SKF Power Transmission Price List 2013

All prices shown are Manufacturer Recommended Prices, which Acorn will be able to discount. Please contact Acorn for pricing

PHG 522-3M-96.29
PHG 522-3M-S450224.24
PHG 525-5M-1511.25
PHG 525-5M-2516.77
PHG 525-5M-97.43
PHG 525-5M-S450241.45
PHG 525-H-07523.70
PHG 525-H-10031.25
PHG 525-H-15045.17
PHG 525-H-20060.36
PHG 525-H-30088.19
PHG 525-L-05014.97
PHG 525-L-07521.25
PHG 525-L-10027.52
PHG 525-L-S800176.15
PHG 5300-5M-1590.63
PHG 5300-5M-25134.62
PHG 5300-5M-960.49
PHG 5300-5M-S4502382.95
PHG 530-5M-1511.25
PHG 530-5M-2516.77
PHG 530-5M-97.43
PHG 530-5M-S450241.45
PHG 530-H-07523.87
PHG 530-H-10031.57
PHG 530-H-15045.57
PHG 530-H-20061.02
PHG 530-H-30089.08
PHG 530-H-S1800427.60
PHG 531-3M-159.60
PHG 531-3M-64.74
PHG 531-3M-96.40
PHG 531-3M-S450230.38
PHG 5320-14M-1701270.23
PHG 535-5M-1511.25
PHG 535-5M-2516.77
PHG 535-5M-97.43
PHG 535-5M-S450241.45
PHG 536-8M-2014.66
PHG 536-8M-3021.63
PHG 536-8M-5036.41
PHG 536-8M-8561.58
PHG 536-8M-S450260.74
PHG 537-3M-109.39
PHG 537-3M-159.60
PHG 537-3M-64.74
PHG 537-3M-96.40
PHG 537-3M-S450230.38
PHG 540-5M-1511.25
PHG 540-5M-2516.77
PHG 540-5M-97.43
PHG 540-5M-S450241.45
PHG 540-H-07524.06
PHG 540-H-10031.87
PHG 540-H-15045.96
PHG 540-H-20061.69
PHG 540-H-30089.98
PHG 540-H-S1800431.91
PHG 540-L-05015.23
PHG 540-L-07521.75
PHG 540-L-10028.03
PHG 540-L-S1800403.65
PHG 548-L-05015.44
PHG 548-L-07522.02
PHG 548-L-10028.40
PHG 548-XL-0376.74
PHG 550-5M-1511.64
PHG 550-5M-2517.53
PHG 550-5M-97.81
PHG 550-5M-S450252.44
PHG 550-H-07524.44
PHG 550-H-10032.26
PHG 550-H-15046.42
PHG 550-H-20062.07
PHG 550-H-30090.95
PHG 550-H-S1800436.51
PHG 555-L-05015.67
PHG 555-L-07522.27
PHG 555-L-10028.76
PHG 558-3M-159.73
PHG 558-3M-64.85
PHG 558-3M-96.40
PHG 558-3M-S450233.45
PHG 5600-8M-20109.84
PHG 5600-8M-30166.13
PHG 5600-8M-50281.89
PHG 5600-8M-85482.22
PHG 5600-8M-S4401996.92
PHG 560-5M-1511.64
PHG 560-5M-2517.53
PHG 560-5M-97.81
PHG 560-5M-S450252.44
PHG 560-8M-2014.85
PHG 560-8M-2517.50
PHG 560-8M-3022.02
PHG 560-8M-5037.12
PHG 560-8M-8562.85
PHG 560-8M-S450266.14
PHG 560-H-07524.84
PHG 560-H-10032.65
PHG 560-H-15046.85
PHG 560-H-20062.46
PHG 560-H-30091.90
PHG 560-H-S1800441.12
PHG 560-RPP8-428347.21
PHG 560-RPP8-436353.66
PHG 560-XH-S17001107.49
PHG 564-3M-159.73
PHG 564-3M-64.85
