SKF Power Transmission Price List 2013

All prices shown are Manufacturer Recommended Prices, which Acorn will be able to discount. Please contact Acorn for pricing

PHF TB1610X16MM8.27
PHF TB1610X18MM8.27
PHF TB1610X19MM8.27
PHF TB1610X20MM8.27
PHF TB1610X22MM8.27
PHF TB1610X24MM8.27
PHF TB1610X25MM8.27
PHF TB1610X28MM8.27
PHF TB1610X30MM8.27
PHF TB1610X32MM8.27
PHF TB1610X35MM8.27
PHF TB1610X38MM8.27
PHF TB1610X40MM8.27
PHF TB1610X42MM8.27
PHF TB1615RSB8.27
PHF TB1615X0.59.20
PHF TB1615X0.6259.20
PHF TB1615X0.759.20
PHF TB1615X0.8759.20
PHF TB1615X19.20
PHF TB1615X1.1259.20
PHF TB1615X1.259.20
PHF TB1615X1.3759.20
PHF TB1615X1.59.20
PHF TB1615X1.6259.20
PHF TB1615X14MM9.20
PHF TB1615X15MM9.20
PHF TB1615X16MM9.20
PHF TB1615X18MM9.20
PHF TB1615X19MM9.20
PHF TB1615X20MM9.20
PHF TB1615X22MM9.20
PHF TB1615X24MM9.20
PHF TB1615X25MM9.20
PHF TB1615X28MM9.20
PHF TB1615X30MM9.20
PHF TB1615X32MM9.20
PHF TB1615X35MM9.20
PHF TB1615X38MM9.20
PHF TB1615X40MM9.20
PHF TB1615X42MM9.20
PHF TB2012RSB9.86
PHF TB2012X0.6259.84
PHF TB2012X0.759.84
PHF TB2012X0.8759.84
PHF TB2012X19.84
PHF TB2012X1.1259.84
PHF TB2012X1.259.84
PHF TB2012X1.3759.84
PHF TB2012X1.59.84
PHF TB2012X1.6259.84
PHF TB2012X1.759.84
PHF TB2012X1.8759.84
PHF TB2012X14MM9.84
PHF TB2012X15MM9.84
PHF TB2012X16MM9.84
PHF TB2012X18MM9.84
PHF TB2012X19MM9.84
PHF TB2012X29.84
PHF TB2012X20MM9.84
PHF TB2012X22MM9.84
PHF TB2012X24MM9.84
PHF TB2012X25MM9.84
PHF TB2012X28MM9.84
PHF TB2012X30MM9.84
PHF TB2012X32MM9.84
PHF TB2012X35MM9.84
PHF TB2012X38MM9.84
PHF TB2012X40MM9.84
PHF TB2012X42MM9.84
PHF TB2012X45MM9.84
PHF TB2012X48MM9.84
PHF TB2012X50MM9.84
PHF TB2017X25MM14.37
PHF TB2017X30MM14.37
PHF TB2017X40MM14.37
PHF TB2517X0.7513.27
PHF TB2517X0.87513.27
PHF TB2517X113.27
PHF TB2517X1.12513.27
PHF TB2517X1.2513.27
PHF TB2517X1.37513.27
PHF TB2517X1.513.27
PHF TB2517X1.62513.27
PHF TB2517X1.7513.27
PHF TB2517X1.87513.27
PHF TB2517X16MM13.58
PHF TB2517X18MM13.58
PHF TB2517X19MM13.58
PHF TB2517X213.27
PHF TB2517X2.12513.27
PHF TB2517X2.187513.27
PHF TB2517X2.2513.27
PHF TB2517X2.37513.27
PHF TB2517X2.437513.27
PHF TB2517X2.513.27
PHF TB2517X20MM13.58
PHF TB2517X22MM13.58
PHF TB2517X24MM13.58
PHF TB2517X25MM13.58
PHF TB2517X28MM13.58
PHF TB2517X30MM13.58
PHF TB2517X32MM13.58
PHF TB2517X34MM25.08
PHF TB2517X35MM13.58
PHF TB2517X38MM13.58
PHF TB2517X40MM13.58
PHF TB2517X42MM13.58
PHF TB2517X45MM13.58
PHF TB2517X48MM13.58
PHF TB2517X50MM13.58
PHF TB2517X55.5MM13.62
PHF TB2517X55MM13.58
PHF TB2517X57MM38.76
PHF TB2517X60MM13.58
PHF TB2525X2.37520.59
PHF TB2525X32MM26.71
PHF TB2525X60MM20.51
