SKF Power Transmission Price List 2013

All prices shown are Manufacturer Recommended Prices, which Acorn will be able to discount. Please contact Acorn for pricing

PHG 1316-14M-85250.00
PHG 1316-14M-S4401044.21
PHG 1320-8M-S450595.33
PHG 1325-H-07551.92
PHG 1325-H-10066.85
PHG 1325-H-150104.59
PHG 1325-H-200138.34
PHG 1325-H-300199.41
PHG 1325-H-S1800957.18
PHG 1328-8M-2027.90
PHG 1328-8M-3041.21
PHG 1328-8M-5068.98
PHG 1328-8M-85116.61
PHG 1328-8M-S450493.88
PHG 132-MXL-0241.47
PHG 132-XL-0252.95
PHG 132-XL-0313.20
PHG 132-XL-0373.84
PHG 132-XL-S80066.42
PHG 1344-14M-115345.79
PHG 1344-14M-170511.98
PHG 1344-14M-40119.32
PHG 1344-14M-55166.39
PHG 1344-14M-60133.86
PHG 1344-14M-85252.35
PHG 1344-14M-S4401060.08
PHG 1344-3M-1519.18
PHG 1344-3M-69.95
PHG 1344-3M-912.74
PHG 1344-3M-S200204.51
PHG 1344-8M-2028.03
PHG 1344-8M-3041.47
PHG 1344-8M-5069.49
PHG 1344-8M-85117.76
PHG 1344-8M-S450498.72
PHG 134-XL-0252.95
PHG 134-XL-0313.20
PHG 134-XL-0373.84
PHG 134-XL-S1800149.44
PHG 1350-5M-1526.46
PHG 1350-5M-2539.24
PHG 1350-5M-917.91
PHG 1350-5M-S450565.19
PHG 1350-H-07553.60
PHG 1350-H-10068.24
PHG 1350-H-150108.75
PHG 1350-H-200143.41
PHG 1350-H-300204.03
PHG 1350-H-S1800979.29
PHG 1352-8M-S450595.33
PHG 135-L-0506.97
PHG 135-L-0759.33
PHG 135-L-10011.70
PHG 135-L-S1800168.59
PHG 135MPUOE-8M-5013334.78
PHG 1360-8M-2028.29
PHG 1360-8M-3041.72
PHG 1360-8M-5070.27
PHG 1360-8M-85118.79
PHG 1360-8M-S450503.05
PHG 136-XL-0252.95
PHG 136-XL-0313.20
PHG 136-XL-0373.84
PHG 136-XL-S80066.42
PHG 1375-5M-1526.88
PHG 1375-5M-2539.93
PHG 1375-5M-918.18
PHG 1375-5M-S450575.00
PHG 1392-8M-2028.36
PHG 1392-8M-3042.04
PHG 1392-8M-5070.59
PHG 1392-8M-85119.74
PHG 1392-8M-S450507.13
PHG 13PL1803158.49
PHG 1400-14M-115350.69
PHG 1400-14M-170519.65
PHG 1400-14M-40121.08
PHG 1400-14M-55168.95
PHG 1400-14M-85254.71
PHG 1400-14M-S4401075.98
PHG 1400-5M-1527.31
PHG 1400-5M-2540.61
PHG 1400-5M-918.43
PHG 1400-5M-S450584.80
PHG 1400-8M-2028.41
PHG 1400-8M-3042.37
PHG 1400-8M-5070.90
PHG 1400-8M-85120.69
PHG 1400-8M-S440499.82
PHG 1400-H-07555.29
PHG 1400-H-10069.63
PHG 1400-H-150112.89
PHG 1400-H-200148.47
PHG 1400-H-300208.63
PHG 1400-H-S17501127.47
PHG 1400-XH-S17002914.15
PHG 1401-3M-1520.08
PHG 1401-3M-610.19
PHG 1401-3M-913.37
PHG 1401-3M-S200214.22
PHG 1406-L-05040.80
PHG 1406-L-07559.41
PHG 1406-L-10076.24
PHG 1406-L-S18001097.80
PHG 140-MXL-S1800186.30
PHG 140-XL-0253.07
PHG 140-XL-0313.46
PHG 140-XL-0373.98
PHG 140-XL-S1800154.41
PHG 141-3M-157.18
PHG 141-3M-63.57
PHG 141-3M-94.74
PHG 141-3M-S20076.48
