SKF Power Transmission Price List 2013

All prices shown are Manufacturer Recommended Prices, which Acorn will be able to discount. Please contact Acorn for pricing

PHG 385-5M-95.76
PHG 385-5M-S450188.02
PHG 387-L-05012.41
PHG 387-L-07517.25
PHG 387-L-10021.75
PHG 390-3M-158.70
PHG 390-3M-64.60
PHG 390-3M-96.01
PHG 390-3M-S450208.89
PHG 390-5M-S450261.97
PHG 390-H-07519.32
PHG 390-H-10025.08
PHG 390-H-15036.35
PHG 390-H-20046.97
PHG 390-H-30068.86
PHG 390-H-S1800330.51
PHG 390-L-05012.55
PHG 390-L-07517.41
PHG 390-L-10021.88
PHG 390-L-S1800315.17
PHG 390-XL-0254.98
PHG 390-XL-0315.88
PHG 390-XL-0376.66
PHG 390-XL-S1800259.05
PHG 394-L-05012.59
PHG 394-L-07517.49
PHG 394-L-10022.06
PHG 395-5M-158.89
PHG 395-5M-2513.31
PHG 395-5M-96.01
PHG 395-5M-S450191.70
PHG 395-H-07519.53
PHG 395-H-10025.41
PHG 395-H-15037.04
PHG 395-H-20047.82
PHG 395-H-30070.08
PHG 395-H-S800149.49
PHG 396-3M-158.70
PHG 396-3M-64.60
PHG 396-3M-96.01
PHG 396-3M-S450208.89
PHG 397-L-05012.62
PHG 397-L-07517.57
PHG 397-L-10022.23
PHG 399-3M-158.70
PHG 399-3M-64.60
PHG 399-3M-96.01
PHG 399-3M-S450208.89
PHG 3L1301.82
PHG 3L1402.05
PHG 3L1502.16
PHG 3L1602.28
PHG 3L1702.40
PHG 3L1802.62
PHG 3L1902.72
PHG 3L2001.02
PHG 3L2102.96
PHG 3L2203.18
PHG 3L2303.30
PHG 3L2403.40
PHG 3L2503.53
PHG 3L2603.75
PHG 3L2703.87
PHG 3L2803.98
PHG 3L2904.09
PHG 3L3104.44
PHG 3L3204.55
PHG 3L3304.66
PHG 3L3404.89
PHG 3L3505.01
PHG 3L3605.12
PHG 3L3705.23
PHG 3L3805.45
PHG 3L3905.57
PHG 3L4005.23
PHG 3L4105.80
PHG 3L4206.02
PHG 3L4506.37
PHG 3L4606.59
PHG 3L4706.71
PHG 3L4806.82
PHG 3L5006.59
PHG 3L5107.28
PHG 3L5207.40
PHG 3L5307.50
PHG 3L5407.74
PHG 3L5507.84
PHG 3L5607.96
PHG 3L5908.41
PHG 3L6007.84
PHG 3L6208.87
PHG 3L6308.99
PHG 3L6409.08
PHG 3L6709.55
PHG 3L6809.67
PHG 3L6909.77
PHG 3L7009.21
PHG 3L71010.12
PHG 3L72010.24
PHG 3L73010.35
PHG 3L75010.70
PHG 3PJ10105.94
PHG 3PJ10166.00
PHG 3PJ10546.24
PHG 3PJ10906.46
PHG 3PJ10926.46
PHG 3PJ11056.53
PHG 3PJ11106.53
PHG 3PJ11206.59
PHG 3PJ11306.59
PHG 3PJ11436.77
PHG 3PJ11506.77
PHG 3PJ11606.83
PHG 3PJ11686.83
PHG 3PJ11906.91
PHG 3PJ11947.06
PHG 3PJ12007.06
PHG 3PJ12197.12
PHG 3PJ12207.12
PHG 3PJ12407.28
PHG 3PJ12457.36
PHG 3PJ12707.43
PHG 3PJ12857.58
PHG 3PJ12957.58
PHG 3PJ13007.65