PHF TB3020X1.2526.53
PHF TB3020X1.37526.53
PHF TB3020X1.526.53
PHF TB3020X1.62526.53
PHF TB3020X1.7526.53
PHF TB3020X1.87526.53
PHF TB3020X226.53
PHF TB3020X2.12526.53
PHF TB3020X2.2526.53
PHF TB3020X2.37526.53
PHF TB3020X2.437536.79
PHF TB3020X2.4426.37
PHF TB3020X2.526.53
PHF TB3020X2.62526.53
PHF TB3020X2.7526.53
PHF TB3020X2.87526.53
PHF TB3020X2.937526.37
PHF TB3020X25MM23.53
PHF TB3020X28MM23.53
PHF TB3020X326.53
PHF TB3020X30MM23.53
PHF TB3020X32MM23.53
PHF TB3020X35MM23.53
PHF TB3020X38MM23.53
PHF TB3020X40MM23.53
PHF TB3020X42MM23.53
PHF TB3020X45MM23.53
PHF TB3020X47MM30.19
PHF TB3020X48MM23.53
PHF TB3020X50MM23.53
PHF TB3020X53MM29.50
PHF TB3020X55MM23.53
PHF TB3020X58MM28.28
PHF TB3020X60MM23.53
PHF TB3020X63MM29.13
PHF TB3020X65MM23.53
PHF TB3020X70MM23.53
PHF TB3020X75MM23.53
PHF TB3030X1.2533.67
PHF TB3030X1.37533.67
PHF TB3030X1.533.67
PHF TB3030X1.62533.67
PHF TB3030X1.7533.67
PHF TB3030X1.87533.67
PHF TB3030X233.67
PHF TB3030X2.12533.67
PHF TB3030X2.2533.67
PHF TB3030X2.37533.67
PHF TB3030X2.533.67
PHF TB3030X2.62533.67
PHF TB3030X2.7533.67
PHF TB3030X2.87533.67
PHF TB3030X333.67
PHF TB3030X35MM33.67
PHF TB3030X38MM33.67
PHF TB3030X40MM33.67
PHF TB3030X42MM33.67
PHF TB3030X45MM33.67
PHF TB3030X48MM33.67
PHF TB3030X50MM33.67
PHF TB3030X55MM33.67
PHF TB3030X60MM33.67
PHF TB3030X65MM33.67
PHF TB3030X70MM33.67
PHF TB3030X75MM33.67
PHF TB3525X1.542.55
PHF TB3525X1.62542.55
PHF TB3525X1.7542.55
PHF TB3525X1.87542.55
PHF TB3525X242.55
PHF TB3525X2.12542.55
PHF TB3525X2.2542.55
PHF TB3525X2.37542.55
PHF TB3525X2.542.55
PHF TB3525X2.62542.55
PHF TB3525X2.7542.55
PHF TB3525X2.87542.55
PHF TB3525X342.55
PHF TB3525X3.12542.55
PHF TB3525X3.2542.55
PHF TB3525X3.37542.55
PHF TB3525X3.542.55
PHF TB3525X3.7542.55
PHF TB3525X442.55
PHF TB3535RSB95.03
PHF TB3535X1.560.82
PHF TB3535X1.62560.82
PHF TB3535X1.7560.82
PHF TB3535X1.87560.82
PHF TB3535X260.82
PHF TB3535X2.12560.82
PHF TB3535X2.2560.82
PHF TB3535X2.37560.82
PHF TB3535X2.560.82
PHF TB3535X2.62560.82
PHF TB3535X2.7560.82
PHF TB3535X2.87560.82
PHF TB3535X360.82
PHF TB3535X3.12560.82
PHF TB3535X3.2560.82
PHF TB3535X3.37560.82
PHF TB3535X3.560.82
PHF TB3535X64MM51.97
PHF TB3535X79MM51.97
PHF TB4030X1.7573.84
PHF TB4030X1.87573.84
PHF TB4030X100MM73.84
PHF TB4030X105MM73.84
PHF TB4030X110MM73.84
PHF TB4030X115MM73.84
PHF TB4030X273.84
PHF TB4030X2.12573.84
PHF TB4030X2.2573.84
PHF TB4030X2.37573.84
PHF TB4030X2.573.84
PHF TB4030X2.62573.84
PHF TB4030X2.7573.84
PHF TB4030X2.87573.84
PHF TB4030X373.84
PHF TB4030X3.12573.84
PHF TB4030X3.2573.84
PHF TB4030X3.37573.84
PHF TB4030X3.573.84