PHG 1414-14M-115354.23
PHG 1414-14M-170524.30
PHG 1414-14M-40122.26
PHG 1414-14M-55170.40
PHG 1414-14M-85257.90
PHG 1414-14M-S4401085.61
PHG 1418-L-05041.21
PHG 1418-L-07559.88
PHG 1418-L-10076.81
PHG 1418-L-S18001106.13
PHG 1420-5M-1527.49
PHG 1420-5M-2540.95
PHG 1420-5M-918.60
PHG 1420-5M-S200262.10
PHG 1422V23564.20
PHG 1422V24065.97
PHG 1422V27068.60
PHG 1422V29070.71
PHG 1422V30072.51
PHG 1422V33075.59
PHG 1422V34077.66
PHG 1422V36079.04
PHG 1422V40080.24
PHG 1422V42084.17
PHG 1422V48088.62
PHG 1422V540100.87
PHG 1424-8M-2028.55
PHG 1424-8M-3042.75
PHG 1424-8M-5071.55
PHG 1424-8M-85121.97
PHG 1424-8M-S440505.13
PHG 142-XL-0253.07
PHG 142-XL-0313.49
PHG 142-XL-0374.00
PHG 142-XL-S1800155.66
PHG 1430V21554.27
PHG 1432-8M-S440628.65
PHG 143-L-0507.07
PHG 143-L-0759.53
PHG 143-L-10011.93
PHG 143-L-S1800171.83
PHG 1440-8M-2028.93
PHG 1440-8M-3043.13
PHG 1440-8M-5072.69
PHG 1440-8M-85123.51
PHG 1440-8M-S440654.23
PHG 1440-H-07556.03
PHG 1440-H-10070.29
PHG 1440-H-150114.41
PHG 1440-H-200151.42
PHG 1440-H-300213.49
PHG 1440-H-S17501616.33
PHG 1442-14M-115357.73
PHG 1442-14M-170528.94
PHG 1442-14M-40123.45
PHG 1442-14M-55171.83
PHG 1442-14M-85261.11
PHG 1442-14M-S4401095.20
PHG 144-3M-157.18
PHG 144-3M-63.57
PHG 144-3M-94.74
PHG 144-XL-0253.07
PHG 144-XL-0313.52
PHG 144-XL-0374.03
PHG 144-XL-S1800156.90
PHG 1450-H-07556.78
PHG 1450-H-10070.96
PHG 1450-H-150115.91
PHG 1450-H-200154.36
PHG 1450-H-300218.36
PHG 1450-H-S1000582.29
PHG 1455-5M-1528.16
PHG 1455-5M-2541.72
PHG 1455-5M-918.95
PHG 1455-5M-S450600.81
PHG 1456-14M-115361.26
PHG 1456-14M-170533.58
PHG 1456-14M-40124.63
PHG 1456-14M-55173.28
PHG 1456-14M-85264.30
PHG 1456-14M-S4401104.82
PHG 1456-8M-2029.31
PHG 1456-8M-3043.64
PHG 1456-8M-5073.50
PHG 1456-8M-85124.63
PHG 1456-8M-S440516.17
PHG 145-H-0758.51
PHG 145-H-10010.72
PHG 145-H-15015.59
PHG 145-H-20020.38
PHG 145-H-30029.87
PHG 145-H-S1800143.38
PHG 146-XL-0253.07
PHG 146-XL-0313.55
PHG 146-XL-0374.07
PHG 146-XL-S1800158.15
PHG 1470-14M-115364.78
PHG 1470-14M-170538.20
PHG 1470-14M-40125.82
PHG 1470-14M-55174.71
PHG 1470-14M-85267.49
PHG 1470-14M-S4401114.42
PHG 1480-8M-2029.70
PHG 1480-8M-3044.16
PHG 1480-8M-5074.30
PHG 1480-8M-85125.76
PHG 1480-8M-S440520.79
PHG 148-XL-S1800160.29
PHG 1494-XL-02519.36
PHG 1494-XL-03121.47
PHG 1494-XL-03725.63
PHG 1494-XL-S1800997.46
PHG 14PM3124682.26
PHG 1500-5M-1528.83
PHG 1500-5M-2542.50
PHG 1500-5M-919.29
PHG 1500-5M-S450611.91
PHG 150-3M-157.29
PHG 150-3M-63.84
PHG 150-3M-94.74
PHG 150-3M-S16075.68
PHG 150-L-0507.18
PHG 150-L-0759.73
PHG 150-L-10012.17