PHG 3PJ13057.65
PHG 3PJ13107.65
PHG 3PJ13207.80
PHG 3PJ13217.80
PHG 3PJ13307.80
PHG 3PJ13467.88
PHG 3PJ13557.96
PHG 3PJ13708.11
PHG 3PJ13908.18
PHG 3PJ13978.18
PHG 3PJ14208.41
PHG 3PJ14228.41
PHG 3PJ14308.41
PHG 3PJ14618.64
PHG 3PJ14738.70
PHG 3PJ14758.70
PHG 3PJ15409.02
PHG 3PJ15499.08
PHG 3PJ16009.46
PHG 3PJ16509.75
PHG 3PJ16519.75
PHG 3PJ16609.75
PHG 3PJ16639.75
PHG 3PJ175010.28
PHG 3PJ175310.28
PHG 3PJ178010.43
PHG 3PJ185010.89
PHG 3PJ185410.89
PHG 3PJ189511.11
PHG 3PJ191011.18
PHG 3PJ191511.25
PHG 3PJ193011.25
PHG 3PJ195011.49
PHG 3PJ195611.49
PHG 3PJ196511.49
PHG 3PJ198011.64
PHG 3PJ199011.70
PHG 3PJ199411.70
PHG 3PJ201911.78
PHG 3PJ208012.23
PHG 3PJ208312.23
PHG 3PJ210012.31
PHG 3PJ215512.61
PHG 3PJ221012.99
PHG 3PJ233013.66
PHG 3PJ233713.81
PHG 3PJ248014.64
PHG 3PJ248914.64
PHG 3PJ3301.95
PHG 3PJ3562.11
PHG 3PJ3812.25
PHG 3PJ4062.40
PHG 3PJ4322.47
PHG 3PJ4572.70
PHG 3PJ4832.78
PHG 3PJ5083.00
PHG 3PJ5403.22
PHG 3PJ5503.22
PHG 3PJ5593.30
PHG 3PJ5803.46
PHG 3PJ5843.46
PHG 3PJ6103.60
PHG 3PJ6603.83
PHG 3PJ6864.06
PHG 3PJ7104.12
PHG 3PJ7114.12
PHG 3PJ7204.26
PHG 3PJ7234.26
PHG 3PJ7374.35
PHG 3PJ7604.44
PHG 3PJ7624.44
PHG 3PJ8104.73
PHG 3PJ8134.73
PHG 3PJ8304.89
PHG 3PJ8384.95
PHG 3PJ8605.10
PHG 3PJ8645.10
PHG 3PJ8895.18
PHG 3PJ9105.41
PHG 3PJ9145.41
PHG 3PJ9555.63
PHG 3PJ9655.71
PHG 3PK6304.22
PHG 3PK6504.22
PHG 3V100015.70
PHG 3V1000X344.35
PHG 3V1000X459.15
PHG 3V1000X573.94
PHG 3V1000XP20.44
PHG 3V106016.19
PHG 3V1060X346.99
PHG 3V1060X462.68
PHG 3V1060X578.37
PHG 3V112017.66
PHG 3V1120X349.69
PHG 3V1120X466.21
PHG 3V1120X582.80
PHG 3V118018.07
PHG 3V1180X352.32
PHG 3V1180X469.74
PHG 3V1180X587.23
PHG 3V125018.89
PHG 3V1250X355.39
PHG 3V1250X473.94
PHG 3V1250X592.40
PHG 3V1250XP24.59
PHG 3V132020.03
PHG 3V1320X358.55
PHG 3V1320X478.07
PHG 3V1320X597.58
PHG 3V140021.02
PHG 3V1400X362.08
PHG 3V1400X482.80
PHG 3V1400X5103.43
PHG 3V2505.15
PHG 3V2655.15
PHG 3V2805.15
PHG 3V3005.15
PHG 3V3155.15
PHG 3V3355.48
PHG 3V3555.48
PHG 3V3756.14
PHG 3V4006.14
PHG 3V4256.71
PHG 3V4507.53
PHG 3V4757.77
PHG 3V475XP9.33
PHG 3V5008.27
PHG 3V500X322.14
PHG 3V500X429.57
PHG 3V500X536.93
PHG 3V500XP10.75
PHG 3V5208.42
PHG 3V5308.59
PHG 3V530X323.49
PHG 3V530X431.30
PHG 3V530X539.19
PHG 3V530XP11.18