PHF TB4030X3.7573.84
PHF TB4030X473.84
PHF TB4030X4.2573.84
PHF TB4030X4.573.84
PHF TB4030X40MM73.84
PHF TB4030X42MM73.84
PHF TB4030X45MM73.84
PHF TB4030X48MM73.84
PHF TB4030X50MM73.84
PHF TB4030X55MM73.84
PHF TB4030X60MM73.84
PHF TB4030X65MM73.84
PHF TB4030X70MM73.84
PHF TB4030X75MM73.84
PHF TB4030X80MM73.84
PHF TB4030X85MM73.84
PHF TB4030X90MM73.84
PHF TB4030X95MM73.84
PHF TB4040RSB133.63
PHF TB4040X1.7586.47
PHF TB4040X1.87586.47
PHF TB4040X100MM69.53
PHF TB4040X110MM69.56
PHF TB4040X286.47
PHF TB4040X2.12586.47
PHF TB4040X2.2586.47
PHF TB4040X2.37586.47
PHF TB4040X2.586.47
PHF TB4040X2.62586.47
PHF TB4040X2.7586.47
PHF TB4040X2.87586.47
PHF TB4040X386.47
PHF TB4040X3.12586.47
PHF TB4040X3.2586.47
PHF TB4040X3.37586.47
PHF TB4040X3.437589.02
PHF TB4040X3.586.47
PHF TB4040X3.7586.47
PHF TB4040X486.47
PHF TB4040X40MM69.53
PHF TB4040X42MM69.53
PHF TB4040X45MM69.53
PHF TB4040X48MM69.53
PHF TB4040X50MM69.53
PHF TB4040X55MM69.53
PHF TB4040X60MM69.53
PHF TB4040X65MM69.53
PHF TB4040X70MM69.53
PHF TB4040X75MM69.53
PHF TB4040X79MM91.09
PHF TB4040X80MM69.53
PHF TB4040X85MM69.53
PHF TB4040X89MM71.58
PHF TB4040X90MM69.53
PHF TB4040X95MM69.53
PHF TB4535X100MM111.95
PHF TB4535X105MM111.95
PHF TB4535X110MM111.95
PHF TB4535X115MM111.95
PHF TB4535X120MM111.95
PHF TB4535X125MM111.95
PHF TB4535X2.125111.95
PHF TB4535X2.25111.95
PHF TB4535X2.375111.95
PHF TB4535X2.5111.95
PHF TB4535X2.625111.95
PHF TB4535X2.75111.95
PHF TB4535X2.875111.95
PHF TB4535X3111.95
PHF TB4535X3.125111.95
PHF TB4535X3.25111.95
PHF TB4535X3.375111.95
PHF TB4535X3.5111.95
PHF TB4535X3.75111.95
PHF TB4535X4111.95
PHF TB4535X4.25111.95
PHF TB4535X4.5111.95
PHF TB4535X4.75111.95
PHF TB4535X5111.95
PHF TB4535X55MM111.95
PHF TB4535X60MM111.95
PHF TB4535X65MM111.95
PHF TB4535X70MM111.95
PHF TB4535X75MM111.95
PHF TB4535X80MM111.95
PHF TB4535X85MM111.95
PHF TB4535X90MM111.95
PHF TB4535X95MM111.95
PHF TB4545X100MM107.88
PHF TB4545X105MM107.88
PHF TB4545X110MM107.88
PHF TB4545X2.125107.88
PHF TB4545X2.25107.88
PHF TB4545X2.375107.88
PHF TB4545X2.5107.88
PHF TB4545X2.625107.88
PHF TB4545X2.75107.88
PHF TB4545X2.875107.88
PHF TB4545X3107.88
PHF TB4545X3.125107.88
PHF TB4545X3.25107.88
PHF TB4545X3.375107.88
PHF TB4545X3.5107.88
PHF TB4545X3.75107.88
PHF TB4545X4107.88
PHF TB4545X4.25107.88
PHF TB4545X4.5107.88
PHF TB4545X55MM107.88
PHF TB4545X60MM107.88
PHF TB4545X65MM107.88
PHF TB4545X70MM107.88
PHF TB4545X75MM107.88
PHF TB4545X80MM107.88
PHF TB4545X85MM107.88
PHF TB4545X90MM107.88
PHF TB4545X95MM107.88
PHF TB5040X100MM150.81
PHF TB5040X105MM150.81
PHF TB5040X110MM150.81
PHF TB5040X115MM150.81