PHG 564-3M-96.40
PHG 564-XL-0257.73
PHG 564-XL-0319.04
PHG 564-XL-0378.09
PHG 564-XL-S1800377.82
PHG 565-5M-1511.64
PHG 565-5M-2517.53
PHG 565-5M-97.81
PHG 565-5M-S200112.19
PHG 565-H-07525.03
PHG 565-H-10032.76
PHG 565-H-15047.04
PHG 565-H-20062.71
PHG 565-H-30092.41
PHG 568-8M-2014.97
PHG 568-8M-3022.22
PHG 568-8M-5037.37
PHG 568-8M-8563.42
PHG 568-8M-S450268.59
PHG 570-5M-1511.64
PHG 570-5M-2517.79
PHG 570-5M-97.81
PHG 570-5M-S450256.15
PHG 570-H-07525.22
PHG 570-H-10032.89
PHG 570-H-15047.23
PHG 570-H-20062.96
PHG 570-H-30092.92
PHG 570-H-S1800446.04
PHG 570-L-05015.89
PHG 570-L-07522.53
PHG 570-L-10029.13
PHG 5740-14M-115711.18
PHG 5740-14M-S4303117.22
PHG 574-L-05016.11
PHG 574-L-07522.79
PHG 574-L-10029.48
PHG 574-L-S1800424.67
PHG 575-5M-1511.64
PHG 575-5M-2517.79
PHG 575-5M-97.81
PHG 575-5M-S450256.15
PHG 576-3M-159.73
PHG 576-3M-64.85
PHG 576-3M-96.40
PHG 576-3M-S450233.45
PHG 576-8M-2015.11
PHG 576-8M-3022.40
PHG 576-8M-5037.63
PHG 576-8M-8564.00
PHG 576-8M-S450271.04
PHG 579-3M-159.73
PHG 579-3M-64.85
PHG 579-3M-96.66
PHG 579-3M-S450233.45
PHG 580-5M-S200297.14
PHG 580-5M-S450380.99
PHG 580-H-07525.50
PHG 580-H-10033.22
PHG 580-H-15048.01
PHG 580-H-20063.91
PHG 580-H-30094.11
PHG 580-H-S1800451.72
PHG 580-XH-S17001410.73
PHG 580-XL-0257.04
PHG 580-XL-0318.20
PHG 580-XL-0379.60
PHG 580-XL-S1800464.68
PHG 581-L-05016.33
PHG 581-L-07523.02
PHG 581-L-10029.86
PHG 581-L-S1800429.93
PHG 582-3M-159.73
PHG 582-3M-64.85
PHG 582-3M-96.66
PHG 584-8M-2015.30
PHG 584-8M-3022.65
PHG 584-8M-5037.88
PHG 584-8M-8564.70
PHG 584-8M-S450274.04
PHG 585-5M-1511.64
PHG 585-5M-2517.79
PHG 585-5M-97.81
PHG 585-5M-S450256.15
PHG 585-H-07525.79
PHG 585-H-10033.54
PHG 585-H-15048.76
PHG 585-H-20064.83
PHG 585-H-30095.29
PHG 585-H-S1800457.41
PHG 585-L-05016.55
PHG 585-L-07523.30
PHG 585-L-10030.23
PHG 590-5M-1511.90
PHG 590-5M-2518.04
PHG 590-5M-97.81
PHG 590-5M-S450259.83
PHG 590-H-07526.09
PHG 590-H-10033.85
PHG 590-H-15049.53
PHG 590-H-20065.75
PHG 590-H-30096.48
PHG 590-H-S1800463.09
PHG 5960-8M-20116.92
PHG 5960-8M-30176.84
PHG 5960-8M-50299.93
PHG 5960-8M-85513.21
PHG 5960-8M-S2401159.23
PHG 597-3M-1510.12
PHG 597-3M-64.85
PHG 597-3M-96.66
PHG 597-3M-S450242.68
PHG 5L2304.89
PHG 5L2505.34
PHG 5L2605.45
PHG 5L2705.68
PHG 5L3005.91
PHG 5L3106.59
PHG 5L3206.82