PHG 3V5609.24
PHG 3V560X324.85
PHG 3V560X433.10
PHG 3V560X541.36
PHG 3V560XP12.04
PHG 3V6009.97
PHG 3V600X326.57
PHG 3V600X435.50
PHG 3V600X544.35
PHG 3V600XP12.99
PHG 3V6309.97
PHG 3V630X327.92
PHG 3V630X437.23
PHG 3V630X546.53
PHG 3V630XP12.99
PHG 3V67010.79
PHG 3V670X329.72
PHG 3V670X439.63
PHG 3V670X549.54
PHG 3V670XP14.05
PHG 3V71010.96
PHG 3V710X331.45
PHG 3V710X441.95
PHG 3V710X552.47
PHG 3V710XP14.26
PHG 3V75011.61
PHG 3V750X333.25
PHG 3V750X444.35
PHG 3V750X555.39
PHG 3V80012.60
PHG 3V800X335.50
PHG 3V800X447.29
PHG 3V800X559.15
PHG 3V800XP16.40
PHG 3V85013.08
PHG 3V850X337.68
PHG 3V850X450.22
PHG 3V850X562.83
PHG 3V850XP17.03
PHG 3V90014.31
PHG 3V900X339.93
PHG 3V900X453.21
PHG 3V900X566.50
PHG 3V95014.96
PHG 3V950X342.12
PHG 3V950X456.15
PHG 3V950X570.18
PHG 3V96015.33
PHG 3VX100019.92
PHG 3VX106020.26
PHG 3VX112022.48
PHG 3VX1120X5244.72
PHG 3VX118022.76
PHG 3VX1180X5237.71
PHG 3VX125024.08
PHG 3VX132025.32
PHG 3VX140026.93
PHG 3VX150026.93
PHG 3VX2506.04
PHG 3VX2656.04
PHG 3VX2806.04
PHG 3VX3006.04
PHG 3VX3156.04
PHG 3VX3356.49
PHG 3VX3406.49
PHG 3VX3556.49
PHG 3VX3757.55
PHG 3VX4007.55
PHG 3VX4207.98
PHG 3VX4258.45
PHG 3VX4508.98
PHG 3VX4759.16
PHG 3VX475X483.02
PHG 3VX5009.78
PHG 3VX53010.48
PHG 3VX530X369.45
PHG 3VX56010.94
PHG 3VX560X373.43
PHG 3VX60011.90
PHG 3VX63011.90
PHG 3VX67012.89
PHG 3VX670X5146.35
PHG 3VX71013.24
PHG 3VX75013.86
PHG 3VX78019.37
PHG 3VX80016.09
PHG 3VX800X5121.94
PHG 3VX85016.79
PHG 3VX850X3111.44
PHG 3VX850X5185.75
PHG 3VX90017.86
PHG 3VX95019.20
PHG 4000-8M-2075.86
PHG 4000-8M-30115.09
PHG 4000-8M-50194.98
PHG 4000-8M-85332.79
PHG 4000-8M-S4401378.12
PHG 400-5M-159.21
PHG 400-5M-2513.57
PHG 400-5M-96.29
PHG 400-5M-S450195.40
PHG 400-8M-2011.85
PHG 400-8M-3017.86
PHG 400-8M-5029.80
PHG 400-8M-8550.86
PHG 400-8M-S450215.42
PHG 400-H-07519.72
PHG 400-H-10025.72
PHG 400-H-15037.76
PHG 400-H-20048.64
PHG 400-H-30071.29
PHG 400-H-S1800342.21
PHG 400-XL-0255.12
PHG 400-XL-0315.95
PHG 400-XL-0376.72
PHG 400-XL-S800116.24
PHG 4036V574598.92
PHG 405-5M-159.47
PHG 405-5M-2513.99
PHG 405-5M-96.43
PHG 405-5M-S450201.38
PHG 405-H-07519.93
PHG 405-H-10025.99
PHG 405-H-15038.23
PHG 405-H-20049.19
PHG 405-H-30072.15
PHG 405-H-S1800346.30
PHG 405-L-05012.67