PHG 150-L-S1800175.07
PHG 150-XL-0253.07
PHG 150-XL-0313.57
PHG 150-XL-0374.09
PHG 150-XL-S1800159.40
PHG 1510-H-07557.53
PHG 1510-H-10071.62
PHG 1510-H-150117.43
PHG 1510-H-200157.30
PHG 1510-H-300223.23
PHG 1510-H-S17501041.72
PHG 1512-14M-115368.31
PHG 1512-14M-170542.85
PHG 1512-14M-40126.99
PHG 1512-14M-55176.15
PHG 1512-14M-60182.45
PHG 1512-14M-85270.70
PHG 1512-14M-S4401124.02
PHG 1512-8M-2030.07
PHG 1512-8M-3044.67
PHG 1512-8M-5075.09
PHG 1512-8M-85126.87
PHG 1512-8M-S440525.41
PHG 1520-8M-2030.46
PHG 1520-8M-3045.17
PHG 1520-8M-5075.90
PHG 1520-8M-85128.00
PHG 1520-8M-S440530.04
PHG 1526V26418.75
PHG 152-XL-0253.07
PHG 152-XL-0313.57
PHG 152-XL-0374.09
PHG 152-XL-S1800159.40
PHG 153-3M-157.29
PHG 153-3M-63.84
PHG 153-3M-94.74
PHG 153-3M-S16062.28
PHG 1535-H-07558.27
PHG 1535-H-10072.29
PHG 1535-H-150118.93
PHG 1535-H-200160.25
PHG 1535-H-300228.08
PHG 1535-H-S17501064.41
PHG 1536-8M-2030.71
PHG 1536-8M-3045.57
PHG 1536-8M-5076.48
PHG 1536-8M-85129.28
PHG 1536-8M-S440535.34
PHG 1540-14M-115371.83
PHG 1540-14M-170547.48
PHG 1540-14M-40128.19
PHG 1540-14M-55177.58
PHG 1540-14M-85273.90
PHG 1540-14M-S4401133.64
PHG 1540-XH-S17002577.21
PHG 154-L-0507.25
PHG 154-L-0759.84
PHG 154-L-10012.31
PHG 154-L-S1800177.29
PHG 154-XL-0253.07
PHG 154-XL-0313.57
PHG 154-XL-0374.09
PHG 154-XL-S1800159.40
PHG 1550-H-07559.00
PHG 1550-H-10072.96
PHG 1550-H-150120.44
PHG 1550-H-200163.19
PHG 1550-H-300232.95
PHG 1550-H-S17501087.10
PHG 1552-8M-2030.97
PHG 1552-8M-3045.96
PHG 1552-8M-5077.05
PHG 1552-8M-85130.55
PHG 1552-8M-S440540.67
PHG 155-MXL-S1800209.52
PHG 1560-H-07559.74
PHG 1560-H-10073.62
PHG 1560-H-150121.95
PHG 1560-H-200166.13
PHG 1560-H-300237.81
PHG 1560-H-S17501109.80
PHG 156-3M-157.29
PHG 156-3M-63.84
PHG 156-3M-94.74
PHG 156-3M-S20077.85
PHG 1568-14M-115375.35
PHG 1568-14M-170552.13
PHG 1568-14M-40129.37
PHG 1568-14M-55179.03
PHG 1568-14M-85277.12
PHG 1568-14M-S4401143.23
PHG 1569-3M-1520.99
PHG 1569-3M-610.42
PHG 1569-3M-914.00
PHG 1569-3M-S450578.50
PHG 156-XL-0253.07
PHG 156-XL-0313.57
PHG 156-XL-0374.09
PHG 156-XL-S1800159.40
PHG 1576-8M-2031.35
PHG 1576-8M-3046.47
PHG 1576-8M-5077.96
PHG 1576-8M-85131.83
PHG 1576-8M-S440545.92
PHG 158-L-0507.32
PHG 158-L-0759.93
PHG 158-L-10012.47
PHG 158-L-S1800179.50
PHG 159-3M-157.29
PHG 159-3M-63.84
PHG 159-3M-94.74
PHG 159-3M-S20077.85
PHG 1595-5M-1529.86
PHG 1595-5M-2544.20
PHG 1595-5M-919.64
PHG 1595-5M-S200282.91
PHG 15PJ146142.86
PHG 15PJ175351.49
PHG 15PJ35512.80
PHG 15PJ40614.71
PHG 15PJ48317.44
PHG 15PK142046.31
PHG 1600-8M-2031.74
