A2718.60
PHS 50-1A2819.62
PHS 50-1A2920.78
PHS 50-1A3021.56
PHS 50-1A3122.73
PHS 50-1A3223.51
PHS 50-1A3324.36
PHS 50-1A3425.30
PHS 50-1A3526.38
PHS 50-1A3627.39
PHS 50-1A3728.49
PHS 50-1A3829.82
PHS 50-1A3930.98
PHS 50-1A4031.92
PHS 50-1A4135.19
PHS 50-1A4236.59
PHS 50-1A4338.14
PHS 50-1A4439.93
PHS 50-1A4541.49
PHS 50-1A4643.44
PHS 50-1A4745.23
PHS 50-1A4847.10
PHS 50-1A4948.74
PHS 50-1A5052.47
PHS 50-1A5155.10
PHS 50-1A5255.34
PHS 50-1A5357.99
PHS 50-1A5463.21
PHS 50-1A5566.09
PHS 50-1A5668.82
PHS 50-1A5771.53
PHS 50-1A5874.57
PHS 50-1A5977.45
PHS 50-1A6080.34
PHS 50-1A70115.21
PHS 50-1A72121.98
PHS 50-1A76136.00
PHS 50-1A80158.17
PHS 50-1A84180.37
PHS 50-1A95241.25
PHS 50-1A96246.69
PHS 50-1AH147.12
PHS 50-1AH158.64
PHS 50-1AH169.55
PHS 50-1AH1812.65
PHS 50-1AH1912.17
PHS 50-1AH2014.72
PHS 50-1AH2114.72
PHS 50-1AH2216.88
PHS 50-1AH2416.18
PHS 50-1AH3023.71
PHS 50-1AH3124.94
PHS 50-1AH3225.85
PHS 50-1AH3427.87
PHS 50-1B112444.73
PHS 50-1B2623.90
PHS 50-1B2725.69
PHS 50-1B2827.49
PHS 50-1B2934.87
PHS 50-1B3036.51
PHS 50-1B3139.16
PHS 50-1B3241.49
PHS 50-1B3343.66
PHS 50-1B3444.30
PHS 50-1B3545.32
PHS 50-1B3647.71
PHS 50-1B3751.45
PHS 50-1B3853.01
PHS 50-1B3955.43
PHS 50-1B4057.22
PHS 50-1B4157.45
PHS 50-1B4261.27
PHS 50-1B4363.38
PHS 50-1B4473.26
PHS 50-1B4577.21
PHS 50-1B4677.21
PHS 50-1B4780.73
PHS 50-1B4882.36
PHS 50-1B4984.70
PHS 50-1B5086.64
PHS 50-1B5193.18
PHS 50-1B5296.77
PHS 50-1B5399.41
PHS 50-1B54102.84
PHS 50-1B55106.11
PHS 50-1B56109.30
PHS 50-1B57114.12
PHS 50-1B58119.65
PHS 50-1B59123.92
PHS 50-1B60143.85
PHS 50-1B70191.65
PHS 50-1B72202.63
PHS 50-1B76234.62
PHS 50-1B85.91
PHS 50-1B80239.38
PHS 50-1B84253.70
PHS 50-1B95283.75
PHS 50-1B96296.98
PHS 50-1BH107.81
PHS 50-1BH1210.38
PHS 50-1BH1311.76
PHS 50-1BH1412.23
PHS 50-1BH1513.62
PHS 50-1BH1919.08
PHS 50-1BH2121.16
PHS 50-1BH3040.23
PHS 50-1BH3245.77
PHS 50-1BH3858.57
PHS 50-1BH4063.19
PHS 50-1BH5095.47
PHS 50-1BH96.99
PHS 50-1DSA1521.80
PHS 50-1DSA1624.28
PHS 50-1DSA1728.26
PHS 50-1DSA1829.74
PHS 50-1DSA1932.62
PHS 50-1DSA2035.97
PHS 50-1DSA2138.76
PHS 50-1DSA2245.77
PHS 50-1DSA2349.66
PHS 50-1DSA2453.64
PHS 50-1DSTB1568.91
PHS 50-1DSTB1629.19
PHS 50-1DSTB1729.51
PHS 50-1DSTB1829.74
PHS 50-1DSTB1932.62
PHS 50-1DSTB2035.97
PHS 50-1DSTB2138.76
PHS 50-1DSTB2349.66
PHS 50-1DSTB2453.64
PHS 50-1DSTBH1637.06
PHS 50-1TB1217.13
PHS 50-1TB1317.90
PHS 50-1TB1418.68