PHF TB5040X120MM150.81
PHF TB5040X125MM150.81
PHF TB5040X127MM155.27
PHF TB5040X130MM150.81
PHF TB5040X140MM150.81
PHF TB5040X2.625150.81
PHF TB5040X2.75150.81
PHF TB5040X2.875150.81
PHF TB5040X3150.81
PHF TB5040X3.125150.81
PHF TB5040X3.25150.81
PHF TB5040X3.375150.81
PHF TB5040X3.5150.81
PHF TB5040X3.75150.81
PHF TB5040X4150.81
PHF TB5040X4.25150.81
PHF TB5040X4.5150.81
PHF TB5040X4.75150.81
PHF TB5040X5150.81
PHF TB5040X70MM150.81
PHF TB5040X75MM150.81
PHF TB5040X80MM150.81
PHF TB5040X85MM150.81
PHF TB5040X90MM150.81
PHF TB5040X95MM150.81
PHF TB5050RSB236.15
PHF TB5050X100MM143.31
PHF TB5050X105MM143.31
PHF TB5050X110MM143.31
PHF TB5050X115MM143.31
PHF TB5050X120MM143.31
PHF TB5050X125MM143.31
PHF TB5050X2.625173.14
PHF TB5050X2.75173.14
PHF TB5050X2.875173.14
PHF TB5050X3173.14
PHF TB5050X3.125173.14
PHF TB5050X3.25173.14
PHF TB5050X3.375173.14
PHF TB5050X3.5173.14
PHF TB5050X3.75173.14
PHF TB5050X4173.14
PHF TB5050X4.25173.14
PHF TB5050X4.5173.14
PHF TB5050X4.75173.14
PHF TB5050X5173.14
PHF TB5050X65MM147.54
PHF TB5050X70MM143.31
PHF TB5050X75MM143.31
PHF TB5050X80MM143.31
PHF TB5050X85MM143.31
PHF TB5050X90MM143.31
PHF TB5050X95MM143.31
PHF TB6050X105MM727.39
PHF TB6050X133MM727.39
PHF TB6050X140MM508.98
PHF TB7060X110MM1239.90
PHF TB8065X180MM931.15
PHF TBU2517X60MM14.03
PHF TBU3535X90MM72.66
PHG 1000-5M-1521.33
PHG 1000-5M-2531.91
PHG 1000-5M-914.32
PHG 1000-5M-S450459.45
PHG 1000-8M-2022.27
PHG 1000-8M-3033.29
PHG 1000-8M-5054.79
PHG 1000-8M-8594.20
PHG 1000-8M-S450398.96
PHG 1000-H-07539.18
PHG 1000-H-10054.13
PHG 1000-H-15075.51
PHG 1000-H-200101.38
PHG 1000-H-300152.31
PHG 1000-H-S1800731.08
PHG 1000-MXL-02511.06
PHG 1000-XXH-200424.94
PHG 1000-XXH-S17003048.95
PHG 100-XL-0252.68
PHG 100-XL-0313.07
PHG 100-XL-0373.46
PHG 100-XL-S1800134.50
PHG 1016-8M-2022.45
PHG 1016-8M-3033.67
PHG 1016-8M-5055.42
PHG 1016-8M-8595.23
PHG 1016-8M-S450403.31
PHG 1020-H-07539.92
PHG 1020-H-10054.45
PHG 1020-H-15077.40
PHG 1020-H-200103.33
PHG 1020-H-300157.10
PHG 1025-5M-1521.59
PHG 1025-5M-2532.60
PHG 1025-5M-914.67
PHG 1028-L-05029.80
PHG 1028-L-07543.39
PHG 1028-L-10055.75
PHG 1028-L-S1800998.54
PHG 102-XL-0252.68
PHG 102-XL-0313.07
PHG 102-XL-0373.46
PHG 102-XL-S1800134.50
PHG 1032-XL-02513.43
PHG 1032-XL-03114.87
PHG 1032-XL-03717.69
PHG 1032-XL-S1800688.36
PHG 1036-14M-115299.49
PHG 1036-14M-170439.01
PHG 1036-14M-40102.78
PHG 1036-14M-55142.08
PHG 1036-14M-85220.15
PHG 1036-14M-S190392.53
PHG 1040-8M-2022.65
PHG 1040-8M-3034.05
PHG 1040-8M-5056.06
PHG 1040-8M-8596.25
PHG 1040-8M-S450407.65
PHG 104-XL-0252.68
PHG 104-XL-0313.07
PHG 104-XL-0373.46