PHG 5L3306.93
PHG 5L3407.16
PHG 5L3507.40
PHG 5L3607.63
PHG 5L3707.84
PHG 5L3908.30
PHG 5L4108.64
PHG 5L4208.87
PHG 5L4309.08
PHG 5L4409.33
PHG 5L4509.55
PHG 5L4709.90
PHG 5L51010.80
PHG 5L52011.02
PHG 5L56011.83
PHG 5L57012.05
PHG 5L58012.29
PHG 5L63013.31
PHG 5L64013.53
PHG 5L65013.76
PHG 5L68014.44
PHG 5L71015.01
PHG 5L73015.48
PHG 5L85017.97
PHG 5L88018.65
PHG 5L90017.62
PHG 5L91019.22
PHG 5PJ10109.84
PHG 5PJ10169.90
PHG 5PJ105410.37
PHG 5PJ109010.66
PHG 5PJ109210.66
PHG 5PJ110510.81
PHG 5PJ111010.89
PHG 5PJ112010.96
PHG 5PJ113011.11
PHG 5PJ114311.18
PHG 5PJ115011.25
PHG 5PJ116011.41
PHG 5PJ116811.41
PHG 5PJ119011.64
PHG 5PJ119411.70
PHG 5PJ120011.70
PHG 5PJ121911.94
PHG 5PJ122011.94
PHG 5PJ124012.08
PHG 5PJ124512.23
PHG 5PJ127012.46
PHG 5PJ128512.54
PHG 5PJ129512.61
PHG 5PJ130012.76
PHG 5PJ130512.76
PHG 5PJ131012.84
PHG 5PJ132012.99
PHG 5PJ132112.99
PHG 5PJ133013.05
PHG 5PJ134613.14
PHG 5PJ135513.28
PHG 5PJ137013.37
PHG 5PJ139013.58
PHG 5PJ139713.66
PHG 5PJ142013.89
PHG 5PJ142213.89
PHG 5PJ143013.96
PHG 5PJ146114.26
PHG 5PJ147314.42
PHG 5PJ147514.42
PHG 5PJ154015.08
PHG 5PJ154915.08
PHG 5PJ160015.61
PHG 5PJ165016.13
PHG 5PJ165116.13
PHG 5PJ166016.29
PHG 5PJ166316.29
PHG 5PJ175017.12
PHG 5PJ175317.17
PHG 5PJ178017.42
PHG 5PJ185018.16
PHG 5PJ185418.16
PHG 5PJ189518.54
PHG 5PJ191018.61
PHG 5PJ191518.76
PHG 5PJ193018.84
PHG 5PJ195019.07
PHG 5PJ195619.14
PHG 5PJ196519.29
PHG 5PJ198019.37
PHG 5PJ199019.44
PHG 5PJ199419.44
PHG 5PJ201919.82
PHG 5PJ208020.42
PHG 5PJ208320.42
PHG 5PJ210020.49
PHG 5PJ215521.17
PHG 5PJ221021.61
PHG 5PJ233022.81
PHG 5PJ233722.90
PHG 5PJ248024.24
PHG 5PJ248924.32
PHG 5PJ3303.22
PHG 5PJ3563.53
PHG 5PJ3813.75
PHG 5PJ4063.91
PHG 5PJ4324.26
PHG 5PJ4574.44
PHG 5PJ4834.73
PHG 5PJ5084.95
PHG 5PJ5405.26
PHG 5PJ5505.41
PHG 5PJ5595.48
PHG 5PJ5805.71
PHG 5PJ5845.71
PHG 5PJ6106.00
PHG 5PJ6606.46
PHG 5PJ6866.77
PHG 5PJ7106.91
PHG 5PJ7116.91
PHG 5PJ7207.06
PHG 5PJ7237.06
PHG 5PJ7377.28
PHG 5PJ7607.43
PHG 5PJ7627.43
PHG 5PJ8107.96
PHG 5PJ8137.96
PHG 5PJ8308.11
PHG 5PJ8388.18
PHG 5PJ8608.41
PHG 5PJ8648.49
PHG 5PJ8898.70
PHG 5PJ9108.93
PHG 5PJ9148.93
PHG 5PJ9559.31
PHG 5PJ9659.46
PHG 5PK101511.02
PHG 5PK109012.30
PHG 5PK111012.30
PHG 5PK122017.21
PHG 5PK125515.67
PHG 5PK128016.39
PHG 5PK130014.13
PHG 5PK144020.31
PHG 5PK190020.50