PHS 50-1TB1520.01
PHS 50-1TB1622.04
PHS 50-1TB1723.59
PHS 50-1TB1825.30
PHS 50-1TB1927.17
PHS 50-1TB2029.51
PHS 50-1TB2131.38
PHS 50-1TB2232.69
PHS 50-1TB2333.47
PHS 50-1TB2435.97
PHS 50-1TB2538.14
PHS 50-1TB2640.95
PHS 50-1TB2743.06
PHS 50-1TB2847.56
PHS 50-1TB2948.89
PHS 50-1TB3050.28
PHS 50-1TB3151.07
PHS 50-1TB3252.31
PHS 50-1TB3353.64
PHS 50-1TB3454.65
PHS 50-1TB3556.45
PHS 50-1TB3660.25
PHS 50-1TB3763.99
PHS 50-1TB3868.89
PHS 50-1TB3971.77
PHS 50-1TB4073.56
PHS 50-1TB4175.59
PHS 50-1TB4279.40
PHS 50-1TB4382.28
PHS 50-1TB4486.02
PHS 50-1TB4590.69
PHS 50-1TB4692.17
PHS 50-1TB4795.21
PHS 50-1TB48109.45
PHS 50-1TB49113.97
PHS 50-1TB50126.88
PHS 50-1TB51127.21
PHS 50-1TB52128.05
PHS 50-1TB53129.46
PHS 50-1TB54133.35
PHS 50-1TB55136.16
PHS 50-1TB56137.79
PHS 50-1TB57139.03
PHS 50-1TB58142.61
PHS 50-1TB59148.61
PHS 50-1TB60161.06
PHS 50-1TBH2136.54
PHS 50-2A34139.03
PHS 50-2B102812.16
PHS 50-2B1115.57
PHS 50-2B112939.28
PHS 50-2B1217.13
PHS 50-2B1319.24
PHS 50-2B1422.04
PHS 50-2B1626.15
PHS 50-2B2245.54
PHS 50-2B2452.24
PHS 50-2B2557.22
PHS 50-2B2660.25
PHS 50-2B3085.93
PHS 50-2B3287.80
PHS 50-2B3595.21
PHS 50-2B36101.66
PHS 50-2B40123.70
PHS 50-2B42144.80
PHS 50-2B45151.25
PHS 50-2B48186.44
PHS 50-2B52221.15
PHS 50-2B54231.99
PHS 50-2B60274.48
PHS 50-2B68368.21
PHS 50-2B72408.45
PHS 50-2B76450.02
PHS 50-2B84526.32
PHS 50-2B95665.81
PHS 50-2B96689.17
PHS 50-2BH1730.76
PHS 50-2BH1834.24
PHS 50-2BH1925.16
PHS 50-2BH2041.75
PHS 50-2TB1430.82
PHS 50-2TB1533.47
PHS 50-2TB1636.26
PHS 50-2TB1739.01
PHS 50-2TB1840.95
PHS 50-2TB1944.84
PHS 50-2TB2048.89
PHS 50-2TB2151.45
PHS 50-2TB2575.82
PHS 50-2TB30113.18
PHS 50-2TB45219.29
PHS 50-2TB48262.81
PHS 50-2TB57348.98
PHS 50-2TB60444.50
PHS 50-3B1124.90
PHS 50-3B1226.15
PHS 50-3B1328.64
PHS 50-3B1431.06
PHS 50-3B1534.41
PHS 50-3B1639.54
PHS 50-3B1742.67
PHS 50-3B1846.09
PHS 50-3B1949.66
PHS 50-3B2055.73
PHS 50-3B2160.09
PHS 50-3B2279.40
PHS 50-3B2382.83
PHS 50-3B2488.75
PHS 50-3B2594.74
PHS 50-3B26100.66
PHS 50-3B30127.04
PHS 50-3B35157.63
PHS 50-3B36172.19
PHS 50-3B42212.05
PHS 50-3B48279.54
PHS 50-3B52330.07
PHS 50-3B60448.86
PHS 50-3B68581.43
PHS 50-3C1021380.83
PHS 50-3C72699.05
PHS 50-3C76894.38
PHS 50-3C841022.11
PHS 50-3C951191.11
PHS 60-1A107.47
PHS 60-1A118.26
PHS 60-1A112782.82
PHS 60-1A129.26
PHS 60-1A139.57
PHS 60-1A1410.43
PHS 60-1A1511.68
PHS 60-1A1612.61
PHS 60-1A1713.56