PHG 104-XL-S1800134.50
PHG 1050-5M-1521.85
PHG 1050-5M-2533.27
PHG 1050-5M-915.01
PHG 1050-5M-S450543.49
PHG 1050-H-07540.64
PHG 1050-H-10054.79
PHG 1050-H-15079.29
PHG 1050-H-200105.27
PHG 1050-H-300161.92
PHG 1050-H-S1800777.17
PHG 1056-8M-2023.16
PHG 1056-8M-3034.81
PHG 1056-8M-5057.46
PHG 1056-8M-8598.42
PHG 1056-8M-S450416.87
PHG 1064-14M-115312.30
PHG 1064-14M-170459.49
PHG 1064-14M-40107.64
PHG 1064-14M-55149.76
PHG 1064-14M-85231.67
PHG 1064-14M-S440951.42
PHG 1064-8M-S450412.80
PHG 106-MXL-S80059.77
PHG 106-XL-0252.68
PHG 106-XL-0313.07
PHG 106-XL-0373.46
PHG 106-XL-S1800134.50
PHG 1080-8M-2023.68
PHG 1080-8M-3035.34
PHG 1080-8M-5058.63
PHG 1080-8M-85100.34
PHG 1080-8M-S450424.98
PHG 1085-H-07541.38
PHG 1085-H-10055.10
PHG 1085-H-15081.17
PHG 1085-H-200107.23
PHG 1085-H-300166.71
PHG 1085-H-S1000444.55
PHG 108-XL-0252.82
PHG 108-XL-0313.20
PHG 108-XL-0373.57
PHG 108-XL-S80061.99
PHG 1092-14M-115312.30
PHG 1092-14M-170459.49
PHG 1092-14M-40107.64
PHG 1092-14M-55149.76
PHG 1092-14M-85231.67
PHG 1092-14M-S440951.42
PHG 109-L-0506.40
PHG 109-L-0758.59
PHG 109-L-10010.62
PHG 109-L-S30025.47
PHG 10PJ109021.31
PHG 10PJ119423.42
PHG 10PJ132125.90
PHG 10PJ143928.15
PHG 10PJ154930.33
PHG 10PJ175334.30
PHG 10PJ208340.83
PHG 10PJ66012.99
PHG 10PJ73714.42
PHG 10PJ737.14.42
PHG 10PJ81315.98
PHG 10PJ83816.36
PHG 10PK128834.09
PHG 10PK142034.52
PHG 10PK146035.28
PHG 10PK174538.57
PHG 10PK88521.02
PHG 10PL1841130.18
PHG 10PM3327623.21
PHG 1100-5M-1523.20
PHG 1100-5M-2534.99
PHG 1100-5M-915.70
PHG 1100-5M-S450569.46
PHG 1100-H-07542.12
PHG 1100-H-10055.42
PHG 1100-H-15083.07
PHG 1100-H-200109.17
PHG 1100-H-300171.51
PHG 1100-H-S1800823.24
PHG 1104-8M-2023.87
PHG 1104-8M-3035.57
PHG 1104-8M-5059.33
PHG 1104-8M-85101.56
PHG 1104-8M-S450430.15
PHG 110-MXL-S1800139.66
PHG 110-XL-0252.82
PHG 110-XL-0313.20
PHG 110-XL-0373.57
PHG 110-XL-0755.16
PHG 110-XL-S1800160.51
PHG 111-3M-156.78
PHG 111-3M-63.46
PHG 111-3M-94.48
PHG 111-3M-S16072.05
PHG 1120-14M-115316.79
PHG 1120-14M-170466.54
PHG 1120-14M-40109.12
PHG 1120-14M-55151.68
PHG 1120-14M-85236.17
PHG 1120-14M-S230504.96
PHG 1120-8M-2024.06
PHG 1120-8M-3035.84
PHG 1120-8M-3546.32
PHG 1120-8M-5060.03
PHG 1120-8M-85102.78
PHG 1120-8M-S450435.31
PHG 1120-H-07542.79
PHG 1120-H-10056.47
PHG 1120-H-15084.37
PHG 1120-H-200111.17
PHG 1120-H-300173.52
PHG 1120-H-S1800832.90
PHG 1120-XH-300398.61
PHG 1120-XH-400413.42
PHG 1120-XH-S17002150.34
PHG 1125-3M-1517.42
PHG 1125-3M-69.21
PHG 1125-3M-911.61
PHG 1125-3M-S200185.69
PHG 1125-5M-1523.20
PHG 1125-5M-2534.99
PHG 1125-5M-915.70
PHG 1125-5M-S450503.82