PHG 405-L-07517.66
PHG 405-L-10022.40
PHG 405-L-S1800322.55
PHG 408-8M-2012.07
PHG 408-8M-3018.09
PHG 408-8M-5030.23
PHG 408-8M-8551.53
PHG 408-8M-S450218.24
PHG 408-L-05012.75
PHG 408-L-07517.79
PHG 408-L-10022.65
PHG 410-5M-159.73
PHG 410-5M-2514.39
PHG 410-5M-96.59
PHG 410-5M-S450207.37
PHG 410-H-07520.14
PHG 410-H-10026.24
PHG 410-H-15038.70
PHG 410-H-20049.75
PHG 410-H-30073.00
PHG 410-H-S1800350.40
PHG 412-L-05012.84
PHG 412-L-07517.91
PHG 412-L-10022.91
PHG 412-XL-0255.26
PHG 412-XL-0316.01
PHG 412-XL-0376.78
PHG 412-XL-S1800264.06
PHG 414-XL-0255.37
PHG 414-XL-0316.15
PHG 414-XL-0376.91
PHG 414-XL-S1800269.05
PHG 416-8M-2012.31
PHG 416-8M-3018.33
PHG 416-8M-5030.67
PHG 416-8M-8552.21
PHG 416-8M-S450221.08
PHG 4200-8M-2081.06
PHG 4200-8M-30122.82
PHG 4200-8M-50208.19
PHG 4200-8M-85355.82
PHG 4200-8M-S4401473.53
PHG 420-3M-158.70
PHG 420-3M-64.60
PHG 420-3M-96.01
PHG 420-3M-S450208.89
PHG 420-5M-159.99
PHG 420-5M-2514.82
PHG 420-5M-96.75
PHG 420-5M-S450213.35
PHG 420-H-07520.35
PHG 420-H-10026.51
PHG 420-H-15039.18
PHG 420-H-20050.30
PHG 420-H-30073.85
PHG 420-H-S1800354.50
PHG 420-L-05012.93
PHG 420-L-07518.04
PHG 420-L-10023.16
PHG 420-L-S1800333.60
PHG 423-3M-158.70
PHG 423-3M-64.60
PHG 423-3M-96.01
PHG 423-3M-S450208.89
PHG 424-8M-2012.55
PHG 424-8M-3018.56
PHG 424-8M-5031.10
PHG 424-8M-8552.87
PHG 424-8M-S450223.90
PHG 424-XL-0255.57
PHG 424-XL-0316.20
PHG 424-XL-0377.04
PHG 424-XL-S1800274.04
PHG 425-5M-1510.24
PHG 425-5M-2515.23
PHG 425-5M-96.91
PHG 425-5M-S450219.34
PHG 4260-5M-1572.80
PHG 4260-5M-25108.22
PHG 4260-5M-948.59
PHG 4260-5M-S4401566.75
PHG 426-3M-158.70
PHG 426-3M-64.60
PHG 426-3M-96.01
PHG 427-L-05012.99
PHG 427-L-07518.23
PHG 427-L-10023.49
PHG 427-L-20062.44
PHG 427-L-S1800338.17
PHG 430-5M-1510.30
PHG 430-5M-2515.33
PHG 430-5M-96.91
PHG 430-5M-S450220.71
PHG 430-H-07520.61
PHG 430-H-10026.88
PHG 430-H-15039.68
PHG 430-H-20051.20
PHG 430-H-30075.25
PHG 430-H-S1800361.23
PHG 4326-14M-115766.68
PHG 4326-14M-1701158.35
PHG 4326-14M-40267.49
PHG 4326-14M-55366.06
PHG 4326-14M-85563.18
PHG 432-XL-0255.76
PHG 432-XL-0316.29
PHG 432-XL-0377.18
PHG 432-XL-S1800279.05
PHG 434-XL-S1800315.39
PHG 435-L-05013.05
PHG 435-L-07518.43
PHG 435-L-10023.80