PHS 60-1A1816.05
PHS 60-1A1917.51
PHS 60-1A2018.68
PHS 60-1A2121.18
PHS 60-1A2223.36
PHS 60-1A2325.46
PHS 60-1A2427.63
PHS 60-1A2528.49
PHS 60-1A2629.74
PHS 60-1A2732.54
PHS 60-1A2834.96
PHS 60-1A2937.75
PHS 60-1A3039.01
PHS 60-1A3141.18
PHS 60-1A3243.66
PHS 60-1A3348.42
PHS 60-1A3449.44
PHS 60-1A3550.28
PHS 60-1A3653.64
PHS 60-1A3757.29
PHS 60-1A3861.02
PHS 60-1A3964.77
PHS 60-1A4072.01
PHS 60-1A4180.58
PHS 60-1A4283.53
PHS 60-1A4385.86
PHS 60-1A4488.35
PHS 60-1A4589.53
PHS 60-1A4691.48
PHS 60-1A47101.66
PHS 60-1A48109.21
PHS 60-1A49110.46
PHS 60-1A50111.86
PHS 60-1A51113.18
PHS 60-1A52117.24
PHS 60-1A53121.43
PHS 60-1A54125.48
PHS 60-1A55130.93
PHS 60-1A56141.68
PHS 60-1A57152.74
PHS 60-1A58166.28
PHS 60-1A59182.47
PHS 60-1A60183.73
PHS 60-1A64193.83
PHS 60-1A65206.37
PHS 60-1A66211.44
PHS 60-1A68218.97
PHS 60-1A70238.67
PHS 60-1A72262.95
PHS 60-1A76285.84
PHS 60-1A80371.17
PHS 60-1A84410.56
PHS 60-1A90453.22
PHS 60-1A96522.42
PHS 60-1AH1411.48
PHS 60-1AH1512.93
PHS 60-1AH1613.82
PHS 60-1AH1817.63
PHS 60-1AH1919.29
PHS 60-1AH2020.53
PHS 60-1AH2225.72
PHS 60-1AH24514.43
PHS 60-1AH3042.86
PHS 60-1AH3145.36
PHS 60-1AH3454.47
PHS 60-1AH3659.18
PHS 60-1AH4079.44
PHS 60-1AH47112.19
PHS 60-1B1112.22
PHS 60-1B112719.76
PHS 60-1B2636.20
PHS 60-1B2739.32
PHS 60-1B2842.27
PHS 60-1B2951.29
PHS 60-1B3053.08
PHS 60-1B3155.73
PHS 60-1B3259.78
PHS 60-1B3364.68
PHS 60-1B3465.94
PHS 60-1B3568.35
PHS 60-1B3671.23
PHS 60-1B3777.70
PHS 60-1B3880.34
PHS 60-1B3984.61
PHS 60-1B4086.80
PHS 60-1B4196.38
PHS 60-1B42101.66
PHS 60-1B43107.11
PHS 60-1B44115.13
PHS 60-1B45118.64
PHS 60-1B46121.75
PHS 60-1B47126.26
PHS 60-1B48131.33
PHS 60-1B49136.16
PHS 60-1B50154.76
PHS 60-1B51158.11
PHS 60-1B52161.44
PHS 60-1B53165.34
PHS 60-1B54168.61
PHS 60-1B55176.09
PHS 60-1B56184.10
PHS 60-1B57189.32
PHS 60-1B58193.91
PHS 60-1B59204.35
PHS 60-1B60218.20
PHS 60-1B64243.04
PHS 60-1B65253.70
PHS 60-1B66255.96
PHS 60-1B68259.85
PHS 60-1B70284.05
PHS 60-1B72296.44
PHS 60-1B76336.21
PHS 60-1B80387.29
PHS 60-1B84496.03
PHS 60-1B90577.53
PHS 60-1B96628.83
PHS 60-1BH1011.76
PHS 60-1BH1214.95
PHS 60-1BH1418.19
PHS 60-1BH1520.06
PHS 60-1BH1826.55
PHS 60-1BH2027.10
PHS 60-1BH2132.37
PHS 60-1BH2332.63
PHS 60-1BH2536.29
PHS 60-1BH2650.40
PHS 60-1BH2743.34
PHS 60-1BH57208.86
PHS 60-1BH89.47
PHS 60-1BH910.17
PHS 60-1DSA1329.74
PHS 60-1DSA1432.93
PHS 60-1DSA1536.44
PHS 60-1DSA1639.86