PHG 1128-8M-2024.44
PHG 1128-8M-3036.49
PHG 1128-8M-5060.78
PHG 1128-8M-85104.33
PHG 1128-8M-S450441.83
PHG 112-MXL-S1800139.66
PHG 112-XL-0252.82
PHG 112-XL-0313.20
PHG 112-XL-0373.57
PHG 112-XL-S1800139.47
PHG 1130-H-07543.47
PHG 1130-H-10057.51
PHG 1130-H-15085.66
PHG 1130-H-200113.17
PHG 1130-H-300175.54
PHG 1130-H-S800374.47
PHG 1136-8M-2024.57
PHG 1136-8M-3036.79
PHG 1136-8M-5061.29
PHG 1136-8M-85105.05
PHG 1136-8M-S450444.94
PHG 113-L-0506.59
PHG 113-L-0758.76
PHG 113-L-10010.94
PHG 113-L-30026.25
PHG 113-L-S30026.25
PHG 1140-H-07544.14
PHG 1140-H-10058.55
PHG 1140-H-15086.96
PHG 1140-H-200115.16
PHG 1140-H-300177.54
PHG 1145-5M-1523.61
PHG 1145-5M-2535.47
PHG 1145-5M-915.97
PHG 1145-5M-S450510.77
PHG 1148-L-05033.31
PHG 1148-L-07548.46
PHG 1148-L-10062.23
PHG 1148-L-S1800896.19
PHG 114-XL-0252.82
PHG 114-XL-0313.20
PHG 114-XL-0373.57
PHG 114-XL-S80061.99
PHG 1150-H-07544.81
PHG 1150-H-10059.58
PHG 1150-H-15088.25
PHG 1150-H-200117.15
PHG 1150-H-300179.55
PHG 1150-H-S1800861.86
PHG 1152-8M-2024.71
PHG 1152-8M-3037.12
PHG 1152-8M-5061.76
PHG 1152-8M-85105.79
PHG 1152-8M-S450448.04
PHG 1160-8M-2035.55
PHG 1160-8M-4072.58
PHG 1160-8M-S450523.85
PHG 1168-8M-2024.84
PHG 1168-8M-3037.44
PHG 1168-8M-5062.23
PHG 1168-8M-85106.53
PHG 1168-8M-S450451.15
PHG 116-XL-0252.82
PHG 116-XL-0313.20
PHG 116-XL-0373.57
PHG 116-XL-S1800139.47
PHG 117-3M-157.04
PHG 117-3M-63.57
PHG 117-3M-94.60
PHG 117-3M-S16074.72
PHG 1175-5M-1524.00
PHG 1175-5M-2535.96
PHG 1175-5M-916.26
PHG 1175-5M-S450517.74
PHG 1175-H-07545.50
PHG 1175-H-10060.62
PHG 1175-H-15089.57
PHG 1175-H-200119.14
PHG 1175-H-300181.57
PHG 1175-H-S1800871.52
PHG 1180-5M-1524.40
PHG 1180-5M-2536.44
PHG 1180-5M-916.55
PHG 1180-5M-S450524.69
PHG 1184-8M-2024.94
PHG 1184-8M-3037.76
PHG 1184-8M-5062.71
PHG 1184-8M-85107.25
PHG 1184-8M-S450454.25
PHG 118-MXL-S1800162.98
PHG 118-XL-0252.82
PHG 118-XL-0313.20
PHG 118-XL-0373.57
PHG 118-XL-S1800139.47
PHG 1190-14M-115321.26
PHG 1190-14M-170473.58
PHG 1190-14M-40110.59
PHG 1190-14M-55153.59
PHG 1190-14M-85240.63
PHG 1190-14M-S440980.57
PHG 1192-L-05034.68
PHG 1192-L-07550.40
PHG 1192-L-10064.61
PHG 1192-L-S1800930.40
PHG 11PJ175337.68
PHG 11PJ81317.49
PHG 11PJ91419.66
PHG 11PK148041.88
PHG 11PK149035.50
PHG 11PL107589.46
PHG 1200-8M-2025.22
PHG 1200-8M-3038.14
PHG 1200-8M-3542.82
PHG 1200-8M-5063.23
PHG 1200-8M-6090.63
PHG 1200-8M-85108.02
PHG 1200-8M-S450457.51
PHG 1200-H-07546.17
PHG 1200-H-10061.67
PHG 1200-H-15090.85
PHG 1200-H-200121.15
PHG 1200-H-300183.58
PHG 1200-H-S1800881.18
PHG 1200-XXH-200508.14
PHG 1200-XXH-S17003663.32
PHG 120-3M-157.04