PHG 5PK8459.21
PHG 5PK89011.80
PHG 5PK94012.15
PHG 5PK95011.72
PHG 5PK97011.84
PHG 5PL133355.44
PHG 5V100031.07
PHG 5V1000X381.11
PHG 5V1000X4108.10
PHG 5V1000X5135.11
PHG 5V1000XP40.45
PHG 5V106032.55
PHG 5V1060X385.93
PHG 5V1060X4114.60
PHG 5V1060X5143.18
PHG 5V1060X6169.06
PHG 5V1060XP42.38
PHG 5V112034.52
PHG 5V1120X390.76
PHG 5V1120X4121.09
PHG 5V1120X5151.34
PHG 5V1120XP44.92
PHG 5V118036.63
PHG 5V1180X395.67
PHG 5V1180X4127.51
PHG 5V1180X5159.41
PHG 5V1180XP47.69
PHG 5V125037.37
PHG 5V1250X3101.30
PHG 5V1250X4135.11
PHG 5V1250X5168.86
PHG 5V1250XP48.64
PHG 5V132039.65
PHG 5V1320X3106.99
PHG 5V1320X4142.63
PHG 5V1320X5178.35
PHG 5V1320XP51.62
PHG 5V140042.77
PHG 5V1400X10397.75
PHG 5V1400X3113.49
PHG 5V1400X4151.34
PHG 5V1400X5189.13
PHG 5V1400XP55.67
PHG 5V1480X282.07
PHG 5V150045.79
PHG 5V1500X3121.57
PHG 5V1500X4162.11
PHG 5V1500X5202.66
PHG 5V1500X6223.15
PHG 5V1500XP59.63
PHG 5V160048.24
PHG 5V1600X3129.72
PHG 5V1600X4172.96
PHG 5V1600X5216.12
PHG 5V1600X6339.45
PHG 5V1600XP62.81
PHG 5V170051.09
PHG 5V1700X3137.80
PHG 5V1700X4183.73
PHG 5V1700X5229.66
PHG 5V1700XP66.54
PHG 5V180053.98
PHG 5V1800X3145.87
PHG 5V1800X4194.58
PHG 5V1800X5243.21
PHG 5V1800XP70.27
PHG 5V182055.94
PHG 5V190057.90
PHG 5V1900X3154.03
PHG 5V1900X4205.35
PHG 5V1900X5256.68
PHG 5V1900XP75.38
PHG 5V200060.76
PHG 5V2000X3162.11
PHG 5V2000X4216.12
PHG 5V2000X5270.22
PHG 5V2000XP79.09
PHG 5V212063.95
PHG 5V2120X3171.85
PHG 5V2120X4229.11
PHG 5V2120X5286.44
PHG 5V2120X8536.36
PHG 5V2120XP83.25
PHG 5V224068.85
PHG 5V2240X3181.59
PHG 5V2240X4242.09
PHG 5V2240X5302.61
PHG 5V2240XP89.64
PHG 5V226070.45
PHG 5V236072.04
PHG 5V2360X3191.33
PHG 5V2360X4255.09
PHG 5V2360X5318.83
PHG 5V2360XP93.79
PHG 5V250075.31
PHG 5V2500X3202.66
PHG 5V2500X4270.22
PHG 5V2500X5337.77
PHG 5V265080.54
PHG 5V2650X3214.77
PHG 5V2650X4286.44
PHG 5V2650X5358.04
PHG 5V280086.69
PHG 5V2800X3226.97
PHG 5V2800X4302.61
PHG 5V2800X5378.30
PHG 5V300090.77
PHG 5V3000X3243.21
PHG 5V3000X4324.22
PHG 5V3000X5405.32
PHG 5V315096.49
PHG 5V3150X3255.33
PHG 5V3150X4340.46
PHG 5V3150X5425.59
PHG 5V3350101.40
PHG 5V3350X3271.56
PHG 5V3350X4362.07
PHG 5V3350X5452.59
PHG 5V3550109.57
PHG 5V3550X3287.79
PHG 5V3550X4383.70
PHG 5V3550X5479.60
PHG 5V4450X41121.16
PHG 5V53015.70
PHG 5V56016.84
PHG 5V560X345.39
PHG 5V560X460.49