PHS 60-1DSA1743.66
PHS 60-1DSA1855.89
PHS 60-1DSA1962.13
PHS 60-1DSA2068.27
PHS 60-1DSA2174.34
PHS 60-1DSTB1654.41
PHS 60-1DSTB1755.34
PHS 60-1DSTB1855.89
PHS 60-1DSTB1962.13
PHS 60-1DSTB2068.27
PHS 60-1DSTB2174.34
PHS 60-1DSTB2387.73
PHS 60-1DSTB2496.22
PHS 60-1TB1122.33
PHS 60-1TB1223.27
PHS 60-1TB1324.90
PHS 60-1TB1426.38
PHS 60-1TB1630.28
PHS 60-1TB1733.47
PHS 60-1TB1835.97
PHS 60-1TB1938.37
PHS 60-1TB2041.95
PHS 60-1TB2146.09
PHS 60-1TB2249.19
PHS 60-1TB2351.07
PHS 60-1TB2454.89
PHS 60-1TB2556.36
PHS 60-1TB2660.25
PHS 60-1TB2763.76
PHS 60-1TB2868.35
PHS 60-1TB2971.15
PHS 60-1TB3073.33
PHS 60-1TB3177.93
PHS 60-1TB3280.73
PHS 60-1TB3382.28
PHS 60-1TB3487.20
PHS 60-1TB3590.84
PHS 60-1TB3692.49
PHS 60-1TB3794.98
PHS 60-1TB3897.31
PHS 60-1TB39103.29
PHS 60-1TB40107.42
PHS 60-1TB41112.95
PHS 60-1TB42120.59
PHS 60-1TB43130.00
PHS 60-1TB44143.40
PHS 60-1TB45155.78
PHS 60-1TB46164.18
PHS 60-1TB47175.07
PHS 60-1TB48181.93
PHS 60-1TB49188.55
PHS 60-1TB50202.00
PHS 60-1TB54230.34
PHS 60-1TB57246.77
PHS 60-1TB60297.45
PHS 60-1TB65334.97
PHS 60-1TB70397.64
PHS 60-1TB72421.69
PHS 60-1TB80514.64
PHS 60-1TB84547.57
PHS 60-1TBH1531.39
PHS 60-1TBH2565.95
PHS 60-2B1123.90
PHS 60-2B1226.15
PHS 60-2B1328.19
PHS 60-2B1640.57
PHS 60-2B1956.45
PHS 60-2B2275.66
PHS 60-2B2379.79
PHS 60-2B2485.64
PHS 60-2B2692.63
PHS 60-2B30115.67
PHS 60-2B32126.03
PHS 60-2B35147.51
PHS 60-2B36155.85
PHS 60-2B40184.32
PHS 60-2B42203.02
PHS 60-2B45226.61
PHS 60-2B52351.86
PHS 60-2B60415.22
PHS 60-2BH1228.83
PHS 60-2BH1435.82
PHS 60-2BH1538.93
PHS 60-2BH1644.73
PHS 60-2BH1750.62
PHS 60-2BH1857.53
PHS 60-2BH1962.29
PHS 60-2BH2068.03
PHS 60-2BH2599.48
PHS 60-2C68502.03
PHS 60-2C72787.56
PHS 60-2C76942.32
PHS 60-2C951436.48
PHS 60-2TB1335.97
PHS 60-2TB1440.40
PHS 60-2TB1546.79
PHS 60-2TB1654.89
PHS 60-2TB1760.25
PHS 60-2TB1868.35
PHS 60-2TB1974.50
PHS 60-2TB2083.84
PHS 60-2TB2188.83
PHS 60-2TB2296.77
PHS 60-2TB23104.16
PHS 60-2TB24110.55
PHS 60-2TB25115.67
PHS 60-2TB26125.80
PHS 60-2TB27130.00
PHS 60-2TB28139.27
PHS 60-2TB30150.64
PHS 60-2TB32169.00
PHS 60-2TB35206.14
PHS 60-2TB36215.08
PHS 60-2TB40257.05
PHS 60-2TB45309.35
PHS 60-2TB48334.74
PHS 60-2TB721083.44
PHS 60-2TBH1444.52
PHS 60-3B1179.71
PHS 60-3B1289.06
PHS 60-3B13122.45
PHS 60-3B14136.46
PHS 60-3B15144.71
PHS 60-3B16153.05
PHS 60-3B17170.01
PHS 60-3B18190.10
PHS 60-3B19208.86
PHS 60-3B20225.76
PHS 60-3B21239.38