PHG 120-3M-63.57
PHG 120-3M-94.60
PHG 120-3M-S20075.11
PHG 1209-3M-1517.85
PHG 1209-3M-69.47
PHG 1209-3M-911.86
PHG 1209-3M-S450428.07
PHG 120-XL-0252.82
PHG 120-XL-0313.20
PHG 120-XL-0373.57
PHG 120-XL-S1800139.47
PHG 1210-5M-1524.79
PHG 1210-5M-2536.92
PHG 1210-5M-916.84
PHG 1210-5M-S450531.64
PHG 1216-8M-2025.46
PHG 1216-8M-3038.40
PHG 1216-8M-5064.00
PHG 1216-8M-85109.17
PHG 1216-8M-S450462.41
PHG 1224-8M-S450547.70
PHG 1225-5M-1525.19
PHG 1225-5M-2537.41
PHG 1225-5M-917.13
PHG 122-XL-0252.82
PHG 122-XL-0313.20
PHG 122-XL-0373.84
PHG 122-XL-S1800149.44
PHG 1245-3M-1518.26
PHG 1245-3M-69.73
PHG 1245-3M-912.12
PHG 1245-3M-S190185.07
PHG 1246-14M-115326.17
PHG 1246-14M-170481.26
PHG 1246-14M-40112.34
PHG 1246-14M-55156.15
PHG 1246-14M-85242.97
PHG 1246-14M-S440996.48
PHG 1248-8M-2026.24
PHG 1248-8M-3039.04
PHG 1248-8M-5065.02
PHG 1248-8M-85110.84
PHG 1248-8M-S450469.47
PHG 124-L-0506.78
PHG 124-L-0758.96
PHG 124-L-10011.25
PHG 124-XL-0252.95
PHG 124-XL-0313.20
PHG 124-XL-0373.84
PHG 124-XL-S1800171.86
PHG 1250-H-07546.85
PHG 1250-H-10062.71
PHG 1250-H-15092.16
PHG 1250-H-200123.13
PHG 1250-H-300185.58
PHG 1250-H-S1800890.83
PHG 1256-8M-2026.37
PHG 1256-8M-3039.18
PHG 1256-8M-5065.16
PHG 1256-8M-85111.09
PHG 1256-8M-S450470.52
PHG 1260-14M-115331.08
PHG 1260-14M-170488.94
PHG 1260-14M-40114.09
PHG 1260-14M-55158.70
PHG 1260-14M-60166.59
PHG 1260-14M-85245.32
PHG 1260-14M-S4401012.38
PHG 1260-H-07548.55
PHG 1260-H-10064.10
PHG 1260-H-15096.31
PHG 1260-H-200128.20
PHG 1260-H-300190.20
PHG 1260-H-S1800912.96
PHG 1260-XH-400474.87
PHG 1260-XH-S17002419.11
PHG 1263-3M-1518.26
PHG 1263-3M-69.73
PHG 1263-3M-912.12
PHG 1263-3M-S200194.82
PHG 1264-8M-2026.63
PHG 1264-8M-3039.43
PHG 1264-8M-5065.92
PHG 1264-8M-85112.12
PHG 1264-8M-S450474.87
PHG 126-XL-0252.95
PHG 126-XL-0313.20
PHG 126-XL-0373.84
PHG 126-XL-S1800149.44
PHG 1270-5M-1525.60
PHG 1270-5M-2537.88
PHG 1270-5M-917.42
PHG 1270-5M-S450657.44
PHG 1270-H-07550.23
PHG 1270-H-10065.48
PHG 1270-H-150100.45
PHG 1270-H-200133.27
PHG 1270-H-300194.81
PHG 1270-H-S1000519.48
PHG 1272-8M-2026.74
PHG 1272-8M-3039.55
PHG 1272-8M-5066.24
PHG 1272-8M-85112.70
PHG 1272-8M-S450477.30
PHG 1280-8M-2026.88
PHG 1280-8M-3039.68
PHG 1280-8M-5066.55
PHG 1280-8M-85113.27
PHG 1280-8M-S450479.73
PHG 1288-14M-115335.99
PHG 1288-14M-170496.62
PHG 1288-14M-40115.84
PHG 1288-14M-55161.27
PHG 1288-14M-85247.67
PHG 1288-14M-S4401028.28
PHG 128-XL-0252.95
PHG 128-XL-0313.20
PHG 128-XL-0373.84
PHG 128-XL-S1800149.44
PHG 1290-5M-1526.03
PHG 1290-5M-2538.57
PHG 1290-5M-917.66
PHG 129-3M-157.04
PHG 129-3M-63.57
PHG 129-3M-94.60