PHG 5V560X575.63
PHG 5V60017.42
PHG 5V600X348.62
PHG 5V600X464.86
PHG 5V600X581.11
PHG 5V600XP22.68
PHG 5V63019.13
PHG 5V630X351.08
PHG 5V630X468.11
PHG 5V630X585.13
PHG 5V630XP24.90
PHG 5V67020.52
PHG 5V670X354.33
PHG 5V670X472.39
PHG 5V670X590.51
PHG 5V670XP26.71
PHG 5V71021.69
PHG 5V710X357.57
PHG 5V710X476.73
PHG 5V710X595.91
PHG 5V710XP28.21
PHG 5V75022.90
PHG 5V750X360.82
PHG 5V750X481.11
PHG 5V750X5101.30
PHG 5V750XP29.80
PHG 5V80024.45
PHG 5V800X364.86
PHG 5V800X486.47
PHG 5V800X5108.10
PHG 5V800XP31.83
PHG 5V85025.69
PHG 5V850X368.90
PHG 5V850X491.86
PHG 5V850X5114.83
PHG 5V850XP33.43
PHG 5V90027.88
PHG 5V900X372.94
PHG 5V900X497.26
PHG 5V900X5121.57
PHG 5V900XP36.31
PHG 5V95029.13
PHG 5V950X376.98
PHG 5V950X4102.71
PHG 5V950X5128.38
PHG 5V950XP37.90
PHG 5VX100039.64
PHG 5VX103066.04
PHG 5VX106041.69
PHG 5VX1060X4590.44
PHG 5VX108042.94
PHG 5VX112044.17
PHG 5VX115045.43
PHG 5VX118046.66
PHG 5VX123046.66
PHG 5VX125047.91
PHG 5VX1250X4696.30
PHG 5VX132051.09
PHG 5VX140054.66
PHG 5VX150058.53
PHG 5VX160062.41
PHG 5VX170066.37
PHG 5VX180070.24
PHG 5VX190074.18
PHG 5VX200078.05
PHG 5VX2000X62590.87
PHG 5VX47017.50
PHG 5VX49017.97
PHG 5VX50018.57
PHG 5VX53018.93
PHG 5VX55019.73
PHG 5VX56020.53
PHG 5VX560X2148.75
PHG 5VX560X3231.41
PHG 5VX58032.50
PHG 5VX60021.06
PHG 5VX61022.16
PHG 5VX63023.30
PHG 5VX630X3260.25
PHG 5VX65023.30
PHG 5VX67024.89
PHG 5VX670X3276.78
PHG 5VX71026.31
PHG 5VX710X3293.36
PHG 5VX710X4395.55
PHG 5VX73025.80
PHG 5VX75027.92
PHG 5VX750X5525.64
PHG 5VX78031.92
PHG 5VX80031.92
PHG 5VX800X3330.53
PHG 5VX85032.88
PHG 5VX850X3351.18
PHG 5VX850X4473.48
PHG 5VX87034.30
PHG 5VX90035.74
PHG 5VX900X4501.38
PHG 5VX95037.42
PHG 5VX96034.33
PHG 600-5M-1511.90
PHG 600-5M-2518.04
PHG 600-5M-97.81
PHG 600-5M-S450310.62
PHG 600-8M-2015.49
PHG 600-8M-3022.91
PHG 600-8M-5038.14
PHG 600-8M-8565.41
PHG 600-8M-S450277.02
PHG 600-H-07526.37
PHG 600-H-10034.19
PHG 600-H-15050.30
PHG 600-H-20066.68
PHG 600-H-30097.67
PHG 600-H-S1800468.79
PHG 600-L-05016.77
PHG 600-L-07523.54
PHG 600-L-10030.58
PHG 600-L-S1800440.45
PHG 60-3M-153.69
PHG 60-3M-62.95
PHG 60-3M-92.59
PHG 60-3M-S6011.84
PHG 605-H-07526.69
PHG 605-H-10034.57
PHG 605-H-15050.75
PHG 605-H-20067.19
PHG 605-H-30099.33
PHG 606-3M-1510.12
PHG 606-3M-64.85
PHG 606-3M-96.66
PHG 606-3M-S450242.68