PHG 439-L-05013.14
PHG 439-L-07518.52
PHG 439-L-10024.02
PHG 439-L-S1800345.83
PHG 4400-8M-2086.27
PHG 4400-8M-30130.55
PHG 4400-8M-50221.42
PHG 4400-8M-85378.88
PHG 4400-8M-S180919.23
PHG 440-5M-1510.37
PHG 440-5M-2515.42
PHG 440-5M-96.91
PHG 440-5M-S450222.10
PHG 440-8M-2012.71
PHG 440-8M-3019.07
PHG 440-8M-5031.87
PHG 440-8M-8553.98
PHG 440-8M-S450228.59
PHG 442-L-05013.22
PHG 442-L-07518.60
PHG 442-L-10024.23
PHG 4430V690505.25
PHG 4430V700514.51
PHG 4430V730535.18
PHG 4430V800617.46
PHG 445-5M-1510.43
PHG 445-5M-2515.52
PHG 445-5M-96.91
PHG 445-5M-S450223.48
PHG 445-H-07520.87
PHG 445-H-10027.26
PHG 445-H-15040.21
PHG 445-H-20052.10
PHG 445-H-30076.67
PHG 447-3M-158.96
PHG 447-3M-64.60
PHG 447-3M-96.01
PHG 447-3M-S450215.03
PHG 44-XL-0253.18
PHG 44-XL-0312.24
PHG 44-XL-0372.15
PHG 44-XL-S40018.67
PHG 450-5M-1510.49
PHG 450-5M-2515.61
PHG 450-5M-96.91
PHG 450-H-07521.13
PHG 450-H-10027.66
PHG 450-H-12538.69
PHG 450-H-15040.70
PHG 450-H-20052.99
PHG 450-H-30078.08
PHG 450-H-S1800374.77
PHG 450-L-05013.31
PHG 450-L-07518.69
PHG 450-L-10024.44
PHG 450-L-S1800351.99
PHG 450-XL-0255.95
PHG 450-XL-0316.53
PHG 450-XL-0377.56
PHG 450-XL-S1800294.02
PHG 453-L-05013.53
PHG 453-L-07519.02
PHG 453-L-10025.04
PHG 455-H-10019.64
PHG 455-H-15029.47
PHG 4578-14M-115802.52
PHG 4578-14M-1701183.95
PHG 4578-14M-40277.74
PHG 4578-14M-55382.69
PHG 4578-14M-85592.60
PHG 4578-14M-S2301281.44
PHG 459-3M-158.96
PHG 459-3M-64.60
PHG 459-3M-96.01
PHG 459-3M-S450215.03
PHG 460-5M-1510.75
PHG 460-5M-2515.88
PHG 460-5M-97.18
PHG 460-5M-S450228.55
PHG 460-H-07521.44
PHG 460-H-10028.04
PHG 460-H-15041.02
PHG 460-H-20053.70
PHG 460-H-30079.04
PHG 460-H-S1800430.96
PHG 460-XL-0256.15
PHG 460-XL-0316.78
PHG 460-XL-0377.94
PHG 460-XL-S800137.33
PHG 463-XH-200208.14
PHG 463-XH-S1800314.32
PHG 465-H-07521.75
PHG 465-H-10028.41
PHG 465-H-15041.33
PHG 465-H-20054.40
PHG 465-H-30080.01
PHG 465-H-S1800383.99
PHG 465-L-05013.74
PHG 465-L-07519.37
PHG 465-L-10025.64
PHG 465-L-S1800369.24
PHG 470-5M-1510.75
PHG 470-5M-2515.88
PHG 470-5M-97.43
PHG 470-5M-S450228.55
PHG 470-H-07522.08
PHG 470-H-10028.80
PHG 470-H-15041.72
PHG 470-H-20055.16
PHG 470-H-30081.03
PHG 471-3M-158.96
PHG 471-3M-64.60
PHG 471-3M-96.01
PHG 471-3M-S450215.03