PHG 1600-8M-3046.97
PHG 1600-8M-5078.85
PHG 1600-8M-85133.10
PHG 1600-H-07560.49
PHG 1600-H-10074.28
PHG 1600-H-150123.47
PHG 1600-H-200169.08
PHG 1600-H-300242.68
PHG 1600-H-S17501132.49
PHG 160-L-0507.40
PHG 160-L-07510.03
PHG 160-L-10012.61
PHG 160-L-S1800181.72
PHG 160-XL-0253.20
PHG 160-XL-0313.57
PHG 160-XL-0374.35
PHG 160-XL-S1800169.14
PHG 1610-14M-115378.88
PHG 1610-14M-170556.77
PHG 1610-14M-40130.55
PHG 1610-14M-55180.48
PHG 1610-14M-85280.30
PHG 1610-14M-S4401152.85
PHG 1622V30717.86
PHG 162-3M-157.29
PHG 162-3M-63.84
PHG 162-3M-94.74
PHG 162-3M-S20077.85
PHG 162-XL-0253.20
PHG 162-XL-0313.57
PHG 162-XL-0374.35
PHG 162-XL-S1800169.14
PHG 1630-H-07561.23
PHG 1630-H-10074.94
PHG 1630-H-150124.97
PHG 1630-H-200172.03
PHG 1630-H-300247.54
PHG 1630-H-S17501155.20
PHG 1648-8M-2032.13
PHG 1648-8M-3047.82
PHG 1648-8M-5080.11
PHG 1648-8M-85135.67
PHG 1648-8M-S440561.84
PHG 164-XL-0253.20
PHG 164-XL-0313.57
PHG 164-XL-0374.35
PHG 164-XL-S1800169.14
PHG 1652-14M-115386.23
PHG 1652-14M-170567.33
PHG 1652-14M-40132.80
PHG 1652-14M-55183.99
PHG 1652-14M-85285.74
PHG 1652-14M-S4401174.70
PHG 165-3M-157.29
PHG 165-3M-63.84
PHG 165-3M-94.74
PHG 165-3M-S10038.93
PHG 165-L-0507.48
PHG 165-L-07510.14
PHG 165-L-10012.76
PHG 165-L-S1800183.94
PHG 1660-H-07561.99
PHG 1660-H-10075.62
PHG 1660-H-150126.49
PHG 1660-H-200174.96
PHG 1660-H-300252.41
PHG 1660-H-S17501177.89
PHG 166-XL-0253.20
PHG 166-XL-0313.57
PHG 166-XL-0374.35
PHG 166-XL-S80075.19
PHG 1675-L-05048.72
PHG 1675-L-07570.83
PHG 1675-L-10090.88
PHG 1675-L-S18001308.68
PHG 1680-8M-2032.50
PHG 1680-8M-3048.64
PHG 1680-8M-5081.41
PHG 1680-8M-85138.25
PHG 1680-8M-S440572.45
PHG 168-3M-157.29
PHG 168-3M-63.84
PHG 168-3M-94.74
PHG 168-3M-S16062.28
PHG 1685-5M-S4501119.19
PHG 168-XL-S1800119.09
PHG 1690-5M-1531.39
PHG 1690-5M-2546.59
PHG 1690-5M-920.82
PHG 1690-5M-S450670.90
PHG 1696-8M-2032.65
PHG 1696-8M-3048.89
PHG 1696-8M-5081.92
PHG 1696-8M-85139.51
PHG 1696-8M-S410538.34
PHG 169-L-0507.56
PHG 169-L-07510.24
PHG 169-L-10012.93
PHG 169-L-S1800186.16
PHG 16PJ101031.60
PHG 16PJ101631.82
PHG 16PJ105433.03
PHG 16PJ109034.15
PHG 16PJ109234.15
PHG 16PJ110534.61
PHG 16PJ111034.83
PHG 16PJ112035.12
PHG 16PJ113035.44
PHG 16PJ114335.81
PHG 16PJ115036.03
PHG 16PJ116036.33
PHG 16PJ116836.56
PHG 16PJ119037.31
PHG 16PJ119437.37
PHG 16PJ120037.61
PHG 16PJ121938.20
PHG 16PJ122038.20
PHG 16PJ124038.88
PHG 16PJ124538.96
PHG 16PJ127039.79
PHG 16PJ128540.30
PHG 16PJ129540.61
PHG 16PJ130040.68
PHG 16PJ130540.91
PHG 16PJ131040.98
PHG 16PJ132041.36
PHG 16PJ132141.36