PHG 609-3M-1510.37
PHG 609-3M-64.98
PHG 609-3M-96.91
PHG 609-3M-S450248.84
PHG 60-XL-0252.30
PHG 60-XL-0313.22
PHG 60-XL-0372.95
PHG 60-XL-S80050.92
PHG 610-5M-1511.90
PHG 610-5M-2518.04
PHG 610-5M-98.32
PHG 610-5M-S450259.83
PHG 612-3M-1510.37
PHG 612-3M-64.98
PHG 612-3M-96.91
PHG 612-3M-S450248.84
PHG 612-XL-0257.63
PHG 612-XL-0318.64
PHG 612-XL-03710.18
PHG 612-XL-S1800401.39
PHG 615-5M-1511.90
PHG 615-5M-2518.04
PHG 615-5M-98.32
PHG 6160-14M-1151156.14
PHG 6160-14M-1701550.55
PHG 6160-14M-40387.36
PHG 6160-14M-55548.56
PHG 6160-14M-85871.90
PHG 6160-14M-S4303137.57
PHG 619-L-05017.34
PHG 619-L-07524.63
PHG 619-L-10031.93
PHG 619-L-S1800459.85
PHG 620-5M-1511.90
PHG 620-5M-2518.04
PHG 620-5M-98.32
PHG 620-5M-S450259.83
PHG 624-8M-2015.88
PHG 624-8M-3023.92
PHG 624-8M-5039.68
PHG 624-8M-8567.46
PHG 624-8M-S450285.68
PHG 625-5M-1011.98
PHG 625-5M-1512.29
PHG 625-5M-2518.43
PHG 625-5M-3533.16
PHG 625-5M-98.59
PHG 630-5M-1512.29
PHG 630-5M-2518.43
PHG 630-5M-98.59
PHG 630-5M-S450265.38
PHG 630-H-07527.01
PHG 630-H-10034.95
PHG 630-H-15051.20
PHG 630-H-20067.71
PHG 630-H-300100.99
PHG 630-H-S1800484.71
PHG 630-L-05017.91
PHG 630-L-07525.72
PHG 630-L-10033.29
PHG 630-L-S1800479.26
PHG 630-XH-200139.51
PHG 630-XH-300226.26
PHG 630-XH-S17001054.30
PHG 630-XL-0258.20
PHG 630-XL-0319.08
PHG 630-XL-03710.75
PHG 630-XL-S1800413.24
PHG 632-8M-2016.11
PHG 632-8M-3024.19
PHG 632-8M-5040.32
PHG 632-8M-8568.60
PHG 632-8M-S450290.54
PHG 633-3M-1510.37
PHG 633-3M-64.98
PHG 633-3M-96.91
PHG 633-3M-S200110.59
PHG 634-L-05018.56
PHG 634-L-07526.82
PHG 634-L-10034.57
PHG 634-L-S1800497.66
PHG 635-5M-1512.29
PHG 635-5M-2518.43
PHG 635-5M-98.59
PHG 639-3M-1510.37
PHG 639-3M-64.98
PHG 639-3M-96.91
PHG 639-3M-S450248.84
PHG 640-5M-1512.29
PHG 640-5M-2518.43
PHG 640-5M-98.59
PHG 640-5M-S450265.38
PHG 640-8M-2016.26
PHG 640-8M-3024.57
PHG 640-8M-5040.96
PHG 640-8M-8569.24
PHG 640-8M-S450293.26
PHG 640-H-07527.22
PHG 640-H-10035.06
PHG 640-H-15051.68
PHG 640-H-20068.83
PHG 640-H-300101.75
PHG 645-5M-1512.93
PHG 645-5M-2519.07
PHG 645-5M-98.59
PHG 645-5M-S450274.61
PHG 648-3M-1510.37
PHG 648-3M-64.98
PHG 648-3M-96.91
PHG 648-3M-S450248.84
PHG 650-5M-1512.29
PHG 650-5M-2518.43
PHG 650-5M-3025.79
PHG 650-5M-98.59
PHG 650-5M-S450265.38
PHG 650-H-07527.44
PHG 650-H-10035.19
PHG 650-H-15052.14