PHG 472-8M-2012.89
PHG 472-8M-3019.59
PHG 472-8M-5032.65
PHG 472-8M-8555.08
PHG 472-8M-S450233.27
PHG 474-3M-158.96
PHG 474-3M-64.60
PHG 474-3M-96.01
PHG 474-3M-S450215.03
PHG 475-5M-1510.75
PHG 475-5M-2515.88
PHG 475-5M-97.43
PHG 475-5M-S450228.55
PHG 4760-14M-115840.04
PHG 4760-14M-1701210.11
PHG 4760-14M-40288.39
PHG 4760-14M-55400.08
PHG 4760-14M-85623.58
PHG 4760-14M-S2101195.87
PHG 477-3M-158.96
PHG 477-3M-64.60
PHG 477-3M-96.01
PHG 477-3M-S450215.03
PHG 480-3M-158.96
PHG 480-3M-64.60
PHG 480-3M-96.01
PHG 480-5M-1511.00
PHG 480-5M-2516.11
PHG 480-5M-97.43
PHG 480-5M-S450232.22
PHG 480-8M-1511.51
PHG 480-8M-2013.05
PHG 480-8M-3020.10
PHG 480-8M-5033.41
PHG 480-8M-8556.19
PHG 480-8M-S450237.96
PHG 480-H-07522.40
PHG 480-H-10029.18
PHG 480-H-15042.12
PHG 480-H-20055.92
PHG 480-H-22575.53
PHG 480-H-30082.03
PHG 480-H-S1800393.80
PHG 480-L-05013.96
PHG 480-L-07519.72
PHG 480-L-10026.24
PHG 480-L-S1800377.87
PHG 483-3M-159.21
PHG 483-3M-64.60
PHG 483-3M-96.29
PHG 483-3M-S450221.18
PHG 485-H-07522.59
PHG 485-H-10029.47
PHG 485-H-15042.59
PHG 485-H-20056.54
PHG 485-H-30082.90
PHG 485-H-S1800397.95
PHG 486-3M-159.21
PHG 486-3M-64.60
PHG 486-3M-96.29
PHG 486-3M-S450221.18
PHG 490-5M-1511.00
PHG 490-5M-2516.11
PHG 490-5M-97.43
PHG 490-5M-S450232.22
PHG 490-H-07522.79
PHG 490-H-10029.75
PHG 490-H-15043.07
PHG 490-H-20057.14
PHG 490-H-30083.76
PHG 490-H-S1800402.10
PHG 490-XL-0256.43
PHG 490-XL-0317.25
PHG 490-XL-0378.50
PHG 490-XL-S1800330.55
PHG 492-3M-159.21
PHG 492-3M-64.74
PHG 492-3M-96.29
PHG 492-3M-S450221.18
PHG 4950-F6PUJ-30884.61
PHG 495-3M-159.21
PHG 495-3M-64.74
PHG 495-3M-96.29
PHG 495-3M-S450221.18
PHG 4956-14M-115879.30
PHG 4956-14M-1701236.85
PHG 4956-14M-40299.43
PHG 4956-14M-55418.25
PHG 4956-14M-85656.18
PHG 4956-14M-S4302502.80
PHG 495-L-05014.28
PHG 495-L-07520.17
PHG 495-L-10026.56
PHG 495-L-S1800382.49
PHG 4L100016.58
PHG 4L1602.28
PHG 4L1702.40
PHG 4L1802.62
PHG 4L1902.72
PHG 4L2001.02
PHG 4L2102.96
PHG 4L2203.18
PHG 4L2303.30
PHG 4L2403.40
PHG 4L2503.53
PHG 4L2603.75
PHG 4L2703.87
PHG 4L2803.98
PHG 4L2904.09
PHG 4L3001.36
PHG 4L3104.44
PHG 4L3155.23
PHG 4L3204.55
PHG 4L3304.66
PHG 4L3404.89
PHG 4L3505.01
PHG 4L3605.12
PHG 4L3705.23
PHG 4L3805.45
PHG 4L3905.57