PHG 16PJ133041.67
PHG 16PJ134642.19
PHG 16PJ135542.48
PHG 16PJ137042.86
PHG 16PJ139043.53
PHG 16PJ139743.68
PHG 16PJ142044.44
PHG 16PJ142244.51
PHG 16PJ143044.73
PHG 16PJ146145.79
PHG 16PJ147346.09
PHG 16PJ147546.15
PHG 16PJ154048.26
PHG 16PJ154948.48
PHG 16PJ160050.14
PHG 16PJ165051.73
PHG 16PJ165151.73
PHG 16PJ166052.01
PHG 16PJ166352.10
PHG 16PJ175054.80
PHG 16PJ175354.86
PHG 16PJ178055.69
PHG 16PJ185057.88
PHG 16PJ185458.10
PHG 16PJ189559.38
PHG 16PJ191059.90
PHG 16PJ191559.96
PHG 16PJ193060.49
PHG 16PJ195061.10
PHG 16PJ195661.26
PHG 16PJ196561.55
PHG 16PJ198062.08
PHG 16PJ199062.37
PHG 16PJ199462.46
PHG 16PJ201963.28
PHG 16PJ208065.16
PHG 16PJ208365.23
PHG 16PJ210065.75
PHG 16PJ215567.55
PHG 16PJ221069.21
PHG 16PJ233073.03
PHG 16PJ233773.26
PHG 16PJ248077.70
PHG 16PJ248977.98
PHG 16PJ35611.18
PHG 16PJ38111.94
PHG 16PJ40612.76
PHG 16PJ43213.58
PHG 16PJ45714.26
PHG 16PJ48315.08
PHG 16PJ50815.98
PHG 16PJ54016.89
PHG 16PJ55017.17
PHG 16PJ55917.49
PHG 16PJ58018.16
PHG 16PJ58418.32
PHG 16PJ61019.07
PHG 16PJ66020.71
PHG 16PJ68621.47
PHG 16PJ71022.28
PHG 16PJ71122.28
PHG 16PJ72022.59
PHG 16PJ72322.67
PHG 16PJ73723.12
PHG 16PJ76023.80
PHG 16PJ76223.80
PHG 16PJ81025.37
PHG 16PJ81325.45
PHG 16PJ83025.98
PHG 16PJ83826.19
PHG 16PJ86026.95
PHG 16PJ86427.02
PHG 16PJ88927.85
PHG 16PJ91028.52
PHG 16PJ91428.60
PHG 16PJ94029.27
PHG 16PJ95529.95
PHG 16PJ96530.25
PHG 16PK80031.23
PHG 16PK82031.23
PHG 16PL1397156.62
PHG 16PL1473156.62
PHG 16PL1562136.88
PHG 16PL2845368.21
PHG 16PM37341104.85
PHG 16PM38541140.39
PHG 1700-5M-1531.79
PHG 1700-5M-2547.25
PHG 1700-5M-921.12
PHG 1700-5M-S450680.69
PHG 1700-H-07562.71
PHG 1700-H-10076.29
PHG 1700-H-150128.00
PHG 1700-H-200177.91
PHG 1700-H-300257.26
PHG 1700-H-S17501200.61
PHG 170-XL-0253.20
PHG 170-XL-0313.57
PHG 170-XL-0374.35
PHG 170-XL-S1800169.14
PHG 171-3M-157.29
PHG 171-3M-63.84
PHG 171-3M-94.74
PHG 171-3M-S20096.82
PHG 1728-8M-2033.41
PHG 1728-8M-3050.16
PHG 1728-8M-5083.71
PHG 1728-8M-85142.08
PHG 1728-8M-S440588.37
PHG 172-XL-0253.20
PHG 172-XL-0313.57
PHG 172-XL-0374.35
PHG 172-XL-S1800169.14
PHG 1730-5M-1532.19
PHG 1730-5M-2547.95
PHG 1730-5M-921.40
PHG 1730-5M-S450690.47
PHG 173-L-0507.94
PHG 173-L-07510.49
PHG 173-L-10013.31
PHG 173-L-S1800191.70
PHG 174-3M-157.29
PHG 174-3M-63.84
PHG 174-3M-94.74
PHG 1750-14M-115393.58
PHG 1750-14M-170577.90
PHG 1750-14M-40135.03
PHG 1750-14M-55187.51
PHG 1750-14M-85291.18
PHG 1750-14M-S4401196.57
PHG 1750-XH-S17002928.56
PHG 1760-8M-2033.92
PHG 1760-8M-3051.20
PHG 1760-8M-5085.26
PHG 1760-8M-85145.91
PHG 1760-8M-PK12196.73