PHG 129-3M-S10037.56
PHG 12PJ101023.73
PHG 12PJ101623.80
PHG 12PJ105424.77
PHG 12PJ109025.60
PHG 12PJ109225.67
PHG 12PJ110525.98
PHG 12PJ111026.12
PHG 12PJ112026.33
PHG 12PJ113026.51
PHG 12PJ114326.80
PHG 12PJ115027.02
PHG 12PJ116027.24
PHG 12PJ116827.48
PHG 12PJ119027.99
PHG 12PJ119428.07
PHG 12PJ120028.15
PHG 12PJ121928.60
PHG 12PJ122028.66
PHG 12PJ124029.13
PHG 12PJ124529.19
PHG 12PJ127029.80
PHG 12PJ128530.18
PHG 12PJ129530.48
PHG 12PJ130030.54
PHG 12PJ130530.63
PHG 12PJ131030.77
PHG 12PJ132030.99
PHG 12PJ132131.09
PHG 12PJ133031.30
PHG 12PJ133331.30
PHG 12PJ134631.60
PHG 12PJ135531.82
PHG 12PJ137032.20
PHG 12PJ139032.65
PHG 12PJ139732.79
PHG 12PJ142033.32
PHG 12PJ142233.47
PHG 12PJ143033.56
PHG 12PJ146134.30
PHG 12PJ147334.61
PHG 12PJ147534.68
PHG 12PJ154036.18
PHG 12PJ154936.33
PHG 12PJ160037.61
PHG 12PJ165038.73
PHG 12PJ165138.73
PHG 12PJ166038.96
PHG 12PJ166339.03
PHG 12PJ175041.14
PHG 12PJ175341.21
PHG 12PJ178041.89
PHG 12PJ185043.53
PHG 12PJ185443.53
PHG 12PJ189544.51
PHG 12PJ191044.88
PHG 12PJ191544.97
PHG 12PJ193045.34
PHG 12PJ195045.79
PHG 12PJ195646.01
PHG 12PJ196546.15
PHG 12PJ198046.53
PHG 12PJ199046.68
PHG 12PJ199446.84
PHG 12PJ201947.44
PHG 12PJ208048.87
PHG 12PJ208348.87
PHG 12PJ210049.31
PHG 12PJ215550.67
PHG 12PJ221051.87
PHG 12PJ233054.72
PHG 12PJ233754.86
PHG 12PJ248058.25
PHG 12PJ248958.55
PHG 12PJ3307.80
PHG 12PJ3568.41
PHG 12PJ3818.93
PHG 12PJ4069.53
PHG 12PJ43210.13
PHG 12PJ45710.81
PHG 12PJ48311.41
PHG 12PJ50811.94
PHG 12PJ54012.61
PHG 12PJ55012.99
PHG 12PJ55913.14
PHG 12PJ58013.66
PHG 12PJ58413.66
PHG 12PJ61014.26
PHG 12PJ66015.54
PHG 12PJ68616.13
PHG 12PJ71016.66
PHG 12PJ71116.66
PHG 12PJ72016.89
PHG 12PJ72316.96
PHG 12PJ73717.28
PHG 12PJ76017.81
PHG 12PJ76217.95
PHG 12PJ81019.07
PHG 12PJ81319.07
PHG 12PJ83019.44
PHG 12PJ83819.66
PHG 12PJ86020.19
PHG 12PJ86420.27
PHG 12PJ88920.94
PHG 12PJ91021.32
PHG 12PJ91421.47
PHG 12PJ95522.44
PHG 12PJ96522.67
PHG 12PK109031.52
PHG 12PK130037.83
PHG 12PK190054.95
PHG 12PK85020.39
PHG 12PK86530.29
PHG 12PL2020171.41
PHG 12PL2997235.01
PHG 12PL3124252.57
PHG 1300-XL-02516.84
PHG 1300-XL-03118.65
PHG 1300-XL-03722.28
PHG 1300-XL-S1800867.59
PHG 1304-8M-2027.39
PHG 1304-8M-3040.83
PHG 1304-8M-5068.09
PHG 1304-8M-85115.19
PHG 1304-8M-S450487.88
PHG 130-L-0506.88
PHG 130-L-0759.15
PHG 130-L-10011.49
PHG 130-L-S1800165.38
PHG 130-XL-0252.95
PHG 130-XL-0313.20
PHG 130-XL-0373.84
PHG 1312-8M-2027.66
PHG 1312-8M-3041.02
PHG 1312-8M-5068.54
PHG 1312-8M-85115.90
PHG 1312-8M-S450490.88
PHG 1316-14M-115340.89
PHG 1316-14M-170504.30
PHG 1316-14M-40117.59
PHG 1316-14M-55163.83