PHG 4L4006.59
PHG 4L4105.80
PHG 4L4206.02
PHG 4L4306.15
PHG 4L4406.25
PHG 4L4506.37
PHG 4L4606.59
PHG 4L4706.71
PHG 4L4806.82
PHG 4L4906.93
PHG 4L5006.59
PHG 4L5107.28
PHG 4L5207.40
PHG 4L5307.50
PHG 4L5407.74
PHG 4L5507.84
PHG 4L5607.96
PHG 4L5708.07
PHG 4L5908.41
PHG 4L6007.84
PHG 4L6108.64
PHG 4L6208.87
PHG 4L6409.08
PHG 4L6609.43
PHG 4L6709.55
PHG 4L6809.67
PHG 4L6909.77
PHG 4L7009.21
PHG 4L71010.12
PHG 4L73010.35
PHG 4L74010.58
PHG 4L76010.80
PHG 4L77010.92
PHG 4L79011.25
PHG 4L80010.46
PHG 4L82011.70
PHG 4L84011.94
PHG 4L85012.05
PHG 4L87012.39
PHG 4L88012.51
PHG 4L92013.08
PHG 4L98013.99
PHG 4PJ10107.88
PHG 4PJ10167.96
PHG 4PJ10548.26
PHG 4PJ10908.49
PHG 4PJ10928.64
PHG 4PJ11058.70
PHG 4PJ11108.70
PHG 4PJ11208.79
PHG 4PJ11308.79
PHG 4PJ11438.93
PHG 4PJ11509.02
PHG 4PJ11609.08
PHG 4PJ11689.08
PHG 4PJ11909.31
PHG 4PJ11949.31
PHG 4PJ12009.46
PHG 4PJ12199.53
PHG 4PJ12209.53
PHG 4PJ12409.75
PHG 4PJ12459.75
PHG 4PJ12709.90
PHG 4PJ128510.06
PHG 4PJ129510.13
PHG 4PJ130010.13
PHG 4PJ130510.28
PHG 4PJ131010.28
PHG 4PJ132010.37
PHG 4PJ132110.37
PHG 4PJ133010.43
PHG 4PJ134610.58
PHG 4PJ135510.58
PHG 4PJ137010.81
PHG 4PJ139010.89
PHG 4PJ139710.96
PHG 4PJ142011.11
PHG 4PJ142211.18
PHG 4PJ143011.18
PHG 4PJ146111.41
PHG 4PJ147311.49
PHG 4PJ147511.64
PHG 4PJ154012.01
PHG 4PJ154912.08
PHG 4PJ160012.54
PHG 4PJ165012.99
PHG 4PJ165112.99
PHG 4PJ166012.99
PHG 4PJ166313.05
PHG 4PJ175013.66
PHG 4PJ175313.81
PHG 4PJ178013.96
PHG 4PJ185014.49
PHG 4PJ185414.49
PHG 4PJ189514.79
PHG 4PJ191014.95
PHG 4PJ191515.01
PHG 4PJ193015.08
PHG 4PJ195015.24
PHG 4PJ195615.30
PHG 4PJ196515.48
PHG 4PJ198015.54
PHG 4PJ199015.54
PHG 4PJ199415.61
PHG 4PJ201915.83
PHG 4PJ208016.29
PHG 4PJ208316.29
PHG 4PJ210016.44
PHG 4PJ215516.89
PHG 4PJ221017.28
PHG 4PJ233018.23
PHG 4PJ233718.32
PHG 4PJ248019.37
PHG 4PJ248919.44
PHG 4PJ3302.63
PHG 4PJ3562.78
PHG 4PJ3813.00
PHG 4PJ4063.22
PHG 4PJ4323.46
PHG 4PJ4573.60
PHG 4PJ4833.83
PHG 4PJ5083.91
PHG 4PJ5404.26
PHG 4PJ5504.35
PHG 4PJ5594.35
PHG 4PJ5804.58
PHG 4PJ5844.58
PHG 4PJ6104.73
PHG 4PJ6605.18
PHG 4PJ6865.41
PHG 4PJ7105.63
PHG 4PJ7115.63
PHG 4PJ7205.63
PHG 4PJ7235.71
PHG 4PJ7375.78
PHG 4PJ7605.94
PHG 4PJ7626.00
PHG 4PJ8106.31
PHG 4PJ8136.31
PHG 4PJ8306.53
PHG 4PJ8386.53