PHG 1760-8M-PK36590.17
PHG 1760-8M-S440695.58
PHG 1764-14M-115400.95
PHG 1764-14M-170588.45
PHG 1764-14M-40137.27
PHG 1764-14M-50183.45
PHG 1764-14M-55191.04
PHG 1764-14M-85296.63
PHG 1764-14M-S4401218.44
PHG 176-XL-0253.20
PHG 176-XL-0313.84
PHG 176-XL-0374.48
PHG 176-XL-S1800174.14
PHG 177-3M-157.29
PHG 177-3M-63.84
PHG 177-3M-94.74
PHG 177-3M-S20077.85
PHG 1778-14M-115408.30
PHG 1778-14M-170599.02
PHG 1778-14M-40139.51
PHG 1778-14M-55194.54
PHG 1778-14M-85302.07
PHG 1778-14M-S4401240.31
PHG 177-L-0508.00
PHG 177-L-07510.53
PHG 177-L-10013.39
PHG 177-L-S1800192.62
PHG 1784-8M-2034.24
PHG 1784-8M-3051.62
PHG 1784-8M-5085.93
PHG 1784-8M-85146.77
PHG 1784-8M-S440607.76
PHG 1790-5M-1532.60
PHG 1790-5M-2548.63
PHG 1790-5M-921.69
PHG 1790-5M-S450720.10
PHG 1792-8M-2034.52
PHG 1792-8M-3052.06
PHG 1792-8M-5086.60
PHG 1792-8M-85147.62
PHG 1792-8M-S440611.36
PHG 17PJ165170.47
PHG 17PM37341174.15
PHG 17PM38541211.66
PHG 1800-3M-1524.69
PHG 1800-3M-611.98
PHG 1800-3M-916.48
PHG 1800-3M-S450592.41
PHG 1800-5M-1532.93
PHG 1800-5M-200314.06
PHG 1800-5M-2549.15
PHG 1800-5M-921.85
PHG 1800-8M-2034.81
PHG 1800-8M-3052.48
PHG 1800-8M-5087.29
PHG 1800-8M-85148.47
PHG 1800-8M-S440708.01
PHG 1800-XXH-S17005506.39
PHG 180-3M-157.29
PHG 180-3M-63.84
PHG 180-3M-94.74
PHG 180-3M-S16062.28
PHG 180-5M-157.04
PHG 180-5M-2510.37
PHG 180-5M-94.60
PHG 180-5M-S20066.36
PHG 1806-14M-115411.71
PHG 1806-14M-170607.12
PHG 1806-14M-40141.64
PHG 1806-14M-55197.11
PHG 1806-14M-85305.06
PHG 1806-14M-S240685.68
PHG 180-L-0508.07
PHG 180-L-07510.56
PHG 180-L-10013.44
PHG 180-L-S1800193.56
PHG 180-MXL-S1800232.85
PHG 180-XL-0253.20
PHG 180-XL-0313.84
PHG 180-XL-0374.48
PHG 180-XL-S1800174.14
PHG 1820-14M-115415.13
PHG 1820-14M-170615.22
PHG 1820-14M-40143.78
PHG 1820-14M-55199.67
PHG 1820-14M-85308.04
PHG 1820-14M-S4401273.87
PHG 182-XL-0253.20
PHG 182-XL-0313.84
PHG 182-XL-0374.48
PHG 182-XL-S1800174.14
PHG 184-8M-205.65
PHG 184-8M-308.45
PHG 184-8M-5014.21
PHG 184-8M-8524.31
PHG 184-8M-S20045.75
PHG 184-XL-0253.20
PHG 184-XL-0313.84
PHG 184-XL-0374.48
PHG 184-XL-S1800174.14
PHG 1855-H-07568.40
PHG 1855-H-10083.21
PHG 1855-H-150139.70
PHG 1855-H-200194.08
PHG 1855-H-300280.65
PHG 1856-8M-2035.38
PHG 1856-8M-3053.25
PHG 1856-8M-5088.62
PHG 1856-8M-85150.18
PHG 1856-8M-S440621.91
PHG 185-H-07510.94
PHG 185-H-10013.67
PHG 185-H-15019.95
PHG 185-H-20026.00
PHG 185-H-30038.09
PHG 185-H-S1800182.82
PHG 185-L-0508.13
PHG 185-L-07510.58
PHG 185-L-10013.50
PHG 185-L-S1800241.89
PHG 186-3M-157.43
PHG 186-3M-63.98
PHG 186-3M-94.85