PHG 650-H-20069.93
PHG 650-H-300102.52
PHG 650-H-S1800492.12
PHG 654-3M-1510.53
PHG 654-3M-65.34
PHG 654-3M-96.91
PHG 654-3M-S450252.53
PHG 655-5M-1512.93
PHG 655-5M-2518.69
PHG 655-5M-98.59
PHG 655-5M-S450269.29
PHG 656-8M-2017.03
PHG 656-8M-3025.22
PHG 656-8M-4022.24
PHG 656-8M-5041.72
PHG 656-8M-8571.04
PHG 656-8M-S450300.87
PHG 6600-8M-20129.47
PHG 6600-8M-30195.74
PHG 6600-8M-50332.12
PHG 6600-8M-85568.27
PHG 6600-8M-S2101123.14
PHG 660-H-07527.66
PHG 660-H-10035.34
PHG 660-H-15052.61
PHG 660-H-20071.04
PHG 660-H-300103.29
PHG 660-H-S1800495.82
PHG 660-L-05019.20
PHG 660-L-07527.90
PHG 660-L-10035.84
PHG 660-L-S1800516.07
PHG 665-5M-S450428.60
PHG 669-3M-1510.62
PHG 669-3M-65.63
PHG 669-3M-96.91
PHG 669-3M-S450254.81
PHG 670-5M-1512.93
PHG 670-5M-2519.07
PHG 670-5M-98.59
PHG 670-5M-S450274.61
PHG 670-H-07528.23
PHG 670-H-10036.22
PHG 670-H-15053.70
PHG 670-H-20072.06
PHG 670-H-300105.72
PHG 670-H-S1800507.48
PHG 670-XL-0258.73
PHG 670-XL-0319.70
PHG 670-XL-03711.54
PHG 670-XL-S1800439.39
PHG 670-XL-S800199.73
PHG 675-3M-1510.62
PHG 675-3M-65.63
PHG 675-3M-96.91
PHG 675-3M-S15084.94
PHG 675-5M-1512.99
PHG 675-5M-2519.20
PHG 675-5M-98.64
PHG 675-5M-S450276.47
PHG 67-L-0504.03
PHG 67-L-0755.35
PHG 67-L-1006.57
PHG 67-L-S80042.09
PHG 680-8M-2017.28
PHG 680-8M-3025.99
PHG 680-8M-5042.87
PHG 680-8M-8573.09
PHG 680-8M-S450309.54
PHG 680-H-07528.80
PHG 680-H-10037.12
PHG 680-H-15054.79
PHG 680-H-20073.09
PHG 680-H-300108.16
PHG 684-3M-1510.81
PHG 684-3M-65.63
PHG 684-3M-97.07
PHG 684-3M-S450259.44
PHG 6860-14M-1151270.68
PHG 6860-14M-1701664.05
PHG 6860-14M-40422.29
PHG 6860-14M-55602.15
PHG 6860-14M-85963.34
PHG 6860-14M-S4303367.25
PHG 6880-8M-20134.94
PHG 6880-8M-30204.12
PHG 6880-8M-50346.25
PHG 6880-8M-85592.41
PHG 6880-8M-S4402453.25
PHG 688-8M-2017.32
PHG 688-8M-3026.11
PHG 688-8M-5043.13
PHG 688-8M-8573.47
PHG 688-8M-S450311.16
PHG 690-5M-1513.05
PHG 690-5M-2519.32
PHG 690-5M-98.70
PHG 690-5M-S450278.31
PHG 694-L-05020.17
PHG 694-L-07529.31
PHG 694-L-10037.57
PHG 695-5M-1513.12
PHG 695-5M-2519.45
PHG 695-5M-98.76
PHG 695-5M-S450280.16
PHG 696-8M-2017.36
PHG 696-8M-3026.24
PHG 696-8M-5043.38
PHG 696-8M-8573.85
PHG 696-8M-S450312.77
PHG 697-L-05020.24
PHG 697-L-07529.51
PHG 697-L-10037.83
PHG 697-L-S1800544.74
PHG 699-3M-1013.81
PHG 6PJ101011.94