PHS 60-3B22261.01
PHS 60-3B23279.78
PHS 60-3B24301.03
PHS 60-3B25320.80
PHS 60-3B26351.33
PHS 60-3B30446.60
PHS 60-3B35620.59
PHS 60-3B36659.66
PHS 60-3B421133.98
PHS 60-3B451270.12
PHS 60-3C52709.02
PHS 60-3C60899.35
PHS 60-3C681130.24
PHS 60-3C721263.35
PHS 60-3C761389.85
PHS 60-3C952105.26
PHS 80-1A1013.78
PHS 80-1A1115.34
PHS 80-1A1121663.41
PHS 80-1A1217.83
PHS 80-1A1319.69
PHS 80-1A1422.33
PHS 80-1A1525.85
PHS 80-1A1628.19
PHS 80-1A1732.62
PHS 80-1A1838.08
PHS 80-1A1940.57
PHS 80-1A2045.77
PHS 80-1A2253.40
PHS 80-1A2357.99
PHS 80-1A2459.55
PHS 80-1A2562.66
PHS 80-1A2666.79
PHS 80-1A2769.99
PHS 80-1A2874.57
PHS 80-1A2989.84
PHS 80-1A3095.21
PHS 80-1A31100.97
PHS 80-1A32111.09
PHS 80-1A33114.44
PHS 80-1A34128.05
PHS 80-1A35130.93
PHS 80-1A36136.16
PHS 80-1A37144.71
PHS 80-1A38155.85
PHS 80-1A39164.42
PHS 80-1A40170.87
PHS 80-1A41184.80
PHS 80-1A42188.93
PHS 80-1A43203.49
PHS 80-1A44215.32
PHS 80-1A45221.39
PHS 80-1A46236.89
PHS 80-1A47257.51
PHS 80-1A48269.58
PHS 80-1A49295.66
PHS 80-1A50299.47
PHS 80-1A51308.89
PHS 80-1A52324.07
PHS 80-1A53330.07
PHS 80-1A54340.48
PHS 80-1A55363.93
PHS 80-1A56368.83
PHS 80-1A57387.83
PHS 80-1A58403.55
PHS 80-1A59419.43
PHS 80-1A60435.94
PHS 80-1A65597.15
PHS 80-1A70685.59
PHS 80-1A72723.33
PHS 80-1A76805.17
PHS 80-1A80867.59
PHS 80-1A84969.95
PHS 80-1A912.38
PHS 80-1A901106.81
PHS 80-1A961251.36
PHS 80-1AH1219.64
PHS 80-1AH1528.55
PHS 80-1AH1631.05
PHS 80-1AH1735.96
PHS 80-1AH1842.03
PHS 80-1AH1944.73
PHS 80-1AH2050.54
PHS 80-1AH2154.13
PHS 80-1AH2258.90
PHS 80-1B1018.73
PHS 80-1B2470.02
PHS 80-1B25SS511.76
PHS 80-1B2691.90
PHS 80-1B2791.24
PHS 80-1B2895.17
PHS 80-1B29102.27
PHS 80-1B30109.00
PHS 80-1B31109.72
PHS 80-1B32116.37
PHS 80-1B33129.83
PHS 80-1B34129.63
PHS 80-1B35143.73
PHS 80-1B36139.16
PHS 80-1B37158.66
PHS 80-1B38165.67
PHS 80-1B39172.76
PHS 80-1B40190.20
PHS 80-1B41192.74
PHS 80-1B42195.68
PHS 80-1B43221.00
PHS 80-1B44232.69
PHS 80-1B45237.92
PHS 80-1B46240.20
PHS 80-1B47274.97
PHS 80-1B48280.20
PHS 80-1B50289.79
PHS 80-1B54364.41
PHS 80-1B57597.01
PHS 80-1B60471.90
PHS 80-1B65578.61
PHS 80-1B814.88
PHS 80-1B914.88
PHS 80-1BH1124.89
PHS 80-1BH1227.58
PHS 80-1BH1430.14
PHS 80-1BH1642.23
PHS 80-1BH1739.68
PHS 80-1BH1843.42
PHS 80-1BH1947.23
PHS 80-1BH2050.62
PHS 80-1BH2268.03
PHS 80-1BH30133.22
PHS 80-1BH919.36
PHS 80-1C1121622.92
PHS 80-1C70879.50
PHS 80-1C72976.19