PHG 186-3M-S16063.38
PHG 1870-5M-1533.60
PHG 1870-5M-2550.52
PHG 1870-5M-922.68
PHG 1870-5M-S250415.54
PHG 187-L-0508.20
PHG 187-L-07510.62
PHG 187-L-10013.57
PHG 187-L-S1800195.40
PHG 188-XL-0253.46
PHG 188-XL-0313.98
PHG 188-XL-0374.60
PHG 188-XL-S1800179.13
PHG 1890-14M-115418.53
PHG 1890-14M-170623.33
PHG 1890-14M-40145.91
PHG 1890-14M-55202.25
PHG 1890-14M-85311.04
PHG 1890-14M-S4401290.66
PHG 189-3M-157.43
PHG 189-3M-63.98
PHG 189-3M-94.85
PHG 189-3M-S16063.38
PHG 1895-5M-1533.96
PHG 1895-5M-2551.02
PHG 1895-5M-922.86
PHG 1896-8M-2035.92
PHG 1896-8M-3054.02
PHG 1896-8M-5089.94
PHG 1896-8M-85151.90
PHG 1896-8M-S440724.25
PHG 18PJ119439.37
PHG 18PJ127044.73
PHG 18PJ139749.24
PHG 18PJ96534.00
PHG 1904-8M-2036.49
PHG 1904-8M-3054.79
PHG 1904-8M-5091.27
PHG 1904-8M-85153.59
PHG 1904-8M-S440636.04
PHG 190-XL-0253.46
PHG 190-XL-0313.98
PHG 190-XL-0374.60
PHG 190-XL-S1800179.13
PHG 191-L-0508.29
PHG 191-L-07510.88
PHG 191-L-10013.85
PHG 191-L-S1800199.56
PHG 1922V277107.65
PHG 1922V282108.95
PHG 1922V298110.40
PHG 1922V321115.37
PHG 1922V332117.74
PHG 1922V338118.91
PHG 1922V363121.06
PHG 1922V381123.27
PHG 1922V386126.46
PHG 1922V403128.89
PHG 1922V426130.21
PHG 1922V443131.99
PHG 1922V454133.58
PHG 1922V484137.39
PHG 1922V526139.54
PHG 1922V544142.69
PHG 1922V604148.42
PHG 1922V630150.84
PHG 1922V706159.76
PHG 1922V721162.39
PHG 192-3M-157.43
PHG 192-3M-63.98
PHG 192-3M-94.85
PHG 192-3M-S16063.38
PHG 1926V250127.80
PHG 1926V275129.39
PHG 1926V290130.31
PHG 1926V407139.75
PHG 1926V415140.45
PHG 1932-14M-115425.57
PHG 1932-14M-170632.93
PHG 1932-14M-40148.47
PHG 1932-14M-55205.75
PHG 1932-14M-85315.83
PHG 1932-14M-S4401310.52
PHG 1936-8M-2037.12
PHG 1936-8M-3055.54
PHG 1936-8M-5092.67
PHG 1936-8M-85157.43
PHG 1936-8M-S440651.97
PHG 1945-5M-1534.81
PHG 1945-5M-2552.23
PHG 1945-5M-923.29
PHG 1945-5M-S450773.31
PHG 194-XL-0253.46
PHG 194-XL-0313.98
PHG 194-XL-0374.60
PHG 194-XL-S1800179.13
PHG 1950-3M-1525.81
PHG 1950-3M-612.25
PHG 1950-3M-917.26
PHG 1950-3M-S450636.75
PHG 195-3M-157.43
PHG 195-3M-63.98
PHG 195-3M-94.85
PHG 195-3M-S16077.31
PHG 195-L-0508.40
PHG 195-L-07511.13
PHG 195-L-10014.14
PHG 195-L-S1800203.72
PHG 1960-14M-115432.62
PHG 1960-14M-170642.53
PHG 1960-14M-37148.71
PHG 1960-14M-40151.03
PHG 1960-14M-55209.28
PHG 1960-14M-85320.63
PHG 1960-14M-S4401330.42
PHG 196-XL-0253.46
PHG 196-XL-0313.98
PHG 196-XL-0374.60
PHG 196-XL-S1800179.13
PHG 1988-L-S800913.33
PHG 198-XL-0253.46
PHG 198-XL-0313.98
PHG 198-XL-0374.60
PHG 198-XL-S1800179.13
PHG 1998-L-05058.00
PHG 1998-L-07584.44