PHG 6PJ101611.94
PHG 6PJ105412.46
PHG 6PJ109012.84
PHG 6PJ109212.84
PHG 6PJ110512.99
PHG 6PJ111013.05
PHG 6PJ112013.14
PHG 6PJ113013.28
PHG 6PJ114313.43
PHG 6PJ115013.43
PHG 6PJ116013.66
PHG 6PJ116813.66
PHG 6PJ119013.96
PHG 6PJ119413.96
PHG 6PJ120014.11
PHG 6PJ121914.26
PHG 6PJ122014.26
PHG 6PJ124014.64
PHG 6PJ124514.64
PHG 6PJ127014.95
PHG 6PJ128515.08
PHG 6PJ129515.24
PHG 6PJ130015.24
PHG 6PJ130515.30
PHG 6PJ131015.48
PHG 6PJ132015.54
PHG 6PJ132115.54
PHG 6PJ133015.61
PHG 6PJ134615.83
PHG 6PJ135515.98
PHG 6PJ137016.07
PHG 6PJ139016.36
PHG 6PJ139716.36
PHG 6PJ142016.66
PHG 6PJ142216.66
PHG 6PJ143016.81
PHG 6PJ146117.17
PHG 6PJ147317.28
PHG 6PJ147517.28
PHG 6PJ154018.16
PHG 6PJ154918.23
PHG 6PJ160018.76
PHG 6PJ165019.37
PHG 6PJ165119.37
PHG 6PJ166019.44
PHG 6PJ166319.60
PHG 6PJ175020.49
PHG 6PJ175320.65
PHG 6PJ178020.94
PHG 6PJ185021.75
PHG 6PJ185421.75
PHG 6PJ189522.28
PHG 6PJ191022.44
PHG 6PJ191522.44
PHG 6PJ193022.67
PHG 6PJ195022.90
PHG 6PJ195622.97
PHG 6PJ196523.12
PHG 6PJ198023.34
PHG 6PJ199023.42
PHG 6PJ199423.42
PHG 6PJ201923.73
PHG 6PJ208024.46
PHG 6PJ208324.46
PHG 6PJ210024.61
PHG 6PJ215525.29
PHG 6PJ221025.98
PHG 6PJ233027.33
PHG 6PJ233727.48
PHG 6PJ248029.13
PHG 6PJ248929.19
PHG 6PJ3303.83
PHG 6PJ3564.12
PHG 6PJ3814.44
PHG 6PJ4064.73
PHG 6PJ4325.10
PHG 6PJ4575.41
PHG 6PJ4835.71
PHG 6PJ5086.00
PHG 6PJ5406.31
PHG 6PJ5506.46
PHG 6PJ5596.53
PHG 6PJ5806.83
PHG 6PJ5846.83
PHG 6PJ6107.12
PHG 6PJ6607.80
PHG 6PJ6868.11
PHG 6PJ7108.41
PHG 6PJ7118.41
PHG 6PJ7208.49
PHG 6PJ7238.49
PHG 6PJ7378.70
PHG 6PJ7608.93
PHG 6PJ7628.93
PHG 6PJ8109.53
PHG 6PJ8139.53
PHG 6PJ8309.75
PHG 6PJ8389.84
PHG 6PJ86010.13
PHG 6PJ86410.13
PHG 6PJ88910.43
PHG 6PJ91010.66
PHG 6PJ91410.81
PHG 6PJ95511.18
PHG 6PJ96511.25
PHG 6PK100014.42
PHG 6PK101514.86
PHG 6PK104014.86
PHG 6PK105015.30
PHG 6PK106015.30
PHG 6PK108015.76
PHG 6PK110015.76
PHG 6PK111015.89
PHG 6PK111515.95
PHG 6PK112016.22
PHG 6PK113016.22
PHG 6PK115016.66
PHG 6PK120017.56
PHG 6PK140020.27
PHG 6PK142020.71
PHG 6PK145024.46
PHG 6PK150021.61
PHG 6PK156022.53
PHG 6PK158022.97
PHG 6PK160022.97
PHG 6PK162023.42
PHG 6PK162327.50
PHG 6PK164023.87
PHG 6PK166023.87
PHG 6PK169024.32
PHG 6PK171024.77
PHG 6PK183026.57
PHG 6PK186527.02
PHG 6PK187527.02
PHG 6PK188027.02
PHG 6PK190027.48
PHG 6PK205028.82
PHG 6PK208030.18