PHG 4PJ8606.77
PHG 4PJ8646.77
PHG 4PJ8896.91
PHG 4PJ9107.12
PHG 4PJ9147.12
PHG 4PJ9557.43
PHG 4PJ9657.58
PHG 4PK10009.61
PHG 4PK10159.90
PHG 4PK105010.21
PHG 4PK107510.50
PHG 4PK109010.50
PHG 4PK110010.50
PHG 4PK112010.81
PHG 4PK113010.81
PHG 4PK122011.70
PHG 4PK124012.01
PHG 4PK126012.31
PHG 4PK152014.71
PHG 4PK164015.92
PHG 4PK170516.51
PHG 4PK177017.12
PHG 4PK180017.42
PHG 4PK7006.04
PHG 4PK7606.93
PHG 4PK8007.80
PHG 4PK8107.88
PHG 4PK8137.39
PHG 4PK8157.96
PHG 4PK8408.11
PHG 4PK8508.11
PHG 4PK8558.26
PHG 4PK8658.41
PHG 4PK8708.41
PHG 4PK8858.41
PHG 4PK8908.41
PHG 4PK8958.41
PHG 4PK9008.70
PHG 4PK9259.02
PHG 4PK9409.16
PHG 4PK9609.31
PHG 4PK9659.35
PHG 4PK9859.42
PHG 4PL107528.21
PHG 500-5M-1511.00
PHG 500-5M-2516.11
PHG 500-5M-97.43
PHG 500-5M-S450232.22
PHG 500-H-07522.97
PHG 500-H-10030.04
PHG 500-H-15043.53
PHG 500-H-20057.76
PHG 500-H-30084.63
PHG 500-H-S1800406.25
PHG 501-3M-063.02
PHG 501-3M-159.33
PHG 501-3M-64.74
PHG 501-3M-96.29
PHG 501-3M-S20099.66
PHG 5040-14M-115920.42
PHG 5040-14M-1701264.18
PHG 5040-14M-40310.90
PHG 5040-14M-55437.26
PHG 5040-14M-85690.47
PHG 5040-14M-S4302558.10
PHG 505-5M-1511.25
PHG 505-5M-2516.77
PHG 505-5M-97.43
PHG 505-5M-S450241.45
PHG 507-XH-300351.80
PHG 508-XH-S17001228.72
PHG 510-3M-159.33
PHG 510-3M-64.74
PHG 510-3M-96.29
PHG 510-3M-S450224.24
PHG 510-H-07523.16
PHG 510-H-10030.33
PHG 510-H-15044.02
PHG 510-H-20058.37
PHG 510-H-30085.50
PHG 510-H-S1800410.40
PHG 510-L-05014.60
PHG 510-L-07520.61
PHG 510-L-10026.88
PHG 510-L-S1800387.11
PHG 5120-8M-20100.37
PHG 5120-8M-30151.85
PHG 5120-8M-50257.71
PHG 5120-8M-85440.90
PHG 5120-8M-S240995.94
PHG 512-8M-2013.96
PHG 512-8M-3020.87
PHG 512-8M-5035.34
PHG 512-8M-8559.52
PHG 512-8M-S450252.09
PHG 513-3M-063.21
PHG 513-3M-159.33
PHG 513-3M-64.74
PHG 513-3M-96.29
PHG 513-3M-S450224.24
PHG 515-H-07523.34
PHG 515-H-10030.63
PHG 515-H-15044.41
PHG 515-H-20059.04
PHG 515-H-30086.40
PHG 515-H-S1800414.71
PHG 520-5M-1511.25
PHG 520-5M-2516.77
PHG 520-5M-97.43
PHG 520-5M-S450241.45
PHG 520-8M-2014.47
PHG 520-8M-3021.25
PHG 520-8M-5035.71
PHG 520-8M-8560.28
PHG 520-8M-S450255.33
PHG 520-H-07523.51
PHG 520-H-10030.95
PHG 520-H-15044.80
PHG 520-H-20059.70
PHG 520-H-30087.29
PHG 522-3M-159.33
PHG 522-3M-64.74