PHG 1998-L-100108.42
PHG 1998-L-S800693.84
PHG 19PL2845315.42
PHG 2000-5M-1535.68
PHG 2000-5M-2553.42
PHG 2000-5M-923.73
PHG 2000-5M-S450791.06
PHG 2000-8M-2038.14
PHG 2000-8M-3057.22
PHG 2000-8M-5095.23
PHG 2000-8M-85161.28
PHG 2000-8M-S440768.97
PHG 2002-14M-115439.66
PHG 2002-14M-170652.12
PHG 2002-14M-40153.59
PHG 2002-14M-55212.80
PHG 2002-14M-85325.42
PHG 2002-14M-S4401350.28
PHG 200-5M-157.14
PHG 200-5M-2510.53
PHG 200-5M-94.63
PHG 200-5M-S20067.36
PHG 200-H-07511.76
PHG 200-H-10014.82
PHG 200-H-15021.62
PHG 200-H-20028.19
PHG 200-H-30041.18
PHG 200-H-S1800197.67
PHG 200-XL-0253.46
PHG 200-XL-0313.98
PHG 200-XL-0374.60
PHG 200-XL-S1800162.98
PHG 201-3M-157.43
PHG 201-3M-63.98
PHG 201-3M-94.85
PHG 201-3M-S20079.21
PHG 202-XL-0253.49
PHG 202-XL-0314.00
PHG 202-XL-0374.63
PHG 202-XL-S1800180.38
PHG 203-L-0508.49
PHG 203-L-07511.40
PHG 203-L-10014.43
PHG 203-L-S1800239.35
PHG 204-3M-157.43
PHG 204-3M-63.98
PHG 204-3M-94.85
PHG 204-3M-S20093.41
PHG 2050-5M-1536.59
PHG 2050-5M-2554.72
PHG 2050-5M-924.35
PHG 2050-5M-S450810.24
PHG 206-XL-0253.52
PHG 206-XL-0314.03
PHG 206-XL-0374.66
PHG 206-XL-S1800181.62
PHG 207-3M-157.43
PHG 207-3M-63.98
PHG 207-3M-94.85
PHG 207-3M-S20079.21
PHG 2080-8M-2039.29
PHG 2080-8M-3058.75
PHG 2080-8M-5097.79
PHG 2080-8M-85168.95
PHG 2080-8M-S440870.27
PHG 208-XL-0253.55
PHG 208-XL-0314.07
PHG 208-XL-0374.70
PHG 208-XL-S1800182.87
PHG 2096-8M-2039.43
PHG 2096-8M-3059.01
PHG 2096-8M-5098.18
PHG 2096-8M-85170.87
PHG 2096-8M-S440880.21
PHG 20PJ110538.46
PHG 20PJ116845.79
PHG 20PJ124054.59
PHG 20PJ132151.73
PHG 20PJ142255.69
PHG 20PJ154059.96
PHG 20PJ175368.68
PHG 20PJ55027.46
PHG 20PJ61030.56
PHG 20PJ71035.54
PHG 20PJ71127.85
PHG 20PJ78731.79
PHG 20PJ91435.72
PHG 20PK223597.28
PHG 20PL2324282.98
PHG 2100-14M-115446.69
PHG 2100-14M-120459.08
PHG 2100-14M-170661.73
PHG 2100-14M-40156.15
PHG 2100-14M-55216.31
PHG 2100-14M-85330.22
PHG 2100-14M-S4401370.16
PHG 2100-5M-1537.51
PHG 2100-5M-2556.01
PHG 2100-5M-924.94
PHG 2100-5M-S450829.44
PHG 210-3M-157.43
PHG 210-3M-63.98
PHG 210-3M-94.85
PHG 210-3M-S20096.39
PHG 2104-8M-2039.55
PHG 2104-8M-3059.26
PHG 2104-8M-5098.56
PHG 2104-8M-85172.79
PHG 2104-8M-S440890.08
PHG 210-5M-157.24
PHG 210-5M-2510.70
PHG 210-5M-94.66
PHG 210-5M-S20068.39
PHG 210-H-07512.46
PHG 210-H-10015.48
PHG 210-H-15022.64
PHG 210-H-20029.54
PHG 210-H-30043.29
PHG 210-H-S1800207.86
PHG 210-L-0508.59
PHG 210-L-07511.64
PHG 210-L-10014.72
PHG 210-L-S1800212.03
PHG 210-XL-0253.57
PHG 210-XL-0314.09
PHG 210-XL-0374.74
PHG 210-XL-S1800184.13
PHG 2128-XL-02527.63